Was this a Modern Day Miracle? (PostMormon – ExMormon – Faith Crisis)

hey just wanted to get feedback and
input on this this experience that I had so you know that was a missionary
Christian missionary Mormon missionary in Virginia for two years and we got
invited by some members up to come over they had a daughter a disabled daughter
and they needed a they wanted a priesthood blessing from you know some
of us church you know priesthood holders the the men in the church that hold the
priesthood and they kind of have the power to heal in the name of Jesus and
stuff and and so anyway we go there and there she is you know and her name was
Sophie she was 18 years old she’s completely disabled she couldn’t speak
couldn’t feed herself couldn’t you know couldn’t sit up couldn’t walk couldn’t
do anything and and so the family was very gracious and you know this was
normal to us we would go around and give these blessings to the members and we so
we show up and we go and we walk in this room there she is
and you know just just very humbling to see people in that position you know
where they can’t hardly function and and you know it really helps it makes you it
makes you really feel for the family you know especially the the caregivers maybe
them you know like in this case the mother they spend their whole life just
tending to this you know this loved one well my I was new on the mission and so
I was hoping that the the senior companion would would be the one to
administer the blessing and and so he did and and I anointed with oil and then
he actually laid his hands and gave His blessing and then you know he closed in
the name of Jesus Christ and and something changed during that blessing
like something changed like it was like she was moving a lot and
making these noises and then all of a sudden wants the blessing got going she
just became very calm and then at the very end he leaned down and I could hear
him because I was standing right there and he whispered in her ear and he said
Sophie jesus loves you and then all of a sudden the room is almost like it time
Stood Still and everything just changed like I don’t know it was something very
strange in the room and then all of a sudden Sophie said and keep in mind she
couldn’t speak and she said clear as day I love everyone and then she got up she
sat up on her own and her whole family’s just standing there like shocked
completely stunned and she turned sideways on the bed and stood up and
then she walked on her own all the way over and hugged her mom and for the
first time in 18 years she said I love you mom and then one by one she did the
same to her dad and her brother and her sister and we were all just crying can you feel that do you feel that Seon on my mission I
was taught that those those feelings tell you that this is true but every
single word that I just told you was an absolute lie none of that was true I
made up the whole story not to be cruel not to make fun but to make a point does
this make sense see my religion they would tell stories like that and then
they would lay claim to the so-called feelings that people would have you can
have those same feelings even if it’s not true
why the reason is because we’re human and we have a heart and we have emotions
and we believe in goodness and we want to believe in miracles but unfortunately
there’s bad people in this world and there’s bad organizations there’s people
that learn that they can actually lay claim to those feelings they can tell
you lies and then they can tell you that those good feelings you’re having as a
result of lies are the spirit or the Holy Ghost or Jesus telling you that
this is true this is true and what are you gonna do about it
your next step is to you have to act Jesus or God gave you this gift it’s up
to you to do something about it and this is how people become converted to
religion does that make sense study such things as confirmation bias a
woman can actually pray and believe that she has faith in Jesus and believe that
geez is going to answer her prayer about who
she should marry she could be so certain she could be hiking on a trail five
minutes after she prayed and she could see the name carved into a rock that
says Jack and her confirmation bias could be so strong that she sees the
name Jack and she goes there it is Jesus spoke to me and she’ll have these
feelings whoa come over her still small voice the burning in the bosom and
she’ll say it is Jack I am meant to marry Jack that’s amazing I’ve just
prayed about this and Jack could turn out to be a sexual predator that abuses
their children and it happens and you could have ended up in a religion that
lied to you and took advantage of you intentionally
fraud any religion they play on these emotions they play on your desire to
believe in miracles and to be connected to the divine study what’s called
cognitive dissonance which means once you’ve had one of these spiritual
experiences you feel like nothing could ever convince you that it didn’t happen
or that it wasn’t real or that it wasn’t a miracle study it study it out you’ll
be shocked at how powerful the brain is once the brain is decided on something
you can’t it’s almost like you can’t unlearn it you can’t unsee it you can’t
not believe no matter how much evidence is provided to you which proves that
that experience was not accurate that that answer did not come that it is not
true the confirmation bias in the case of the woman her bias or her
cognitive dissonance could be so severe after her brain went to work her brain
made the connection confirmation bias she decided she’s supposed to marry Jack
however she could live a lifetime watching him sexually abuse her own
children and she’ll put up with it because her cognitive dissonance is so
strong that she can’t deny that jesus answered that prayer even though he’s
abusing my children I can’t deny that jesus answered my prayer so she stays
and the abuse continues and it ruins her life and she stays I see it every day
and it’s most common in religion how do religions do this it’s not because the
people are geniuses it’s not because the prophets were geniuses it’s not because
they’re so smart it’s not because they’re so clever it’s because they’re
playing on our greatest desire which is to live after death and to be with our
loved ones after death and so in the case of my religion it was so simple you
can’t be with your loved ones forever unless you can form unless you
participate obey fall in line and give us 10% of your money for the rest of
your life so I did and so have so many others but
we’re not the only religion that does that anyway
sorry to tell the white lie I did it to make a point so many of us are so
desirous to believe be careful there’s people that’ll take advantage of
that these are not honest people these people do not have ethics they do not
have integrity they are wolves in sheep’s clothing


  1. Very well played. I remained skeptical the whole time because I have been through my awakening. The challenge here is to find your moment to awaken. What Sean speaks is truth. My good feeling came after the video. Knowledge is power people. Don't be afraid of it. Embrace your doubts and delve into the real truth.

  2. That did happen to me on my mission, they told me it was a miraculous recovery after the blessing….but it's not exclusive to LDS, God can communicate with all people.

  3. Great job Sean. I've thought of making a similar video but I'm not ready to come out in public yet. I wish I could post this on my Facebook without getting the wrath of family and friends.. but soon I will

  4. Omg. I was just thinking about this point earlier today, and you TOTALLY got me!!! 😂 seriously though this is such a good point!!!

  5. Well done. Most religion is emotional manipulation in which people gladly participate because the benefits feel worth it. Even if their miracle stories cannot stand up to scrutiny and science, the effect still feels good. That “feel good” matters more than truth itself.

  6. Please I ask of you dont throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    So many mormons leave the church and believe nothing of God or Jesus Christ can be true because the only way they knew of them was piled on with Joseph Smith's lies and deceit.
    Start a new truth discovery.
    Begin with the Old testament and then the new testament.
    Be independent in your thinking. Keep a note pad with all your questions while reading, I guarantee you will discover the truth for yourself.
    Be diligent in your quest for answers the history is out there.
    God is love! Jesus Christ is love! The holy spirit will show you what real love is.
    He's calling you, he's calling your beautiful wife, sometimes as said in scripture we literally have to be brought down on our knees, and he sees and is there. I'm sorry for what you are going through deception is wicked, just dont let it tarnish the container it's held in. Let it go.
    I pray for peace for you and your family.

  7. Heartfelt and so true. Religion is a manipulation of the mind. It's sad that people are bleeding out time and money for a church that lies to them.

  8. I think just about every missionary who's ever been to my house, and every other member of the ward I live in has told me a different version of the story. I've always hated the thought of someone blessing my Cerebral Palsy away after a God with a perfect plan went to all the trouble of blessing me with it. Thanks for posting this video. I hope it helps people realize it's a silly thing to say to a disabled person, or any person who cares enough about another human being who happens to be disabled.

  9. What angers me the most is how the Mormon church has manipulated my mother heart for the very reason you just talked about. What broke my shelf is when I realized that the patriarchal order, as under covenant in the temple, made me submit to male authority for eternity because of "Eve's transgression". Where is the atonement for Eve and her daughters? I don't believe any of that story now but that question set me free. Hallelujah!

  10. My modern-day TRUE miracle is the internet, learning from you (and other ex-Mormons) the true history of the church (and much more), and knowing that I'm not alone. Thanks Sean!!

  11. How weird it was to hear that story. It instantly flooded me with panic because I was hearing it from someone that I trust is unbiased in the area. I instantly started questioning myself and what is true even though I’ve already worked through that in my life. That was a good lesson for me.

  12. Powerful. 🙂

    You can't escape human nature and the rawness of our humanity that wants to seek, receive and feel the good that is out there.

  13. Well done Sean! Great video demonstrating how post hoc attribution and emotional manipulation can be used destructively.
    Fast and Testimony meetings are filled with these stories. Some don’t know their narrative is filled with fallacies, but hopefully this video and others will persuade them to avoid manipulation and its destructive effects.

  14. Hey Dude–I get your point. What you described happens. However, that doesn't mean that all the stories like the one you made up are not authentic. Growing up in the LDS church one hears many testimonies an accounts of divine intervention–miracles. Do you expect those who view your video to believe that all accounts of miracles are false, that all the feelings we experience should not be trusted?

    I agree with you that "feelings" are not always a reliable guide, but that doesn't mean that we can't grow in our ability to discern the workings of the Spirit from our own feelings. It takes time and experience. And don't forget, the Lord communicates with us in more ways than one. There are dreams, visions, and many other ways the Spirit can communicate with us.

    You brought up "confirmation bias" (the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories) to persuade your listeners to your point of view. You used the example of the lady who prayed about marrying Jack and then a few minutes later while hiking sees the name Jack carved in a rock and thinks that is an answer to her prayer. Unfortunately, Jack is really a sexual predator and ruins her life because of prayer.

    Apparently, your confirmation bias is so strong you no longer believe in miracles or answers to prayer. Now your a "missionary" for your cause. You proselyte to others your belief that LDS are taking advantage of others, saying they are dishonest, they don't have ethics, they don't have integrity–they are Wolves in sheep's clothing.

  15. You make some excellent points here. However, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance are not the same. Cognitive dissonance is when a person holds conflicting beliefs. The mental discomfort of knowing that only one of the messages can be true is often the first step in a faith crisis. When people have a number of troubling facts/beliefs on their "shelf" they are in a state of cognitive dissonance. If they are afraid to think critically about the original beliefs that are being challenged by new information, they may depend on confirmation bias to affirm what they want to believe. The healthy way to handle cognitive dissonance is to look closely at the conflicting ideas and make an educated choice to accept one, often resulting in changed beliefs and behavior. The church uses emotional manipulation to promote confirmation bias because it doesn't have reasonable facts to help people resolve their cognitive dissonance and still want to stay members.

  16. Solid gold! As a nurse, I get to see life/death at its most raw and real form. There’s no power in prayer; just what is, and what isn’t. Once I grasped that, I’ve never been more at peace.

  17. No it makes no sense. How many Numpty's whether LDS or not think that feelings are the Holy Spirit. This is a great lie and stop saying that the Spirit is about feelings. When the still small voice speaks you hear that voice speak and that voice isn't emotions, feelings, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias. The Holy Spirit is totally different and if you have ever understood when the Holy Spirit speaks to you. You would no the difference and stop trying to muddy the waters.

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