Your Clairvoyance Practice | Third Eye Activation Guided Meditation (Brow Chakra)

This is Rasa. Welcome to your guided meditation. Before we begin, make sure your environment
is quiet and somewhere you will not be disturbed. If you find that too much is going on at times
during our meditation, ask your guides, angels, or the spirit, whatever you connect with to
help ground you. Or, simply take a break and return when ready. Now, sit up straight and roll your shoulders
back. Or, lie down in a comfortable position. Allow for your body to relax. Visualize that you are inhaling and exhaling
a beautiful, deep indigo color, a swirl of blue and purple, as we breathe:
Take 1 deep breath in and exhale. Take a longer, deeper breath in to the count
of 5 and firmly exhale. Quiet your mind. Put aside your worries for right now. Continue with breathing in another slow, deep
inhale and releasing the breath with a firm exhale. Pay attention to your breath as you do this. Feel the air as it enters your lungs. Focus on its color filling your body from
head to toe. Continue breathing as your body relaxes. Release any tension as you exhale. Relax your forehead. Your eyelids. Soften your entire face. Take a bigger, deeper breath as you relax
the neck and shoulders. Relax your elbows and hands. Your fingers. Continue breathing as you release tension
from your back. Your stomach. Relax your legs and thighs. Feel the tension leave your entire body. All the way down to your feet. Take a few more breaths until your entire
body feels almost like it has melted. We are now going to begin to gather up and
move your energy into your crown chakra. Your eyes are gently closed, with another
deep inhale, visualize as the beautiful indigo light begins to move up through your Root
Chakra. Now up to your sacral chakra. As it travels up it gathers your consciousness
along the way. Moving now through your solar plexus, your
heart, your throat. Your vibration is rising. Now move up into your third eye chakra. Direct your ‘seeing’ eyes upward so that they’re
‘looking’ into the point between your eyebrows. Your forehead should feel as if it’s stretching
lightly upward as you do this. Now visualize bright white light beaming down
on to your crown chakra and gently opening it up. Visualize the white light moving down to your
third eye. There is now activity in your third eye and
crown chakras. Feel it. Be present in this experience. Invite and allow for any visions to come in. You may be feeling some pressure or a tingling
sensation. You may see images or symbols. You may not experience anything. This is ok. The activation process has begun. It will build up into more visible processes
the more as you practice with this meditation. Continue breathing naturally and staying relaxed. Know that you have a healthy mind. You are intuitive. Your thoughts are calm and peaceful. If thoughts or emotions come up, let them
be what they are. There’s no need to push them away. They will rise and fall on their own. Now, visualize and notice various colors and
light swirling around you. Release any fears and let this process unfold. Feel warmth flow over you and within you. Know your own voice. Know that all the answers you seek are inside
of you. Hear the voice of your soul. Now, we will slowly move out of the crown
chakra. Rise several feet from your body and look
around. What do you see? Rise up even higher and look around once more. Continue rising upward. Moving past the sun, the moon. The stars. Move past the galaxies
until you’re out of the Universe. Now in the distance, you see a ball of indigo
light. It’s getting bigger and bigger as it comes
closer to you. It feels familiar. Comfortable. This ball of light knows all of the answers
you are seeking. Step inside of the indigo ball of light. Let the light ‘rinse’ you. Bathe in the light. Allow yourself to feel connected to Source. Embrace your intuition. Let go into the vibration of this light. Feel yourself become absorbed in it. Relax into it and enjoy it. Take it in. Now, project an image of yourself during the
happiest time in your life. You know this moment. You can clearly visualize this moment. Now, project an image of the most confident
moment in your life. What made you feel empowered? The last image you will project is where you
are today. What do you need to feel happier? To feel more love? Think about the guidance you need. Direct your ‘seeing’ eyes upward once again
so that they’re ‘looking’ into the point between your eyebrows. Let us now contact the Divine/Source/Your
Creator. Ask a question of importance and then give
your permission to receive a response. Remain open to receiving information in any
form. Trust your intuition. Trust the guidance you are receiving now. Know that it is safe to follow this guidance. Know that you hear your inner voice. Continue breathing and ‘seeing’ the answers
you seek until for a few more moments until we will return to the present moment. Now, slowly begin bringing yourself back. Move your ‘seeing’ eyes away from the third
eye. In your mind visualize the indigo light energy
gather up into a tiny, micro indigo star. See it settle in the space of your third eye. You can now ask for it to dim completely down,
or leave it somewhat active. Know that the guidance of your intuition is
always available to you. All you have to do is simply choose to know
and trust that knowing. Bring your awareness away from your third
eye, become aware of your physical body and its contours. Begin to deepen your breath. Start to move your toes slightly. Be aware of your body and continue with small
movements in your feet. Now your legs. Move your arms. Your hands. Fingers. Allow yourself to wiggle or stretch, whatever
you body wants to do, while slowly bringing energy back into your body through movement. Now slowly open your eyes. Thank you for joining me in this meditation
today. Hope you had a wonderful experience. Please come back and join me once again when
you are ready. Thank you for continuing to support this channel
through your likes, comments and shares. Until next time.


  1. Is there some kind of audio you can listen to while driving, a spend 2 hours driving per day and could do with using the time wisely, I know you can't exactly meditate or close omyour eyes but would be useful to listen to some kind of audio book on spirituality/ 3rd eye etc. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  2. Wow! I cried. I reached the stars, I felt and saw the light, I felt myself lift up and out into the universe. I saw myself clearer than ever and I felt the presence of my parent who are in heaven and I cried even more. I SO needed this. My tarot cards today were The Hanged Man, Judgement, and 10 of pentacles….perfect for reaching to the sky. Bless you…I have subscribed and will be back often.

  3. So, I came back to your channel to revisit this meditation and I just have to ask that you make another one like this. I find that I relax well in the beginning but when I attempt to visualize and question my creator, I tighten up in anxiety over trying to wait for a response. I need more time before you bring me back to my present time. Could you do this one with longer beats of music?

  4. Rasa, this was a wonderful experience. I have been trying to open my 3rd eye for over 2 years. I got very close the first time with your guidance. I saw many images and colors but no messages. I saw my guides, deceased family members, and an ascended master. I heard whispering, it was like white noise but I could not understand what they were trying to tell me. I felt so at peace with myself and the universe. I believe if I continue to practice I will finally open my 3rd eye and remove the block that has been preventing me from ascending to the next level psychically and spiritually. Truly amazing results for my first try.
    Thank you Rasa for helping me on my spiritual journey. Somehow you seem to always know what I need to progress to the next level. Many blessings, love and light always, Colleen

  5. Wow this was powerful. I actually started crying near the end, getting my most important question answered by my own intuition was intense.

  6. I've already activated my third eye a long time ago and just wanted to try this one. BUT my eyes wouldn't stop ''playing'' a very weird intense pressure was making my eyes, they couldn't relax with no waaaay…. WHY IS THAT ? never experienced such a thing.
    Is it a black blockage? or what ?

  7. I felt tingling in my crown chakra and forehead which moved down between my brows. I saw clouds of indigo which would dissolve and be replaced with dark ones but the indigo kept coming back. Whats are your thoughts please? Thank you

  8. Thank for this video…this is soo powerful…I'm also belong to this universe.and I'm a new generation star kid…I also wont protect this universe …well done 🌌🔯⚛

  9. I felt my third eye extremely stimulated and near the end with eyes open it all turned green right and suddenly unfolded back to normal,did anyone else see this??

  10. That was absolutely amazing it snapped me out of it when ur video changed to the next than I was like oh shit n freaked out 😅😅😅😅

  11. This was helpful thank you my forehead has been having this numbing feeling not sure if it has to do with being downloads or need to open my third eye

  12. I travelled to the stars and the moon and way beyond. Thankyou so much for this guided meditation. I have a question, towards the end of the video why did my root chakra shake for seconds out of nowhere? Any explanations??

  13. Your Spirit connection is evident in many ways and your talents have been refined through prudent use. May they continue to expand within, through the connection with Love/Light!

  14. Can someone explain this to me – while I used my eyes to create a triangle looking towards my third eye, my eyes started twitching hard and I started to see white lights. It happened 2 times throughout this audio.

  15. This meditation did wonders to me I might of opened my third eye I saw a lot of trees 🌳 and a tree drinking from the river and it was like I was time traveling ;

  16. first if u concentrate and feel headache that means uve open it along time ago and u haven't used it in a while doe

  17. For me I saw tons of bright light people in a room and I heard my dad's voice very faintly but he guided me to were he is

  18. During the beginning I was crying a little. All I saw was darkness. Then in the middle of the meditation I felt really warm. Not long after I felt really happy, peaceful even. I felt close to floating or feeling on air. Similar to being up high.

    I started seeing things closer to the end but it was like I had a fog or a blur. I couldn't quite see everything clearly.

    I was very calm after this. Very little things made me smile.

  19. Need to know, should I close my eyes completely and imagine or should I focus only in middle forehead.?

  20. Wonderful very good, did anyone else when they opened their eyes at the end think the colours in the waking world were very dull?

  21. My eyes open automatically, I can't let them relax. I see crazy impossible geometry and waves of different colors, this weird spiral that looks like an eye and a lot of beings watching over me.
    But it won't last, it's like my body automatically says enough is enough and makes me open my eyes…

  22. This is by far the BEST meditation video I have ever done! I am now subscribing to you! Thank you soooo much!!!!!

  23. Did this. Went to a trans state. Weirdly trans state, cant remember a thing. Its like I was dead, can't remember a single thing. There was a void, dont know what I was thinking or visualising. When I woke up, you told to move hands and feet I realised my right leg got paralysed, couldn't move it for a few minutes. I don't know why did that happen, can't remember a thing. Did I do anything wrong? I was just focusing on the audio with my eyes closed.

  24. That COMPLETELY brought me out of this horrible funk ive been in . Her voice is so damn soothing and firm…. I'll ALWAYS look for the "MEDITATIONS BY RASA" thumbnail stamps. Thank you Rasa.NAMASTE.

  25. This was really amazing! Specially when I felt being out of the Universe in the indigo light ball. I could actually got the answer of what I asked for quite clearly, I wasn’t intending to ask that particular question but it suddenly popped into my intuition and I also got the answer. Hopefully, I can keep doing this mediation to activate my 3rd eye chakra. Thank you Rasa😘

  26. I did this four months ago and again tonight. Same sensations, tingling on the crown and third eye area. Thank you

  27. wow, i think i fell asleep and a second before she said "now open your eyes" I felt my whole body literally wake up and my eyes opened, it was the first time for me. this is crazy omg

  28. Incredible. Here's what I personally experienced: It was a bit uncomfortable to keep my eyes looking upward but I got used to the sensation after a few minutes. Once I imagined the white light from crown to brow, I got very warm from my shoulders up. Then I'm pretty sure I started swaying back and forth and in circles gently; I tried to stay still but it was as if I was resisting something, so I let my body relax and sway. I wasn't able to clearly visualize, but I did have some moments of dissociation where I felt like I was sitting elsewhere or wearing something different, and lost sensation of the ground and my body. And toward the very end, my brow area was tingling immensely, as if someone was touching or pinching it. I've never had such a successful experience! Will be saving this to try again. Thank you so much!

  29. Rasa….. Thank You so very Much . Your voice is so damn beautiful. keep the beauty flowing and I'll keep coming back.✌💚

  30. I'm having a hard time, I can see lights and colors but can't get past being physically aware

  31. this was my first time ever doing something like this. I felt very relaxed and calm, but I find it slightly difficult to consistently visualize and when I was waiting for an answer, I saw faint patterns. What could that mean?

  32. I wish I had a chance regularly meditate without any distractions. The chances of kids or my husband walking in and want something is just too high. But I try

  33. Hey rasa. Love your meditations, can you maybe release more chakra related meditations ( for each chakra)? 🙂 would be amazing, thanks anyway! 🙂

  34. I meditate everyday and lately I have been struggling to stay focused. This one was exactly what I needed!!!

  35. I was very anxious about my relationship (more specifically if my new apartment was going to work out) so when I asked "Will we be alright?" I saw a vision of my fiancé and I kissing at a wedding. I was overwhelmed with emotions and when I came back to my physical form I had tears in my eyes.
    I'm a Celtic Pagan and I rely on my Third Eye, but I was having trouble keeping in touch with it. This meditation showed my exactly what I needed to do, and how the positive result is always the end goal.
    Thank you so much. Your relaxing voice was another thing that helped. Please keep meditations like these coming, and Blessed Be.

  36. I haven’t listened to this one yet, but just want to say your voice meditations more often than not will illicit a lucid dream for me, which then usually turns into a projection. I look forward to these at night. Thank you. You have a wonderful gift ✌🏼🌻💚

  37. Is this astral projection?

    At first i felt aprehensive as im a beginner and just interested so i focused on my breathing and listened

    Next thing im warping through a green tunnel that was hard to navigate but when i got there i was rewared with what was like a helicopter ride of paradise painted in my head cliffsides and sea

    Then this faded and i went down another. Greyish tunnel which landed me on the floor on mu back outside looking up… At which point rasa said past the sun past the moon and stars the galazy i seen it all and then got lost trying to get closeto the indigo light.

    I will be trying again

  38. Wow what an experience I have just started meditating about a week ago and just across this video and while doing the meditation I started crying when I was moving the energy up my body to my crown chakra was very soothing and a great experience thank you very much will be doing this meditation on a daily basis from now on

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