Virgin Mary appears to Harvard Professor Part 1 (Subtítulos -Jewish Convert to Catholic)

April 11, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand Hi it’s of course it’s great still to be
here again to be here and as the Deacon said I will today I will give my witness
testimony and as time allows perhaps talk a little bit more about the
relationship of Judaism to the Catholic Church or maybe why boy okay I wasn’t
planning to start with preaching but there’s only one disadvantage that a
cradle Catholic can conceivably have over a non Catholic which is the danger
of being cradle Catholic is not being aware of what you have that no one else
has and the advantage of occasional II of being a convert is we as converts who
come into the church from outside it can be easier to see the infinite gift. Well
it’s easy even for a Catholic to see the infinite gift of the church but what’s
harder to see is how everybody else is dying of thirst in the desert
essentially except a Catholic who understands the truths of the faith and
who lets hope is at least occasionally in a state of grace so I will give my
witness testimony but maybe I’ll talk more about that but but the point of my
witness testimony is of course having is talking about that transition a little
bit anyway as I mentioned yesterday I was born and raised quite Jewish my
parents were both German Jewish Holocaust refugees they had both fled
Hitler’s Germany and growing up I grew up in the 50s so it was pretty shortly
after the war Jews and Gentiles at least in the United States I grew up outside
of New York City that’s why I’m speaking too fast I’ll slow down but there was
less mingling between Jews and Gentiles and Jews and Christians and growing up
all my all my friends were Jewish all my parents friends were Jewish there wasn’t
really much interaction with with Christians I went to secular school but
from the beginning of school into University also went to Jewish religious
education after school and so my entire identity was Jewish growing up and the
only way I could even conceive of God and religion was through Judaism I in my
late high school years I became even more fanatically Jewish one might say I
became a follower of a Hasidic rabbi you know the passage with the long black
coats and the ear curls and I kind of fell under the spell of a very
charismatic Hasidic rabbi and followed in his train and went to Israel the
summer between high school and college if you know following him around and and
you know being at his prayer meetings every night and so forth and I even
thought of not coming back to the United States to begin University that fall but
just staying in Israel and entering the closest thing Judaism has to religious
life which is a life of study and prayer in yeshiva in this case in in Jerusalem
it’s a fairly monastic form of life it’s not exactly the same but I didn’t I went
back to the United States and I started University which is MIT which is a very
technical scientific you know secular spear at University and it’s also very
prestigious University so of course you know everyone there thinks that they’re
the smartest people in the world and know more than anyone else and it was
under that spell of that environment I essentially lost my Jewish faith the
view of the world there was that religion is just some kind of you know
medieval superstition that man came up with to explain things before they were
science to you know really give the true explanation and I fell under the sway of
that pseudo scientific worldview that science has all the answers and and
religion is just myth it’s actually a pseudo scientific
worldview it’s the opposite of scientific worldview because the essence
of science is you start with the data you start with the evidence you develop
a theory that can laying the evidence if it successfully
explains the evidence you can hold on to that theory and if it can’t explain the
evidence you have to throw it away and come up with another theory the truth is
that all of the evidence points the truths of the Catholic faith
you have tons and tons of materialistic scientifically establish Abul evidence
that supports Catholicism and that actually contradicts materialism for
instance you have the Shroud of Turin I think all of you know about the Shroud
of Turin Jesus’s burial cloth and even today you know in in 2015 with all of
our technology all of the engineers and scientists in the world could not
counterfeit the Shroud of Turin you know much less 800 years ago whenever it
first came to the surface you have the tilma of Guadalupe similarly it’s it’s
on this cactus fiber cloth that has a lifetime of 20 or 30 years and it is
completely you know undamaged and unworn after almost 500 years and so forth you
have the miracles of Fatima right the Sun spinning in the sky and crashing to
earth which was seen by you know 80 thousand or a hundred thousand people
including skeptics including communists including atheists who had only gone
there to laugh at these superstitious peasants who thought there’d be a
miracle you have the medical miracles at Lourdes and so forth and so on right
you’re all aware of that but these are in if one truly had a scientific
worldview one would have to say the theory of materialism fails because
there’s evidence to contradict it does this make sense so anyway but of course
I didn’t know this then but it’s a little bit of a digression but you know
we live in this very scientifically oriented age I think that God gave us
these physical miracles especially today like the Shroud of
Turin and so forth in part as a means of evangelization so it’s pretty I think
it’s an effective means of evangelization in other words if
somebody wants to be totally materialistic and claim that they’re you
know that the faith is all nonsense they should be challenged okay how do you
explain this how do you explain and actually all they can do is throw
away the evidence basically and emile zola who was a very big french writer at
the turn of the 20th century an atheist he went to Lourdes to write a book
debunking Lourdes showing how it was all just you know imaginary he went there he
saw tremendous physical miracles there was a woman in the railway carriage
going down with him whose face was eaten away by a cancer and he saw her after
she was healed and she had a healthy face well you know what his response was
was to pension her off I think was in Belgium for the rest of her life so that
so that nobody could see her he wrote I don’t care how many miracles I see I
refuse to believe them so anyway that’s the position that a does that’s the
scientific position that’s not very scientific but anyway I lost my faith at
MIT I went on to Harvard Business School I did well enough at Harvard Business
School to be invited to join the faculty I joined the faculty and at the ripe old
age of 29 I was a professor of marketing at Harvard Business School which was
pretty heady stuff but what had but that’s when the bottom fell out of my
world because what had been going on all my life since I was a small child was I
felt in my heart there has to be a real meaning and purpose to life and someday
when I’m older I’ll come to know the real meaning and purpose of life which I
thought would come from entering into a personal relationship with God which I
honestly thought would happen at my bar mitzvah the Bar Mitzvahs like the Jewish
version of confirmation when the child is about 13 he goes through the ceremony
in the synagogue and Andrews religious adulthood and I honestly thought that at
my bar mitzvah the veil would drop and I would come into a personal relationship
with God and when that didn’t happen it was actually one of the saddest days of
my childhood but then pretty soon I decided the real meaning and purpose of
life would come when I got a driver’s license or when I left home or when I
started University or if I got into Harvard Business School and so forth so
I had for about 10 or 15 years these external objects that I thought would
give my life real meaning but here at the point I’m describing when I was 29 I
was already far more successful in a worldly sense and I ever expected to be
being a professor at Harvard Business School but life still had no meaning or
purpose you know we were just a chemical accident some lightning hit some mud
filled with amino acids you know five billion years ago and here we are
there’s no meaning or purpose to life we live for seven year or 90 years and died
and that’s it there’s no pattern to things that happen
and so forth so there was no point to anything despite the worldly success and
but the difference being at this point there was nothing more I could look
forward to that I could imagine would be a life meaning because you know there
was no brass ring out there to still reach for so I fell into the deepest
despair of my life at that point a kind of existential despair and it was
in that that I was walking in nature early one morning just lost in my
thoughts that’s the only solace I found would be to go to some beautiful place
you know in the middle of nature so I was just walking along and I had long
since I mean I was essentially an atheist at that point I had long since
given up on any idea of God or religion and I received the most spectacular
grace in my life as I was walking along from one moment to the next
the curtain between earth and heaven disappeared and I found myself in the
presence of God very knowingly in the presence of God in
a very intimate conversation with God so to speak seeing my life and experiencing
my life as I would see it after I died and looked back over it in the presence
of God and I saw instantaneously I saw how I would feel about everything after
I died I saw that my two greatest regrets when I died would be number one
all of the time and energy I had wasted worrying about not being loved when
every moment of my existence I was held in an ocean of love greater than I ever
imagined could exist coming from this all-knowing all-loving God and the other
regret would be every hour I had wasted doing nothing of value in the eyes of
heaven I saw my life as the you know all my life I had been greedily
accumulating piles of monopoly money you know that brightly paper a brightly
colored paper money from the game of Monopoly when right next to it there was
a stack of gold coins that I had been ignoring which would be of course merited
in heaven I saw how foolish it was to be greedy
for things that wouldn’t be doing me any good at all even a hundred years hence
you know when I’m dead whereas I could have been greedy so to speak to
accumulate treasure in heaven from which I would very literally be benefiting a
hundred million years from now now I know this isn’t the healthiest attitude
in the world but I was a Harvard Business School marketing professor so I
haven’t excused you know everything was net present value everything was
maximizing returns and I was still seeing this a little bit in that way so
I didn’t see the error in being greedy I just saw how stupidly greedy I had been
and if I want to be smart and greedy the only thing that made sense would be to
try to be as great a saint as possible essentially another thing that I saw in
this experience was how foolish I had been I has basically spent my life sort
of looking in the rearview mirror saying to myself if only that hadn’t happened
to me then I would be happy today or if only that hadn’t happened to me then I
would be happy today and nothing could be further from the
truth because everything that had ever happened to me had been the most
perfectly designed thing that could come to meet me coming from the hands of this
all-knowing all-loving God not only including those things that had caused
the most suffering at the time but especially those things that had caused
the most suffering at the time and of course I saw that the meaning and
purpose of my life was to worship and serve my Lord and God and master who was revealing himself to me now I will say one other thing probably the biggest
single transformative aspect of this experience was just coming into the
incredibly intimate knowledge that God not only knew me personally not only
knew my name but had been watching over me and caring about
every moment of my existence from my conception as though I were the only
person had ever created or ever would create he not only knew and controlled
everything that ever happened to me but he knew how I felt at every moment
of my life and cared about how I felt at every moment of my life and you know in
a fairly real way was made be happy by everything that made me happy and was
saddened with me by everything I made me sad and it was coming into this
understanding of how intimately God knew me and how intimately he loved me and
cared about me every moment that was by far the biggest transformative aspect of
this now I one might ask didn’t you know that as a Jew now in all honesty if you
read the Old Testament that is not the picture of God you get you get a little
of it in the prophets but you don’t get any of it in the Torah and the first
five books of the Old Testament the picture you get of God is that like the
picture you see in Exodus when God calls Moses up to the top of Mount Sinai to
receive the Ten Commandments he tells him build a fence around the base of the
mountain before you come up because if anyone should even touch the base of the
mountain while I am on top they will have to be instantly killed because of
the sacrilege so that’s kind of the picture I had of God so it obviously
this was not fitting in with that picture so I prayed I could not think of
this God as the god of Judaism as the God of the Old Testament so as I was
having this experience I was actually still walking it’s a very curious
needless to say state that I was in because I still saw the physical world
around me know the trees and the bushes and the insects but I saw through it
into the spiritual world and the spiritual world was so much realer and
so much more immediate and so much more concrete and substantial than the
physical world that I wasn’t surprised during this experience that I was seeing
the spiritual world the only thing I couldn’t understand is how I could have
ever not seen it because it is so much more real than the physical world which
is like you know painted veil a kind of gossamer veil
that was simply shielding one’s vision from the real world I don’t know if
you’ve ever had this experience but sometimes when you go to the theater or
go to the ballet you’ll be in the audience and you’ll be looking at the
stage and there’ll be a curtain on the stage and the lights will be on and
you’ll just see the front of the curtain and then they will turn off the house
lights and there’ll be light shining on the front of the curtain and you’ll
still just see the curtain but then they will dim those lights and turn on the
stage lights and all of a sudden you see through the curtain to the actors on the
stage or the dancers on the stage and you barely see the curtain anymore and
it was like that it was like like the physical world just became that you know
very thin veil behind which I saw the spiritual world so I was walking along
still and I prayed to this God who was so incredibly present let me know your
name so I know what religion to follow to worship and serve you properly I
don’t mind if your Buddha and I have to become a Buddhist I don’t mind if you’re Krishna and I have to become Hindu I don’t mind if your Apollo and I have to become
a Roman pagan as long as you’re not Christ and I have to become Christian
and I very literally prayed that and God respected that pray or Christ respected
that prayer and he didn’t tell me who he was and I wasn’t ready to hear it
obviously but I went back home let me make a little bit of a digression that’s
a little bit related to the speakers yesterday morning which is the picture
that I have of the state the Jews are in with their resistance to Christ and
their resistance to Christianity is sort of like the following you know parable
or metaphor or something he imagined a little boy with a with a pet dog and
that dog just loves his little boy the little boy is you know the the moon and
the stars and the sun to this dog you know the dog just like curls up under
his chair all day waiting for him you know to come to the table or whatever
and the dog lives for this little boy and then the little boy goes off to
school and the dog is you know incredibly mournful
inconsolable and the little boy grows up and he becomes like a teenager and he
comes back home and he knocks on the door to come into the house and a little
dog is going nuts you know barking at him and wants to tear him to pieces
because he thinks that little boy that now that young man is invading and
taking the place of the little boy who he wants to stay loyal to does that make
sense and that’s kind of the state that I feel like I was in as a Jew because in
a way the state the Jews are in is they’re trying to stay loyal to to
Christ actually to Christ as he revealed himself in the Old Testament and in the
days of you know before he incarnated and out of their loyalty to Christ
they’re refusing to accept Christ. Make sense right? but anyway that was all a
digression back to the beach so I came out of this experience slowly over a
period of hours a little bit I mean in another sense over a period of days I
went back home to Cambridge Massachusetts where I was living at the
time you know as a Harvard professor I couldn’t care at all about teaching
Harvard MBAs how to make a little more money anymore all I wanted to do was
pursue this experience and and know learn who this God was and how to
worship and serve him properly so I did some stupid things during that
year because this has been a mystical experience and and so I looked into some
various forms of mysticism which were a very bad idea but I didn’t one smart
thing which is every night before going to sleep I would say a short prayer that
I had made up to learn the name of my Lord and Master and God who had revealed himself to me well you know I’d say this prayer just before going to sleep
and a year to the day after that initial experience and I know it was a year to
the day because I prayed and Thanksgiving that day before going to
sleep a year to the day after that first experience I went to sleep and I thought
I was awoken by a hand gently on my shoulder and led to a room and left
alone with the most beautiful young woman I could ever imagine
and I knew without being told that it was the Blessed Virgin Mary when I found
myself in her presence all I wanted to do was throw myself on my knees and
somehow honor her appropriately in fact the first thought that crossed my mind
was oh my gosh I wish I at least knew the Hail Mary but I didn’t now I’ll tell
a couple of things about that initial part of that experience first of all I
now understand my body was asleep in bed I thought I was awake at the time my
memory represents it as though I were awake but I understand that if there had
been a camera in the room it would have shown me asleep in bed but anyway when I
found myself in her presence I was just overwhelmed overwhelmed and actually
lifted into a state of ecstasy simply by the love that flowed from her and as
beautiful as she was to look at even more powerfully affecting was the sound
of her voice when she spoke her voice was like what makes music music. it was
like the essence of music and it carried with it a love that just flowed through
all of my fibers and lifted me up into a state of ecstasy and the first thing she
said to me was she offered to answer any questions I might have for her as I
mentioned of my first thought when I was in her presence was I wish I at least
knew the Hail Mary so I could honor her appropriately so when she offered to
answer any questions I might have for her I kind of wanted to ask her to teach
me the Hail Mary but I was too proud to admit that I didn’t know it so as a kind
of indirect way I I said “what’s your favorite prayer to you?” figuring she
teach me the Hail Mary right her first response was a little bit coy. it was, “I
love all prayers to me.” But I was a little bit pushy maybe that’s because
I’m in New York Jew and maybe not but I said but you must love some prayers to
you more than others and she relented and she recited a prayer but it was in
Portuguese and I didn’t know any Portuguese so all I could do was make
the effort to remember the first few syllables fanatically in the next morning
when I woke up I wrote them down fanatically and then later when I met a
Portuguese Catholic woman I asked her to recite all of the Marian prayers in
Portuguese so I could try to identify it and to the best of my ability I
identified it as “O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee!” I’ll mention maybe three or four of the other questions and answers most of
the questions were simply expressions of – I don’t know how to put it, but of my response
to her presence which was.. I’ll go into the questions it’s hard to describe but but
I was absolutely overwhelmed. I knew that she was a human being a person
during this experience but she was so glorious and so magnificent and so
exalted that it was really hard to hold on to that thought that she was a human
being and in my defense I will say that we know from I believe it’s the letter
of John when an angel appeared to him he threw himself on the ground and began to
worship the angel until the angel said get up don’t do that that’s not
appropriate I’m a creature like you and we know that the Blessed Virgin Mary’s
the Queen of Angels she’s more exalted than the highest of the angels. So if
that was the natural human response to an angel how much more so to the Queen
of Angels? So most of my questions came out of that so one of the questions I
asked her was um in this state I kind of stammered out, “How is it possible, how
can it be, how is it possible that you’re so magnificent, that you’re so exalted, that
you’re so glorious how can it be?” And she just looked down on me almost pityingly
and she shook her head gently and she said, “Oh no! You don’t understand. You
don’t understand anything. I’m a creature.” I’m a created thing. He’s everything.” And then another question I asked her again out of this desire to somehow honor her
appropriately was I asked what title she liked best for herself
and her response was “I am the Beloved Daughter of the Father,
Mother of the Son, and Spouse of the Spirit.” and I will say that at the time I had
this dream or this experience I knew nothing about Christianity I had never
opened a New Testament lest it pollute me I knew absolutely nothing about the
Blessed Virgin Mary except you know from Christmas Carol, Silent Night and from
seeing Christmas Crèche occasionally all of this was entirely new to me the
last question and answer I think that I’ll mention is by now I figured out
obviously that if this is the Blessed Virgin Mary and have been Christ on the
beach and it’s all about Christianity and I’d better get up to speed pretty
quick and all my life I had heard the expression the Holy Spirit but I didn’t
know what it meant so I asked her and I apologize for the way I phrased it but I
didn’t know any better I said, “What’s this business about the Holy Spirit?” And
her response was simply to look upwards with an expression melting with love and
say, “He’s his gaze.” Many years later when I told the story to some seminarians
they pointed out that Saint Thomas Aquinas had called the Holy Spirit the
“look of love that passes between the Father and the Son.” So I think that’s
probably all the questions and answers that are worth recounting I asked some
stupid ones too and and then after I was finished with my question she said she
had something she wanted to talk to me about tell me so she spoke for about
another ten or fifteen maybe twenty minutes and then the audience is over
and I went back to sleep and the next morning when I woke up I knew that it
had been Christ on the beach I wanted nothing other I knew who the Blessed
Virgin Mary was I knew her her role by the way as a unique channel between
heaven and earth that I knew from the experience and I knew I wanted to be as
fully and completely a Christian as possible I didn’t know what that meant I
didn’t know what the difference was between a Protestant and a
Catholic and so all I could really do was open a local phonebook and go to
local church it was a Protestant church but I knew who the Blessed Virgin Mary
was and when I got to know the pastor a little bit I kind of shyly asked what
about the Blessed Virgin Mary and when he answered without the respect that I
knew she deserved I knew this is no place for me. And the other thing that
was happening in those days because I was spending all my free time a hanging
around Marian shrines and there was a Marian shrine near my house to Our Lady
of La Salette which was an apparition in the French Alps and I believe it was
1846 it’s a little bit like Fatima too a couple of Shepherd children but it was a
one time apparition and so there was a shrine to Our Lady of La Salette near my
house and I would drive up there three or four days a week just to walk the
grounds and kind of commune with Mary and of course I was a Catholic shrine
and whenever I was at a Catholic shrine and there was a mass going on I was
filled with this tremendous desire to receive Communion even though I didn’t
know what it was it was almost like a lost you know I want that I want that I
want that so basically that’s what led me to the Catholic Church pretty
directly was knowing who the Blessed Virgin Mary is and wanting to receive
Communion I will tell one story along the path I you’ll see why when I tell the story so
I have been hanging out at this shrine to La Salette at that winter I went skiing in
the French Alps which was what I lived for actually before my conversion and at
the place where I was skiing a train for a couple of days the skiing was pretty
bad I looked on a map it was only it looked like it was only an hour or two
from La Salette, the real La Salette in France the place where the operation
occurred so I figured I’d take a day off of skiing and drive there so I did that
and by the time I got there because of the mountain roads and so forth there
was the end of the day it was sunset La Salette is very high in the French Alps
it’s miles and miles above the treeline it is incredibly beautiful it looks like
Shangri-la you leave the nearest village you’re winding you know the
switchback road up the mountain you leave the near last village maybe
about 10 kilometers behind you leave the treeline you know it’s all granite
cliffs and snow bowls and then when you get almost at the top of the mountain
there’s a little hollow with this Basilica incredibly beautiful so I get
to it it’s almost sundown and I go in there and I ask is it I see a sign
saying reception so I go in there and I ask if it’s possible to stay there and
they said sure so I stay there I got stuck there for the whole ski trip
because a blizzard moved in the rain that was raining at the ski area was
snow there a blizzard moved in I got stuck there for about 10 days and by
those 10 days the Blessed Virgin Mary was working on me essentially
I mean I know that I I was sleeping most of the time I had
these very beautiful delicious dreams and so forth and then and then on my way
back to the United States finally the blizzard lifted just in time
for me to drive off the mountain I was flying home from Geneva I’m
staying at a friend’s apartment in Geneva waiting for my flight the next
morning and I go to sleep and just before going to sleep I say a prayer
which is just complaining to God as so many of our prayers are and I say I
can’t believe you did this to me I go halfway around the world to go
skiing and you stick me at La Salette the whole time you know and in the after
that like fall asleep and I wake into a dream where I’m confronted with this
very serious somber man but you could tell you know what he reminded me of is
like the high school teacher who is always very serious but the kids know
that he actually loves them more than all of the clappy happy teachers so this
very serious but loving man just is in front of me he drills me with his eyes
and he says, “You can go skiing or you can work for the Second Coming. It’s your
choice which do you choose?” so anyway so then I go home and when I
was dying to find someone to talk to about my mystical experiences when I was
at La Salette there was another pilgrim there an elderly French woman and after
I got home she called me up and she said we think it would be a good idea if you
check out the Carthusians and i know knew nothing about the Carthusians i
don’t know how many of you know about the Carthusians have any of you seen the
movie “Into Great Silence?” but the Carthusians are the strictest contemplative
order in the church they live in solitary confinement essentially they
live in very strict silence one meal a day that’s brought to them in a kind of
a dumbwaiter so they don’t even see the person who brings it to them they
they’re not allowed to talk at all they they break sleep every night they they
sleep for about three hours from 9pm to midnight and then they get up to chant
Matins until about 2:30 in the morning and then they get to sleep about another
three hours until they get up for mass very severe silent beautiful contemplative order but I didn’t know any much of this so she she gives me the
phone number of a Carthusian monastery near where she lives in France and I
call him up and I say can I come and visit because when I heard about the
Carthusians I thought if anyone’s a mystic these guys better be mystics or
else they’d be going nuts with such a you know
penitential life so anyway the guy who answers the phone he answered the phone
it turns out because he was the prior when I I said can I come and stay for a
little while he said, “No, no absolutely not!” We were strictly cloistered we don’t receive any visitors but then he says,
“Tell me something about yoursel.” So I start telling him the story and I can
hear he’s beginning to waver so I say should I send you a letter and
he’s a good idea send me a letter so I send him a letter and he immediately
writes back you’re welcome anytime what I didn’t know was the one exception
to not receiving anybody is if it’s a potential vocation.. so I’m still Jewish I’m not baptized I’m
still anti-catholic but I get on a plane and fly to France and show up at this
Carthusian monastery and so I’m staying there it was for about a week and I’m
staying in a cell and the prior is coming once a day every day in the
afternoon to ask me if I have any questions or to give me spiritual
direction and every day I’m saying to myself I’m expecting him to give me a
sales pitch about why I should become Catholic right so every day I’m
expecting that when he shows up today I’ll be the day he gives me the sales
pitch but he doesn’t you know and then so he goes off after we talk and I say
well tomorrow he’s waiting till tomorrow to give me the sales pitch but he still
doesn’t so finally I can’t take the suspense anymore and so when he comes
you know that day I kind of let him have it with both barrels and I say you know, “Aren’t you going to tell me why I should become Catholic?” And he said
“Oh no not at all all I ask is that you keep your eyes
open and be honest with yourself about what you see.” This overwhelmed me because obviously he had faith in the Holy Spirit and you know he
knew it was the truth anyway this last thing I was expecting
as if excuse me for saying as a pushy Jew you know so I’m telling you
about three stories that happen there because that’s really where most of my
conversion took place was at the Carthusian monastery so that’s one thing
that happened and another thing that happened was I was joining the monks
every night from you know midnight to 2:30 in the morning in their office in
you know it’s chanting the Divine Office which of course are the Psalms from the
Old Testament so I’m getting up in the middle of the night and I’m in this
little stall you know next to all the monks on stalls to my left and my right
and they’re chanting “O Jerusalem should I ever forget you let my tongue cleave
to the roof of my mouth.” You know and.. “O Zion there’s no place in the world as
beautiful as you.” And I’m looking around at all these old monks saying to
myself they’re all wannabe Jews and then the third thing that happened
there was I’m working my job there was to cut grass in the orchard with this
old scythe. So I’m out there scything the grass one day and this elderly monk
shuffles out to me because since they’re never allowed to speak sometimes they’d
like to take in a you know the opportunity and so he shuffles out to me
and he says to me may I ask you a question and I say sure and he says, “Well if you don’t mind my asking you’re not Catholic,
are you?” Because I saw that I wasn’t receiving Communion at Mass and I said, “No that’s right I’m not Catholic!” And then he says, “Well then if you don’t mind
my asking what are you then?” And I say very proudly, “I’m Jewish!” And he said, “Oh
that’s a relief! We were all afraid you were Protestant!” [Laughter LOL 🙂 ] and so you can see then I saw the view
that they had which was that that Jews are as John Paul the second st. John
Paul the second said our elder brothers in the faith Protestants had the faith
but rejected it but Jews were in a different category and the third thing
that happened there and maybe the most important thing that happened there was
I felt the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary there I would have thought
as you know materialist or whatever that these monks would be very sour
pusses they would be bitter they would be unhappy here they live this
incredibly penitential life you know they had no pleasures right? they had no
comfort they had no sleep and but instead they were they were joyful you
know like kindergartners sharing a joke you know many of them look like they
were you know that’s kind of had a secret secret giggle going on behind their
faces and I knew that what fill them with that love and what fill them
with that warmth was the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary and I don’t know the
correct theology to describe this but when I was there I felt the way that the
Blessed Virgin Mary animates the spirit of the Catholic Church it’s like the
Catholic Church is the external building and the Blessed Virgin Mary is the heart
of it and I felt that there so by the time I left there by the time I left there I wanted to
become Catholic it still took me a few years for various reasons but I took me
a couple of years to be baptized the some of the places I went were a little
bit confused about anyway and of course that was the biggest thing in my life
and since my baptism and please don’t applaud this this has nothing to do with
me but since my baptism which was in 1992 so once I make it 22 years ago I
honestly don’t think I went more than a dozen days without receiving Communion
and usually when I was traveling and the only reason is because I’m still again
excuse me for saying this I’m I’m still that Harvard Business School marketing
professor I’m still greedy and given what communion is and given the fact
that we live for all eternity and our eternity is entirely dependent
on this little period of 60 or 70 or 80 years of life on earth and I’m not sure
what we receive when we receive Holy Communion but it’s probably gonna matter
for all eternity and it’s probably going to be a plus for all eternity and that’s
not a good reason it’s a greedy reason but it’s still a reason to want to
receive Communion every day and I saw in the few minutes I have left I actually
don’t know how many minutes the I have left let me just talk it’s what I
started out saying is is the only advantage of not being born Catholic
is is you know if you live your life in this desert if you think the life has no
meaning and so forth you I mean how can how can how can anything be more
important than your eternity and we know from the Saints that it’s not a matter
of just getting to heaven like tomorrow when I fly home I’ll get on the airplane
and as long as I’m on the airplane I’ll arrive in the United States the same
time as everyone else it’s not just getting into the airplane getting into
heaven you know there’s a first-class cabin and there’s a business class cabin
you know and there’s they’re sitting by the lavatory at the rear of the plane
you know so you got to be on there for all eternity what matters more the
the only point of life on earth is getting to heaven and getting other
people to heaven everything else is is a means to an end
so let me read a quote I assume I only have about three minutes left I had
books out there I’m sold out thank you very much
so I can’t be accused of trying to peddle books but one of the books is
called honey from the rock and it’s a stew it’s a collection of 16 Catholic
Jewish witness testimonies I’m gonna read a passage from one of the other
Jews who entered the Catholic Church who are in that book his name was Charlie
Rich he was a Hasidic Jew right in altar Orthodox Jew who when he lost his Jewish
faith tried to commit suicide because life had no meaning and he after an
unsuccessful suicide attempt he walked in this 1950s as before air conditioning
it’s New York City it’s a hot summer day he walked into an empty Catholic
Church just to get out of the heat he sat down under a stained-glass window of
Jesus stilling the waters he said to himself, “All if only it were true.” And he
hears this voice saying, “It is all true!” so I so let me read and he spent the
rest of his life he was in about 30 (years old) at the time that this happened and he died
relatively recently a he died of 1998 at the age of 99 he spent the rest of his
life as a contemplative with a Jesuit community in New York praying before the
Blessed Sacrament 12 or 14 hours a day so let me just read some words of his to
close and as I read these words think of it as an exhortation for you to
evangelize because again nobody else has what a Catholic has nobody else has the
grace as a Catholic has no one no one else you know it’s it’s it’s we have no
idea and we won’t know until we die what we have that no one else has but we
will be called to account for sharing it and for helping others as much as we can
you know that parable in the Gospels about Lazarus and the rich man right and
it’s usually thought of in terms of worldly goods you know the rich man is
feasting at a table with food falling on the floor and there’s starving beggar
outside of the door and he won’t even give him a crumb well you can also see
it spiritually okay and you are all the rich man feasting at the table and
everyone else I mean every non-catholic is that starving beggar outside the door
and we are going to be just as responsible for what we’ve done to share
our wealth with him or her as the rich man was about not sharing his food right
so anyway so let me read close with these words of Charlie Rich and then
maybe another prayer for the conversion of the Jews I have since my baptism and
first communion acquired a happiness which I would not exchange for anything
in the world it has given me a peace of mind and a serenity of outlook which I
did not think was possible on this earth it would have been in vain to have been
born had God not been good enough to extend me the grace to become a member
of the Mystical Body of Christ the Church Rome is without the life Christ as there is no life at all it is – it is for heaven we have been made and for no other
earthly good thing it is to heaven every good and beautiful experience points and
has in view I became a Catholic so that I may in that way be happy not just for
a few years but forever and ever I became a Catholic that I may in that way
get the grace to one day participate in the joys of the angels and saints into
life to come it is to that life the grace of conversion is meant to lead it
is meant to lead to a happiness we cannot now imagine or conceive one can
never come to an end of enumerated the blessings conferred upon one by the
grace of being a Catholic it is being a Catholic that matters and not any other
thing the world has to offer however good and beautiful and may be the Church
of Rome gives us God himself it does so in all his fullness a greater gift than
God is a human being cannot hope to receive we receive the gift God Himself
is when we receive Holy Communion it is to the church we must go to have God in
the fullness he may be experienced this side of heaven to become more intimately
united with God then the church enables us to be by means of the Holy Sacraments
we must take leave of this life. Amen so then thank you thank you the so let me close with
another prayer another totally kosher pray for the conversion of the Jews and
let me just say I don’t have prayer cards with s prayer on I have a website. Guess what its name is? ..and I have everything up on my website I actually have everything pretty except the books for free you can
order the books through the website too but the I have all the odd of tons of
audio and video and everything up on the website and I have these prayers up on
the website too so this is a prayer for the conversion
of the Jews from the Catholic breviary breviary for the week of Christian unity in January days six or seven of the day six
of the week for Christian unity is dedicated a prayer for the conversion of
the Jews in full disclosure this is the old form of the breviary I think they’ve
watered down the prayer maybe I’m not gonna say why but it’s nonetheless is
from the Catholic gravity airy for the week of Christian unity and here’s the
prayer and again I invite you to pray along and and maybe to think about the
prayer Oh God who manifests your mercy and compassion
towards all peoples have mercy upon the Jewish race from the beginning your
chosen people you selected them alone out of all the nations of the world to
be the custodians of your sacred teachings from them you raised up
prophets and patriarchs to announce the coming of the Redeemer you willed that
your only Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior should be a Jew according to the
flesh born of a Jewish maiden in the land of promise listen to the prayers we
offer you today for the conversion of the Jewish people grant that they may
come safely to a knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah
foretold by their prophets and that they may walk with us in the way of salvation
Amen Amen. and Thank you! [Subscribe please 🙂 ]


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  2. Personally, there are some things I question here. Not saying the speaker's experience is not real, however, dealing with the Son of God far out weights dealing with the Virgin Mary. I praise Jesus and Him only. P.S. I went to Catholic school and I liked going there, however, I went to Catholic School and I was not confirmed a Catholic. If you have any questions, read a book by John Ramirez: Strategies to defeat eternity's greatest enemy, Unmasking The Devil. If you read it you will learn a lot about how Satan works. This book is not pushing any religion just worshipping Jesus as our creator and protector. Can Mary reveal herself to someone, probably, but look to a higher authority such as Jesus as our intermediary to eternal life in heaven.

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    John 14:6  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except THROUGH ME.

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    Edit: Also whoever he was taking about at the end who was with a Jesuit order for years: the Jesuit order is evil stay far away from it. I hope you all at least know that the Vatican is completely corrupt and evil? Not saying Catholicism is evil by the way, but the Vatican and current Pope is evil.

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    She's a sinner like every one else that has been born!

    Read the Holy Bible instead of looking to icons and following the traditions of men!

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  24. I am not Catholic, but I am a Christian, and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I do not need or want, the multi-billion dollar corporation of the Catholic church, with all it's gold and incense, to be saved, or get into heaven. Mary, the mother of Christ, was a human being and although chosen by God to give birth to the human Jesus, remained a human being. What condescension is shown by this man, and by many Catholics toward Protestants. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father but by Me",  John, 14:6. He never said you must venerate my earthly mother, or look for signs of her coming, but only His coming. Catholics have added their own gods, calling them Saints,  Bishops,  Cardinals, the Pope with his life of infinite luxury, as well as the Virgin Mary. Protestantism also has it's idols and wolves in sheep's clothing, multi-millionaires who are also worshipped by many. They can be seen daily on Christian television networks as well as in many churches around the world. What a contrast to the life of Christ, Who had no place to lay His head. We are saved by Grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. We will be rewarded by our good works in heaven, but they are not what gets us there. I believe that Heaven will be populated by those who believe in God, and that the only way to Him is through His Son Jesus Christ, whether they be Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or something else.

  25. The blessed Virgin Mother Mary is alive and administering Gods favour to humanity. I personally had a lot of favours and interventions from her.She revealed herself to me so i kneld down saying Mother Mary bless me, Mother Mary bless me. She got closer to me and placed her right hand on my head with briliant flouricent light radiating from all over with a loving gentle smile she started assending gradually till she disappeared from my sight. This dream occured in the high moutanious Kwame Nkrumah guest house on the Napkanduri scarp.

  26. I just don't understand the faith in Mary. Especially from the point of her being a virgin through out her life. She later became a married woman, who bore children by a man. Her virginity no longer existing, nor of spiritual importance, making her of no different spiritual significance, and power than any other woman. When she walked the earth she didn't participate in ordained ministry, as the apostles had. She didn't heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, preach the gospel, make new converts. Not once did she transfigure as Jesus did. Nor did Jesus ever refer to her as a divine authority to pray to, or from whom we may receive forgiveness from sin.
    All other women who get married taking part in Holy matrimony, taking vows before the Lord to be FAITHFUL til the death of both spouses, is considered righteous and in good standing with the Lord. I say this with all good intent, and as how I understand things. From my point of view something is greatly amiss.

  27. Mary was Gods Creation the prayer beads are made of things that God created the church buildings are made from things God created the Statues of the church are made from Gods creations the sacrament is made from things God created for The Love of all things under and above earth Stop worshiping the Creations and only worship The Great I Am of Abraham Jacob and Israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Creator of all that you are worshiping !!!! Amen and Amen ! Go have a blessed life now and be humble !

  28. "II. Mary – the Immaculate Ark of the New Covenant
    Exodus 25:11-21 – the ark of the Old Covenant was made of the purest gold for God’s Word. Mary is the ark of the New Covenant and is the purest vessel for the Word of God made flesh.

    2 Sam. 6:7 – the Ark is so holy and pure that when Uzzah touched it, the Lord slew him. This shows us that the Ark is undefiled. Mary the Ark of the New Covenant is even more immaculate and undefiled, spared by God from original sin so that she could bear His eternal Word in her womb.

    1 Chron. 13:9-10 – this is another account of Uzzah and the Ark. For God to dwell within Mary the Ark, Mary had to be conceived without sin. For Protestants to argue otherwise would be to say that God would let the finger of Satan touch His Son made flesh. This is incomprehensible.

    1 Chron. 15 and 16 – these verses show the awesome reverence the Jews had for the Ark – veneration, vestments, songs, harps, lyres, cymbals, trumpets.

    Luke 1:39 / 2 Sam. 6:2 – Luke’s conspicuous comparison’s between Mary and the Ark described by Samuel underscores the reality of Mary as the undefiled and immaculate Ark of the New Covenant. In these verses, Mary (the Ark) arose and went / David arose and went to the Ark. There is a clear parallel between the Ark of the Old and the Ark of the New Covenant.

    Luke 1:41 / 2 Sam. 6:16 – John the Baptist / King David leap for joy before Mary / Ark. So should we leap for joy before Mary the immaculate Ark of the Word made flesh.

    Luke 1:43 / 2 Sam. 6:9 – How can the Mother / Ark of the Lord come to me? It is a holy privilege. Our Mother wants to come to us and lead us to Jesus.

    Luke 1:56 / 2 Sam. 6:11 and 1 Chron. 13:14 – Mary / the Ark remained in the house for about three months.

    Rev 11:19 – at this point in history, the Ark of the Old Covenant was not seen for six centuries (see 2 Macc. 2:7), and now it is finally seen in heaven. The Jewish people would have been absolutely amazed at this. However, John immediately passes over this fact and describes the “woman” clothed with the sun in Rev. 12:1. John is emphasizing that Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant and who, like the Old ark, is now worthy of veneration and praise. Also remember that Rev. 11:19 and Rev. 12:1 are tied together because there was no chapter and verse at the time these texts were written.

    Rev 12:1 – the “woman” that John is describing is Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so Mary, with the moon under her feet, reflects the glory of the Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ.

    Rev. 12:17 – this verse tells us that Mary’s offspring are those who keep God’s commandments and bear testimony to Jesus. This demonstrates, as Catholics have always believed, that Mary is the Mother of all Christians.

    Rev. 12:2 – Some Protestants argue that, because the woman had birth pangs, she was a woman with sin. However, Revelation is apocalyptic literature unique to the 1st century. It contains varied symbolism and multiple meanings of the woman (Mary, the Church and Israel). The birth pangs describe both the birth of the Church and Mary’s offspring being formed in Christ. Mary had no birth pangs in delivering her only Son Jesus."

  29. Jesus Mary and Joseph I love you,please save souls.And may you see through my eyes and work with my hands,longest, living, loving, Lasting light on earth . Maybe just one beam of light guide me in the right direction and change me into the who I know I can be.Amen

  30. I cried a lot through this video
    I am a Protestant, and have been a believer since childhood
    I didn't realize until today that I'm Catholic in my heart
    I will investigate further where the nearest catholic church is, and I will look into the rosary prayer
    Hail Mary, full of Grace… 🤧❤

  31. It's really sad how there's people that still refuse to believe in God's Miracles when there are proofs like how he mentioned of the Our Lady of Guadalupe and Marian apparitions. It seems God is still using Mary for a way to bring us to him God has so many great things in heaven we only refuse to believe the fact there isn't another book sold as many times as the bible. It's all a shame if we bind us to things on earth that won't ever reflect anything in heaven.

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    Amen and Amen.
    Steve Wood first brought us this Good Man 👌

  33. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known

  34. I am not a Muslim, if anything I would be a protestant/yoga/Buddhist/Taoist/pagan seeker but somehow this controversial Catholicism sparks intrest

  35. This was a wonderful testimony of Professor Roy''s conversion to Christianity. I am amazed that he fails to see that there are Christians outside of the Catholic Church. He seems to totally discount Protestants as capable of entering heaven, or having a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I will not comment further on what I believe, but I pray that God reveals to him the grace that Christ offers all who would put their trust in Him. "For it is by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing: it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast." Ephesians 2:8,9

  36. I was born Catholic but when I started having a greater capacity for reasoning at age 13, I began questioning God, all forms of religion, etc. It was a very long journey, and I am glad I went through it because at the other end I found Catholicism again, but this time not by chance and habit, but truly from the heart and by choice. I am 32 years old now, and maybe just about 1 month ago returned to my Catholic faith. It was through the Holy Virgin Mary that I started getting closer to the Catholic faith months ago. I know that God is above religion and does not need religion, but religion is like a work of art, a medium through which an artist, a creator, expresses his essence. With that analogy in mind, in my heart I feel that the Catholic faith is truly inspired by God, and that the values it teaches are in line with the loving will of God. I love God, I love Jesus, I love the Holy Spirit and I love the Holy Virgin Mary.

  37. Prof. Schoeman, what you experienced is very interesting. Your Judaism, your secular walk and that encounter with Mary. Mary told you she is also created like all Christians are taught. I would have thought that you could distinguish between Creator, who is also the Savior of Mankind and His creation. In Catholicism Mary is said to be the co-savior but only God saves, His creatures cannot.
    That encounter with Mary was meant to let you hear from her that she cannot as a creature be in any way a savior so that you could put your faith in Jesus, God the Savior.
    How could you hear what she said and become a Catholic and, to this date still not know that she emphasised that she was also created?

  38. Our eternity has nothing to do with us, or our years here, but is completely dependent on the Grace and Mercy of God. But, maybe we will do in eternity to serve God has something to do with what we do and God's Providence.

  39. I was born catholic and at the age of 7 I got very sick chickenpox and high fevers. I was delirious and my mother was going to give me a shot to brake the fiber down. And then when walked away from me to get the shot ready she started walking very fast, and she wasn't my mom any more but some other woman trying to kill me. She was very pale, long, long black hair dressing all in black and she was holding a knife. I started screaming and yelling for help because this woman wanted to kill me. My dad, and brother who was 8, my eldest sister who was 9, and my two youngest sisters who were 6 and 5 were crying and confused why I was saying that about our mother. But I wasn't seeing my mother but a weird woman. Finally my dad grabbed me and my mom gave a shot, and I remember my mom trying breaking the fever all night with cold showers and compressed cold towels. The next morning everyone was having breakfast at the kitchen and I was in my mom's bedroom asleep and this string aroma of roses woke me up and i saw the virgen of Guadalupe standing above me very clear looking down just like when seeing a real person and my fever and everything was gone and I was able to get up from bed. 20 years later she came to my dream. In my dream the earth was so dried up, there was dead animals everywhere and dead tree trunks and she was calling me by my name. she was behind a tree trunk and told me to get ready for the beginning of the end, and to extend the word of her son and I woke up. Sorry my English is not the best

  40. I converted to the Catholic faith in 2016 as a recovering Southern Baptist. Participating in the Holy Mass is like Heaven merging with Earth. I wish that protestants and Catholics would stop fighting against one another and unify. There is a huge misconception about the truths of the Catholic church. We all love Jesus and desire a deeper relationship with Him on a very deep and personal level.

  41. For those dying of thirst in the desert, will find the Waters of Life in Christ Jesus, for He alone refreshes those who call upon His Name.

  42. I've got to be 32 years old, been raised Catholic, wanted to convert to being Orthodox, Buddhist, labelled myself as humanitarian, spiritual, gnostic, mystic only to end up struggling to understand how can god have or belong to a religion? I've set as most important journey of my life to find God. I won't give any definite answers but what I've learned and know now for sure is that god is not and if we truly believe god exists and god is great we shouldn't resume god to religion. God is greater than that. I would bow in front of a tree, of a blade of grass and any form of creation because is the art of the creator, a sign, a word left in this world. at this point of my life I'm actually afraid and very sad to see what a small idea of god we've got. we destroy each other and nature in name of the one who we say we love and believe, follow. How can you follow and love someone if you destroy everything one put effort to make?! No one who puts a religious label to god has a personal relationship with god, nor does he loves him. It's just illusion. Until we show that through facts by respecting nature, this planet he gave us to live in, and until we understands that just as love, god does not have religion or boundaries no human can say that knows or loves god.

  43. I’m Catholic by my ancestors. One thing that I truly don’t understand is that why do we confess our sins to a mortal priest? Please explain 🙏🏼 this is the only reason that I have self doubt with my Catholic faith.

  44. saint Augustine is among other things our first psychologist. he says it's 'miraculous' to not believe given the healings and witnesses of healings. thank you

  45. The words of the Queen of Heaven to her beloved daughter about the wonderful love the Son had for His Virgin Mother, and about how the Mother of Christ was conceived within the most chaste marriage and sanctified in the womb. She tells how she was assumed, body and soul, into Heaven, and about the power of her name, and about the good and evil angels assigned to men for their protection or trial.

    Chapter 9

    “I am the Queen of Heaven. Love my Son, for he is most worthy; when you have him, you have all that is worthwhile. He is also most desirable; when you have him, you have all that is desirable. Love him, too, for he is most virtuous; when you have him, you have every virtue. I want to tell you how wonderful his love for my body and soul was and how much he honored my name. My Son loved me before I loved him, since he is my Creator.

    He united my father and mother in a marriage so chaste that there could not be found a more chaste marriage at that time. They never wanted to come together except in accordance with the Law, and only then with the intention to bring forth offspring.

    When an angel revealed to them that they would give birth to the Virgin from whom the salvation of the world would come, they would rather have died than to come together in carnal love; lust was dead in them. I assure you that when they did come together, it was because of divine love and because of the angel’s message, not out of carnal desire, but against their will and out of a holy love for God. In this way, my flesh was put together by their seed and through divine love. Then, when my body had been made and formed, God infused the created soul into it from his divinity, and the soul was immediately sanctified along with the body, and the angels guarded and served it day and night. When my soul was sanctified and joined to its body, my mother felt such great joy that it would have been impossible to describe it!

    Afterwards, when my lifetime had been accomplished, my Son first raised up my soul – for it was the mistress of the body – to a more excellent place than others in heaven, right next to his Divinity. Later, he also raised up my body in such a manner that no other creature’s body is so close to God as mine. See how much my Son loved my soul and body! Yet, there are some people with a malevolent spirit who deny that I was assumed into Heaven, body and soul, and also others who simply do not know any better. But this is a most certain truth: I, with body and soul, was assumed to the Divinity!

    Hear now how much my Son honored my name! My name is Mary, as it is said in the Gospel. When the angels hear this name, they rejoice in their mind and thank God for the great mercy that he worked through me and with me and because they see my Son’s Humanity glorified in his Divinity. Those within the fire of purgatory rejoice exceedingly, just like a sick and bedridden man does if he receives a word of comfort that pleases his soul: he is suddenly overjoyed! When the good angels hear my name, they immediately move closer to the righteous for whom they are guardians, and rejoice over their progress in good deeds and virtues.

    All humans have been given both good angels for their protection, and bad angels to test them. The good angels are not separated from God; they serve the soul without leaving God. They are constantly in his sight. Yet they work to inflame and incite the soul to do good. All the demons, however, shudder with fear at the name of Mary! When they hear the name, “Mary”, they immediately release a soul out of the claws with which they had held her. Just as a bird or hawk, with its claws and beak embedded into its prey, releases it immediately if it hears a sound, but soon returns when it sees that no action follows, so do the demons – frightened when they hear my name – release the soul. But they return and fly back as fast as an arrow if no improvement follows.

    No one is so cold in his love of God (unless he is damned) that he will not experience the devil releasing him from his habitual sins if only he invokes my name with the true intention of never returning to his evil deeds. The devil will never return to him unless he resumes the will to commit mortal sins. Sometimes, though, the devil is allowed to trouble him for the sake of his greater reward. However, the devil shall never own him.

  46. The Virgin Mary’s words of advice to the bride about how she should love her Son above all things, and about how every virtue and gift of grace is contained in the glorious Virgin.

    Chapter 42

    The Mother of God spoke: “I had three things by which I pleased my Son: First, humility in such a way that no created creature, whether angel or man, was more humble than I. Second, I had obedience, for I strove to obey my Son in all things. Third, I had a special charity.

    For this reason I am honored threefold by my Son: First, I have been made more honorable than angels and men, so that there is no virtue in God that does not shine in me, even though he is the source and beginning of all virtues and the Creator of all things; but I, however, am the creature to whom he has given more grace than all others. Second, for my obedience I received such power that there is no sinner so unclean that he will not receive forgiveness if he turns to me with a will and purpose of amendment and a contrite heart for his sins. Third, for my charity, God is so close to me that the one who sees God sees me, and the one who sees me can see the Divinity and the Manhood in me and me in God as though in a mirror. For the one who sees God, sees three persons in him, and the one who sees me, sees, as it were, three persons. For the Divinity enclosed me in soul and body in himself and filled me with every virtue, so that there is no virtue in God that does not shine and appear in me, although God himself is the Father and giver of all virtues. For as it is with two bodies joined together, that whatever one body receives the other body also receives, so God has done with me.

    There is no sweetness that is not found in me. It is like someone who has a sweet nut and gives a part of it to another. My soul and body are clearer than the sun and purer than a mirror, and just as three persons would be seen in the mirror if they stood near it, so the Father and Son and Holy Spirit may also be seen in my purity since I once had my Son in my womb with his Divinity. He is now seen in me with his Divinity and Manhood as in a mirror, for I have been glorified with the honor and glory of the resurrection. Therefore may you, my Son’s bride, strive to follow my humility and love nothing but my Son.”

  47. The words of the Queen of Heaven to her beloved daughter, Saint Bridget, teaching her how she should love and praise the Son of God together with his blessed Mother.

    Chapter 8

    “I am the Queen of Heaven. You are concerned about how you should praise and honor me. Know and be certain that all praise of my Son also is praise of me, and those who dishonor him also dishonor me. This is so because I loved him and he loved me so ardently that both of us were like one heart. He so magnificently honored me, who was an earthen vessel, that he raised me above all the angels. Therefore, you should praise me like this: “Blessed be you, God, Creator of all things, who deigned to descend into the womb of the Virgin Mary! Blessed be you, God, who wished to be within the Virgin Mary without burdening her, and deigned to take immaculate flesh from her without sin! Blessed be you, God, who came to the Virgin, bringing joy to her soul and her whole body, and who went out of her without sin, to the joy of her whole body! Blessed be you, God, who after your heavenly ascension gladdened the Virgin Mary, your Mother, with continuous comforts and visited her with your consolation! Blessed be you, God, who assumed the body and soul of the Virgin Mary, your Mother, into heaven and honorably placed her above all the angels next to your Divinity! Have mercy on me for the sake of all her prayers!”

  48. Favorite Daughter of God the Father, give me your faith; Mother of God the Son, give me your hope; Sacred Spouse of God the Holy Spirit, give me your charity and cover us with your mantle.

  49. About how the bride saw the most sweet Virgin Mary adorned with a crown and other adornments of indescribable beauty, and about how Saint John the Baptist explains to the bride the meaning of the crown and the other adornments.

    Chapter 31

    The bride of God saw the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God, wearing a priceless and beautiful crown on her head and her wonderfully shining and indescribably beautiful hair hanging down over her shoulders, with a golden tunic shining with an indescribable light, and a blue mantle of the color azure or a clear sky. When the bride of God, Saint Bridget, was full of wonder at such a lovely sight, and in her wonderment was standing there totally enraptured and amazed, then blessed John the Baptist appeared to her and said: “Listen closely to what all this signifies. The crown signifies that she is the Queen and Lady and Mother of the King of angels; the hair hanging down signifies that she is an unstained and pure virgin; the sky colored mantle signifies that all worldly things were as dead in her heart and will; the golden tunic signifies that she was fervent and burning in the love of God, both inwardly and outwardly. Her Son, Jesus Christ, placed seven lilies in her crown, and between the lilies he placed seven gems.

    The first lily is her humility; the second lily is her fear; the third, her obedience; the fourth, her patience; the fifth, her steadfastness; the sixth, her kindness, for she is kind and gives to all who beg of her with love and a will to amend; the seventh, her mercy in difficulties, for in whatever difficulty a man may be in, if he calls on her with all his heart, he will receive mercy and help from her because she is full of compassion and mercy.

    Between these shining lilies her Son placed seven precious gem stones. The first gem is her incomparable virtue, for there is no virtue in any other spirit or in any other body, which she does not have in a higher fashion. The second gem is her perfect purity, for the Queen of the kingdom of Heaven was so pure that from her first entrance into the world up to the final day of her death, not a single stain of sin was ever to be found in her; and none of all the devils could ever find enough impurity in her to fit on the head of a needle-point. She was truly the most pure, for it was not fitting for the King of glory to lie in any vessel but the purest, chosen before all angels and men and more pure than they. The third gem was her beauty, for God is praised constantly by his saints for his Mother’s beauty, and all the holy angels and holy souls are filled with joy over her beauty. The fourth precious gem in the crown is the Virgin Mother’s wisdom, for she is filled with all divine wisdom in God and all wisdom is fulfilled and perfected through her. The fifth gem is her power and might, for she is so powerful and strong with God in her that she can subdue anything that has been created. The sixth gem is her clarity, for she shines so clear that she even illuminates the angels, whose eyes are clearer than light, and the devils do not dare to look upon her clarity. The seventh gem is the fullness of every delight and joy and all spiritual sweetness, for her fullness is such that there is no joy that she does not increase, no delight that is not made fuller and more perfect by her and through the blessed vision of her, for she is filled with grace and mercy above all the holy saints. She is the most pure vessel in which the Bread of angels laid and in which all sweetness and all beauty is found.

    Between the seven lilies in her crown, her Son placed these seven gemstones. Therefore may you, her Son’s bride, honor and praise her with all your heart, for she is in truth worthy of all praise and all honor with her Son!”

  50. I recently saw the Blessed Mother, and She is truly Holy and she brings so much joy. If you can picture the happiest moment in your spiritual life times a million it will maybe equal how loving and sweet Our Blessed Mother is, I love my Dearest Mother Mary.

  51. A friend prophesied to me about the Miracle of Fatima. The miracle, of course, was that after the rain stopped at teh Cova de Iria, the clouds parted to reveal the sun. But was it truly the sun? Or was it the very throne of God? My friend stated that what the people saw was what the prophet Ezekiel saw, that which we call 'Ezekiel's Wheel.'

  52. The key words in this testimony is “Greed” and “Love”.
    Beautifully said professor thank you for sharing your testimony to us. You are very brave in heart to stand in the podium to speak the truth knowing they are millions of Jewish people listening to this testimony is going to blow them away with awesomeness and for many who will reject you.

    I accept your wisdom and truth🌺

  53. So Mary told you she is a creature and not to worship her. Yet Catholics pray the “Hail Mary”. No one finds anything wrong with that?

  54. Our lady is appearing to people every day all over the world and transforming their lives.

  55. This man is much more Catholic than Dr. Scott Hann because he knows that there is problem with the current Heirarchy

  56. Thank you Dr. Cohen! (Even though you are also scoring points, as you say!) But it seems that the evidence supports the TRUE Catholic church is the Traditional Catholic church. As a cradle Catholic that was raised as V2 changes were starting, I like many others had to examine and ultimately embrace the Traditional church that Jesus started, and which V2 changed without authority. Would like your take on this if you have had the time to delve into this. Is a Pandora's box! Blessings!

  57. Warning to all catholics: Please refrain from this BLASPHEMY and repent. Miriam was NOT sinless…read Luke 1:46-47. She brought two doves as a sacrifice.: one for sins and one as a burnt offering. Also SHE IS NOT A MEDIATRIX!!! Read I Timothy 2:5…YESHUA IS THE ONLY MEDIATOR through which man can reconciled with Yahweh! Please read the Holy Bible King James Version of course! God loves you anf so do I. shalom

  58. Hello my brothers and sisters look what Jesus promises to those who will pray this prayers! God bless you all!

  59. I wish this man discovered the Orhtodox church , now they have him distribute catholic propaganda ! The martyrs gave up their life for proclaiming publicly “I am a Christian “ why don’t Catholics call themselves Christians ????

  60. Where in the Bible is it written that we are supposed to venerate, erect statues and worship and pray to them (idolatry) and consider Miriam (real Hebrew name) as Holy, Blessed and to be worshipped? More than 6,800 times we have the name of YHWH as our GOD Almighty and his son, our Savior Yeshua (aka Jesus) who also thought us the Prayers of "Our Father" — am seeking clarification.

    Asking for a friend……

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