Why Hindus perform Deity Worship | Is Idol Worship A Sin | Significance of Deity Worship

Some people say that Hindu are idol worshipers. What is your response to that? IDLE! Idle worshipers? “Idol” – IDOL alright
the Hindus are definitely not idle worshipers right they do a lot in their
worship. If you ask any Hindu who worships the deities we call it deity
which is a far more respectable term. If you ask a Hindu who is devotedly
worshiping a deity or Idol as you may say now what is your concept of God? Is the
stone the only God that you understand?! practically 99.9 percent of the deity
worshipers will say no God is all-powerful he is all-pervading he is
everywhere in this world he’s seated in my heart but this is his manifestation
which is helping me love him and engage my mind in him all right so you would
call it idol worship if their concept of God was limited to stone but if that
stone is a symbol of the Almighty then it is a deity worship.
Symbols have been used in all religious traditions now in Islam deity worship
was strongly condemned but then they created their own symbol they have the
Kaaba and any Muslim throughout the world when they read the namaz they
face the Kaab what is the need of doing that? The Quran Sharif says quoting “Quran Sharif” ‘Allah miya Khuda sab jagaha hazir nazir hai’. He is everywhere why are you facing the Kaaba it’s a symbol that is helping you invoke your
devotion your sentiments towards the supreme almighty other religious
traditions have their own in Christianity they have the cross they
have the deity of mother Mary in Buddhism the deity of Buddha is so common
right so in each case it is a symbol that is a evoking the best sentiments in
people why not have it why reject it Swami Vivekanand when he
came to USA he was the first Swamiji to come from
India and he was questioned these Hindus seem to have such inert intellects they
worship stone as God but they accepted Swami Vivekanand was extremely
knowledgeable he was once introduced asking Swamiji if he can give knowledge
is like asking the Sun if it can give light yet they are questioning him about
deity worship. Swamiji said my guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa before him my
knowledge was like a drop before the ocean that is how enlightened
Ramakrishna Paramhansa was and yet he used to worship a deity an idol of maa
Kali so if by worshiping a deity one can reach the
level of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa what is wrong with it right all like I said
devotees around the world have used images
there was once a movement in India and the leader of that movement strongly
condemned deity worship this was kind of a reaction to Christianity spreading in
India so it was like a reform movement that was the Arya Samaj
and the founder was Swami Dayananda so there’s a story of one saint he went to
the Raja of Alwar the Raja of Alwar was an Arya Samaji and he strongly condemned
deity worship but he had the picture of Swami Dayananda on the wall of his
palace so the acharya when they got into a discussion about the relevance or the
irrelevance of images and symbols and this raja condemned it strongly that
acharya took down the picture of Swami Dayananda threw it on the ground and
stamped it with his feet the Raja almost blew over in fury he said what are you
doing the acharya said why are you getting so agitated it’s just a piece of
paper piece of paper it’s image of my Guru the acharya said so you have
created the sentiments of your Guru in that image you too are doing deity
worship according to the Shrimad-bhagavatam there are eight kinds
of deities. Quoting “Shrimad-bhagavatam” Deity made of stone – Shaili, made of wood- Daru, made of the different metals made of jewels, made of paint and Maanomai made
in the mind the highest kind of deity worship is you bring the image of God in
your mind and with the help of that inner deity you love him but that is
very sophisticated and the masses cannot be expected to meditate on the image of
God that is why our scriptures and our acharyas gave the simple way of
helping people connect with God & progress by giving us the system of
daily worship all right it’s not there’s nothing wrong with it at the same time
the scriptures say it’s not compulsory you don’t have to do it you can go ahead
and make the deity with your mind as well all right!


  1. Beautiful explanation!
    Our only goal is to develop love for God. If deity worship helps achieve this goal, why not!

  2. Great explanation of the relevance of deity worship! God is everywhere and all-pervading, and dwells in the deity as well. Remembrance and spiritual practice is made easier by visualizing the deity which evoke divine sentiments towards God. Hence, deities are an important part of many faiths around the world as God is manifest in them as well. Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!!

  3. Radhey Radhey Swamiji. Thank you for enlightening us with the philosophy of deity worship and the
    science of deity worship in Hinduism. Beautiful explanation Swamiji.

  4. Lord is omnipresent it means He is also present in statue, worshipping Lord's statue means worshipping Lord not statue.

  5. Swamiji beautifully answers the age-old question of why Hindus worship deities. Swamiji says that any form of worship that helps one to attach the mind to God and engage in devotion is acceptable. Most people need a symbol to evoke devotional sentiments and deities are just that – symbol of the all-pervading God. Thank you, Swamiji!

  6. Very nice explanation by Swamiji.An idol or Deity is a living embodiment of God. It is not a lifeless form. Life is poured into every image or idol when it is worshiped with devotion. Devotion has such power.

  7. Yogmaya ( God ) is not only the life force that powers your body up but also the balanced forces of every atom / particle in all three spheres of omnipresent energy . In that respect all creatures are related to god but need to find him ; the true eternal relative .

  8. Awesome explanation by Swami Mukundananda ji…What is the importance of deity worship. The whole almighty God we will not be able to see, and with deity worship we can easily have our sentiments towards the Lord and enhance our devotion.

    Swamji gave the two beautiful examples from the incident its from the life of Swami Vivekanada. One is on the question on deity worship by Hindus and the other is from the King who did not believe God in personal form…

    Thank you Swamiji for clarifying the misconception in my mind…Really understood the importance of worship and different kinds of deities we can make and enhance our devotion. Thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge…

  9. Radhe Radhe Swamiji.
    In Vedas it's mention idol worship is wrong(it's a sin) but we worship deity ?!
    Why this confusion is there ?!?
    It has become optional but what is correct ?!
    Pls guide me.
    Thanks Swamiji.

  10. Great explanation but swamiji we don’t worship Kaaba .we worship almighty towards Kaaba as a direction .

  11. Very insightful video about deity worship in Hinduism. Deity worship is about seeing the divine presence in the deity. Thanks a lot for clearing up this very key concept that has many people confused.

  12. What a wonderful explanation about the deity worship felt like listening to a dissertation on the deity worship put, in a clear and concise way. Thanks, Swamiji for relating to us the significance of deity worship and it's significance across all religions. We should use deities as a means to worship God, the image of which something we could always bring on as a reference to our mind to focus our thoughts on God. God is all pervading but the deity worship helps us to focus on his personal form which is the sweetest.

  13. Namaste.
    I love that Swami compared to Islam cause i was sincerely Muslim in my past….an i still love Allah but im Hindu now but a part of me knows i will always return to Allah😒but i worship now MahaDava&Adi Shakti.
    Im trying to understand ShaivaAgamas and puja 🙏 Prayers

  14. Hindus don’t see only stones as god but see everything even stones as god. Excellent explanation of 8 deities. Including one made in mind.

  15. Seeing God everywhere, in everybody, all-pervading, and in our hearts, the idol or deity is just a symbol of the manifested God and prayer to it enhances devotion.

  16. Swamiji u are a truth teller. A sagittarius zodiac. Thanks to internet that we can reach you. I am blessed.

  17. greatness about swamg is he respects all religions and very talks very positive about other religions too

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