Why We Celebrate Passover as Christians

– Hey, happy Passover, happy
Easter, happy resurrection! We are so excited to be celebrating today. Today’s Friday, when we’re celebrating. We’re doing our Passover Seder dinner. We have family in town, and
we’ve got 10 kids at our table. (upbeat music) There’s 10 kids here, and four adults. That’s pretty impressive, and
what I realized this morning is between our two
families, we have five girls and five boys, so it’s really
special, and we’re ready. Our family has been celebrating Passover for a few years now,
something that was not completely unfamiliar
with us, but something that definitely wasn’t a yearly priority. Tim and I are both very hands-on learners, and the festival of Passover
has been a great way for it to sink in for myself, but also a great way to
just draw the kids in. They get to taste things,
they get to smell things, they get to feel it with their hands, listen to the story. It’s just a really good
immersive learning time. – Because Jesus died on the–
– Yeah! – Cross for us, and–
– So now, we have an empty seat. You guys notice why there’s
an empty seat at the table? – Jesus!
– Where’s the empty seat? – Right here.
– Wait, He’s holding those eggs. – [Mom] Jesus has all the eggs. – When the Passover lamb is sacrificed, Jesus’ disciples asked Him,
where do you want us to go to prepare the Passover meal for you? – A few years ago, I was
trying to figure out, how do I best lead our family spiritually, train our kids and teach
them, and I was looking through all the curriculums
and some dad was just like, just read the Bible and use that. I’m like, just the Bible? That’s it? And so, and then, I found, I
was reading through Exodus, and it was like literally,
when your child says, asks you this, you say this, and then, when they ask you this, you
say, and I was like, oh, it’s like this curriculum that
has all five senses involved, sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, is that all of them?
– Mm-hmm. – And it’s all in one package. – He’s holding this.
(child screaming) – (laughing) Toby’s so ticklish. This year, I was extra
excited to get to celebrate. I’m feeling better, more
with it, and just ready to just enjoy the festivals this year, and having family come and
visit, having more kids in the house to get to
teach and hang out with, and experience a hands-on
lesson with them, just think that’s so much more special, and what cousin doesn’t want their cousin at dinner with them, and
celebrating the special holiday? You just went from Leah to Zeke. (baby babbling)
Hi! Did you get clean feet? – I know, sometimes, we think of these as like Jewish holidays or festivals, but when I was reading the Bible, it was like, God was saying,
these are my appointed times. – Mm-hmm.
– And He gave them to His people, and so, I
think there was just as much for us as Christians.
– ‘Cause we are His people. We have been adopted into His family, and so, His festivals are for us. (laughing)
(upbeat music) (laughing)
– That’s warm, I love it. – It’s hot.
(upbeat music) – [Tim] Now if you don’t like
the way it tastes, it’s okay, but I want everyone to just try it, okay? – I love it.
– Then eat it. – [Child] Because it’s delicious. – I think it’s really
good, for us, as parents, to figure out, how do we train our kids, how do we teach them and whether or not you do Passover or not,
not like a big deal to us, but we just think that it’s
important to find family rhythms that work and we think
that the Bible gives us seven festivals that all
work really well for that, and so that works well
for our family, but– – And we’re still–
– But I think it’s important to figure that out. – [Mom] There’s such good
manners at this table. Everybody’s behaving with
their hands. (laughing) (upbeat music) Gotta walk around, look
in the living room, look in the dining room. (upbeat music)
– I’m in the living room. – Go, go Hallie, go. I don’t know where it is. You gotta look around for it. You found the Bible, and a fortune teller. And we’re still learning them. We don’t celebrate all
seven festivals yet. We have started off slow. It was some big advice that we got was, don’t try to do everything all at once, because if you try to do everything, then you’re gonna crash and burn, and it’s just gonna be too
much to try to pull off, and will put too much pressure on you, so you choose one festival to learn about, and to practice or try, and I mean, we’ve been doing this for a few years, and it hasn’t looked the same each year, and that’s okay, and we learn
a little bit more every time. – Dad!
– Not in the living room. – [Mom] Uh-oh, everybody out. (laughing) – Hi!
(upbeat music) – Stop it!
– Take it to Daddy. (children yelling) – We’ve been doing Passover and a few other festivals
for a few years now, so if you wanna kinda
see what some of those previous years’ vlogs look like, you can click that little playlist you see on your screen right now and we’ll see you guys
over in those next videos. – Tabby and me, I found it!
– Good job! Yeah!

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