Why MEDITATE? | Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Oh why is there a need for meditation in our modern society what is the need of meditation in today’s society in today’s life as such you know if you look at the benefits that meditation bring into our life we feel it is all the more relevant all the more needed in ancient times meditation was used for enlightenment for to finding the self and meditation is a way to get rid of misery to overcome misery or come problems meditation has been the way to improve one’s abilities three things and today living apart living aside enlightenment if you see the social ills of today the stress and tension it calls for one to meditate the more responsibility you have in your life more is the need for meditation if you have nothing to do you may not need meditation so much because you have nothing to do the busier you are the less time you have more work you have more desires you have ambitions you have all the more you need to be meditating first meditation not only relieves you of stress and strength it enhances your abilities to face the challenges meditation brings better health to us meditation is food for the Soul it’s the Energizer’s for the mind it is lifeline for the body it keeps your body in shape helps your nervous system helps your mind your alertness improves your perception and helps you to express yourself properly what more you want everything has come so the benefits of meditations of many basically you can say if you want to be happy you need to meditate happy and healthy then you want to be happy and healthy you have got to be meditate what is the value of art of meditation what are the benefits that people will realize as a result of practicing this year already said please answer generally and then very specifically that is how does art of meditation benefit the mind the body relationship spiritual aspirations society as a whole I’ve said everything meditation helps to change your perspective perspective now meditation helps you to change the way you perceive thing it improves your perception brings clarity in the mind and it helps you in your relationship with people around you know how you interact with people what you say about you how you react or act in different situation so in general it helps in creating a violence-free society disease-free body confusion free mind inhibition free intellect trauma free memory and sorrow free soul you


  1. seen his picture since child, but i never really appreciated him ever before, with lots of baba and gurujis in round, made me think all is fake, but wen i heard him once, i felt it healed my soul, now i call it from my heart Guruji, i love you, thankyou so much, now wen i find people who say he is a fake dont believe in him i just smile at them because i know i was der once i know how it feels, and its hard to explain!

  2. Violence free society, disease free body, confusion free mind, inhibition free intellect, trauma free memory and sorrow free soul. I remembered them all.

  3. Just experienced 15 hours Sri Sri Yoga in Malaysia. It works like magic!! Happy & revive body & soul. With greatfulness.

  4. Just experienced 15 hours Sri Sri Yoga in Malaysia. It works like magic!! Happy & revive body & soul. With greatfulness.

  5. Thank you for sharing. If you want to learn meditation from someone with 7 years of experience visit me.

  6. NIce guide to Meditation ! Our real home is inside and we can find it with true meditation. The most important thing in meditation is LOVE and HUMILITY. That helps a lot in advancing towards GOD. 

  7. Thanks from the bottom of the heart GURUDEV….about the advantanges of meditation …..,I apply this concept everyday but i did not it consists of so much advantages 🌟🌟🌟🙏🙏🙏

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