Why I Quit My Job Carrying Out Trump’s Immigration Policies | NYT Opinion

I started up the asylum
office in September 2017 and I was an asylum
officer for two years. I was asked to do
work that I believe to be illegal and immoral. Ultimately I had
to voice my dissent and quit. And the asylum
program is a scam. I didn’t think of myself
as a whistle-blower but I guess, I guess I am. Most victims of gang violence
and domestic abuse will not qualify for asylum. Before I sat down and
really figured out that it was illegal, I was
able to sort of disassociate. It’s just another bad thing
that was happening by this administration but
it didn’t directly affect me. Trump has proposed charging
a fee to process the legal asylum applications. Our country is full. Can’t take it
anymore. I’m sorry, can’t happen, so turn around. That’s the way it is. The government is sending
them back to Mexico. It’s an expansion of
the controversial Remain in Mexico policy. The administration is clearly
trying to destroy the asylum program. The standard for
asylum was essentially a 1 in 10 chance of being
persecuted in your home country. But with Remain
in Mexico, the entire nature of the work changed. The level of proof that we are
requiring of people to show that they would be
harmed in Mexico is much, much,
much, much higher. A migrant has to
show that it’s more likely than not,
through a phone line that’s disconnecting, actively denying
them access to a lawyer, not giving them any time
to rest, not giving them any chance to gather
or produce evidence. Everybody fails. I knew by leaving I was just another
individual that was protesting and
leaving and making the office that much weaker. So I have guilt I
think for that and I have guilt for not
pushing the issue further while I was still
an asylum officer. I heard stories from
other asylum officers where they interviewed
people who were literally raped by the police
in Mexico and then the supervisors were
saying, “That’s not enough.” That you haven’t shown maybe
that you can’t move somewhere else in Mexico. So even though you’ve
clearly been harmed in Mexico by the government
in Mexico, we’re going to say you can still
safely live in Mexico. I was both very sad and
angry at the same time because what is the
purpose of this? It was like this little
window into how bad things happen in the world. This is how you get a
group of good people that are in a position to
try and do good and slowly pivot them to do bad. This isn’t a partisan issue. It is in Congress’s
power to stop these illegal activities. I mean, this is a
question of who we are as Americans, right? This is a question of
whether we continue we continue to shut our
door on people in need and to reject individuals that
we say we’re going to accept on the Statue of
Liberty, or if we embrace the ideal of
America that we all want to believe in. We’re just rejecting it,
we’re destroying that ideal and we’re becoming
the opposite.


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  2. Doug Stephens is PAID BY NORTH KOREA & wants to take down proud honest hard-working Republican like Trump

    We need to deport him ASAP




  3. if the US wants fewer asylum seekers at the border, they have to end the war on drugs that is causing an increase in cartel power and violence in these central American countries. This is a problem that can be easily solved with a few policy changes, but republicans are too stubborn to pass any laws on this.

  4. Could it be because Donald Trump is a sadistic malignant narcissistic sociopath? Could that have sort of soured things, ya think? It's kind of surprising to me that any self-respecting human being would persist in his employment in the Trump administration, in any capacity.
    Since Trump is the most filthy and depraved individual to ever dare call himself the "president", and by a long way?

    I would have thrown out my entire career in an instant, come out publicly against Trump, and gone on with my life, without a regret. A person such as this man can always find good employment without selling his soul.

  5. …because you're a loser who doesn't realize that every nation on earth has borders, but Democrats want to pretend like they're unfair, here.

  6. The War on Drugs is the problem at the U.S. southern border. Good job Republicans giving Cartels more power to do evil in Mexico and the rest of South America. F U Republican voter.

  7. YOUR WRONG MY Friend with all due respect if people keep pouring in here like ants there will be a crumbling crippling recession that will hurt the American economically viable citizens and bad things happen that’s part of life I lost a cousin to brain cancer and a very young age that’s just one of many other close relatives… You have to protect the people here!!!! People die there is no cure for Cancer wanna know why: cause of people like you….
    Trump is 100% right just speaking the truth!!

  8. Not America's job to fix other countries problems. It is absolutely a partisan issue and Trump is just executing what he campaigned on. Seriously lacking objectivity in this one NYT.

  9. I WILL watch this. I am sure it is captivating. For real. BUT! Let me just say this: Making this a Trump-centric media universe will help Trump win. And the outlets that you think are activated against Trump (e.g. CNN, NYT, etc.) do NOT want him to lose. He has made them more money, and made them more relevant, than ever. The triggered, negative press (and glut of it) simply causes an even greater, stronger duality acting on his behalf. People have already made up their mind about who this man is. But he monopolizes the media. Free media, positive or negative, this overwhelmingly weighted to one candidate will ensure his victory. And make no mistake, regardless of left or right, this is what the media wants. It's existential. As individuals working for these outlets, they might be drinking the kool-aid and wish to believe that they are working to bring him down. But the opposite is true. I'm neither left or right… and I'm Canadian. Just saying. The writing is on the wall (regardless of whether the wall is built). This content only works to grow and strengthen the existing duality. That's not hippy trippy. It's reality.

  10. This alleged whistle blower has no evidence of any of this. Under the letter of the law, gang violence, common street violence is NOT a cause for asylum. Nor should it be, why should the United States be responible for accepting asylum seekers because their government is failing to provide law enforcement? In what way, has the new immigration and asylum policies broke the law? They haven't, or some crazy left wing organization would have already found legal ways to stop it. But after numerous attempts by liberals to stop the current direction of the immigration and asylum process, they have failed. Why? Because no laws were broken, nothing illegal has occured. This man's opinion of what is morally right or wrong is exactly that his opinion. The current direction of immigration in this country is in line with the majority of americans, otherwise Trump would not have won the election. Americans hired him and his administration primarily on the promise of immigration and border security reform, and Trump has and is accomplishing the job he was hired to do. I adore how the liberals are still trying to find ways to allow illegals into the country, solely for the purpose of gaining votes. The irony that none of this was an issue when Obama was locking up children in cages, separating families and deporting record amounts of illegals. Now that a conservative president is in office it's not moral or ethical to prevent unauthorized entry into the US. Even the highly coveted Hillart Clinton wanted to secure our borders, yet that was not morally wrong. Do you see the double standard? If Obama recommended all these changes, fences, walls, asylum application reform; it would all be fine with the left. There is an estimated 20 million illegal and undocumented aliens in the United States of which the majority migrated to the US for economic reasons not in fear of their life. How is that fair to the legal immigrants that waited, pay their fees, took all the necessary classes, studied and practiced for endless hours to become a citizen. Just to watch their hard work and determination undermined by a bunch of illegals commiting a crime crossing the border illegally. We all agree illegal and undocumented aliens use valuable resources without contributing to the society that so blatantly protects them. All while we have a lack of resources for homeless, veterans and those asylum seekers who truly need the protection of the United States. To think that an open border police is safe, economic and morally right for America, is absurd and down right dangerous for America and it's people. There is no room for mistakes here, border security is not an issue we should be arguing about.

  11. That liar is a left over
    Socialist who can't
    Tell the Truth. He wasn't doing his job!
    Discusting false reports. Look at sources of prapaganda

  12. Thanks for coming to the light and telling everybody the truth about these asylums were illegal activity is going on with innocent ppl. I feel bad for anybody working with the trump administration it’s like hitlers concentration camps but modernized. They’ll let in these middle Eastern fleeing their country but won’t allow Southern countries refugees also fleeing the other war that everybody’s is ignoring, the gang and cartel wars.

  13. America letting all in… Till eventually you can't even care for your own people anymore.

    How about this instead letting all people in while leaving the real problem which is the corrupted country Mexico itself be.
    Instead paying for the all the cost of the asylum seekers, which amount will probably increase. How about spend the money and help fix Mexico so the people won't even leave the country to get into the US. Not ez? Well you already saw the result. More and more people will come to the US more and more the US has to care for the cost and more people are getting upset. Just fix Mexico it's probably cheaper.

  14. Aren't you the guys who found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Aren't you the guys who refused to reveal the fraud of rating agencies on CDS in 2007?

  15. Trying to use your child and stating asylum as a "Get-out-of-Jail-free-card" AFTER getting caught trespassing IS illegal, as it should be!

  16. Forget that immigration help our economy growth it doesnt matter if the GDP is 70% consumer based and allowing people in would only help!

  17. I was going to watch this video but I decided otherwise after seeing that this man has windows in his home.
    Who is he to say birds should have borders?!
    How dare you?
    How darrrre you?!

  18. Here in the finger lakes region. An illegal alien who was previously deported. Behind the wheel intoxicated three times the legal limit. Fled the scene after running down an older man on his riding mower. Killed an innocent man. Here is your policy on immigration hard at work. #Trump2020

  19. Ok so healthcare for all, free education, forgiving student debt, improving infrastructure, etc… for the people in America or allow more people in so companies can keep the minimum wages low and the government can barely afford to keep the country in it's current state functioning? This video was an attempt at emotional blackmail without even remotely looking at the harm that opening those gates to everyone will cause. Obviously we all want people to come and live in a utopia where everyone is healthy, fed and not in poverty. Everything has a price though and just blindly saying help everyone unfortunately is not realistic.

  20. I congratulate this man for following his conscience, instead of just being a 'good soldier' and 'following orders'. I wish there were more like him in a position of power. And, he certainly calls into question just what the US stands for any longer.

  21. If Hillary had gotten elected, 5 million illegals would have been let in, the first year alone…. Media tricked us in 2016, but our entire family is voting Trump 2020

  22. Just More LIES and FALSE information BY ANOTHER N.Y.Times liberal JOKE!! These people just can't help themselves,they got to spew worthless lies about The President trying TO FIX A OBAMA ILLEGAL EXECUTIVE ORDER!!! "Why i Quit My JOB",another PHONY!!!!

  23. Illegal? Haha funny because obama was doing the same thing. The hypocrisy is halorious. Trump has done more than Obama. if the left didn't have double standards they would have no standards at all. We cant intake the entire world population, we will limit those who come here.

  24. Central American asylum applicants are probably just a fraction of all potential immigrants to the U.S., so if the goal is to reduce illegal immigration, or even all immigration, these purposely vindictive asylum policies serve no purpose, other than as a bone thrown to racist white voters.

  25. What during those long 2 years did you do to voice issues? Im an Arizona resident demanding answers for evil being done in my state

  26. Black people have more than an 1/10 chance of being oppressed . so by these standards he listed what is the remedy for African Americans

  27. The answer is to TAKE OVER ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA. Its obvious the corrupt countries can't do anything right. They're basically begging us to

  28. The concept of open borders via the George soros foundation partnered with the dnc to overthrow a nations constitution and make it their own is why people look like you have the programmed belief system that borders are bad and sovereignty is evil, you are a misled mouthpiece for the socialist agenda sometimes referred to as the un agenda 21 agreement

  29. Don't feel guilty. You were right to leave and you are right to speak out. Every single person of conscience should do exactly what you are doing: Speak truth to power and refuse to participate.

  30. Why don't they just come out and say it. These asylum seekers are being denied because they are brown, if they were from Norway there would be a giant red carpet and a huge welcome sign.

  31. There is a very fine line between selfishness and self-interest. Selfishness is wanting more than what you already have at the expense of others and self-interest is self preservation without being mean to others. America is facing economic problems right now and is trying to overcome them. And to admit that it cannot take care of more people does not in anyway mean that Americans or for that matter their President is bad. Its being realistic about the situation. American presidents in the past kept playing Gods in making/breaking nations. That has cost them dearly. I really do not understand what is so difficult to understand President Trump. According to me Mr. Trump is far more realistic as far as money is concerned. He knows money does not come easy. When money is tight you do not go around shopping do you ?

  32. The question is,
    Are we supposed to take in every person in the world who has had a bad experience in their own countries. When do the countries start taking responsibility for their own people? How do we make them?

  33. When you only see the negative in the world it drains you. I miss being a homecare provider but when all you see is people getting sicker and dying it drains you. So I can only imagine how you feel. Just remember one day at a time, one step at a time. Even though you can’t do what you were doing before doesn’t mean you can’t help in some other way, you just need to find that way

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