Why Aren’t Christians Perfect?

what do you say to someone who had a bad experience with a Christian and so they say they don’t want to be a Christian because they saw hypocrisy in the church or whatever first it’s too bad that people experience that Christians aren’t perfect the church is a place for imperfect people who are forgiven by a savior but does that episode in your life disprove the resurrection of Jesus well no as nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus yeah but the resurrection of Jesus is everything that’s the linchpin of the Christian faith if that is true it means Jesus is the unique son of God if it’s true it means that he’s still alive and so I can interact with him I can pray to him I can have a relationship with them it means that his teachings are not just Y sayings but they’re the Word of God that deserve our allegiance it means he deserves our worship if he is the son of God it means that he has opened up heaven to all those who follow him so it changes everything hi I’m Lee Strobel you know I came to faith in Christ because of the evidence for a miracle the resurrection of Jesus that convinced me that he is who he claimed to be but I had the question is God still in the miracle business today is he still supernaturally intervening in people’s lives in a miraculous way and so I spent two years of my life to investigate that issue and the result is my latest book called the case for miracles and so if you want a book that will encourage you about God’s continued presence and power and influence in our world then you can click here for the book or click here for focus on the family resources and I think you’ll enjoy I think it’ll deepen your faith and you’ll walk away ever more in awe of our great guy

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