What Have I Got Against Religion?

somebody asked me this week what have you got against religion that’s a tough one I’m suspicious of religion and that’s unusual for me because normally if something sounds too good to be true I’m in where do I sign but with religion something’s holding me back and I’m not sure what it is it could be this shameless hypocrisy the arrogant self-righteousness the willful ignorance or the cynical indoctrination and poisoning of young minds with prejudice and hate it’s difficult to say exactly I do know that given half a chance religion would control every aspect of my life whether I want it to or not and would impose a morality on me telling me what to think what to believe and who to attack and kill for believing something else thus religion is the natural home of the psychopath historically whenever religion gets any power the result is always repression if it could I’m sure it would bring back crucifixion so that’s just one of the things I’ve got against religion another thing since you asked is this book the Bible or the Holy Bible as it’s jokingly referred to here on the front cover the costume drama from hell a mesmerizing soup of image and metaphor into which any fantasy can be read and by which any horror can be justified they call the Bible the good book and yes if you’re looking for blood and guts sadistic cruelty meanness of spirit and general psychopathic insanity then this might be what you’d call a good book this might be the book for you but if you’re looking in the Bible for a guide to living a compassionate and wise and humane life well then frankly you’ve got more chance of finding a lap-dancing Club in Mecca or a virgin in a Catholic orphanage if this book is truly the word of a loving and merciful God then all I can say is it’s a suicide note although I will admit that it’s possible for the Bible to be used for good of course it is for example if you were to take a nice thick hardback copy of the Bible and insert it sideways into george w bush’s born-again anus and then hammer it up there nice and tight with a very large mallet that might do some good I mean I’m no expert but I really believe it would do him a lot of good and I also think it would greatly enhance America’s somewhat tarnished image abroad you know it makes sense finally to all the Christians who have contacted me recently quoting scripture and preaching Jesus you know who you are yes please by all means carry on preaching Jesus to me all you like that’s fine but if you’re not also imitating Jesus in your daily life then you might want to think about preaching something that’s more in line with your actual beliefs and not your pretend ones otherwise you could go a little crazy in other words if you can’t practice what you preach at least have the decency to preach what you practice well those are just a few of the things I’ve got against religion if anyone has any more stupid questions I’ll be happy to answer them as well peace


  1. I am a bit offended. I am a psychopath and I have never been religious. There is no reason to be so insulting towards psychopaths. We are in no way as bad on average as clergy.

  2. "The alternative to religion is moral chaos."

    That is absolute bullshit. Religion has caused the deaths of billions of people throughout history. Your claim is idiotic.

  3. I`m very happy too! And i`m able to love people.( as i do ) I also have hope for the future in abundance! I also know it`s wrong to kill people and steal from them. I`ve been an Atheist all my life. So why do you need to believe in a supernatural nonesense to live a happy life and have good Morals? The simple answer is …. You don`t!

  4. Religion is the natural home of the child abuser, an even lower and more specialized expression of psychopathy. We need a campaign to save the children.

  5. Am muslim…I wud just lyk to comment dat Sir is very intelligent and I dont hav a single question cuz my question will b stupid anyway to Sir. Just kidding. LOL! No offence…even my close friends of other religions and atheists also, we all joke the same way. PEACE & LOVE FROM THIS MUSLIM GUY.

  6. That is excellent, speak of humane behavior then suggest a Bible enema for the president. You speak of the hypocrisy of others, then turn around and show us yours! Nice. I don't believe I have ever seen anyone who can contradict themselves faster than you, Pat! Call Guinness, we have a new world record!

  7. Islam is a perfect religion which provides solution to every problem and answer to every question. As the word 'Islam' means 'peace', it is effectively the religion of every human who likes peace. Peace within a human being, peace of mind, peace at home, peace in the society, and peace in the world. In other words Islam is a way of achieving peace by submitting to the Will of God. 

  8. Hmm.

    "Religion is the natural home of the Psychopath." Right… because Jesus taught me to kill others who don't believe the way I do. That is what the "Golden Rule" is about, after all, isn't it? Treat others the way you'd want to be treated? This is obviously the belief of a madman. (Sarcasm)

    "I'm sure, if it could, it would bring back Crucifixion." So, this was part of Rome's religion… crucifixion? That was a religious practice? I thought it was capital punishment. Hmm.

    "Yes… this might be the 'good book', this might be the book for you." Ahh, an old strategy that has been used by many atheists for many years. Lets point out all the horrible things mentioned in the Bible, and ignore any good. To be fair, God states his reason for why he wanted His people to wipe out the Canaanite people in the Old Testament. Chapter 18 in the book of Leviticus, for example, lists many things that God despised that surrounding pagan nations were committing. What are some of their crimes? Well, sleeping with their next of kin (mothers, daughters, mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, aunts, granddaughters, etc), adultery, men raping other men (i.e. Sodom), and perhaps the number one thing God despised: sacrificing children to pagan gods.

    When one takes into account the many crimes of the surrounding nation, one begins to see just how depraved these people really were. God used Israel to bring justice against these wicked people. God had had enough of their sins. It was time to act. 

  9. "If you're looking in the Bible as a guide to living a loving and compassionate life, then you have a greater chance of finding a lap dance in mecca." Hmm. "You shall not murder" (Ten Commandments: Exodus 20)… that seems like a pretty good commandment, full of compassion and grace. Oh, oh, and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (Matthew 7:12) Now, that's amazing! Quite revolutionary! If all people followed this principle, then perhaps this world would be a much better place.

    Oh, and "Don't commit adultery", that's always good… teaches loyalty to one's spouse. Think of all the harm and pain people have went through by cheating on their partners.

    What about the story of the "Good Samaritan" (Luke 10:30-37)? Doesn't that teach us how to love one another?

  10. Condell wouldn't dare criticize Jewish religious books,he wouldn't upset his masters.Then again Judaism isn't a religion,it's an ideology.

  11. I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church, went to a Southern Baptist College, and worked for Southern Baptist churches. And even though I don't agree with everything you said, I have come to the conclusion that you aren't too far off the mark on some of it.
    I have watched about 15-20 of your videos today and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Please keep up the good work.

  12. Bartholomieu Chartemange, I just read your comment and I would like to thank you for the good laugh I got out of it. It was without doubt one of the funniest things I have read in a while. I literally laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of what you said. In fact I'm still giggling and smiling about it.

  13. Atheism is a religion, they share common believes…

    They might not believe in God, but they share common believes, those common believes were stolen from Catholicism…

  14. Hello Pat — 

    1.  It is understandable that the people in Christianity have quite often been the WORST possible advertisement for the religion.  Certainly that was what kept me from it for a while.  But what of those who really live the religion and love people? Would it be perhaps a better thing for you to find those who are living it and join them and try to show the hypocrites that they are terribly wrong?

    2.  No, religion doesn't want to control every aspect of your life.  Just the moral rules, which have to do with how you treat your fellow man. 

    3.  My Christian faith doesn't tell me to kill my enemies. It tells me that I must do the hard work of loving them.  Sorry you haven't seen better examples of this.

    4.  The Bible is not only a record of God's dealing with mankind, it is a historical narrative of man's terrible behavior towards his fellow man. That is why there is so much blood, guts, and psychopathic behavior in it, starting with Cain clubbing Abel's brains out all over the ground.

    5.  You need to stop reading the Bible with a desire to find the worst in it.  From the very beginning,  God told men to care for the poor, the widow, and the orphan. But I guess when you are looking to find the worst in a book, your eyes fail to see the good.

    6.  Your last point is well taken and should be listened to:  if we are not living like Jesus, then we are just hypocrites and worthy of your scorn.

  15. @Bartholomieu Charlemagne

    Islam doesn't mean peace, neither literally nor implicitly.

    It literally means submission and thousands have been killed all over the world in the name of Islam.

  16. A world run by atheists would be worse than a world run by Muslims. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of atheists are liberals. Gabriel blow your horn.

    Christianity laid the foundation of the free world. America was founded and built by Christians and it's the freest, most secular nation in history. The Old Testament includes a historical record, of the ancient world, a very barbaric place. Christians use the Old Testament for it's parables, prophecies and the Ten Commandments. The New Testament is Christianity, a NEW DEAL, from God, through Jesus Christ.

  17. If you want any proof the bible is a fairy tale, just look up David Icke and Christianity here on YouTube and you will see it is simply a copy of  the religion and mythology of Egypt. The Masonic order has even admitted they have used religion for centuries to control populations in order to make them behave as they see fit. Of course, whenever I see a link with anything associated with that group of power happy, world domination crazy assholes, I tend to flush it right down the toilet. Of course even before I found out their association to the bible, I knew it's stories had as many holes in it as swiss cheese. Maybe that's where got the idea to call it a "Holy" bible. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to capitalize the word bible know what a load of shit it is. Also google "underwater city Cuba" and you will see there is a city off the coast of Cuba that is 20,000 years old. Why is this important? Because All of the historians say Earth is only about 6,000 years old. So what happened here on earth the other 14,000 years before all this bible bullshit? They don't seem to have an answer for that.

  18. It's been determined that atheism is actually a cult. Their leader is apparently the anti-Christ. That actually works out quite well, since no one knows who the anti-Christ is and atheism doesn't work anyway.

  19. Almost all religion is based on power and oppression of people.
    Almost all wars are based on religion.
    Most people who are afraid to think about life itself follow religion.
    If you feel attacked by this statement  you probably belong to that kind of religion.

  20. Atheists: Attention, you can become Muslims without changing any of your moral standards. Just don't tell them you're an atheist, or they'll cut off your head and feed it to the cat.

  21. I know the feeling. I'm not against religion, I'm not against Jesus Christ. I am against those who use the Bible, and Christ to commit violence against those who believe differently than they do.

  22. Yo, fuck this guy. Don't send this guy scripture or anything if you are a christian. There are the sheep and the goats, the chaff and the wheat….let him live in his own ignorance then die and go to hell. Hes probably  demon possessed anyways…
    Fuck Him, hes a waste of time

  23. I agree with Pat that true wisdom cannot be achieved from within any religion. Simply because it's just one point of view which is usually fraught with arrogance. You have to move to position of objectivity that is not biased to properly discuss issues. A follower of Islam, like the followers of any other religion cannot do this. We need Atheism to deliver an unbiased view.

  24. Dang Pat, I really love how you start off with a somewhat seemingly soft approach on your videos at first, and then cut right to the chase quickly :-). You're brilliant, and yes, I'm a huge fan. Keep em coming!

  25. The problem is most religious people won't recognise these accusations of their faiths at all, so Mr Condell may be merely preaching to the converted. In Christianity alongside the Old Testament and its combination of wisdom and cruelty, there is the New Testament – the point of which was to cancel out the 'eye for an eye' approach in favour of turning the other cheek and practising radical forgiveness. I don't suppose Buddhists would recognise themselves either. And wherever there is a religious vacuum (Albania? The Soviet Union?), there is just as much cruelty and repression. Perhaps it's not so much religion itself but black-and-white thinking that is the problem, and a lack of empathy for others who do not share our views.

  26. (guest) "…..ram the bible up georgre w. bush's arse.." …..Oh Pat…was that really necessary ? I really respect your views, but that phrase made me cry……..please keep speaking out against the stupid beliefs of religion/S.

  27. I am the same type of person before, because I think I am my own God. I even think Jesus is a alien and want to go to hell for party instead of worshiping God all day long. But now I know I am a sinner and Jesus is the only way back to God. Amen.

  28. He is attacking OT which as a christian has to admit that I do not understand. He and the other atheist are telling the truth and very truth. I believe in Jesus and creationism that forced me to be a christian.

  29. Pat, you'll find what I think would be very interesting to you… The bible or that holy book is man made by the government to give a worldwide division in order to control the world towards the new world order where there'll be one currency and only one religion. Give one part of the world a hated bible towards other religions and open the gates for all to travel and then give one part of the world another to read and those who deny will perish. The all seeing eye will never perish as they know religions are false and to give them power they will at their disposal, freely hand out money to buy weapons to destruct the lands we live on. People are fools those who fail will be perished by thy friend for thy know if they fail to complete a task their life will be ended, so they push on doing harm to stay a live and doing the unknown dirty work for the all seeing eye. Those with knowledge has power and those that don't will do anything to survive. It's pretty sad, so it is, but that is… the way it is.

  30. OMG ; you look like the Devil; you talk like the Devil; you are too old, Repend and follow the Lord. otherwise, Satan will be on your bed to take your soul

  31. This guy should be required viewing at all institutions of learning, from Kindergarten on up. His work should be translated into every human
    language and broadcast 24/7 non-stop throughout the entire world. Truly a refreshing voice of reason, sanity and truth.
    Could Pat Condall change the world and lead the human race out of the darkness of ignorance, fear and superstition into a new age of enlightenment? He just might!

  32. The beauty in this world is endless. From the variety of species of plant and animal life to the stunning views that scour our earth. However, it is people who are the clearest and most definitive sign that God exists. I feel sorry for this man and anyone who agrees with his argument. God is very clear about His existence through ALL of His creation that we appreciate each and every day. Read the Bible with an open heart and you will begin to wake up to a beautiful life. Godlessness is lawlessness and lawlessness is anarchy.

  33. Interesting statement re: "bring back crucifixion". Wasn't crucifixion used by the Roman 'occupiers' of a Jewish land as a public warning to other 'misfits' and 'decenters' not to rock the boat, so to speak? I don't recall the Romans, at the time being all that religious, not in the organised sense at least, rather, the Romans, like the ancient Greeks before them had a set of 'gods' that represented well, what ever was appropriate at the time for a given situation etc. At least it wasn't like the poor Hindus. If one is gripped by that particular brand of mental aberration you get over 250,000 gods to choose from! At least with Hindus you might be forgiven for feeling satisfied that they hate Islam as much as the west really should but don't because the west is too idiotic and politically correct to know if someone is actually tapping them on the shoulder whilst sliding a well lubed copy of the Muslim holy hate manual painlessly into its consciousness seemingly never to be removed, whether we like it or not. I often provoke vigorous reaction from the more religious people I associate with at work and other situations as I refuse to let these people get away with espousing their brand of entrenched sociopathy without a few choice words of reason. I'm sick to death of the tribal dogma of religion and all its trappings of brainwashing that has gripped the world in a form of mass insanity for the last 2000 years. I've often wondered why if there are extra terrestrial races existing out there in the cosmos why they don't contact humans? I have come to the realisation that the fact that they don't, at least not openly, is proof that they exist. Love your work, Pat.

  34. Shameless hypocrisy
    Arrogant self-righteousness

    You are right not all religious clergymen or religious ppl but enough to create a visible phenomenon.


  35. Starting from the beginning and working my way through some of the best content on YouTube. Nice work Pat

  36. How are you going to say the Bible, in perticular the New Testament, does not teach compassion, love, humility, kindness. When litteraly that is the only thing that it teaches.

    I agreed with the first part on organized religion. Until he picked up the bible and started spewing ass backwards trash talk that is in every way litterally the exact opposite of everything the Bible in perticular the New Testament talks about and teaches on.

    No arguements to back up his beefs at all, just mindless sewage spewing out of his mouth. Saying a book that litterally talks about nothing else other then self sacrafice, love and human compassion has no humility or compassion in it at all. Then provides no arguements to defend his empty critisms. Nice job Athiest. You've failed us all.

  37. There is a dangerous verse in the letters of Paul ( a poison in a beehive) where he weaves his spiritual message with this deadly verse, by far the deadliest verse that looks innocuous it says sth to the effect :
    Oh Christians with no resurrection, your faith is futile. This means that if we destroy miracles establishing on their ruins proved evidence from our neutral observation of the laws of nature that dictates that ( all those who have been dead can never rise) . Thus Paul is a
    Criminal not a saint , He indirectly sanctioned the killing of All the scientists and the philosophers that the church killed during the dark ages.
    Expose this criminal, try to assassinate his character. Do it now before it is too late. Expose him for the weak fraudulent theologian that he was.

    Peace , bye bye

  38. Religion is man made schizophrenia.
    Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. (NIMH)
    Just kidding.

  39. Lately I have been suspecious of KOSHER/ KOSHER FOOD/ KOSHER SUPERMARKETS

    All THESE Jewish joy is because JEWS believe that MOSES RECEIVED, from GOD , THE TORAH WHICH IS ETERNAL and IT'S LAWS ARE EXTERNAL in what they term THE HEBREW BIBLE which is not HEBREW NEITHER IS IT FROM GOD.




  40. If one was to follow the holy Bible word for word ,
    They would be in prison or a mental institution….

  41. How sad you are lost my dearest friend Humans are all that hypocrites That’s why Christ bled and died for u my sir Jesus knows all the liars

  42. It kind of makes me wonder what inspired Muhammad to invent his anti-kaffir verses in the quran.

    Rambam, No Thank you Ma'am, A Guide for the Perplexed.🔯


    ..The Full Monty Python!🐍

  43. Mattew 10 34 – 38. Jesus said. Do not think i bring peace to the earth i bring not peace but a sword. I will put man against his father, daughter against her mother & daughter in law against mother in law. A mans enemies will be members of his own household. For he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me & he who loves mother or father more than me is not worthy of me .. What a crank! i think if i had been there when they nailed him up i would of put in the first nail. He was clearly made up & never existed but the asshole who made the story up was obviously a psychopath.

  44. Tick-tock, old man. Your meeting with Jesus is coming soon. Explain to Him how you don't believe in God. I don't think He's going to be impressed. As for your followers, they need to get down on their knees and pray before it is too late, as well.


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