Will Religion Kill Obamacare?

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care going to be taking down by the nine un-elected kings and queens on the
united states supreme court they’ve already basically said states
can end me opt out of some of these
provisions means and they don’t take the medicare
money in their medicaid money actually lets let’s uh… let’s just
talk to some you know as much more about this than i do anything wrong with the
executive director of health care for american out each c a m health care for before american now dot
or is their website twitter etc h_c_a_
uh… and heath and welcome to the program thank so much so one uh… i had to stand that the next
challenge to personal on the if you could just summarize for me how the
supreme court in the past has you know it what what small bites has the spread
of the supreme court taken out of a boxer people bring quote ruled in favor of
below they ruled that it was constitutional and the one thing that they did is that they said that the medicaid
expansion in the law with optional for states and right now it required and so you’ve got
rick scott down in florida say no i’m not going to take a hundred million
bucks even though it’s all free the first three years after that in ninety
percent free and then take it ’cause we just wanna you know make people suffer and have
them blame the president or whatever i don’t know what his motivation spencer
something you’ve got people like rick perry in texas and i’m gonna stand on
principle and my principal is that a quarter of
the people in my state have no insurance and i’m gonna make sure they don’t get
any yeah that’s a that’s actually above much better want her way to say that so thats china chocolate chunk water by one in
the medicare that the supreme court took her into exiting obama karen supreme
court took in now there’s another one that’s being
teed up you’ve got you’ve got my understanding is we have several lower
courts that have ruled in conflicting ways the employer mandate with regard to
employers who claim that they have he religious or moral objection to
having to pay for health insurance that might pay for birth control pills that
arguably are causing abortions venerate yet that that’s correct though
as i want a step back and say that as starlet with with the most important
thing which is that this aloft for people who have insurance
coverage by the remarkable extraordinary which is that a providing free preventive care and for women that
means no cox contraception no matter where you work and its revolutionary
petersburg legacy is a medical condition then if you want to prevent he should be
able to it gives it to you women and their family the ability to be in charge
of their own families and their own health care and their own bodies it obviously uh… very fundamental
choice and it is eight freedom and this law has established and protect that
okay so there but that is exactly what is under assault or may well be under assault when these
arguments go before the supreme court that’s right yes there’s theirs several dozen lost its right now accross
the country better challenging uh… that part of the law and you know the frustrating part about it
is that so they’re not brought about by a single employer or organization that supports a lot so i think in terms of morality the
poker so moral and say hey we have to make sure that
every single person in this country have health insurance and we’re gonna see to it at that
happened and so uh… i respect a lot of the folks who are bringing these suits but taken together and along with speaker bainer in the republican
continued opposition in the house of representative what it all comes together in more opposition to a lot of lee passed
in march of two thousand and pan right this is really just people saying obama
passed it we hate him organized we’re gonna tragic the slaughter right in the only problem is that the country than agree on the text of
november i mean you know we have a president who
won handily said increasing their margin and across the country what we have this is the lowest number of people say that
they want to repeal this law in its history so we’ve got a lot as
that has really struck or another that matters the supreme court they’re not elected they don’t have to
answer public opinion although you can argue that you know when when in nineteen thirty seven after the election of thirty six when
when franklin roosevelt tried to packed the court that the court actually started changing
the way that they may decisions even though the makeup of court and change uh… in large part because of the
public debate about there uh… obstructionism with regard to the
new deal i don’t see that kind of noise being
made about the current kore dite it’s possible i suppose if if the president
was to get behind an effort to amend the constitution about citizens united for example uh… but you know they’re i will be
here we have you know nine people un-elected in in probes just three blocks more
uncertain lou i have decided to have given
themselves the power actually need to know three case com our reader versus
madison stock the constitution gave themselves the power to strike down
laws passed by congress uh… i’m you know all of you know but
it’ll all of that it’s true and i am not a constitutional scholar and i’m not even at smart about these
issues what i do know this nobody predicted acc separate ardent supporters of obama care but everybody else that this supreme court under the conservative leadership of justice roberts was never then up old
opa mature and yet they did and their decision what been ratified by
the electorate i don’t see these cases going anywhere the liberty cases ca go to the fourth go back to the fourth
district circuit and die is accepted it’s it’s deliver it’s a liberal circuit likely to have the famed panel that
already ruled on it two or three folks the ruled on it on
the merits support the law so i i don’t think this case is going to
go anywhere at that’s why the obama administration
overdue apartment just pick that go ahead and add an object when the
supreme court so where is so what is going to happen
before the supreme court or is this just a matter the quirky kana backed out of
the four circuit and it is in this instance simple issue that the spring quarter remanded back to the circuit court because but the circuit court ruled but that they quinn rule on uh… on the mandate because it was not in
effect yet because i was not an effect on what that means can’t beleive that the the spring quarter is giving the circuit
court the opportunity to rule on the issue that have not that
they did not get one right and and you’re convinced that
they’re going to rule in favor of obama carried this is a non-issue don’t get
hysterical don’t worry i think two things one is i think that
uh… or circuit will rule in favor of the law of i’ll go off uh… and decade i don’t think we’re
gonna see one of these cases make it in spring
quarter and if that were i think we’ll see the supreme court uphold the law and
it’s fullness but john roberts in order to uphold uh… at the end of the fundamental
constitutionality of a volunteer had to basically twist himself in a
pretzels and uh… if the reports from inside the courtroom he did so just in
the last three weeks before the decision came down much to the shock and horror earth his peers might he be looking to redeem himself
with conservatives who might be you know maybe you know there is another change of mind
be coming down the road eating easier dig in his heels and say now i’ve five
planted by flight here on the stand with and uh… i think to i don’t understand the internal dynamic
of the court and i don’t pretend uh… the way a lot of folks do that
with the understand what happened then all i know is that he may have put
himself into a purple but he did when it mattered and i think
he will again that it can only do take this up again it’s it’s going to these it’s going to
be very interesting uh… which i believe in rome is executive director of
health care for american now h c a n on health care for afar american now dot
word is the website and uh… that you know this sounds even
you’ve you’ve uh… you’ve given us all what i think is some good news that i thought that i hope the here of
other care the list every bat with every battle family historian implement that and
tried except that in this country realistic geysers let’s let’s also these
are all thank you very much faith hill


  1. If the people don't want "Obamacare" they will vote it out throught their representatives…

    This whole nonsense about constitutionality is just an excuse to change something you don't agree with.

  2. It isn't American C'mon the corporations that run America don't want to step up to the plate and be American that would be socialism. The American way is the corporate way and the people? THEY're Just IN THE WAY.

  3. American's have made their constitution into an almost religious document but you have to adapt OLD laws for new ones. A good example is the crazy US gun laws which were wrote at a time of war, uncertainty, war with Britain, France, Mexico & native American's but its not the case now, most guns in the US now are used to kill other American's. Surely the right to life outweighs the right for some to pretend their Rambo.. I have no problem with guns for hunting, farming etc but thats it.

  4. How does birth control cause abortion? Talk about fundamentalist lack of logic. The opposite is true, you religious shmucks.

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