What’s Hajj Like? A Comedian Goes To Mecca | AJ+

[Director] Tell me a
little bit about The Hajj. Can I get a sip of my water first? [Director] Of course, yeah. Because this is such a tall tale. (Director laughs) Hajj is, it’s a pilgrimage
to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and it’s a requirement to
do once in your lifetime. My mother invited me, and I was at a kind of low point in my life. I was getting cast in Hollywood
and playing the terrorist, so I was perpetuating and
feeding the stereotype. And then, the day before
I was leaving for Hajj, I got a bunch of calls for auditions. And I called my mom and I
was like, “Oh I can’t leave,” “Hollywood’s knocking on my door.” And she said, “You know why
you’re going to Hajj, right?” And I said, “Yeah, you invited me.” And she’s like, “No, God invited you.” “You can only come by
invitation from God.” So now I’m like, “What do I say to God?” (laughs) When I get there, you know. “Sorry I haven’t been in touch.” “My phone was on vibrate.” It just kinda spooked me, you know? When we arrived at the main mosque, I remember it looking like
the religious Las Vegas. We were driving through
the mountains at night, they kind of opened up, and there was this glimmering spectacle of lights and pulsating energy. We pulled on this balcony
overlooking the Kaaba, which is the black box building
right in the heart of Mecca, where Prophet Muhammad
threw out all the statues and claimed that there’s one God. And there’s millions of pilgrims, some coming in on first-class flights, others are walking their camels through the desert with
cracked, bloody feet. The high of the high
and the low of the low and then everything in between. And everyone’s dressed in white. And I remember looking over at my mother, and she was on her knees crying. And so of course, you
know, that made me cry, so I buckled and I started crying. And it was just this
magnificent feeling and force of something so much bigger than you. Epic, out of a movie. It’s futuristic. They say in Islam that
Hajj is a small version of what the Day of Judgment is going to look like and feel like. So it’s like a dress rehearsal. You are supposed to go to
Hajj when you have sinned all that you are supposed to sin, and in order to clean your sins and kinda push the restart button. I went at a time when, you
know, I was 27 years old. I’m 42 now so, you know,
I gotta go back. (laughs)


  1. As muslims we should be aware that this day (day of judgment)is going to be real hard.
    This cool mentality of making jokes will not help us.
    May Allah make it easy for the believers.
    Amin !

  2. IM 26 yo from Indonesia
    And going for Haj its a quite expensive

    For everyone who read this
    Please say Amin for me for going to Haj as soon as possible

  3. Firstly comparing it with Las Vegas is not correct. A true Muslim will never say such words and never compare Mecca with other places.
    Second, A true follower of Islam will always try his/her best to visit that place at least once in life. Not necessary that you have to commit sin before going there.
    Strongly disagrees with his words.

  4. In my country, Malaysia, we have our own hajj pilgrims fund board called Lembaga Tabung Haji
    We even received subsidy (pay half of hajj cost) for the first timer!

  5. For those dat can't do hajj…listen/read surah al hajj…doing so will reward/effect you in same way which practically doing the hajj/umrah does

  6. It's true it's kinda weird but true my dad works in Saudi for like since I was born and stays there for 1.5 years or 2 years sometimes but guess what somehow he never got a chance to do Hajj like literally living near Mecca but he couldn't perform Hajj and don't confuse Hajj with Umrah , Umrah can be performed anytime and it's easier to do but Hajj only few people get the chance and those are the Luckiest Muslims of the world inshallah I will be there one day Amen

  7. im confused. is he a muslim or other religions? i don't think he fully understand what's hajj is, why muslim do hajj.

  8. I have never heard any muslim disrespect his religion and Allah (SWT) more often than he did in these few minutes

  9. Muslims are just normal Americans.
    Thank you for your series of videos.
    I think everyone needs to watch these and begin to understand.

  10. Who tell him that if you do enough sins then you go to hajj. He don't know even abc of hajj. His mother ask him so he go to hajj nothing else . Before going to a Holly place just ask yourself why you are going there ? What kind of change you will bring from there to in your life. If you do what you was doing before going there then just waste of 💰.
    May Allah guide everyone of us to right path and increase our knowledge which will help us in this world and next life. Aameen

  11. Going to #Haij proofs that all people are equal in #Islam regardless of color, status and language. More than that Haji injects love, peace, brotherhood and humanity in someone. Love to go In Shaa Allah😀

  12. First of all it doesnt work like that,u dont go to hajj when you have sined all u want and u wanna repeant and then u sin again on purpose telling YOURSELF I'll go back and clean myself,Nuh brother im sorry i wish it would work like that life would be easier. Im 15 yrs old girl who inshallah will go to that amazing place one day

  13. Based on the experience that i hear from people who went to mecca for hajj is that all of your sin or bad deeds will accidentaly showed… For example if you are loan sharks that went to mecca with that money.. you will be robbed or lose the money that you keep over and over..it is a really spiritual journey.. my grandpa itself went to mecca for hajj around 80's..he met a giant person who offer his handbag for really worthy price… He met this guy three times and this guy always offer to buy my grandpa's bag everytime they met.. my grandpa didnt want to sell because he thought that his bag brought him luck… Because when he went abroad he always keep his money in his handbag or everytime he had a business with other people all the money always he kept on that bag until the day when he wanted to go home the bag is missing.. he tried to search it but didnt find it… After that his life is went downhill… All his business is down,all his cars are broken,he tried to fix the car but the damage is getting worst… He lost all his money and bussiness until the end of his life.. I think that what happened in mecca just resumed that maybe he didnt believe in God's Allah SWT Gift from him… Its a good story for us to not believing our destiny in a stuff or thing… I hope my grandpa is having peace in afterlife… 😊😊✌️✌️🤞

  14. Wish everyone would keep their yeah-I'm-the-best religion to themselves. From its very first creation, religion is drowning in blood and will be drowning in blood.

  15. After I was admitted to hospital last two years… I always dream to go for Hajj before I'm gonna admitted again in the hospital. But still not afford to go there.. but its always a dream at least once in my lifetime..
    …InsyaAllah(if God will)

  16. Going to hajj is not like going to church for getting a clean slat from a HUMAN! church father . Hajj is not about getting a clean slat its a pilar of islam. you must perform once in ur life time ,if u have the means . if u have no means or money its okay .

    if u have done bad to another human u r not just forgiven . its not christian chruch . kill 100 people n go to a father n he will forgive u n put all the sins on jesus ..

  17. I went to Makka twice in my whole life. Once for “Omrah” with my grandfather when I was a teenager.. sadly my sister and I couldn’t pray at the time (that’s just our luck) I remember feeling sad and disappointed and a little embarrassed for traveling all the way to Makka to stay at some hotel xD despite all that it was so much fun playing around in the hallways with my sister. Ah the memories ^^

    The second time was THE BEST DAYS OF MY WHOLE LIFE I was still in college when my father surprised me and asked if I’m welling to go for Hajj with my mother and my older brother and sister.. my younger siblings couldn’t go because we didn’t have enough money. I was so lucky this time ( being the second older sister ^.^”) I was excited and happy but nervous and overwhelmed.. and my teachers were amazing for excusing my absence from few classes. The Hajj was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE the best in my life really and I don’t know how I can thank my father for this opportunity. I’m so grateful.

  18. I wish all the Muslims in the world can visit Makka and experience the serenity of the place.

    Just a warning: ⚠️
    You will feel attached to the place and you’ll always be longing to go back ㅠㅠ

  19. When I went there I had only one thought, Islam is supposed to be a religion for the world with a target to convert everyone into it, I thought let's assume that Islam reached its target how would this limited area fit the billions that would convert and want to do their hajj all on the same week..

  20. Wondering what Ramadan is about? In our In Real Life series, Yara Elmjouie fasts for the time, and the hunger pangs definitely hit. Watch Yara fast for the month of Ramadan here —–> https://youtu.be/h1779_E1A20

  21. Maasya Allah, I miss mecca, I miss Madinah, I miss the prophet Muhammad Salallahu'alaihim wasallam. Ya Allah please give us a chance to visit your holy places again 😭

  22. Who is prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessings be upon him?
    He is the one who defended the rights of all humanity 1400 years ago
    He defended men, women,and childrens rights
    He commanded and fostered the love between relatives and neighbors
    He established and co-existence between Muslims and Non-Muslims
    He organised the relationship between the members of the family putting duties on sons and daughters towards the parents
    He fought injustice, called for justice, love, unity and cooperation for the good
    He called for helping the needy,visiting the patients, love and exchangeing advice s between people
    He probhited (by the orders from God) bad manners such as theafting ,lying, torturing and murdering
    He is the one who changed our lives and manners for the best
    A Muslim doesn't steal
    A Muslim doesn't Lie
    A Muslim doesn't Drink alcohol
    A Muslim doesn't commit adultery
    A Muslim doesn't cheat
    A Muslim doesn't kill innocent
    A Muslim doesn't harm his neighbors
    A Muslim obeys his parents and helps them
    A Muslim is kind to young and elderly people, to women and to the weak
    A Muslim doesn't torture humans or even animals ,and does harm trees
    A Muslim loves his wife and take cares for his children and show mercy towards them until the last days of his life
    A Muslims relationship towards his childrens never stops even when they becomes adults
    He is Muhhmad (pbuh)
    *Adultery and Fornication is strictly prohibited in Islam they are the biggest sins *
    Christianity and other religions also don't allow Adultery and Fornication
    (adultery :voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse .
    Fornication :Sexual intercourse between people not married to each other)

  23. I prayed that my first journey to anywhere to be the Hajj and not before long I was there. I remember feeling so much sympathy to those who would never experience and see what I saw.

  24. What a piece of shit. He plays roles that perpetuate stereotypes. Egyptian cheap scum. He’d sell his mother for a whiff of money.
    Quit talking about spirituality.

  25. Well, I beg to digress the way muslims make it seem like the Kaabah in Mecca is the place where you can most certainly cleanse your soul, or anything close to the notion of that. Yes, the Kaabah is a holy place in a holy land. But Allah hears everyone's prayers no matter where we are. As long as light touches the ground of the place we're at, Allah is there with us too. So you don't get closer to god just by going to the Kaabah. So I just wanted to point that out. Yes, Kaabah is a great place to cleanse your soul. But don't need to wait to go to Kaabah just to cleanse your soul. God accepts sincere repentance no matter where on earth we are. We can turn over a new leaf wherever we are, as long as its sincere repentance to god. Peace

  26. AlxamduliLaah, I was there in 2007, and I have seen all colors of humanity, without discrimination and racism… Islam is above nations and races. When you go to Hajj and think about your creator, you somehow forget the creation!

  27. ماشاءالله يا أمة محمد ماشاءالله اللهم صلي وسلم على سيدنا وحبيبنا محمد وعلى آله محمد 🤲🤲🤲

  28. you are required to go hajj once in your lifetime if you had the capacity to do so, so it's not like a burden to someone who is either poor sick

  29. Oooh he said so meny missleading stuff hajj is somewhat like an restart button but its not like u have to do all the sins nd after that u can do it. I mean we muslims don't even know that will allah accept it or not soo. We may be restarted or not. The idea is thawba nd by thawba u mean to pray to god as much as u can to forgiveness.nd after thawba u can't do that same sin again. Nd also only the abled once have to go there there is no such like its compulsory to all Muslims. The hajj of the poor nd un abled is jumua. The Friday prayer

  30. WHY did Mohammed keep the Hajj – and the rituals which were performed as part of Pagan worship at a shrine built for the Celestial worship of false gods?
    AND rebuilt just 5 years before Islam.

    None of which was mentioned, nor performed by any Prophet in Israel, including Jesus.
    WHY did Mohammed continue the practices of the first 40 years of his life and the lives of the tribe and their religion that he rejected.
    To an outsider – it doesn't make sense at all.

  31. Fortunately God never has invited me to put my money in the pocket of F al saud. God is everywhere. No need to feed terro… government and empower them. The interesting thing is Ahmed Ahmed mentioned several times in his comedy shows that he is not religious!

  32. I've been there during Ramadan with my whole family when I was 14 and I never witnessed such amazing place like in Makkah and Madinah. Pray so we all muslims can peform umrah and hajj at least once before we die💛

  33. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala grant you brother Ahmed more of His fortunes and blessings and Mercy and may He grant us more !!!

  34. This Video made me research into Islam more! So happy Im muslim now! ☺
    Please Click on the link below;
    =What made me Accept Islam?=

  35. You should all go to hajj and stay there. Your religion preaches violence not peace. You all go to hajj and never leave and the rest of the world is safe

  36. Great work. You are #7 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'celebrity hajj'.I can show you what other keywords you rank for. Would you like to know?

  37. I'm not a Muslim and I want ask 1 questions:
    Before they (Muslims) go to Hajj at Mecca, recently, they do more racists (eg: hate other people's religions and/or other races other than Islam), will they go to Mecca with full of sins that they make recently?

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