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Our viewer Ms.Karuna’s Bisnoi’s question is that what is that language which was being used to communicate during Satya yug Dwapara yug, Treta Yug so, for this you need to get explanation I cannot just like that say that Sanskrit was used, Sanskrit was used, how will people believe how will they believe, exactly. Why is reciting of Veda Mantras disallowed for ladies Reciting Veda Mantras is disallowed for ladies for as on today is there any reason for that? there is a big reason for that, even scientifically also there is a reason behind it Namaskar. Namaste. You are welcome to our Khabardar NEWS Channel My name is Vijay Mishra and with me Mr.Ranganathan. Mr. Ranganathan – Namaskar. Namaskar Mr. Mishra. you are welcome back to our second episode of Ramayatra we are starting this episode by answering your questions we will try with all honesty to answer all your questions and also we will try to give explanations from our “RAM-CHARITH-MAANAS” Mr. Ranganathan One of our viewer – Ms. Karuna Bisnoy’s question is that first she is thanking you and asking a question that which language were they using in Satyayug, Dwaparayug and Tretayug what is the answer for that is it sanskrit? first, before answering the question I want to thank Lord Shri Ram by chanting a simple, small sloka let us start the episode with that that is a good idea Chanting Sanskrit Sloka Chanting Sanskrit Sloka Chanting Sanskrit Sloka Chanting Sanskrit Sloka what did we do now we thanked Lord Ram why did we thank HIM? Our first episode was very successful our viewers have responded on that very positively on the same and you also asked about our Ms. Karuna Bisnoy’s question for which I want to answer now. I could answer that question in just one single sentence that till date she had asked what was the language in use during Kritayug means Satyayug Tretayug and Dwapayug Till Kaliyug from that yug Krityug/Satyug till kaliyug, we were only using Sanskrit as a medium of communication Sanskrit was only used. I have to substantiate that I just cannot just like that say that in one word that Sanskrit is the language How will people believe that? we need to substantiate exactly so for that, we have one example do you know Bhagavan Buddha In my opinion, all Indians should definitely be knowing Lord Budha and there are lot of Indians who worship the Lord Budha and there are many who worship him even outside India Today, the number of worshipers of Lord Budha outside India exceeds the number within India Lord Budha was born in today’s Nepal which was a part of India at that point of time and he had traveled across India to propagate his vision of a new Religion we believe that, within our Sanatana dharma, that Bhagavan Budha was also one of the incarnations of our Sri MahaVishnu Ninth Incarnation So, what was the aim of this incarnation. What was the aim of his incarnation, please explain Lord had taken several births to impart to us the knowledge that I’m the Supreme-Most Power I’m the one who established this entire universe I’m the one who protects all of you as well. Using a lot of ways, he wanted to prove all of these. Ram, our Lord Ram, about whom we are now discussing, he has taken the birth of an ordinary human being he showed us the path as to how should we lead our life as a human lead our life He tried to show us the right path WE, Our Memory Power is so short that we forget all these things very quickly Very importantly, we forget the good things very fast. yes, it is forgotten very fast. Noticeably, we would seen this happening on today’s scenario as well Whatever is today’s NEWS it would be the most-trending. Correct, Correct, Correct Within 2 or 3 days, there will another topic, people will forget the past one and they will start discussing and debating about the new topic making this as the trending topic the old one is completely forgotten. It is just like that only. SO, In order of this,what did He do. Bhagavan Sri MahaVishnu took another incarnation of Bhagavan Buddha and He starting disputing our own Vedas, Sanatana Dharma’s Veda which was taught to all of us by HE Himself He is the one who established it to the world. Established it to us Budha started anti-campaign against the very same Vedas. He started saying that whatever is said in Vedas are all wrong wrong, doesn’t have substantiation, doesn’t have substantiation so, whatever was the language of the vedas which is Sanskrit, the Dev-Bhaasha He started campaigning against that as well He didn’t like that language. So, he started Was there any reason why he started to hate the Sanskrit Language yes, right. that is because, during those days, it so happened that when was Bhagavan budha born? almost 2,500years ago Before Christ yes, Christ was born almost 2,000years ago 400 years back. Ok- 400 years back before christ 400 years back Bhagavan Budha was born during that period So, that is Kaliyug. Yes, he was born in Kaliyug only. born in Kalyug only Born in Kalyug, what was happening in Kalyug? Ladies were abstained from speaking Sanskrit at that time Was there any reason why ladies were not allowed to talk in Sanskrit? Importantly, Vedas, Chanting Vedas was not allowed for ladies. Why? Chanting Vedas by ladies is not allowed even till date There is a big reason for that. Scientifically also there is a reason. Oh! good. The beginning of Veda is from the Pranava Mantra AUM – is the pranav mantra How does AUM form – A + U+ M all these letters are combined together to form AUM Even today, NASA scientists are trying to prove that the sound emitting from SUN is only AUM they are trying to prove that yes, that is right So, this word AUM, how is it to be pronounced it should be pronounced from the Navel Yes, AUM starts from there only. starts from there only and if ladies are trying to pronounce from there, then their womb gets affected which is said as BACHEDANI in Hindi. yes, it is called as bachedani – that will be afffected it is proved scientifically if ladies use that word then it will affect their womb and it will create complications while bearing a child that is why, it was restricted to use this for them instead of this, they can say AM ok. whenever they want to recite any sloka, instead of this if we are reciting AUM MAHAVISHNAVE NAMAHA if that same has to be recited by a lady, then she has to say AM MAHAVISHNAVE NAMAHA this is how they have to say this is what is said in our VEDAS. So, all these were not accepted by him because it is differentiating between a man and a woman WOMAN & MAN so, there is no value for this. so, he started campaigning against it he was against it. yes, he was against this He fully was against the VEDAS He also tried to pitch in an alternate language for that. So, all his discourses were in Pali language Is it also called as Prakrit Language Prakrit, is not that actually, Prakrit is a subset of Sanskrit only Pali language is slightly different from both these Even today, Pali language is used scantly by few people in Nepal Budhist Monks completely use even today mostly talk only in Pali language So, from this it is proved that from Kretayug/Satyayug till Kalyug Sanskrit was the only language which was widely being used by most people for communication and we are getting the proof from around 2,500 years ago – it has been proved almost around that time itself Thank you very much for this explanation You have answered this question very beautifully In my view, hopefully Ms. Karuna Bisnoy would have got the answer for her query she would have got the answer for his question by now and if Ms Karuna you are happy with this answer, please comment here and let us know Let us meet in the next episode Till then, thank you very much all of you. Thank You Jai Shri Ram. Thanks.


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