What Is Mindfulness and How Does it Work?

mindfulness in its full terminology is mindfulness meditation it’s a certain form of meditation which goes all the way back to the time of the historical Buddha himself Buddha historically taught four major types of mindfulness meditation sitting mindfulness meditation which many people are aware of walking mindfulness meditation which again people are aware of but in the West the two types of mindfulness meditation that people are least aware of are standing meditation unless you do a bit of Qigong or Taichi you’ll know all about that and of course lying down meditations which forms the basis of the meditation techniques found within the mindfulness of dream and sleep approach but before we look at them let’s look more in depth at what sitting mindfulness meditation is all about some forms of meditation are based on a one pointed concentration and focus in which we try and stop our thoughts blank our mind reach that one pointed blissful state but don’t worry mindfulness meditation is not about that michaelis meditation is about accepting the mind as it is without engagement this means that we don’t try and black the mind we don’t try and stop our thoughts in fact we accept the blanking the mind and stopping our thoughts our impossibilities we relax into the fact that the mind is as it is so we sit and we engage a light relaxed reflection in which we work with the mind not against it not trying to stop our thoughts but becoming aware of our thoughts a definition of mindfulness meditation from my teacher and mentor professor Rob nen is knowing what’s happening as it’s happening without judgment or preference so the easiest ways to know what’s happening as it’s happening is to sit alone still in silence but that’s not the only way once we can sit like that we can move onwards into walking meditation movement meditation even meditating and being mindful while we cook while we take our children to school while we engage our daily life for thousands of years people have known that training in mindful awareness during the daytime naturally leads to mindful awareness during the night time and so if we’re serious about being lucid in our dreams then meditation practice is a must mindfulness meditation can be practiced by people of all faiths as long as we know what is happening as it is happening without preference we can be practicing mindfulness it’s deceptively simple let’s look a little more deeply into what mindfulness actually is we can view our mind as a house and view mindfulness at the tenant of that house nobody can enter the house unless the mindful tenon opens the door to them the tenant is very well for me and if an angry thought comes to the door and wants to get in they won’t turn them away or shut them out in fact they will open the door to the angry fool listen to it and then simply allow it to leave at no point does the tenant start chatting – or arguing with the angry thought they simply allow it in let it say its piece and then politely show it to the door some people think that meditation is about stopping thoughts letting the mind go blank or having static experiences but mindfulness meditation isn’t like that it is simply about being aware of what is happening in our mine without preference or judgment


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  3. focusing on a point in meditation is a form of meditation but mind is not made to stop because its impossible,anyone who said to stop mind dont know properly about meditation.

  4. Whenever I raise a criticism of mindfulness people really quickly forget their sense of non-judgment and criticise me.

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