What’s a Meditation Mentor? – #MeditationTeacher #Mindfulness #Meditation

When I tried to do it on my own it was very austere, I would say, like “count your breath.” You know? “You better not not count your breath.” I feel like I kinda would be in this never ending feedback loop without a mentor. You know, that I’m just like kind of repeating the same tools over and over again. It’s about what do you want, how can we help you and how can we form something that’s not, like, geared for the next person. Like, it’s geared just for you. If I could do that on my own then I would, right? But I need somebody there to reflect back to me what’s what’s really going on. I decided to get a Meditation Mentor. It does feel like it’s exactly unique to me. I personally do much better when there’s structure instead of it just being this nebulous sort of like, “just meditate a lot, and then just like, talk to me again soon.” You know, it’s like I like to have recording to listen to, or things to remind myself of while I’m meditating. All this stuff has just been kind of percolating inside me for years, and then finally since I started, you know, this Mentorship it’s been like a powder keg. Just like it’s all — it’s been bubbling up to the surface and now the surface layer broke and it’s all coming out, man. It’s been great. It supports my curiosity and my patience and gives me a really safe space. I think, yeah, my Mentor really just like helped me kind of, clear away all the wreckage so I could actually see the path that I was meant to head down rather than this one I thought I needed to create. It was just already there.

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