You Are Silence Itself ~ Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji

Guided Meditation You Are Silence Itself [Mooji] Try and feel just the sense of being. You don’t need to be imaginative for this. So, don’t create. There’s nothing to create. Simply just by staying empty, in the pulse of being there’s just the sense of being. Look and feel. It has no story.
It has no beginning. Look and see. Does it have an end? It has no shape, no opinions, no beliefs. And yet there’s such a wonderful sense
of completeness, if we can use this kind of word here. Just the feeling of Presence. If some thoughts or some sensations are coming, they will not have the power
to pull your attention into some bushes. They are just sensations and there’s no energy needs to be exerted
for them. Stay only with the sense of Presence. This is nothing difficult. Look also that there isn’t really any need to be looking for what’s next
or what’s the next step. There’s no next step needed
for the sense of being. It is happily resting in itself. You are not a part of a clan
or a member of anything at all. Any amount of sensations or thoughts can appear in the vastness of the space of being. They cause no disturbance.
Notice this, you can see. What could it mean to be disturbed?
Who would be disturbed? The whos and the whats are only sensations
arising in this open field. Who are you here? The sense of past, future and dreams, aspirations, personhood, relationships; all these are only feelings and sensations, arising in the space of being. The Beingness itself is not attached to them.
Look and see. They come and go. Don’t identify as anything in particular. Don’t spend any time with your mind now. If you want to, later.
You have enough time for that. But here, just be by yourself. But this is not anything personal. You’re more truly by yourself
impersonally than personally. Because personally,
there are a lot of associations with the person. Whereas there are none with the Self. Look how it is and feel to be without waiting. You’re not waiting. No expectations. There are no steps to be taken,
forward or backward. You are silence itself. Again you are not imagining this. There’s nothing to imagine. Beingness does not need imagination. It is already a fulfilled state and there are no stories. For stories you must touch your person again. It will give you no rest. The person sense exists in time. But Beingness is timeless. It has no appointments. There’s nothing to control. There’s nowhere to go that is better than where you are right now. Nothing is wrong with
the sense of coming or going. Rest in your own natural satisfaction. You are not invited to develop some state. You’re only paying attention to what is effortless in your Self already and that which is natural. That which is natural does not have to be kept up. It keeps itself. Pay attention to yourself, your sense of being. Where did it come from? Or did it come at all? If it comes, it can also go. But if it was merely hidden and was always here,
find what hides it. Now that you are here and nothing is missing; nothing of value. Nothing of Truth is missing. Look. Can this fade or go away? Is it different from what you are? Does it belong? Can it be lost? Can it be kept? Can it be disappointed with you? Does it judge? Remember this deep, deep inside your Being. You are the unchanging One,
appearing as the changeful. But the changeful you perceive,
because it is momentary and belongs to time. Your Self you can not perceive independently. You can only be. And You already are. Time. What is time for you? What about you is time? Look. What about you belongs to time? Look. Are you dreaming this? Are you inventing again? No. For once, don’t create. Simply see. Feel. Be. Be with this, more than talk about this. Be one with this. This is true Self respect. Self honour. Do not allow mind to create
the sense of separation in you. You are One. All of you. As we come to the end of this Satsang session, it should not
make any difference to you internally. Just on the surface things will move into whatever they need to be for the moment. But you stay as the unmoving seer. The undivided One. It takes no effort. Mind always has something to say, but truly you have nothing to say. Thank you. Om

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