What Is Meditation – Why There’s So Many Benefits

meditation is a practice that’s been around for thousands and thousands of years yet there is still a huge misconception about what it really is most people like to associate meditation with a monk sitting on top of a mountain cross leg staring into the horizon but in reality it’s actually something that everyone can do and everyone can benefit from there’s even been hundreds of studies that prove this here’s some of the benefits and there’s links to the sources and studies in the description below to understand what meditation really is we have to look at our own lives first there’s something that we’re doing every single day for the majority of the day we’re thinking we’re always thinking best-selling author Eckhart Tolle even goes as far to say that humans are addicted to thinking try to stop thinking right now for just 10 seconds chances are unless you’ve been practicing meditation for a while you had at least a couple of thoughts pop into your mind during this brief period of time you might say well thinking isn’t a bad thing it’s good we need to think in order to survive don’t we well that’s true but only to some extent if you really sit down and take a look at it the large majority of your thinking isn’t as useful as you think it is a lot of it is actually quite negative just to prove a point I took the privilege and sat down with a pen and paper for five minutes and recorded as many of my thoughts that I could I had a total of a whopping two thoughts that I were considered to be either positive or constructive while on the other hand I had a total of eleven thoughts that I would consider to be negative and not constructive at all they also have a direct correlation with how you feel for example let’s say that you’re at a party and the following dot pops into your mind what am i doing for my hands I should be talking to people am I being awkward and all of a sudden you’re feeling anxious another example let’s say that you’re on the train and somebody steps on your shoe by accident you start thinking he didn’t say sorry how dare he what an asshole and all of a sudden you’re feeling angry so we know that we think a lot and we also know that most of our thoughts are either negative or not constructive and finally we know that our dots can affect how we feel so you can see how we came to the conclusion that thinking too much might just make you feel crappy sometimes now what does thinking have to do with meditation well there’s hundreds of different ways that you can meditate is breathing meditation there is mantra meditation there’s guided meditation just to name a few but all of them do one thing in common they teach us how to slow down the amount of thoughts entering our mind as well as the speed over which thoughts enter our mind and with practice you can even reach points where you have no thoughts for short periods of time and this is why meditation has so many benefit when you think less you become more in control of your emotions when you practice meditation you’re basically teaching your mind how to turn off your dots like a switch so the next time somebody steps on your shoe and you start thinking how rude you can just turn it off you can control whether or not you want to get mad on top of that when you think less you start spending less time in your head and more time outside and you start noticing things trees are brighter the birds are beautiful you’ll notice flowers on the floor you’ll become less involved with your thoughts and more involved with the real world and that is the beauty of meditation you


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  2. Meditation is really very effective, it relaxes your body and mind. Starting your day with meditation gives you the energy that will last throughout the day.

  3. Hey Improvement Pill, could you do a video about Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming and on how to do it properly?

  4. Meditation is the Gift of India To The World. Indians Are Great I Salute them Despite being an American

  5. Because of videos of this I was mediator for two years I now I have severe head pressure that no one know how to cure .I tried everything available but fail to find any relief . The worst is no one is sure what it is and how long can last.

  6. Its not even to stop the thoughts or to eventually not have as much. Its to no longer be attached to them. I've heard a monk say that as long as your thoughts are constructive and you dont become identified with them, rather just being detached and enjoying them for what they are, just thoughts, then you can think as much as you want. the point is just to stop taking them as being real or substantial. thats what takes your stress away

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  9. what if those thoughts called "negative" serves us ? in a way that our mind is showing us all the automatic thoughts we have and we should love and change ? What if all we thinked negative are only there to show us what we can actually heal for now ?

  10. One mistake I see a lot of meditators make is to claim the practice can stop thoughts, even for a short period of time. The beauty of meditation is that you can see how your personal identification with the constant stream of thoughts and images in your mind is an illusion, born of your need to think super abstractly and survive.

  11. Let me tell you right now people, during the darkest times of my life the only thing that kept me grounded and possibly from killing myself was meditation. Its an insanely powerful tool that can change your mind or life in ways you would never expect. Try it for 10-15 mins a day for just 3 days and ask yourself if you notice a difference. Have a great day everyone and happy meditation <3

  12. i control my feelings through logical thinking, example someone steps on my shoe and dosent say sorry, i dont care why should i it wasnt an act of anything against me it was just an accident and what happens to your shoe ,nothing

  13. Because flowers grow on the floor. Glad there are people like you who want to help others. 🙂

    Meditation is chanelling your attention on one thing for an extended period of time. Like breathing. Observing without influencing it.

  14. I came across this video, this channel May 1st 2017, and I could not possibly be any more grateful for the amount of effort and time you have put into this channel. To me your videos – are your perspective. You helped me completely change my perspective of this world, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. I have adapted from your perspectives and continue to do so everyday. I spent everyday of 2017 learning and so I will spend everyday of 2018, learning and taking action. Like everyone else, Improvement Pill I want to say thank you.

  15. Will you please update the links? They are not working/ unavailable/do not exist. Thank you, I look forward to the update! 😊

  16. I just surpassed the 300 minutes of meditation mark and it has changed my life the only thing I would disagree with you on is I believe meditating is about letting go of your thoughts, not stopping them

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  18. I'm mediated once and now I can literally just not think for a while eventually a thought came in but why is this I only did it once

  19. Thank u that would make sense starting to be in tune with nature even to look at at a flower on a tree

  20. hello there! i really liked your video, it's simple and very informative. I placed it in my blog giving you the credits for this, hope you think it's okay! thank you x

  21. I know now why I don't get the benefits of meditation. Most of my thoughts are in fact always positive. Thx for the video, greatly illustrated.

  22. I've come to the conclusion that meditation is utterly useless to some. Control of your mind isn't about removing thoughts that aren't directly positive, but understanding why those thoughts are there, and then the thoughts that lead to those thoughts and so on. Same applies for emotions. Eventually you'll get to root of what caused those thoughts or feelings and realize it doesn't really matter. Nothing actually does.

  23. so human mind is like a PC which process a lot of infos but most of them are redundant data and swap files that you never use, they take over your memory and do harm to your software, if it becomes a long term process your memory is full of useless and harmful data and you cant get OS update and you need to keep the machine running to make sure the data is still there for no reasons so it eventually overheated then damages your hardware.
    Meditation teaches you how to enter hibernate mode which clear data from memory and cache from HDD then and do a reboot if necessary then build a firewall to stop/filter the datas your pc really needs so The pc will feel faster next time. do it repeatedly your pc will learn how to enter hibernate mode by itself when necessary.

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