Were the Founders Religious?


  1. believing in a God doesnt make you christian. believing in Jesus makes you a Christian . these men were not christian. period. they denied the deity of Jesus.

  2. Funny you don’t bring up Thomas Paine. Who hated Christianity and blamed it for most of humanity’s problems

  3. Are we religious? Or in anyway anymore connected with the truth and nature? Why in the name of God have we allowed homosexual marriage in this country?? Are we that much more intelligent than the Founders now. Or have we simply become full of ourselves? There's nothing 'Progressive' about it, it is actually regressive.

  4. As soon as I see that a PragerU video has a religious subject, I know it's going to have more dislikes than most of their other videos.

  5. “This is the biggest sack of horse shit and only an EXTREME MORON would believe something this retarded. The VERY FIRST AMENDMENT of the constitution is based on the Separation of church and state. The paramount reason why the forefathers came to this country was for religious freedom. They listed it as their top goal in forming America. Matter of fact most of the fore fathers weren’t even Christian, but deist, atheist and agnostic. I could site thousands of quotes which piss on this lie from Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Paine, etc. but I shouldn’t need to, considering the reading of the constitution is a 4th grade curriculum requirement.”

    —Charlotte from EvilBible.com, on the claim that the US Constitution is a Christian based document

  6. Christianity is the most perverted system ever shone on man. – Thomas Jefferson

    Ans all the above were freemasons. Don't manipulate the facts.

  7. Look at the establishment clause in the First Amendment.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

    People have the right to practice religion, but there can't be an establishment of religion. So, according to the first amendment, this is not a "Christian Nation." I would say that it was largely influenced by Christian Deists.

  8. Not surprised that left wingers don't respect the individual , they are athiests so the individual isn't scared , its so ironic leftwingers demanding civil right s , you cant have civil individual rights wihout , seing the individual as sovereign and you cant have that without the individual being scared and you cant have the sacred without god. Western society stands on the corpse of Christianity , once you get rid of god , the western liberalism cant exist, and that's what we see now , athetisic left wing communits gradually destroying American values , it will get worse until its gone

  9. Yes the founding fathers were religions. however the values of america are secular values . The first amendment breaks 4 of the ten commandments. probating the government from having any bias against any religion including no religion . Also in the bible, it says that people should not question there ruler for he is chosen by god.

  10. If you believe in the bible then yes it was founded by Lucifer angle of light prince and principalities tthe fallen the war in heaven. Druidic Canaanite Hollywood prince of the air

  11. On Jefferson's tomb stone it has 3 of his favorite accomplishments, "Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom & Father of the University of Virginia. When They were debating the statute of Virginia religious freedom lawmakers wanted to include Jesus Christ. But Jefferson told them know, that he wanted the statute to be for all religions and for those with no religions. On the wall of the Jefferson Memorial there's a quote the reads, "For I have sworn upon the alter of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man". But, there's more to that quote.
    To Benjamin Rush
    Monticello Sep. 23. 1800.
    Dear Sir,
    I promised you a letter on Christianity, which I have not forgotten. on the contrary it is because I have reflected on it, that I find much more time necessary for it than I can at present dispose of. I have a view of the subject which ought to displease neither the rational Christian or Deist; & would reconcile many to a character they have too hastily rejected. I do not know however that it would reconcile the genus irritabile vatum, who are all in arms against me. their hostility is on too interesting ground to be softened. the delusions into which the XYZ plot shewed it possible to push the people, the successful experiment made under the prevalence of that delusion, on the clause of the constitution which while it secured the freedom of the press, covered also the freedom of religion, had given to the clergy a very favorite hope of obtaining an establishment of a particular form of Christianity thro’ the US. and as every sect believes it’s own form the true one, every one perhaps hoped for it’s own: but especially the Episcopalians & Congregationalists. the returning good sense of our country threatens abortion to their hopes, & they believe that any position of power confided to me will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. and they believe truly. for I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. but this is all they have to fear from me.

  12. Mark Ferri is quite wrong, for example mostly all of the founders had theological degrees and spoke of Jesus – which is not a Deist concept, Jesus is a personal interacting God.

  13. Why do you show the star of David too? All the founders were essentially protestant Christians. None were Jewish.

  14. I mean George Washington was absolutely religious, he was Anglican and attended Church every Sunday.

  15. 1.3K dislikes? Sounds like the new atheists has arrived to this channel. You already poisoned critical thinking don't poison pragerU. (Religion does not poison society:))

  16. Unfortunatly New atheism ('Traditional' atheism is best) is the poison not religion. For these ignorant people deny christian history and the foundation of america and western values.

  17. Why does it matter?
    1. Athiests often misrepresent their beliefs and use it as though it were ammo for the atheist argument. Quite the opposite
    2. They actually believed it a necessity for a properly functioning society, recognising the need for judeo-christian ethics/morals for true freedom and liberty in society.
    God is the basis for human rights and the moral duties that support them

  18. The Truth is technically we are not a Christian nation but by all practicality we are!!! Only someone who is blinded by there own stubborn bias could not see the overwhelming influences it has had on our nation and within the inner workings of our founding either directly or indirectly and these unwavering strict modern secularist agendas i suspect are not to insure that government does not dictate one denomination over another but rather to separate GOD completely from all forums of country,, These are the slip and fall lawyer's of the constitution they use any technicality or letter as a proof although when you weigh the opposing evidence it is a bit more then overwhelming,, These people truly wish to morally regress into a Pre-biblical society as evidenced by there supposed progressive agendas.

  19. “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

    —John Adams

  20. Its a lie.

    "Washington did attend Episcopal Church. But his own bishop admitted that George didn't consider himself a Christian. He was known to leave church whenever they took communion. And he didn't so much as say a mealtime prayer in his own house.

    Adams was Unitarian…did not accept the Christian concepts of sin or redemption, or the divinity of Jesus…

    Jefferson was a Deist [the belief that there is a 'natural god' and not a Biblical God].

    Madison…was a staunch supporter of the separation of church and state, and never would of religion at all."

    – Vincent M. Wales

    It is possible that the founding fathers had said those quotes but only to appeal to the Christian public. That or Prager cherry picked those quotes and re-worked them around to suite his beliefs. So lets just agree that America is a Secular government and not a theocracy.

    All right you cuntservative trollers. you want to screw with me than bring it on!

  21. I hope we all realize that punishment in believers' afterlives is contrary to Protestant teaching and upheld by Catholic teaching.

  22. So to paraphrase, the founding fathers were Deist's, who believed in a higher power who oversaw individuals,governments, and held all accountable post mortem, but felt the state shouldn't endorse religion let alone a particular, but the practice of wich was a right?

  23. Dominion Theology – (the radical Christian version of extremist Islamic Sharia control of society) Not in our America.

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