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and so a lot of the pain that missionaries experience I personally believe is their authentic personality being replaced with a cult personality with something different and that is a painful process in Steven Hassan's book combating called mind control he refers to this as unfreezing and freezing where you take someone's personality and you treat it like a block of ice and you unfreeze it so that it's malleable and you shape it into something that you want and then you refreeze it in that form and so that's what happens as a missionary as young missionary your personality is taken it's broken down it's reshaped to be in the image of Mormonism of the Mormon ideal and then that reshaping is a painful process now from the eyes of a Mormon that is actually you know from their perspective they understand that process – except for they think that is a sacred a beautiful experience of surrendering your will to Jesus Christ that kind of thing but in actual fact your personality is being eroded your your your authentic identity is being replaced by a cult identity you


  1. As someone who is Mormon getting ready to leave the church and having been exposed to missionaries almost on a daily basis I see this all the time. It's sad and at the same time scary, the way they talk and use the same church jargon to try to speak to people. I can only hope that that others Like Shawn in this interview come to see the light and get out as soon as they can. These young men are good men for the most part and I hate to see lives ruined by a religion that is nothing more than a fraud.

  2. Same as "Basic Training" in the military. They have to break the old you so that they can mold into what they want you to be.

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