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hello and welcome to my channel there
are something clearly wrong with me I don’t know what it says anyway so my
name is Ashley this is actually faith I make a range of different types of
videos and I vlog about university life oops
and what if I was to say I’m being fuck and today I wanted or I filmed crappy
videos today I filmed this makeup look which is in fact the Gryffindor makeup
look and I’m not sure why that I’m posting wait like which video I’m
posting first so I’ll guess you I guess you’ll know this maybe before the
Gryffindor video I don’t know so we are gonna go straight into the
video for today which is a sort of Q and a video about body positivity because I
haven’t made a video about body positivity in a pretty long time mainly
because I don’t know what I need just say if that makes sense because a lot of
the videos that I have made I knew exactly what I needed to say and like
why I needed to say it and just at the moment haven’t been feeling like
anything that I have in my brain is new unimportant so that’s that and also I’ve
been focusing on getting like into the booktube community because it’s
something kind of new for me and also the university because I’m at my second
year and it’s quite relevant content for my life and so now that it’s sort of
like what off for revision I I thought that I should sort of address this now
and get on with it and make this video so I asked on
Twitter and on Instagram for topics slash questions that you guys want me to
talk about and I have a few that I’m going to talk about and I hope you enjoy
yeah my lipstick is like basically a little dolphin so that’s good okay so
the first one says the importance of loving yourself / your body and every
stage in every phase you slosh it goes through and so what I’m just kind of say
about this is that if you don’t love your body at the start of a weight-loss
journey you are going to love your body at the end of it if that makes sense you
are going to suddenly wake up one day look at yourself in the mirror and love
yourself if the only thing you’ve done is lose weight that’s a bit
controversial but what you need to do is to want to lose weight out of a place of
respect for your body rather than out of a place where you want to change your
body and this also couldn’t come goes with the fact that are you losing weight
because you want other people to see you differently like why are you losing
weight and sort of make sure that you are respecting yourself and your body
and loving yourself and your body every point and especially at the start
because if you don’t sort of start in a place like that you probably aren’t
gonna end up in a place like that if that makes sense favorite photo books
and bocoe insta slash you shoot plants so my favorite book
you guys all should know this and by now if you’re if you know my channel at all
is dumpling okay this but I’ve made a whole video but this book had another
book so I’m not gonna chat long but dumpling honestly changed my life it was
the book they got me back into reading and also the character where Dean whose
nickname is dumpling in this book has so much internalized fatphobia which you
think that as a fat person you don’t have and you do and I saw myself and I
saw my flaws and my strengths in Willow Dean and it really hit home there was a
part in the first chapter that I’ve read out a lot on my channel and about fat
not being an install which is basically something that I’ve said lots and lots
and lots of times and so the whole book hit home for me and I thought it did it
has a really good portrayal of bad people and it really uses the characters
in the book just sort of tackle the fat phobia that the society has and it looks
like my camera is going to die so I wanna just plug hit that girl in oh
maybe I’ll just like hurry up I don’t know any you okay oh accounts so Louise
Pentland sorry Vargas there’s a few on Twitter I started following okay and you
leave a list down below because I can’t about this member of my Karma’s gonna
die what are the best shows to watch on TV such Netflix of body overs
representation I love the Netflix movie that they made
from dumpling I haven’t washed many things of great body representation in
there so if you have any recommendations please leave them down below I’ve had
that my fat diary it’s very good and also this is one scene from Glee that I
watched it gave me the feels and because Mercedes is a bigger girl and it
was Quinn if he was one of the no skinny blonde cheerleaders cheering up and I
really love that is Adam your boyfriend already positive and he absolutely is
he’s one of the reasons why I’m so comfortable in myself now before I met
him I wasn’t I would say that like I hated how I looked but there were more
days where I didn’t like how I look then there were days I did like hi look if
that makes sense and he really sort of helped me see that
my body isn’t everything and he he loves me the way I am what is something you
wish other people knew about body positivity that it’s freaking hard it’s
not something easy that you can just like turn on on it is there it takes
constant work and you have days where you don’t feel as great have moments
when you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re like wow I really wish that
was different and it’s not it’s not something that is
all the time if that makes sense and you have to work at it and it’s hard
and people don’t see that often and people sort of see a confident fat girl
and they take it sore for granted that she doesn’t get upset by anything
although they don’t get upset by anything and that’s just not just not
true I try not to let things upset me but I’m only human
things do upset me and especially when people judge me based on hi look what
can society do to make the world more accessible for fat people and it’s
literally just listen to is when we say things because a lot of the time people
will get mad about what we say and we’ll get mad about um things like
yeah people just get mad at like whatever we say whatever we ask for i
like the biggest thing that you could do to hell with I was actually listen to us
and I like a listen to what we need and listen to what like different people say
because it’s not always oh excuse me it’s not always the same for everyone
and the biggest thing is just like listening tools and showing those
respect treating us like people and not like second-rate citizens because of how
we look and you’d be surprised like how much discrimination there is against fat
people I read or heard somewhere that and naturally likes me like 49 states in
America you can actually fire someone because they’re fat sorry what oh my god
in 48 something like 49 47 states in America
you can fire someone because they’re overweight just just let that sink in
and then come back to me how can people be more body positive one
is what I like this is saying oh there’s something that I read or heard someone
that first thought you have about someone is what society has told you to
think about that certain thing and then the second thing is what you actually
think about lovers and so a lot of the time especially like when I was um less
body positive and like left cleared up on all this other stuff I would look at
someone who was fat and I’d look at them when I said oak Grove’s I hate how
they’re dressed they’re not hiding themselves which is now thinking back
actually just a gross thing to think and the the way to be more body positive is
to check yourself and to check yourself for internalized biphobia and
internalized just prejudice against fat people and it’s hard and you may feel
really bad by yourself after it when you realize just how much you judge people
and how they look and how they dress and all that sort of things so that is the
way to even body-positive because you will find that there’s a lot
that you can change within yourself and if you swap that out then you will see
yourself more positively and you’ll see other people more positively and the
world will be a better place because you are a better cut have you been always
been body constable is it something that you’ve learned so I made a hole I made a
fat story video like a year and a half ago now very long time ago it’s a
terribly that setup in the video is roll there’s a terribly edited video
however it was a roll video for my car and I’m former Wesley I know I wasn’t
but like I didn’t have a problem with myself I would just say like I from a
very young age from being seven years old I went the doctor but being fine so
it was ingrained in me that it was unhealthy and it was a bad thing and it
was something that I needed to change for that reason and yes being overweight
can lead to more health problems but you can’t just look at someone and see their
way I know how healthy or unhealthy they are I feel like what he wants to be
something that I’ve learned after I started to see a doctor he respected me
as a person and rather than just like something that they have to fix and that
is what breaks up made this so chain rule an option stop so I would say no I
wasn’t it was something that I loved but I wasn’t like the complete opposite if
that made sense what’s your favorite aspect of yourself bracket non physical
I feel like I’m gonna have to say no it’s like the love that I have for other
people and like the fact is it like I will give myself so fully to someone and
help them with anything that I need is done by them no matter what the
situation is and you know I pride myself and being a
reliable friend and partner and family member but I probably say that nice
definitely swing that I pride myself on quite a lot how do you know if somebody
is body-positive you don’t I think if the answer unless you know them I don’t
know whether this pet whether is a hero sixth question means like if they
themselves are confident or they’re like little twats or other people and and
it’s very easy the teller ones who are not body-positive like towards other
people cause they’ll talk badly about the people they’ll talk badly about
themselves this isn’t like the only things but also they’ll make comment
without thinking about it and they’ll hold all these prejudices and
stereotypes – you know they’ll hold them to actions or thing what’s the biggest
personal obstacle you’ve overcome so I’m really sorry if the angle that kazoom
anything like that changed but my camera battery just died and I have to go to
the new one in so we were just getting to the last question in the video which
says what’s the biggest person obstacle you’ve overcome with regards to body
positivity hmm I think probably is overcoming and dealing with the sort of
prejudice that people think that they can and should tell fat people to be
healthier and act like they know the health of people based on their weight
because my like that story was for a long long time so much fruit it was so
rooted in that and of doctors and hospitals and pediatricians and
dietitians and that whole situation I might give an updated video on that
are just a whole topic on this off health of being fat and I just found
that so challenging because that whole experience was all about as I just sort
of felt that I was a bad person that I was far and that sounds absolutely
ridiculous some people but that’s how we are
treated and by and not just by just people but I met cool professionals I
was treated poorly by many many medical professionals I’ll tell you one story at
a time that really really upset me and and that was a very hard thing and the
the main thing that I found challenging when sort of you know dealing with body
positivity and stuff so might be a little bit of TMI but I had this issue
where I was getting large like acne like boils things in my right armpit and in
my down below I you know like in my dog world the area but like you know my down
below area and then my like like in-between that so you know your girl
was like well this isn’t normal my parents are like this isn’t normal
what is this and I was like oh because they were massive and I got them okay
I’m gonna be like six months where we and this whole time we could never get
up late went up the GP hashtag any chance of courts we couldn’t get an
appointment at the GP so we kept going to the walk-in Center and I’ll hours GP
just because they needed to be drained because it was that big and that soul
and then we finally got an appointment with the GP
and we explained the situation and the the GP wasn’t my regular doctor just
comes out Ryan says to me I’m getting there’s another 12 you know they just go
away if you lost weight let me step back for a moment hey Matt hi my name is
Ashley I’ve been going to multiple doctors and health professionals since I
was 7 years old because I’m overweight there’s never been a point in my life
where I’ve lost anyway and the two most significant significant period of time
where my weight was plateaued was once when I was really ill and couldn’t eat
anything and once when I had this really nice doctors who actually understood me
okay so now you’re gonna tell me that I just have to lose weight to get rid of
dizzy spots luckily I haven’t had one in years and
years and years but like this doctor would literally just take a look at my
file and I just view the long list of dots the payments that I’ve been to and
it was unprofessional and rude and in fat phobic and disgusting absolutely
disgusting and I cried and walked out home was like actually we’re gonna
they’re not gonna do of this bullshit bullshit I know I list it looks great
let’s just forget about that and sort of that sort sums up the experience but
your gal had with health professionals Wow really gray don’t we love the clouds
I’m depending on luck natural light but yet that was definitely the biggest
thing for me to overcome anything I’m gonna make a video about that because
it’s a very important pic I think yes okay so I filmed that whole section on
the video ages ago and then someone just asked me more questions so I thought
answer them because they seemed like a really interesting question so so the
questions are how do you embrace the style you put in were in inverted
thingies growing up so literally what I did was I just wore it like I was never
affected to like my family stuff I was never sort of ashamed to wear anything
growing up I never really like dressed sexy as some of the girls in that my
school did and how other girls my age did I just never saw anything that was
sexy that would actually fit me and it was like not age-appropriate but now it
was literally just for vote for the wearing of clothes it was just like a
snap decision sort of thing like I just did and I don’t think that’s of very
much use to you but for me I get an outfit that I really really love and I
wear it and then I take cue up cell function
I take cute I selfies and I post them online and I feel great about myself and
sometimes people tell me how great all the times I just tell myself I look
great um so I’m a time body image it’s so hard for me I feel like I need a
whole new wardrobe this is sort of a similar thing if you like the clothes
that you’re wearing confidence is so much easier
so maybe do you need a whole new wardrobe but just start off like buying
a few different things and go out shopping and try stuff on try if it
makes you feel good and if it makes you feel good fits you well buy it it
doesn’t matter if it’s vintage or not there’s a matter of its in style or not
or anything like that if it makes you feel good
wear the hell out of it and especially for summer wear what you feel
comfortable in like you don’t have to be the girl who wears the short shorts and
the crop tops and the bralette you don’t have to do that if you don’t feel
comfortable and if that’s something that you want to do in the future you just
have to work on your confidence and it’s not something that you can just like
sort of switch on you have to work at it and yeah okay I’m gonna let you get back
to your scheduled programming but first let’s just get my like a little corner
here like it’s just so cute anyway get back to the red robe regular regular
scheduled programming of this video so thank you to everyone who asked
questions and thank you for watching if you have any more topics that you think
I should make a whole video about leave them down in the comments and if you are
new please subscribe and go and check out all the people down there which I
found find helpful for but it was Steve and all that positive positive Steve is
what I said actually so who’s Steve Steve who are you anyway
I hope you enjoyed this video and yeah give me a like if you liked it okay a little bit


  1. I like Lucy Wood for her try on hauls, she makes me feel better about the idea that my body isn't just proportionally larger, but I have parts that are bigger or smaller. Idk if that makes sense, but her videos make me want to still look cute, even if all I wanna do is hide my stomach

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