Will Their Differences in Religion Deter Them From A Second Date? | Tell My Story

I haven’t had any great romances yet I’m sort of perpetually chronically single I suppose you could say but I will admit I have fallen for a lot of dancers because dancers tenth have really just amazing butts I’ve been in two serious relationships they were both like two and a half three years I’m just like ready to like I think make number three like the one [Music] your name is Alex and this is your story you’re 25 years old you work in tech grew up in New York City and are Hispanic all right so my name is Peter I’m 28 years old I work for a fragrance company in sales I grew up on Long Island New York and I’m Italian so your name is Harry and this is your story you’re 40 years old you’re a businessman you grew up in Missouri and you’re a cultural or ethnic background is German my name is Dave okay ah I’m 38 and 40 yet I work in digital marketing I grew up near Syracuse and my cultural ethnic background Russian Ukrainians and Jewish but mostly over there okay you’re not the first person who’s like sighs like you know what I just looked at you and I was like the first thing that came to my mind you thought I work in tech I don’t know you just kind of have like this tech business sort of vibe going I’m definitely not go with tech so I think that is a compliment actually people think and assume that like I’m a Italian Guido type maybe I could come off as a little like high maintenance and diva-ish sometimes but I mean I’m a really sweet person deep down assumptions people make about me and to be that I am in charge of something and that I voted for Trump I was on a train as some of the school kids who are on the subway part we’re just like Mickey voting for Trump it’s like yeah look at that asshole I’m like I just took my Hillary button off my briefcase yesterday hey I thought maybe you go to bed a little early like 9:00 p.m. ish unexpected skill our talent you possess I don’t know I feel like maybe like interior decorating baby you seem like a smart kind of guy so I thought maybe you would maybe try to take on learning Chinese or something like that you know like a hard language not entirely off okay I actually get to bed around midnight sometimes even later unexpected skill or talent I forget what you said I said like Decorah terrier decorating yeah you seem like you would have like a very neat home I’m probably okay at it but most people are surprised to either find out that I’m really handy with tools doing everything from like a computer repair to like building furniture that’s unexpected I wouldn’t have guessed that if I want to speak another language I’ve always been like fascinated with Japan and really want to go visit there for you you go to bed around midnight unexpected skill or talent you possess might be singing if you could speak another language you would want to speak Italian if you don’t already I go to bed around midnight maybe a little later you know depending if I take like nyquil or something what did you say unexpected skill singing yes that’s actually true I would definitely like to speak Italian I don’t right now but my dad is from Sicily so he speaks it I heard it my whole my whole life basically and I took it in school too but I don’t speak it fluently so I would definitely like to learn it that’s cool I was raised by two godless pinko atheists although since part of my father’s side of family is Jewish we did go to temples I could learn about that part of my heritage but in terms of primary cultural influences I’d say Star Trek The Next Generation was a pretty big one maybe followed by Seinfeld and The Simpsons I come from a big Italian family and grew up eating like a huge bowl of pasta every night for dinner like that was normal to me I was like chubby my whole life so like after high school I just like really buckle down and said like this is not how I imagined myself looking for the rest of my life I lost like 70 pounds like altogether you know it’s something to work out every day being of service to others means a lot to you I said you didn’t grow up practicing religion your current relationship with God or a creator is closed I think being of service to others it definitely is important to me especially other people I care about trying to support people emotionally and occasionally brutally criticize them and hope that they don’t hate me for it don’t believe in a God or creator raised that way but instead of being just like know empirically like there’s absolutely no way I’m like no just because it’s not a reality that I’ve felt or experienced doesn’t mean it isn’t true and isn’t real for other people’s arts current relationship status with God or creator is single I guess for you being of service to others means helping them in what they do you were raised Catholic and the Kevin okay relationship with God or creator being a service to others I mean I think at the end of the day I just want to make people believe in themselves you know maybe what they can’t see I did grow up Catholic I mean I used to go to church every Sunday as a kid I’d you know and me and my brother we didn’t enjoy it but I go to charts like you know for Christmas and Easter now you know the important things I think I have like a okay relationship with God or whoever it may be I just went on a trip and flew on a plane so I was definitely saying prayers before you mentioned you have brother I have two brothers well sister my older brother and sister are actually almost 50 Wow big gap between like the two bachelors yeah I mean my mom had my older brother when she was like 19 and she had my younger brother when she was like 42 wow she’s a fertile woman I guess you can say do you have siblings no only child how was that now that my parents are a lot older I have to help them out with law stuff sometimes it’s like I really wish that’s like I had siblings that’s like I could share that with I mean close with like friends I made back when I was like six seven years old so they’re almost like brothers that’s like friends I turn into a family you know sometimes you need those two the most you know it’s got to be a good mix I think [Music] [Music] okay so at the beginning of this little sit-down that we just had I said that I wouldn’t I wouldn’t go on date with you um but then after like we sat and we chat a little bit I I said the same thing I don’t want you to take offense but I think you’re really cool maybe we could be friends yeah what did you think well um when I first saw you I thought not my usual type but I loved getting to know new people so I said I would go out with you that’s cool after our conversation there was nothing that came up that would particularly dissuade me from that so I stuck with that well that’s really sweet you’re a real friendly guy I think you’re easy to talk to you have really nice skin oh thank you oh yeah plenty of nice things to say but no offense taken absolutely right cool yeah no but it was really cool getting to know you yeah no I’m glad I’m glad I got to meet you and maybe I can check show with you out on the islands sometime I know the beaches aren’t crazy you’re familiar with the island it’s all exactly I was a pleasure meeting you close your meeting you too [Music]


  1. What a weird pairing. 10 years isn't much of an age gap in my opinion, but these two just seem like a father and son. And sorry, there's no way that older guy is only 38 ??!! He looks way in his 40s…

  2. The mature guy, i ain’t guna say older, is way interesting and funny to be with someone condescending like that lol

  3. That young guy still a kid an dthe older guy did gave some nasty looks at the beginning …but through out the date turns out he is just making weird faeces cuz hes quirky

  4. So difficult getting thru the veneer of people. The superficiality is stifling. Let's go back to prehistoric times and if there's someone u want to have sex with, just take your club and hit (tap) them on the head. Is that wrong?????

  5. I swear I thought this was a father-son vid when I saw the thumbnail.. You can't tell me they don't look like father and son.


  7. I really wanted the older guy to say "When I first saw you I thought yeah, he's cute, I would date him, but after you opened your mouth I realized you were a self-centered, vacant twit, so I changed my mind."

  8. the young guy looks about 21 the older guy looks about 53 so 32 years difference in looks but only 10 years difference that's shocking

  9. 38??????????????????????????????????????????????? Am i the only one that does not believe this dude….40 something touching 50…no way in his 30s. The "italian" guy looks more Guatemalan like wtf…i bet his mama is not italian..

  10. The Italian boy has etiquette, he's somewhat formal and "closed" while the other guy was more open and informal….didn't see the spark but idk

  11. the older gent opened his eyes to see that youngster and closed them right back again 😂

  12. does my generation have come down to a fem fashion diva like that? Geez! I'm gay but I really prefer a generation before me.

  13. 02:40 i laughed so hard hahahaha the old guy is like "wtf im not like 90" hahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha

  14. i would definitely go on a date with the older dude and I honestly wouldnt go out with the other one… choices

  15. The younger guy reminds me of the type that's on Grindr getting as much c*ck as he can and not ready to settle down. Always waiting for the next best thing to come along. The older guy was probably in the same shoes as the younger guy when he was young. So you pretty much stay single for ever

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