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conversations is coming soon almost ready on the course just need to get the main the page where we're going to sell it so have links and information about it coming soon in a few weeks a few weeks few more weeks we're almost there welcome today we're gonna talk about a new book I just got and I'm started reading it's a very nice book really really great book I enjoy it quite a lot it's a small little book I'll show you the size on the video you can see let's see hundred let me see how many pages it is sounds like a hundred pages that's all it's a hundred page 101 pages it's a small little book and it's called way of the aesthetics way of the aesthetics an aesthetic now this sounds this is pronounced almost exactly the same as aesthetics but the meaning is different an aesthetic is is someone who kind of like in in sanatana-dharma like a Sabu a monk someone like that who controls their desires who lives a very simple life an aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic anyway the book way of the aesthetics by Tito Khali ender he took ally under the writer now this book is it's Christian book it's Christian and specifically Eastern Orthodox Christianity so the East you know you have what the Catholic Church in the West and you've got the Orthodox Church in the East so this is from the Eastern Christian Church really nice very good we're gonna read a little section today I'll teach you a few vocab words and we'll discuss the idea aesthetics yes Daud thank you Abraham just spelled it right there okay so as always hello everybody welcome on face book I realize I like Facebook live better of course I've realized this before I've tried youtube again recently it's okay it's okay I don't you know nothing against the YouTube Commodores I but there's just something about it I've noticed not just my channel but I've noticed most YouTube channels the quality of the comments is lower I don't know why but it just is but especially live so like during the live show on YouTube live chat people are like just chatting telling stupid jokes kind of not focusing on the topic and then afterwards when they're asking questions and comments you know lots of people want to know basic kind of the most frequent questions I get about learning English how do i improve my reading i don't improve my writing i've answered these questions probably thousands of times now in many videos but you know no problem i understand people have those questions but the frustrating thing is that it just seems on youtube most common ters are just not focused on the topic they're not listening they're not listening you know yesterday I was trying to teach vocabulary and a story and just so many we're not listening here on Facebook I find that we just have a better group live you all at the level of a discussion here on our live Facebook is much higher you all are focus into the topic and even better than listening to the topic you are really contributing because you add very interesting questions and comments you're adding to it many times you'll have a nice comment and I'll makes me you know see some extra meaning and what we're talking about or you say it in a better way and then I did so I I think for live I'm just going to stay with Facebook honestly it's the same reason I turned off comments at YouTube I just I don't allow comments on my YouTube videos anymore it's I don't know something about the YouTube audience it's just different it's not you like said not bad but just less focused a little less deep I think maybe younger I'm not sure but anyway so the recordings will still go on YouTube that's fine so that you'll share those recordings the YouTube audience can get the recordings and enjoy them and hopefully benefit but I think alive Facebook it is Facebook it's just better we just have a better group here all right so guys I'm just gonna skip the hellos and I'll do it when we come back and let's just talk about this book way of the aesthetics so this is a book like I said it's Eastern Orthodox so it's Christianity it's a Christian book and it's kind of a collection of teachings from different what would you call spiritual fathers is what the book calls it spiritual fathers you know different kind of like saints or spiritual teachers of the Eastern Christian Church and there's different chapters so like the chapter titles there's a chapter about your human heart about human strength about cleaning your heart about dealing with desires unhealthy desires about God about humility several chapters about praying prayer it's really nice this is a great book if you're Christian for sure I highly recommend this book way of the ascetics see if I can get it to focus yeah like that alright and Tito Kali and ER is the writer all right but this chote the topic I want to talk about in the book probably not a surprise is fasting so you see that this tradition of fasting can be found in all these major religions you know we all know that Islam just finished their big fast of Ramadan but it's not just them you know there's there's fasting traditions in Buddhism for sure and sanatana-dharma in Christianity is what we're gonna talk about Christianity today the Christian view or at least one Christian view of fasting so let me just read from this I'll read two paragraphs then I'll come back and I'll explain learn some vocab and then once again we can discuss all right talking about fasting so fasting again what does fasting mean fasting means you don't eat it's really simple don't eat fasting tempers look prosody or loquacity says st. john climacus it is an outlet for compassion and a guard upon obedience it destroys evil thoughts and roots out the insensibility of the heart fasting is a gate to paradise when the stomach is constricted the heart is humbled he who fasts prays with a sober mind but the mind of the intemperate person is filled with impure fancies and thoughts alright we got a lot of vocab in that one paragraph let's go to paragraph 2 then we'll come back I'll review the vocab just do your best the first time as you're listening if you don't understand it's okay fasting is an expression of love and devotion in which one sacrifices earthly satisfaction to attain the heavenly altogether too much of one's thoughts are taken up with care for sustenance and the enticements of the palate one wishes to be free from them fasting is a step on the road of emancipation and an indispensable support in the struggle against selfish desires together with prayer fasting is one of humanity's greatest gifts carefully cherished by those who once have participated in it okay this is some very formal English it's a written formal style of English for sure so that probably quite difficult for some of you and that's okay because we're gonna go back and I'll talk about the meaning and give you some vocab so sentence by sentence now let's go back and I'll tell you the meaning of each sentence with easier English then I'll explain vocab alright fasting tempers loquacity it's already that's hard that's a difficult phrase what does that mean to temper means to make something less or to make it more moderate so it's not so powerful to lessen it Lacroix city there's a big word that's an SAT word it's a GRE where it's a TOEFL word again not a word you'll hear much you might see it in writing most people will not use this word speaking what does loquacity mean it means talkativeness talkativeness so fasting tempers the cross city means that fasting quiets you it quiets you it softens it lessens your talkativeness right because some people just talk talk talk I'll talk write very gossipy all the time gossip gossip talk talk talk endlessly kind many Americans are famous for this they never shut up so that's called loquacity that that constant talking so fasting makes that less is what that phrase means it means when you fasting and you're not eating for a day or two days or more you just naturally get a little more quiet and that's good for your mind and your soul okay next sentence it's an outlet fasting is an outlet for a compassion so it kind of makes compassion your kindness it makes it stronger in you it will wake up your kindness and a guard upon obedience okay a guard upon obedience this is a strange word and a strange phrase the way this is written I think here he's using the word obedience I think he means obedience to God or natural law so what he's really I think a better word might be disciplined disciplined so fasting increases discipline fasting makes your discipline stronger in everything not just for food but fasting makes you more disciplined you know mentally stronger in all parts of life that's what that means fasting destroys evil interesting fasting routes out the insensibility of the heart again and a strange written way of saying this this word insensibility is not commonly used anymore you don't you won't see it much in modern writing you will see it a lot in writing about a hundred years ago in English they'll use this word sensibilities in sensibility so routes out the insensibility of the heart means it gets rid of your your meanness right insensibility means your heart is not sensitive means insensitive so if you're if you're if you're not sensitive you're not kind fasting will get rid of that it'll help you become kinder nicer fasting is a gate to paradise there's a strong statement when the stomach is constricted the heart is humbled ok constricted means tight tight smaller tighter smaller and tighter constricted means smaller and tighter so when you get hungry your stomach will kind of get smaller and tighter there's nothing in it so he's saying when your stomach is empty your heart is humbled but you lose some of your ego that's why you become more kind that's why you become a better person he who fasts he or she prays with a sober mind just talk about praying now he's saying you're praying will be better when you're fasting your mind will be sober you're sober means calm and clear calm and clear you know you might not know the word sober it's also connected with drinking it means so someone's drinking they're drunk they're not sober if you're sober it means your mind is totally clear the mind but the mind of the intemperate person is filled with impure fancies and thoughts I wonder if this was written a hundred years ago because it kind of feels that way I think it was actually written more back in the 60s or 50s 1960 it's a little bit of an old style of writing all right let me give you the meaning of that and it in temperate in temperate means not disciplined uncontrolled so an uncontrolled person just eats lots and lots and lots of food they drink drink drink drink drink and get drunk all the time they are intemperate meaning not moderate not controlled so he's saying those kind of people people just eat eat eat eat eat all the time their minds are full of impure not pure fancies and thoughts meaning just imaginations these are just you're thinking about Lots he's saying people like that are just thinking about kind of distractions things that are not important your mind is not your less intelligent you're less wise when you're just eating and eating and eating all the time okay next paragraph fasting it is it an expression I did it shows love and devotion it's clear in which one meaning in which you sacrifice earthly satisfaction to attain the heavenly pay you sacrifice earthly satisfaction it means your pleasures earthly meaning material you're sacrificing the pleasure of the satisfaction of eating right and all those yummy good tastes and feeling full of food you're sacrificing that right you means you're you're not doing it why to get something even better to attain means to get to attain the heavenly the heavenly right the heavenly the spiritual the higher happiness now sentence altogether too much of one's thoughts too much of our thoughts are taken up with you no have care for sustenance let's just stop there so basically he's saying too much of our thoughts are taken up with meaning they're focused on care for sustenance sustenance means nutrition food and nutrition sustenance what it comes it's connected to the word sustain which means it's what keeps us alive it sustains us sustenance tip very generally often it means just generally food sustenance food and drink so he's saying too much of our time too much of our thinking is focused on food food food especially now and the enticements of the palate enticements means again that the desires of the palate the palate is the top of your mouth but it also it kind of means your taste you know your taste sensation your palate your ability to taste so he's saying we're too focused on that we spend too much time focusing on eating and taste and food and not enough time focusing on higher thoughts and higher desires and higher benefits and higher meaning fasting is a step on the road of emancipation now there's a word you might hear sometimes emancipation means freedom he meant sebacean means freedom so he's saying fasting is a step towards freedom fasting will make you more free more mentally free like red pill it's what he's talking about red pill that fasting is a powerful tool a powerful method for becoming more red pilled that's modern slang to explain this sentence so it's a step in the road of emancipation on the road of freedom it's an indispensable indispensable meaning necessary an indispensable support fasting supports you in the struggle against selfish desires so this it helps also against your ego it helps against your selfish or your kind of you're bad you're selfish you're unkind desires you're undisciplined desires you're unhealthy desires fasting helps you to beat them to go against them to break them finally together with prayer so praying is also important he's saying fasting is one of humanity's greatest gifts one of the greatest gifts of humans is this ability to fast carefully cherished cherish means loved by those who have participated in it so he's saying those who fasts those who have fasted and regularly and they when they see the benefits they cherish it they love it they love fasting they cherish it alright that is the end so I just thought that was very powerful because this is talking first of all I said it's from a Christian perspective I've we've you know everyone knows about Ramadan and I've discussed you know Buddhist and sanatana dharma traditions of fasting but i was not familiar with the Christian viewpoint and so I was very happy to find this book this book overall is fantastic and especially that chapter on fasting really good way of the ascetics Tito Kali under the writer now this book talks about the spiritual benefits and they're also mental benefits you know one of the things I noticed like he mentions they know it helps you against your selfish desires another way to say this I would say fasting is that I know that I know fasting is the best way to break any addiction not just food certainly fasting is the best way to break a food addiction like sugar I'm speaking from experience it's also I think it's the best way to break any addict alcohol addiction video game addiction anything any addiction that's unhealthy that you're just desiring you want it you want it just like this paragraph says there's something about it that it just it changes your mind it calms your mind and also makes your mind much much stronger like just the discipline the strength of not eating that strength transfers it goes into all parts of your life not just food you'll get more disciplined for exercising you'll get more discipline for studying you'll get more disciplined for I'm just you know meditating praying breaking addictions quitting cigarettes anything I recommend fasting fasting fasting I you know you probably know I've been doing it a lot lately I'm doing lots of 2-day fasts I just finished another two day fast starting the next one I'm eating only one time every two days so I eat one time every 48 hours that's my fasting system right now and it's working fantastic I'm 75 kilograms now so I've lost 5 kilograms in about 11 days that's pretty much a pound a day you know using the American measurements that's one pound per day which is amazing it's fantastic I feel great I'm really adjusting now I'm used to the 48 hour fast so I feel fine I feel totally good during those two days my energy is fine I can go for long long walks I have good energy the other thing about fasting is that you know mentally and kind of again this paragraph I just read gives you the idea it just makes your mind so clear your mind your thinking becomes clearer just like like he was describing it's hard to this is hard to describe it you know you really it's it this is one of those things you need to you need to do it and feel it yourself I don't know how to describe it with words I'll just say that your mind is more clear your thinking becomes more clear and focused less distracted at the same time emotions your emotions will become calmer just more calm I mean yes you still have emotions you still might get angry and upset but everything is softer all the emotions it's like they kind of you're turning them down and they're becoming less powerful in a good way the negative emotions I'm talking about and on the other hand you know the kind of emotions tend to get stronger it's very very interesting you know I don't know I can't totally explain it but very powerful very very powerful so if you're interested in a fasting if yours in prayer again you don't have to be a Christian to enjoy this book at all not at all but I I really love it I think if I was Christian I'd become Eastern Orthodox because this is fantastic book way of the aesthetics he took Kali under now so that's the spiritual benefits the mental benefits now on the other side there are the amazing health benefits the physical benefits now on that side I again recommend Col Robinson snake diet channel snake diet snake like the animal snake diet he's on YouTube he's got a great YouTube channel snake diet he's got a Facebook group he's on Instagram I think those are the three snake diet and his name is Col Robinson now he does not really talk about the mental benefits for spiritual benefits he's totally focused on the health benefits the physical benefits because he's a physical trainer okay that's why he trains people he helps people lose fat he helps people get strong and healthy he helps people you know recover from diseases and he used fasting fasting is his number one tool and he's a super expert in this area and on this side also this material physical side fasting Wow is it powerful there's no better way to lose weight there's no better way to lose weight absolutely none I mean you think of it logically there's no better way to lose weight then don't eat don't eat of course that's the fastest way to lose weight so if you're fat don't and then drink you know I would watch his videos because I do recommend drinking the salt water that he recommends if you're trying it if you're doing it for for weight loss for weight loss drink the salt water there's also something called dry fasting Muslims know about this because they do it in Ramadan that's where no drinking also that is very good for healing diseases for healing diseases so just on the physical side of course there are spiritual benefits also but just talking on the just the physical side the health side but anyway I'm not a super expert on this so I reckon on the physical stuff so I do recommend check out his YouTube snake diet on YouTube really great this so I'm following his system right now because my goal right now I have two goals really one the main one is to lose weight and make my health stronger so I'm a health and then I also there's for also for me mental and spiritual benefits that I that I am focused on especially with my new children my new babies I'm kind of extra motivated and inspired in both of these areas you know I'm an older dad I'm 51 years old and I want to live longer for my babies I want to be strong for them so and I want to have you know a nice call mine in a clear and a good heart all of those things fasting is amazing fasting is just it's some kind of super power it is a super power I just had always heard about it I'd always I tried fasting a little bit before but I've never done long fast like this you know just I've been fasting 11 days now not straight like I said I eat every two days I eat one meal so I eat at night so I dinner every 48 hours that's all two more days I eat dinner two more days I eat dinner so that's what I'm following and I feel fantastic I'm going to give you one more exciting story about it fasting because it's this one's actually more important than to me than my own story some of you may know my mom is fat she's overweight very unhealthy she has diabetes diabetes is the blood sugar disease your pancreas she has to take injections you know like shots of insulin insulin is a hormone that controls sugar all her life well not shot not not true all my life when she was young she was thin and healthy when she was young but since I was a baby since I remember my whole childhood for my whole life my mom has been fat and unhealthy and my mom constantly like every year every year some new diet Weight Watchers Jenny Craig something else and always talking about I'm gonna lose weight this time on and never never never never never succeeded nothing just got worse and worse and then got diabetes then she got diabetes right this was a lot of fat people get diabetes when they get older it's a dangerous disease it's not good they have to take this insulin but it's very dangerous they can die if their blood sugar drops too low maybe if they take too much insulin they can die they can lose like that but cut off their feet sometimes because of bad circulation it's terrible disease it's terrible and it's super super super common now in the United States diabetes is out of control so my mom I start talking to her about this fasting stuff so I got her to do it now she's not doing 48-hour fasts it's too much for her she doesn't have the discipline but she's doing um 23 hour fast so she eats only one meal a day this is called Oh mad one meal a day one meal a day she only eats dinner that's all so she eats dinner one meal a day you know just a short like in one hour or less sheets dinner her one meal she eats low carb it's like no sugar at all none no sugar and then she fasts for 23 hours so she fast the rest of the night when she goes to sleep and all the next day and then she eats her one meal at night so this is kind of uh this is an easier way to fast so one meal a day she's eating fasting she has lost 15 kilograms in about the same amount of time me so in about two weeks time she has lost 15 kilograms no I'm sorry three weeks time 15 kilograms and more importantly more importantly her insulin she cut 60% more than half she's taking less than half I should say she's taking less than half than she used to she used to take 100 I don't know what the measurement unit is but hundred something after every meal and now she's only taking 40 she went from a hundred to forty on her insulin dropping that in just three weeks she's only starting she needs to lose probably 50 more kilograms 40 more something like that if be fit maybe 50 so she's this is the bet I don't know if she'll keep going I hope she will but this is the best result ever in my life I've never seen her get this kind of result and the insulin especially it means that her diabetes is getting less she's starting to heal it so that's a superpower fasting story also and I'll give you an update with my mom later I hope she'll continue alright guys let's uh let's let's go to the comments and questions quickly Sarah asks how many kilos have you lost in eleven days five five kilos in 11 days for me so half a kilo a day about a little over five all right let me go back up and read your comments and questions as always cetera says it's not 2nd time attending live video you're choosing religious topics I don't know why fasting is not just religious like I said in the second part it has religious benefits and has mental benefits it has emotional benefits and it has physical benefits many people just do fasting only for the physical like on like Co Robinson snake diet those guys they just want to lose weight and be healthy they're not they don't even care about the religious or spiritual or mental benefits most people they're just trying to heal diseases or feel better and lose fat so that's my point is it's powerful at all levels at a religious spiritual level at just a psychological level if you're not religious just psychological well it would calm your emotions you'll feel better you'll feel happier and calmer you'll have more mental discipline to do anything you want in life or you can just focus on the physical benefits to or enjoy all of them I enjoy all these benefits it's really amazing that's why I want to talk about it because it's just amazing at all these different levels how you get this benefits through all the levels this is when you follow natural log in this is why you know fasting is part of natural law because it's giving these benefits at all levels from the physical to the highest spiritual and everything in between and we see the same things with like meditation meditation has just basic physical benefits like lower blood pressure and makes you live longer all these great things and then all the way up to the highest levels to hey Regina from Brazil hello yeah okay here's another nice comment another benefit of fasting and I think this is connected to this idea of opening your heart around the world there are many people starving or hungry because of famine or war or suffering therefore fasting makes people feel and sympathize with others more seriously this is a motivation to help them right exactly yeah yeah yeah it's a good point another benefit see yeah and then the other side of that let me see if I can pronounce your name I'm sorry but if I'm saying your name terribly music Zbyszek says nowadays more people die from eating too much than from starvation 100% absolutely absolutely too much is our problem now in most parts of the world too much too much too much so fasting is a nice little bit of medicine for that it's a nice balance to that yeah Cardo just noting some words I wrote down him anticipation equals freedom yes there's a very famous speech Abraham Lincoln gave a speech called the Emancipation Proclamation he was freeing the slaves in the north went wrong says let's have loved you from Vietnam thank you I've been listening to you for almost half a year learning a lot from your ideas about homeschooling fasting cryptocurrency etc thank you very nice thanks Tim says Tim licked Lacock or Leacock mentally physically and spiritually free equals true freedom indeed it does yeah okay Tim again uh summarizing about fasting some of the physical benefits fasting clears the human body moving the lymph which allows the human to be more in the present moment through the day yeah and it makes your there's also hormone benefits if you're trying to gain muscle or lift weights you are it's called growth hormone HGH human growth hormone inmate it's it's exactly what it sounds like it's a hormone it's a chemical your body makes to grow especially grow muscle some like like Sylvester Stallone he injects it because some older bodybuilder type guys will actually inject this stuff to make their muscles grow bigger but when you fast it naturally goes up your testosterone will go up also if you're a man women I'm not sure about female hormones I've to check on it but and your immune system gets better so your immune system like limp lymph is part of your immune system white blood cells all these things get stronger and better starts to clean out diseases and junk in your body Solomon asked hello coach from India how do you feel during a fast my fasting 24 hours I know 24 hours fasting yeah 24 I feel fine you get used to it I'd say my first too fast let me see my first 48 I was a little tired the second day I did a 72 hour a three day fast next I was very tired the third day I felt terrible since then I've done two day fast 48 hours each time and I think my body now is used to it because now it's nothing now I'm just used to it it's like just normal I feel fine totally fine I get a little hungry sometimes it's no big deal but my Energy's good my mind feels clear my emotions are a nice bite everything good all right now Lisa is asking a technical question how much salt water do you drink during fasting I'll try to post this on Lisa asked me on gab also and I can post the actual formula but it's let me see in let's say 1 liter of water add 1tsp of potassium chloride potassium chloride that's um in some in a lot of countries that sold is like a salt substitute so so normal salt is sodium chloride right NaCl sodium chloride is salt potassium chloride is like potassium salt so you want one teaspoon of potassium salt in the water and you want one teaspoon of normal salt sodium so one teaspoon potassium 1 teaspoon sodium potassium chloride sodium chloride put that in 1 liter of water shake it up and then just drink it as needed it will help you feel better it definitely helps with tiredness headaches anything like that that might come with fasting it will make them better and eventually you'll get rid of them and you'll feel fine so you can also watch the snake diet channel he's he's got another little formulas for it but that's the basic formula my hello from Israel hello to you in Israel Ezra says I was fasting during Ramadan for a month but I never lost my weight I was 52 kilos now 56 you must've been eating a lot on your eating times you're eating too much maybe next time next Ramadan eat smaller meals at night that's my advice you can still gain weight fasting if you're if when you eat if you eat some gigantic meals you can still gain weight yeah okay great here's someone who's fasting right now but are bold Duke Goff says I did 48-hour DRI fasting whoa nice dude 1 this Monday and Tuesday I felt ok good for you I'm going to try strive fasting in the future right now I'm just the the salt water fasting is working for me very well so I'm just gonna do that until my weights down and then later I might start trying some dry fasting or so no water also so 248 hours with no water no food you rock man very good that's some discipline good for you so no debt says hi from bkk Thailand that's Bangkok are you still fasting today I just ate a meal and now I'll fat start a new fast so 48 hours again of no eating Cardo again hey Carter nice to see you I appreciate your advice about fast about fasting you made us be stronger and calmer about it good good I guess many of us did lots of complaints about fasting before yeah yeah I just got to change your mindset it's a superpower man this fasting is amazing it's powerful so you just you gotta I just learn to enjoy the benefits of it sometimes your stomach is a loner you know a little hungry sometimes a little tired ok but no big deal Cardoza says his mom also has diabetes yeah it's I know it's terrible Suz Lena with a very interesting comment I tried too fast it's okay I believe it really works heals bodies etc I recently found a book oh the mucus les diet yeah because I have a problem with it by Arnold eret and he speaks about it a lot yes it will help mucus mucus is that you know like in that stuff in your nose and your throat when you're kind of kind of thick heavy in your throat or your nose that's called mucus kind of yellow sometimes or white it's called mucus and you know like when you get a cold right you're a little sick your nose is full of mucus so fasting absolutely I can tell you right now yeah it cuts the mucus amazingly you'll notice you have much less of it your so your nose and your throat will feel more clear when you're fasting or trying to oh I'm a singer I want to be better and better oh definitely you should do it then because I've noticed my voice just feels better while I'm fasting it just feels a little more open than before because less mucus I'm trying to eat better I also have problems with sugar ah yeah especially when I feel upset I don't know if it's okay to try fasting when I'm a singer yeah because I need breathing from my belly and lots of power try it I think it might help you a lot I think you can do it you just keep trying you could try one meal a day and then tries 48 hours you know use the you know use the salt water might that would help too so so I'm thinking about it now I'm gonna ask the vocal medical centrum the next visit about fasting what do you think I think you should try it I think it might help your voice actually I do start doing some 48-hour fasts and I think you might have noticed some benefits all right Aleksey always has great comments so let's see he went to accomplish something in your life you need to sacrifice it is an inevitable process for instance to get in decent shape especially especially with the big X little joke there if you want to get the extreme result like bodybuilders they have to avoid not only bad food they even sacrifice their life using steroids raising big heavy weights it's a physical and mental battle this examples related to every area of life the higher goal you want the more you need to sacrifice it's interconnected by the way I was starving when I was 18 it lasted four days a nice method to throw any garbage from your head away keep yourself in good shape indeed well said as always Alexey thank you very much that's excellent Shahrukh is asking AJ I recommend you do drive fast tell us your experience I will I will I'm gonna probably do the this this fasting this the salt water fasting a couple more weeks and after that I may try some dry house I'm just curious ah let us off when you eat every two days how much do you eat during those meals well I'm not talent I'm if I was if I was really heavy I would count the calories and keep it low like 500 calories is what Col Robinson recommends since I'm not that heavy obviously I don't focus I don't count the calories but let's just say I had a little peace I've been eating almost I've been eating almost zero carb when I eat on my meals so no no grant no rice no fruit no bread nothing like that no pasta mostly meat and veggies like tonight I had some cabbage a lot of cabbage just cut up a little flavor on top and it was raw cabbage and then I had a little bit of beef a little small amount of beef some pork and one one egg oh and a little bacon so I can see is all meat and veggies so that's what I mean I don't know how many calories that is but I do know I'll burn it off fast so I'm not worried about it if I was if I was once that when I reached my own my goal weight then of course you could then the amount I would eat would increase and I would start eating some carbs again but until I lose all the fat it'll be no carbs ah emanuelle um you should again well go to that snake diet because this is an excellent question that he gets a lot and he answers it very well I'm considering fasting do you recommend it for losing weight cuz they told me after you finished fasting and eat normally you'll gain more weight than before is it true no and what the thing is though you never really stop fasting you make it part of your life that's this that's the system that called Robinson teaches so no and the good thing is that when you fast you keep your muscle you keep muscle better this like I said it's probably because of the hormone improvements you will not lose muscle when you're fasting so it's a great way to lose fat but not muscle the other of course if you finish fasting and then you go eat like a pig afterwards then yeah of course you'll gain weight but as long as you go back and you're eating moderately and you continue to do fast regularly you know maybe you fast once a week or it depends what system you want to do but watches there's many ways you can do it go watch his channel for suggestions but basically fasting it becomes part of your life you'll be fine I recommend this man like I said this is the only time I've ever seen my mom lose weight that's in 50 years Abdul says how can I say I'm going to have diabetic you say we usually use the word the verb be I'm going to be a diabetic I becoming diabetic something like that don't do that oh I see here's another fasting story got ouzo I fasted for 30 days I lost more than 20 pounds I'm so happy about it you rock man that's fantastic really good see it works it works it works Mohammed mosa asked does your mom is your mom totally cured from diabetes by fasting not yet she just started she will be if she continues i 100% know she will be but I just I hope she continues you know it depends on her it's her choice she has to have the discipline to keep going if she keeps going I think she definitely will be cured of diabetes and zero she won't need to take insulin anymore but we'll see we'll see okay you know this is a good point for me and Michelle I'm sorry from mispronouncing your name if you cook and do not buy prepared food you stay in good shape yeah excellent point that I think that uh if you want just like the the most basic simple diet advice for healthy food is eat real food eat real food meaning not processed that's the first advice eat real food it is it does help but are bold is asking what do you drink over the 48 hours what that water I was just talking about its water with salt and potassium in it so zero calorie just saw him to task him are you still vegetarian I'm not no I'm not no Sara says I see people they're fasting they may be angry because they're they're hungry yeah in the beginning I was grumpy grumpy meetings like bad mood it's getting better I noticed each as is guys I'm going longer you know the grumpiness is getting a little better a little better as I'm just getting used to it and becoming calmer so I can happen you know there are all kinds of little small problems you can have during a fast but they get better it's got to be patient I'm saying exactly right you forgot one benefit sexual benefits it reduces sexual addiction it does indeed this is best during fasting we are not allowed to do sex reduces sexual desire is very important indeed break your coffee addiction break sex addictions breaks it's really powerful yeah PBOT interrelate is related ketogenic is now promoting why it widely to tie health-conscious group yeah so ketogenic is a word it's basically when your body has no sugar anymore so when you're fasting let's say after 36 out 30 hours something like that your body will use all sugar it has so your body has sugar in the liver your body can hold some sugar glycogen it's called bit sugar basically in your some in the blood and of course some in your muscles so it so when you stop eating you still have all of that in your body so your body will start to use that sugar that glycogen from these different areas in the body and after maybe let's say 30 hours average all that sugar is gone can't use it anymore there's no sugar left so now the body's like oh my god your body still needs energy your brain still needs energy so what can it do the well then your body's switches completely to burning fat only and this is called ketogenic your body becomes ketogenic the reason it's called ketogenic is that when your body burns fat especially just fat it creates chemicals called ketones ketones and ketones also give your body energy your body kind of like your body can burn sugar for energy but your body can also burn ketones for energy so it breaks the fat into ketones uses the ketones for energy so your body becomes ketogenic and this means it's burning fat it's burning lots of fat so it's really good for your body to get into that state when you're trying to lose weight this fasting week in your body Mohamed most asked well you do feel weak sometimes during a fast I mean during the middle of a fast if you're trying to you know you like I'm not doing hard workouts during my fast time I might like tonight I might do a workout since I just ate some food tomorrow when I'm fasting and the next day when I'm fasting may be very light workout but you you know you will notice your your muscle strength gets lower but it's temporary it's temporary it's not permanent it's just during the fast because your muscles have no sugar in them so the energies are a little bit lower but you're not losing muscle don't worry as soon as you eat again you're gonna that power comes right back like Dalal says the level of consciousness increases during fasting yes well said I'm gonna jump down the N and kinda go backwards here what's your wife does she support you for sure yeah she's probably happy because less less cooking doesn't have to worry about what I'm eating it's very simple right – my never mind never mind yeah we'll solve on it with another benefit another point about fasting rather than just losing weight your body needs fasting time to rest and be healthy yes your body rests and heals itself digestion actually uses a lot of energy it's kind of stresses your body a bit when you're not digesting food your body will start looking for diseases in your in your body and start attacking them start healing more for sure as I said before if I start getting a cold or something and I first I try vitamin C that's kind of the easy way if that doesn't work then fasting always breaks it always stops the cold when I if I fast that's kind of my easy medicine it's cheaper than the doctor Mariana again hey Maya nice to see you is it Marian I guess Marian if you want to lose your weight just follow the snake diet for better and comfortable way eat less carbs more fat you've got the more time you can spend that's right fat people people really fat can fast longer and longer without eating I'm fairly thin so as you get thinner it's harder to do the long long fasts because you have less fat yeah Becker says don't kill yourself now I'm just doing easy fast just easy to de fasts nothing difficult I feel great all right a couple more and then I've got to go take care of babies as you so Emmanuelle you're asking about my business English course it's not so much focused on entrepreneurs it's more focused on people with jobs and careers so but i'll do some entrepreneur topics here so if you're wanting more like entrepreneur advice I don't know it might be helpful to you but it's that's not the focus of the course now a lot of how this is a super I'm curious about this question I wonder if HIV can be cured by fasting I wonder if it can because he's gotten great results with cancer hearing cancer people with cancer and then fasting you know very aggressively fasting and curing their cancer so that's obviously something very serious I don't he's I've never heard him mention HIV before that would be very interesting I bet it's possible if he did like a lot of like dry fasts and you know quite aggressive fasting for a fairly long time I think maybe yeah Lisa was why is dry fasting good to be honest I don't really know the mechanism of it I think it just causes your body to be even more aggressive for disease prevention but you said I learned many liquids help detoxification and I think I think you're right I think they do so you know honestly they're both fine I think dry fasting and the salt water fasting are both powerful for me I the salt water fasting is fine for me I don't I think the dry fasting he uses Col Robinson uses more for like people with some serious health problems but I honestly I'm not sure about the exact like what's happening with the dry fast why the benefits but I know the liquid fasting is very very powerful – also great for detoxing fasting min it's a not casting with a see it's fasting with an F like the like fast like go fast not the opposite of slow it's the same word but a different meaning using it as a verb means to not eat too fast with an F I'm out with another nice weight loss tip I hit everything but I always take green coffee helps me lose weight hmm interesting I've never tried green coffee yeah Lina this is interesting I think doing sports with fasting helps get better healthy results healthy life and makes a good body shape yeah right and there's some things like you know during fasting it's still quite easy to do cardio like mild like slow burn cardio some of you know this phrase slow burn from one of my lessons slow burn Stu Mittleman but basically slow cardio while you're fasting is is like a super fat burner and it will energize you you'll feel much better too you won't feel so tired just keep drinking the salt water because you'll be sweating a lot so that kind now doing like like heavy weight lifting during a fast is not so good it's very it's it's hard I recommend you know more like a mild workout for you for if you're trying to do strength workouts like with weights use just use smaller weights while you're fasting go easier don't burn out your muscles okay but for cardio like jogging slow jogging walking swimming cycling though all that stuff is fantastic you can do that and you can do that all day if you want to while you fasting it'll double your fat burning it'll yeah you'll feel you'll feel good I like that I like doing I just walk I walk with the baby I put on the baby that adds about 12 pounds and a little backpack and then I just walk with the baby while I'm fasting and just can we go to the park all right last one Hernandez Hernandez says green tea without sugar is also helpful to lose weight yeah green tea is green tea without sugar is excellent very good for your health and many many many many ways anti-cancer I think it's good for your heart helps with blood sugar like you said get up with weight loss green tea just overall a super drink alright guys hope you enjoyed it remember um my business English conversations course is coming soon business English coming soon it's a great course I'll talk more about it I'll do some shows about it I'll do shows about business topics more entrepreneur topics like Emanuel was asking about and also career topics so I'll do those soon when the course is ready as a kind of an introduction to the course so that's coming very soon but Ana's always joined my VIP program speak powerfully speak confidently speak effortlessly think in English join my VIP program go to effortless English club calm commit don't quit commit to my VIP program you commit to my VIP program at effortless English club dot-com you welcome to slow American English the podcast for learners of American English I'm your host Karen Tolliver this is episode number 51 us measurement system subscribe to this podcast feed anywhere you get your podcasts become a website subscriber for free at w WL American English net find free transcripts there plus links to become a patron and to buy workbooks I hope you enjoyed my first plus episode that posted March 1st look for more plus episodes in the future and remember that the fourth slow American English workbook is now available on Amazon like the first three this workbook has all the transcripts bonus material exercises and answer keys for all the podcast episodes for an entire year this vol 4 contains all episodes from 2018 and it's available in print and kindle formats you can use the workbooks either with the podcast or without it teachers can use it for listening and reading comprehension and discussion students can use it for self-study for links to buy all my work books visit WWll American English net this episode has free bonus material visit www.freebets.com please become a patron it's very inexpensive and helps everyone around the world who listens to this podcast if you are already a patron thank you contact me directly via email at info at slow American English net now for the podcast globally there are three main measuring systems metric British Imperial and US standard or customary today most countries officially use the metric system in fact even Britain officially converted to the metric system in 1965 the u.s. system comes from the old British imperial system much of the vocabulary is the same but some of the measurements are different in 1975 Congress passed the metric conversion act making the metric system the preferred system however it was voluntary therefore some things in the u.s. converted to the metric system and others did not today anything related to science the military and some industries is measured in metric however most everyday measurements still use the u.s. system for example we buy gasoline by the gallon measure flour by the pound and drive in miles per hour mph on packaging especially food weights are given in US units but most packages also list the metric equivalent just after the u.s. measurement there are a few exceptions such as larger soft drink bottles our leaders medicine is in milligrams some car parts are in millimeters but distance is in miles yards and inches dry weight is in pounds and ounces liquid volume is in gallons quarts cups and ounces note that some measuring words such as ounce are used for both dry and liquid especially for cooking recipes to find accurate conversions use an app or a website that has a converter for a list of tables with the u.s. measurement units and equivalence visit my patreon page at WWDC on calm slow American English there you can download a free PDF file containing these tables and some metric conversion tables too here are some general tips a quart is a little larger than a liter there are 32 ounces in a quart four quarts equal a gallon an inch is about the size of the end of your thumb there are 12 inches in a foot a foot is based on the size of a man's foot there are three feet in a yard a yard is a little longer than a meter two-thirds of a mile is about one kilometer 32 degrees Fahrenheit is zero degrees Celsius 32 equals zero 61 degrees Fahrenheit is about 16 degrees Celsius just reverse the numbers 61 equals 16 82 degrees Fahrenheit equals 28 degrees Celsius 82 equals 28 one pound is about half a kilogram language notes a dozen is 12 baker's dozen is 13 an American football field 100 yards by a hundred and sixty feet is often used for comparisons for instance the base of the Eiffel Tower is the size of two football fields two inch means to move a small bit at a time the dog inched closer to the woman's food a Miss is as good as a mile means an arrow failure or escape has the same result as a wide failure or miss Terry I almost won the race Pat but you still didn't win a Miss is as good as a mile an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure means it's better to prevent something than to have to solve a problem later that's the podcast for this time slow American English is written and produced by Karen Tolliver copyright 2019 all rights reserved for a free transcript and to subscribe to the podcast visit WWll American English net you can also subscribe the Apple podcast google play music tune in and any other podcast feed reader don't forget to download your free bonus material for this episode visit www.opm.gov/life is at wws and click comm slash swca MPB e ll this has been slow american english i'm karen Tolliver thank you for listening you

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