Working Out and Christianity

Hello everyone! I’m re-filming this video because my mic messed
up. It didn’t record anything, it was too windy. I’m at around 7,000 foot elevation +/- And this video’s gonna be a Christian video, so if you’re not a Christian, get off the
video, because you’re not going to like it. It’s gonna be about working out and Christianity. And I have a confession to make. So a few months ago I was reading this testiomony
by a guy named Kenneth. He’s a pastor, I’ll put the link down below. He shared how he weighed 300lbs, he was obese. Extremely overweight, and the Holy Spirit’s
been convicting him that that’s wrong. So he tried different diets, he tried exercising, he tried all these different things, but nothing worked. Everytime he went back up, he gained the weight
back, nothing worked. This time he understood that he couldn’t do
anything, and he said “God, I can’t do it without you,
just take over me, help me lose the weight.” And I believe in the next six months, without
any extreme exercise program or diet, which he tried before – just simply watching
his food, a little here and there, exercising a little here and there – he lost
105 pounds. So he went down to 195, with a simple prayer. And that convicted me. Because I remembered how I got this fit. I tell everybody – hey I work out, I do this
and that… BUT, it’s not quite entirely true. And in middle school and sometimes in elementary
school I was bullied a lot. I was a really small, skinny guy. I was around
115lbs in 8th grade. Really small, really skinny. I was always
the shortest one in class, and I got picked on a lot. And I said “God, you see my position, and
this is the stupidest thing I’d probably ever pray to you about, but I
really want to get fit. I know it has nothing to do with Christianity,
I know it has nothing to do with spirituality – but as my
Father, as my friend, can you please help me and answer my prayer
in this?” So, I guess He heard my prayer. Soonafter, my uncle came, and motivated me
to start working out. And I did. And he inspired me every single day – to come
to the park, And in the park I just wanted to do as many
pushups as I could, as many pullups as I could, to practice for a new trick, to learn a muscle
up, all these things… I never knew a thing about working out, I
never knew a thing about eating, I never knew a thing about anything, but I
came there and did… You know my sayings: Always listen to your
body. That’s basically what happened. I always listened to me, to my body and what
it was telling me. If I need to eat more meat, I’ll eat more
meat. Need to workout more, I’d work out more. Whatever I needed to do… and soon enough,
in the first year, I gained 30 pounds of muscle. I went from
115 to 145 got a lot bigger, people thought I was on steroids. I didn’t
even drink protein shakes, didn’t have anything – just regular food and
working out. And I thanked God at that time. I said “God, thank you, you answered my prayer.” And I knew it was an answer to prayer from
Him, because I also tried to start working out
many times before, it just never worked. Until now. But here is the problem that came in. Alright,
you Christians. I got obsessed with working out, I couldn’t
go a week with no working out. I was just so hyper I needed to do something. And then there came a time when God was telling
me: “This became an idol in your life. It came from nothing, I gave you this, you’re
basically twisting the knob too far.” It’s become an idol. And I prayed and said: “God, you know, the
same way you gave it to me, the same way take it away.” And after one
year, my obsession went away. I was no longer obsessed with working out,
I felt free again. Felt free from everything. And now – how I
train, I train for health, maintenance. And this is a testimony for you
Christians, where is the balance of Christianity and working out? If
you see your friend, right? Gym partner, whoever it is – and they’re
Christian. And the first thing that comes out of your
mouth was: “Hey, did you go to the gym today?” or “Did
you do your set yesterday?” or “Did you beat your max in bench?” or whatever
you guys talk about. That’s not what we were called here for. Christ
died for us, He gave His life for us. We are called to
be His disciples here on earth. We are pilgrims on earth – just passing by…
If we get fascinated with something just as simple as “Oh hey!
How are you doing? How are you doing in your physical?” and if that’s
the first thing that comes out of your mouth then you’re a very
very poor person. Honestly. I mean why don’t we meet and say
“Hey! Peter! (or whoever it is) Peter, guess what God revealed
to me yesterday! So I was reading this story about Jesus when
He… There was a shepherd. (Stuff climbing on me) There was
a shepherd, and a sheep got lost, and He picked up the sheep
and it says he put it on his shoulders and carried it back
home. Can you imagine? I realized that I was that sheep that was
lost, and He picked me up on His shoulders and He’s carrying me back
home. Can you imagine? God’s carrying me on His shoulders all my
life, since I got saved? He’s carrying me on His shoulders! All I have
to do is stop fighting back, let Him take hold of my…” you know, feet or what are they called? Paws?
No, not paws… Whatever they are… “Just grab my arms and
legs and just carry me home and I’m always on Him, I’m not afraid
of any roaring lion that comes around, seeking someone to devour.” I’m not afraid of anything because He’s carrying
me. Can you imagine that, Peter? That’s so awesome! Oh, by the way, did you go to the gym yesterday? Yeah, it’s not bad to talk about these things, our first main topic is what concerns us.
We’re here, just pilgrims, we’re just passing by. I mean what you got
here? 70 years? 20 of which you sleep? You don’t
have a lot of time here on earth. And if you waste your time just
caring about all these little things, instead of caring about things
eternal, which never rot, which never… This body’s gonna rot one day.
One day I’m gonna lay in the floor and I’m just… Worms are gonna
eat me just as much as anybody else. Unless I’m put in some oil and
there’s water running by and I solidify, which is very rare… Worms
are gonna eat my body up just like they’re going to eat your body up.
And it’s good to keep our body healthy. That’s the balance. We are
the temple of God. When Christ was on the cross, the cloth that
separated the Holy of Holies was ripped in half. Basically, the Holy of
Holies became available to everybody. Because God no longer lived in a temple since
that time. Because He was Spirit. He came and He lived,
after the day of Pentecost, He lived as the Holy Spirit within us. So
He lives within us. And for Him to use us to His full potential,
we must maintain ourselves healthy. To be an example in conduct, to be
an example in obedience, to be an example in supplication and humbleness
and all these things. In loving to work, in loving to help, or just
loving people in general. That’s what we’re called to be an example
in. And if a person looks at you, and you’re not an example to him in that area,
whether it’s physical or not… I think every Christian is responsible to
get that fixed. And of course no Christian can do that on his own, but he can
always pray about it, just like I did, (just killed a fly) and God will answer, and
God will lead you this direction. And He’ll help you get in shape and everything.
But, it has to be the right motive. It has to be not because you want it, not
because you want to look good, not because you want others to look at you,
it’s because you just don’t want to be an obstacle to other Christians, and you don’t
want to be an obstacle to the world around you. Who look at you and say “Oh, this guy’s a
Christian? I don’t want to be a Christian if this guy’s a Christian, I don’t want to look like
THAT!” You know… whether it’s actions, whether it’s words,
you know even physically – if you’re obese. You’re destroying your own body, and Christ
himself said “Whoever…” I don’t think Christ actually said this, but
it says in the Bible: “Whoever destroys his body, Christ will punish.”
I’m paraphrasing, because I read the Russian Bible, so in my head I’m
translating as I go. Paul also said, “All things are allowed for
me, but nothing can possess me.” So if there’s anything that possesses you,
that you can’t stop – it just overtakes you – It’s a sin. So if food overtakes you – it’s
a sin. If you can’t go several days without food (try to fast for a few days) Just to increase
your relationship with God, just to put your flesh down, fast for a few days. If you
can’t do that, if food possesses you so much, Then perhaps it’s a sin. If working out possesses
you, if ANYTHING in this world possesses you. I’m talking about things which are physically
achievable, Jesus went 40 days without food… I’m not telling you to go 40 days without
water, because you’ll die. I’m talking about physical things so you can test yourself and
see that it doesn’t overtake you. If computer games overtake you, if ANYTHING
at all posesses you, it’s a sin. And we must be an example in ev… That’s
just what I wanted to share with you guy, regarding working out. It’s not a big thing,
I work out… I don’t know, 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week, something
like that… I just maintain. I haven’t been increasing in strength pretty
much at all. I’ve just been maintaining, maintaining, maintaining…
For the last year or two years. Because I just want to stay
healthy as I am. I’m all about health rather than strength and big-ness and
muscle and stuff like that. I’m just being healthy. And to be an example
to others. That’s it! Paul with you today. God bless
you guys, bye bye, See ya later!


  1. Guys god listens to all prays he just tests your patience e.g. I've asked my dad for a gaming pc for Christmas but Christmas is now over and I still don't have it but I'm sure god/parents will get me it I just got to wait and I'm up for waiting.

  2. Guys what ever god does he does it because its good e.g. kids in Africa are dieing so they can go to god a live a happy life with him

  3. RESPECT  and big-ups to the tolerant people with differing beliefs on the internet, you give me hope for a more civilized and peaceful internet society, that is enough of a gift to me. perhaps the may come a time of unity amidst the chaos of the world.

  4. Even if god somehow did exist and i knew it – I would not worship him nor respect. He would just be giant egoistic big who created humans to worship him, but plays with them like dolls and lets them suffer. 

  5. Hey Paul – thanks for this and for your witness pointing to God in Christ.   Brother, welcome those who are not Christians, you have a message God wants you to share.  Bless your viewers, and pray that by God's grace, they may come into a relationship with him and be renewed in body, mind, soul and spirit.  Thanks again, God bless you everyday.  

    Hey your English is good too – you use good colloquial diction.  That is an accomplshment! Keep it up. May you continue to be conformed into his image, that Christ will be ever glorified.

  6. Dude went from 115 lbs to 140 in one year just with calisthenics and no gainers or shakes ? GOD IS REAL PEOPLE !

  7. Even though im Muslim, I watched this video and I found it informative and instructive because no matter what religion one follow GOD I always one. Fasting is a great way to control your body from necessary desires. We as muslims Fast one month every year in which we keep our fast before sun rises and break it when sun is completely set. Overall great video, keep it up . Respect.

  8. Hi fortress just wanted to share this Testimony of mine with you, im a Born again christian and a Follow of Jesus after Jesus christ healed me from my incurable asthma. I was soo glad the day i got this healing right after my prayer! i was a muslim before i knew Jesus and im glad the lord brought me to the truth of Jesus and eventho not much people believe me when i tell them im healed by Jesus im soo glad that im still breathing today because of Jesus <3 Please stay strong in your faith brother and for all who want to have more information of what Jesus has done for us visit my google + page:

    May jesus bless you all !!

  9. The video is really inspiring but I don't understand why you said non-christians wouldn't like this video. I didn't see anything against other religions. You mentioned some phrases from the Bible. But the underlying principles are the same as in the holy book of our religion too (Bhagavadgita – Hindu). I personally think, religion is a way of living and God is a hope. Sometime in history, there were many forceful religious conversions in our country. Now, the descendents of those people are still following that religion. That doesn't mean that their 'God' was changed at the time, only their way of living. Ultimately, we both must have been created by the same god, if he really exists. So, there must not be a concept of this different gods for different religions.

  10. Fortress you are so amazing.  I connected with everything you said. I really enjoyed this video.  I would like to let you know that there are people out there that are being changed by this video. Thanks

  11. Thanks for making this video this is what I'm all about a lot of people don't understand. Majestic intro, love the channel man thanks for being honest too.

  12. Thanks for this video man! Really needed a good Christian opinion on working-out. I guess what I have to do next is start changing my motives… Regards, a Dutchman.

  13. When i heard you say God Bless You, in your last video i had a feeling you where a christian, I commend you, im 5"3 127 trying to get a six pack

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  20. You remind me of my father, never change or stop doing what your doing.
    You give me hope that there are other Christians out there that see the real faith and meaning in god and the bible,
    you need to focus on showing other Christians how to spread the word without steering people away from god
    a lot of people don't understand how to explain the word, you have been given this ability by god i hope you choose to use it.

  21. Very motivational vid man in 2013 i had a serius accident i broke my right humerus and had a plate in and radial nerve palsy also, i can now train hard do 20 pull ups+ thans to God and i always belived in him and i will bravo!

  22. Amen!!!
    I am guilty of idolizing food. I love food and eating but I am fully aware of that so I keep praying about it. I am not obese or anything. My body won't even show how much I eat.
    But as I pray, there is a message in my heart to get back on exercising just to be healthy (not really workout purposes), siince I have been active in my younger years by playing sports and stuff.
    I thank God and continue to ask for self-control! God's grace be with you…
    3 John 1:2 – Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

  23. Christians show off their bodies? Oh maybe that's why so many unbelievers curse Christ and "Christians"…

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  26. Thank you Paul you are an amazing man I have just recently began to watch you're videos again and I think they are amazing. Because of you many of us are growing both spiritually and physically and we thank you for amazing motivational videos such as this. God bless you.

  27. I'm thankful to God so much for letting me know about this amazing brother! I had always been very skinny for almost my teenagers life time. I did know my problem and started to play baseball and workout a lot (very intense to me) but nothing seemed to be worked. I was really obsessed in baseball, and other stuffs, too, just to look better and be cooler. But God did not do anything on me. I even slept late more often than before. I thought it was by nutrition, routine or even gene…or everything. But I know certainly there had been something wrong happening to me. That upsets me a lot that made me give up baseball for 2 months, thing that I almost thought I could never live without. And now I know the reason.
    So thankful to have you as an example. You are really a son of God. Learn so much from you. I restarted working out yesterday, but with prayers for God's guide.
    May God bless you more and more, Paul.

  28. This is a great video – you are absolutely right – it's good to work out and stay healthy, but its also very important not to get obsessed with it, or to do it for the wrong reasons.

  29. who cares if your christian or not. It should be about loving and teaching your brothers and sisters. Not converting or anything. We need to respect others views and learn to embrace them. You seem like a smart man, but in some of your statments, you sound ignorant. You said its not important to ask others how there are?… Wouldnt that be something your role model would do? my last question and probably my most important one is (why is it not enough to just be a good person and help others?) if that dosent get you into what you call heaven then ill go to wherever it does take you. I live every day to try to better myself and help others. you do what you want, but you kind of sounded like a programmed religious zelout to me. no disrespect. just calling the shots how i see them.

  30. FYI, health or fitness has a lot to do with Christianity. Have you heard of the story where Moses was 120 years old and was climbing up a mountain? How did he do that? By eating healthy and staying fit. Your overall health means a whole lot in Christianity. Your body is your temple, God let you borrow this body, take care of it! All these foods that are being advertised, in my opinion, are ways to destroy your body and kill you slowly. When have you seen any fruits or vegetables being advertised on T.V?! Exactly… If the government isn't promoting healthy living, then I believe they are just part of the plan to destroy humanity while they become richer (financially). We can become rich and feel rich once we start taking care of our bodies in all aspects. Life is so simple, yet we make it so complicated. Please, do some research, I was questioning God's existence not too long ago, but now I can fit the pieces together. All the warning signs that are in the Bible, are happening today, coincidence? I think not. Look up the truth about food! It's very eye opening, we can fight back without violence. STOP buying all these junk food, they'll have no choice but to stop producing. Haha just letting go of some thoughts. I've discovered so much knowledge in a small amount of time…

  31. This is a great example of something I've always taught at church and in my articles: that is, you can learn something from every single person you meet. BTW I love the written explanation of doing it for the glory of God. I am nearing 60 years old, am a minister of Christ and a Christian writer. Here's a young fellow that God has used to speak to my heart about my working out, which sometimes nears obsession/idolatry. Of course I'm concerned that if I don't get back what I once had (muscle-wise) now, then I may never be able to. But one thing I've noted is that people tend to hear what you have to say if you #1 have lots of money (and that should never be an indication of intelligence) and #2 if you look good and are fit. I don't want or need a lot of money, but I do want to live a good example of both physical and spiritual fitness in Christ, so that I can gain the ears of others I hope to edify and encourage in the faith. May you continue to grow and be filled with all the fullness of Christ, producing much fruit unto the Father's glory. Blessings!

  32. I watch your videos over and over again.your spirit and love of Christ are amazing.and you teach us to maintain our temples for the spirit of God to dwell.god bless you paul

  33. What an awesome video. I have struggled with fitness (all my life) dropped tons of weight then it has come back. I have also struggled with the Churches and the way fitness is never addressed, there are always potlucks, cookies, cakes, food, food and exercise is not mentioned. Anyway, this video should be shown in most churches. Thank You.

  34. I tasted from videogames and God reveiled it as an idols. Now I don't see it as useful and I get this wierd feeling when thinking about playing fortnite.

  35. When I worked out, I was on all types of supplements, It was an obsession, until something hit me, drug overdose, I couldn't workout for a long time, it helped me though but we shall not be a slave to anything but Jesus Christ, I hope and prayed for GOD, so that I can workout again no supplements, no drugs just the LORD.

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  39. What if God got you fit and now you are fulfilling the word of God through these inspirational videos, leading the lost onto his path? Always a thought…

  40. Crazy thing brother I prayed to God one day to help me really get into shape. I was training for weightlifting for over 3 years and saw very small yet not able changes. I was told in a dream “Calisthenics”. I had an inner knowing that I should look into Calisthenics and that God had answered my prayer. Now I am more healthier and fit than I’ve ever been. I feel like this has contributed I s one way to my spiritual life as wel:)

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