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Welcome back to the Preaching Humanist
with David Oliverio that is I were no God is required for a life of love joy peace
fulfillment meaning and purpose in life and the good life is one guided by
reason and motivated by love. Last episode I talked about statements and
questions that Christians usually ask me or give me and the answers I give him
this episode I’m gonna talk about what I asked questions these are probably about five or six of
my favorite questions I love to ask questions especially when I go out and
have dialogue with Christians whether they come to my door whether they meet
me in a parking lot in pass out gospel tract or when I go into their
environment and talk to them including Sunday School classes so these are my
fave five favorite questions number one I love asking this one and those of you
that arguing that Christians I hope you can listen to this number one is loved universal or is love exclusively
christiane you’ve heard me make the statement many many times that love is
not a Christian virtue it’s a human one know God is needed for this no Bible is
needed for this no religion is needed for this note an interface if they made
in the US we understand what love is the Bible I guess the premise for believing
that love is only from God and only from the Christian God can traverse in your
Bible and the New Testament first charge after four and I’ll just briefly retool
vs first seven and eight love is from God assuming you’re talking
about the Christian God so loved the Sun God and everyone who loves is born of
God and those god well that’s an erroneous statement I don’t claim to
know your God and I don’t believe in a God but yet I love I have children I
have grandchildren I have family members I love my grandchildren I love my
children as much as any Christian love their children and grandchildren there
are many many of us that do not believe in a god and we have love love love this
intrinsic as his deep feeling that we have four others within a social social
species so the Bible’s implying here that love is only from the Christian God
and everyone who loves is born of God knows got the one who does not love does
not know God for God is love that is the premise of the Christian religion that
those of us outside the belief in a particular guard special the Christian
God does not know love so I was in the Sunday School class at a Methodist
Church last month I try to go into sunday morning the sunday school teacher
was talking about the love of God course I raised my hand and I gently asked the
question his love universal is exclusively Christian I went ahead and
told them that I’m the type of guy that loves to know what people believe why do
they believe it and how did they know what they’re saying is true and I told
them I little journeys when I discuss these things with say Hindus have told
this gentleman in the Sunday School class that I’ve gone to lunch with hindu
family’s been over their home for dinner have a conversation with muzzles on a
conversation with the course fellow atheists people from all different
backgrounds and as I’m telling this Sunday school teacher in the entire
class of questions in the sunday school room I tell them hey it’s universal they
all have the same love it you have for each other to have love for their
children their grandchildren their parents and other people well the
sunday school teacher had to concede he was a little confused you know what to
say but he did say yeah I have to agree with you that love is universal number
to another question I love to use and ask questions how is the concept of hell moral how do you find as a Christian the
concept of eternal punishment for those that do not believe in God moral so I
was at a church has always going Sunday mornings here in Austin large megachurch
not long ago and I was mingling with people as I always do very nice about it
a try to keep it non-offensive so I talked to several people that I was
asking them what they believe how do they know what they’re saying is true so
forth and i asked a couple women if they believe in hell these particular people
must be three or four of them all answered yes they do believe in the
concept of eternal damnation for those that have not confess Jesus is Lord so
my question to them was how do you find this moral in your human this let’s not
think about what your Bible says that’s not think about what your preacher tells
you you as an individual medley freethinkers day we formed opinions
based on reason independently of authority or religion was trying to
explain to these people what do you think before you think about what you’re
gone his said your Bible religion do you individually believe that it’s me to
send good people who do good things to hell to suffer for eternity people like Mahatma Gandhi who is a Hindu who believed in helping
humanity he believes in different God is it more for Mahatma Gandhi be burning in
hell national steak and we can well the
answers I get from Christians very this particular woman let me back in the eye
and immediately shared well I don’t think it’s moral but I get that all the
time he immediately human this thankfully her mind said hi
yes I agree with you it is immoral but I do not think that way humaneness was telling her it is cruel
it is capricious vindictive unjust immoral to punish those people good
people who have different opinions hi it’s immoral to punish them but god
says it’s more and because of that high ticket tomorrow Khan said it I believe it and that
settles it that’s the answers are get from many many Christians has a hardcore
atheists and humanists here yes I think it’s extremely immoral and what I tell
Christians all the time shake my head I smiled and I say how
could a wonderful kind person believe that this is more or how could a kind
wonderful loving human being follow a book follow a God that would do such a
horrific thing to those who have a different belief system or do not
believe in the supernatural but yet again you can train it’s because of God
well I would say you my dear Christian friends are too good for this book you
are 24 Christianity and of course when I tell them that most of them disagree and
occasionally I get someone that goes that makes since I’ve been thinking
about that myself and I think that’s good I get excited about that number three questions I love to ask
questions what do you believe this is probably my favorite why do you believe
it and how do you know what you’re saying is true I just did a talk and
episode no longer go about proving God demonstrating god what many Christians
do they explain what they believe are and I already know what you believe I
understand the gospel message I understand I used to preach it and
honestly most of us who are aqueous probably know this book better than most
of you active Christians are believers are held
back in my day back in the seventies and eighties my friends and those are hung
out with another fellow preachers young preachers my 23rd we got into the Bible
man we were hardcore we took this book literally we told people that we believe
what the Bible says we didn’t use hermeneutics interpretation we tried to
take it literally you already know what you believe so I will go on to the next
part of the question why do you believe it when I asked questions this it’s a
little confusing for some Christians number one you’re not used to be turning
the tables on you and asking you questions because believe it or not that
burden of proof lies upon those making a claim you are making a claim that God is
real high and the skeptic it’s up to you to prove to me that God is real most of you can see that you can’t prove
it all you have to do is go back and listen to my previous episode about
demonstrate what you believe we got to demonstrate it anecdotes personal
testimonies don’t count you gotta give me something more than that you’ve got
to demonstrate something I can see just what you say what you say doesn’t always
necessarily mean it’s true you gotta prove it so why do you believe this and I’ll ask
you why do you need a God made them Christians concede well of course love
is universal and I’ll show you do believe you don’t need a guide for love so they have to concede it’s a well I
guess that’s true I don’t really need to god why do you believe this I get
answers well I need this because life is hard
because I need someone to show me what to do because the world is a difficult
challenging place I get answers like well I’m insecure I need direction I
need a shepherd I need someone to guide be like this too arduous and I must have
that security blanket that feeling of comfort from knowing that my daddy in
the sky the invisible guy watches over being takes care of these are the
answers I get from you and how do you know what you’re saying is true wow this
is a good one this is one of my favorites in China shoe classes and put
people on the street wherever I go how do you magical believers those of
you that believe in the supernatural world how do you know what you’re saying
is true how can you prove it to me other than your personal anecdotes pretty hard
and I like to listen to the answers I get from Christians I get all different
answers from all different types of believers number for let’s move on what
do you think about 2nd Timothy chapter 34 16 and 17 not long ago it up another
particular church in a family’s to class a couple friends and I go out and we
talked to Christians can I raise my hand in the class and I’ll ask what do you
think about the scripture where Paul the Apostle wrote all Scripture I talked
about this before on my channel all Scripture everything here Genesis 1 to the end of revelation is
given by inspiration of God breathed given by gun do you believe that all the
scriptures were ordaining God breathed inspired by God through holy men of all
and you will be surprised how many different answers get the more moderate
to liberal Christian churches that I 10 I will get the hermeneutics again the
study interpretation scriptures it’s all about
how you interpret her personally interpret the Bible for the right-wing
fundamentalist Christians what we call fundies which I used to be and many
other atheists we did try to take the book literally no what’s our Jesus
walking on water Lazarus rising from the dead all the
miracles don’t happen in the Old and New Testament a demonstration power of God
power we believed it happen we believe it still happens today that’s what we
did believe as Christians as fundamentalist Christians the answers
get from most moderate to liberal Christians are well it’s based on
interpretation another quick question for Christians another favorite one of
my number five is moral behavior universal he’s being a good person
universal or exclusively through the Christian doctrine only inside the
christian movement you my dear Christian friends are taught and how do I know I
used to be a preacher dad was a pastor I was in the christian movement for years
I think that morality ethical behavior came only from the Christian God I still
think that anybody out shy knowing Jesus as your Lord and Savior was a bad person
they didn’t understand that ethics and morality T we’re basically in a in human I like
to talk about the riddle of obligation this is something else I discuss what
Christians and also in Sunday School classes would your morality collapse if
God being a grounds for this morality or absence and I asked questions is quite
often it’s a hard one for you it is a riddle for you it’s quite a conundrum if
you found out that they’re worth was now gone and that this crazy preaching
humanist was right in saying that you evidence for this God would you continue
to be moral would you continue to be a nice person and do good acts and deeds
for other people how about this one namely a moral action or statement made
by a believer that could not be mayor committed by an unbeliever you know
they’re hardly I posted that on Facebook one time the only answer I got from
Christians was prayer well I can be immoral actions statement made only by
believers and unbelievers can do it’s called prayer well I don’t call that a
moral or ethical statement or behavior at all I call that just conversation
with an imaginary friend I am talking about what we do as humans for one
another something moral something kind and
ethical to other people these are hard questions for you my dear Christian
friend all others that believe in gods and I will continue to ask you questions
I will continue to ask these questions to get you to think they get you just
see that you don’t need this shit life to get you to see that life can go on
and you can be good happy fulfilled and help humanity and make this world better
every day by being human being and being human is good I
they’ve all very 02 preaching humanist / atheist and proud to be human I don’t
feel like I have a sin nature built-in me I have progressed past this and
what’s very confusing to Christians when I talk to them and all other religious
people it I tell them I’m actually happier now than when I was a Christian
actually have more sympathy and caring and sharing for other humans human
beings now than when I was a Christian I progressed and I know many other people
who have done the same thing once they let go of God belief but thank you so
much for watching the preaching humanist with David Oliverio I’ll see you next


  1. I agree! I used to think that "good" and meaning in life came from God. However, now I recognize that it comes from right and wrong and personal happiness. I don't need threats to do the right thing. I need empathy. I don't need a god to explain why I'm here. I am here, and I need to make the most of it.

    Morality is much deeper than some book. It is empathy, reason, love, and concern for one's fellow man. The Bible is a shallow source of morality or meaning.

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