Work Is Worship – How to Get Rewarded from Allah Even When Working – Should you Pray at Work?

Work Is Worship – Yusha Evans Talking about worshiping and prayer which is one of the first pillars of worship, after acknowledging the Creator exists. What if you’re in a place, like work, or in school, where you are forbade from praying on time? How do you reconcile that? You see, the reality is that I have to speak the truth. I cannot get up here and waters things down, cause I’m wasting my life if I do that. The problem with this, and how many of you have ever faced this situation, you’re in a place where it’s not okay to pray and it’s time to pray? I’m in one of those places all the time, they called airports nowadays. You see the problem with that is is that we’ve misunderstood who Allah is. Tawheed is what we are missing. We’re missing this so badly, that it causes us to not understand how to answer these problems. How many of you want to know how to answer that problem? Do you really want to know? Raise your hand! Okay. When you got to work, you go to work to pay your bills. Correct? Raise your hands, how many of you go to work to pay bills? Raise your hand! How many of you go to work just to make money to buy nice things? Raise your hands! Sisters, you can buy whatever you want with your money. How may of you go to work just to put food on the table, bothers? Pay the lights. You see this is a problem with our understanding of Rububiyyah, of understanding that Allah is Rabb. This is a problem for us. Because if you go to work to pay your bills, guess what your reward for that work is. Paying those bills! That’s your reward! In the hereafter they might not be nothing for you, because you did it for the wrong reasons. Anything we do in this life, is supposed to be only to worship Allah. No matter what it is! Even if my job is to clean the sewers of Oslo. I should do it, knowing that I’m doing it to please Allah. Work is worship according to the Prophet (ﷺ). Therefore if I’m doing a work that interferes with that worship, then that work is no longer viable for us Muslims. That’s the reality of the matter. That when it’s time to pray, you pray. You pray! Allah has created this earth as a Masjid, according to our Rasul (ﷺ). And there are only a few places you can’t pray and let me tell you: you don’t work in any of them. You don’t work in any of them! You pray when it’s time to pray! There’s no one that can stop you from that! Because you have to understand that Allah is Rabb. That money that comes to you, is not from your boss! It is not from your job! It is not from anything other than Allah (عز و جل) has legislated that money to be placed in your hands! And if you are giving that money by disobeying him, I am afraid of what is waiting for you in the next life. I really am afraid, that if you place something before Allah, that thing has become your Rabb! That has become your Lord, and tawheed is thrown out the window! We need to understand that. That look! I don’t care what you have going on right now! I need five minutes to pray! This so and so fulan and this jack-off can go outside and smoke for 20 minutes, and you’re telling me I can’t pray for five?! We need to wake up! We need to wake up and realize that we have rights! I don’t care what the law says, cause I have a human rights to worship how I want to worship! As long as that worship is not evil in and of itself. And I don’t know how prayer has ever hurt anyone! So these things we have to understand, and we have to stand up for them. Because let me tell you something about this world. Freedom isn’t free as they say, but they say it for the wrong reason. Your right, you have to fight for them! This is they way the world has always existed. Rights are not annihilable as they say in the US constitution. Rights are by what we stand up for. What we stand up for, our rights, we fight for our rights. This is the value of human civilization. This is what has been known of the Muslims since the beginning. We’ve stand up for our rights, and our dignity. You will respect me! You don’t have to like me, I don’t care if you like me, and you don’t like me. But you respect me, and respect who I am, you respect my religious values. If you don’t like it, then do what you wish. If you fire me because of that, guess what, I have Allah who is Rabb. I have an Allah who is Rabb, who’ll replace what I left for His sake with something better! That is the yaqeen, the certainty that the Muslims have to have. If not, then we’re gonna continue to be muddled in this mud of degradation, and humiliation forever. We have to wake up to this. You gotta do to what you gotta do! It’s time to pray! I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do! You do what you got to do to make that money, do what you got to do to make those good deeds.


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  2. The animation in this video is different from the others and Masha Allah it is really amazing… It is more easy to understand and keeps our interest in the video and saves us from Shaitan's interference…. Alhamdulillah…. May Allah shower his Rahmath and Barakath upon all of us❤

  3. Believe this was meant for me to see it and get encouraged bei this video. Last days i begin to pray at work knowing the consequences but i suddenly have got this wonderfull feeling in my stomach that was giving me inner peace ya Allah i was so proud of me at this moment even if they fire me i really dont care . Muslims please dont be afraid of who you are and more important who is Allah is . He will raise your rank if just please him . Alhamdullilah that i am muslim alhamdullilah thank to Allah

  4. I notice a lot of non muslims online say 'we are cogs in a machine' and 'we work for…what?'… (especially the ones in the truth movement)

    …Exactly. I mean at least as muslims we choose to be slaves of Allah who is beyond the system…but the non-muslims choose to be enslaved by a system which does not benefit them nor gives them peace. What a loss what a loss what a LOSS!!!!

  5. I work in a big company run by the Chinese where praying is not an option. Sometimes I don't feel happy but I need to work to feed my family, wife and a daughter.

  6. SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah Allah Akbar
    JazakAllah Khair this problem was so misunderstanding for me but now Allah made it clear for me.

  7. Brilliantly explained in a very positive light. Jazak Allah Khair for inspiring & motivating people who may find excuses for missing their Salah.

  8. Brothers and sister watch this! It happened yesterday (a beautiful death ) 🤲🏻😭🤍❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️

  9. -Al hamdoulillah,


    Laa ilaha illallah,

    Allahou akbar,

    May Allah grant us the highest degree in Paradise. Amin

    Achadou an la-ilaha illallah wa achhadou anna muhammadan rasoulallah

    like if you read it

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