After 22 long hours of travel….This window right here is open.. This is fun..We are going up..And up.. And you can see there are a lot of BMW’s behind me…Seriously this dude is like.. Just go for it..I just did that right now.. We are trying a different route now… So got an invitation from Youtube about going to a gaming summit in Palm Springs California… So this will be my life’s first.. Let’s take a walk..Around California… (Umm disturbing music..?) So this was a big jump… Actually at the airport i am at the lounge…. I am waiting for the flight…Now it’s 1:30 and my flight is at….4:40…So now… 3 hours more to go….And.. The lounge is completely empty now… Only i am here…Remaining couple of guys are back there.. So i am at the airport 4 hours prior to my flight…Because i was nervous and i did not know.. About the procedures…However.. Everything did happen pretty quickly.. Like all the procedures of immigration and security…I did everything and i am just sitting here now.. All i gotta do is board the flight now.. So i was a bit nervous in the beginning about how the procedures will happen but thankfully.. I watched some tutorials from my home about what to do and stuff.. And everything went down smoothly.. So from a long time now i was down at the… The mall thing…I roamed around there and saw stuff.. It is my first time so i will have a look around everything.. And then i am here at the lounge… Now…I don’t know what to do.. But you know this journey will be extremely intense for me because.. Everything…I mean everything will be for the first time for me… Everything i experience..My flight.. I will be boarding a plane for the first time…And that too… Such a long journey…14,000 kilometres… Wasted 2 and a half hours sitting in the lounge… Went nowhere….Just awesome… So i was at the lounge for 2 and a half hours and i did not know what to do so than i… So i was just waiting…And now my flight is in half an hour.. So now i am at Dubai airport..In the flight which will be taking us to Los Angeles.. Around a time of 16-17 hours… So the Delhi to Dubai seat was no that great..However…The seat which i have now.. It is awesome… That is my personal bar… There are three creators with me who are sitting in the front..And the flight is off..Now.. The flight was of three hours and they were pretty boring but.. Now i am getting a good feeling that.. This journey will be nice judging by the seat i have gotten…I have a window seat by the way… By the way i got a bag for the flight which… Is full of stuff.. Never drank it.. I thought it would be a bit lemony taste but…. It’s sour… So we have to spend around 16 hours in this flight… So the creators in the front have a plan of going back to the lounge and hanging out and enjoying… But if that isn’t enough than i have… I have my iPad over here… I have downloaded a lot of anime on here… By the way we are going to Los Angeles but since we are in Dubai we got to see the Burj Khalifa too… Over my left side.. It was over my right side at first but since i am dumb i forgot to record it.. It was from afar but i saw it in IRL.. In the future if we get a chance we will definitely go in to visit… Everyone’s lights are off but i am the one whose about to eat some noodles now… So we are going to landing in Los Angeles in two hours… Over the whole journey i took naps over 3 hours each and passed the time.. Tried a lot of food over the meat side… Disgusting but tasty… I even drank some vodka…Wine and some champagne… And if you were to see the view outside… Right now there are just clouds but i checked back some time ago and saw some snow covered peaks… But the worst thing about me is i am prone to severe motion sickness… So if the plane goes sideways…My mind goes sideways and my head hurts… I am telling you guys…The entire journey took me about 15-20 times of headache… So i was sleeping right now…And then the air hostess came…And called out..For lunch.. And i just got up without knowing what was going on… I ordered something and now i do not know what is going to come for lunch… And the main issue is that there are many dishes that i have not tried yet… If someone asks…How can i say no..? So my lunch is here and just as i expected….I do not know what it is…Don’t understand anything… Let me show you guys…So this is my lunch.. If you don’t know anything about the lunch…Do not ever order… Because… You will get something like this…How do we eat this by the way..? I have some flatbread kinda stuff… And i think..That i have to fill it with this stuff and eat it.. That is my plan and…We shall see how it goes… So the dish which i ordered now was… And the dish which came to me now is… This dish has some meat and some rice… And this shell type bread… So after a journey of about 22 hours..We are finally… Hey…So i am finally in my room… The whole journey from my home to over here… Was of 28 hours… Because after leaving the airport… And after the car picked us up.. It was another 3 hours of journey… And we are at our hotel now…Oh god.. The roads over here and the whole town… Reminds me of GTA..Sanandreas…Obviously… The game is based on this city… The whole time i was in the car…I was thinking i was in the game of Sanandreas… So finally it is time for me to rest…Let me give you guys a quick room tour… As soon as we entered the room…We got..This… This is from Youtube gaming…And we are going to see what is inside over here… So over here we have… A very awesome hoodie.. I mean is this an hoodie..What is it…? I think this is a night dress…According to me… So this is a night dress…And after that i think… This is for tying it up… Some stickers…From Youtube gaming… What is in here..? Looks like black coal… The smell… It is all right…I mean what is up with smell over here..? My motion sickness is up a notch you know… And even this room has some smell which is increasing my motion sickness…I do not know why..? So this was some stuff which i got from Youtube gaming and let me show you my room… So this is the entry…This is where we entered and over here… I can hang some clothes..Some blankets over here and… Over here… Won’t be using these ever… Some water over here for now… And that is my room… The room is pretty nice but it is just the smell though…My head ache… That is my bathroom… Switch the lights on… So…Will be the first time when i will be using a bathtub… I am tired and i am thinking of taking a bath… Because… The whole day went over the journey…So i should take a bath… That is my bathroom… And…If we do continue… So see this… Pretty sweet TV..But i do not know whether i will be using it or not… I mean what shall i use over two days i mean… Honestly… I have not shown you stuff on the outside…This hotel is so huge i mean… That’s my bed… That is my room and over here.. I can get out from over here… Damn…I don’t know if you can see because of the lights and stuff… Preparations are going on outside… We shall get a chance… To meet a lot of creators… From other countries…There are a lot of creators from our country too… There are five creators including me.. Me…One is carry..Dynamo.. There’s Kronten and Gattu.. Gattu is from Mumbai… He makes videos in English commentary…. I am very excited to meet some creators from other countries and let’s see… If we get to talk to them… Actually most of the creators i don’t know… The ones who are here…But there are a few…Who i have saw and do wanna meet… The main event begins from tomorrow…I am gonna go take a bath and rest now… I will give you a tour of the hotel tomorrow and the surrounding place… And the events that unfold tomorrow so see you tomorrow… It is 7:15 in the morning…And… Something stupid just happened to me… I went outside my main door.. Just to check out the view outside…And that might have costed me bad… Because i forgot my keys and i did not know that it locks automatically… So i did not have my phone..My wallet or my keys… Nothing..And i wasn’t even wearing any footwear… I would have been stuck there…I took some help from my neighbors.. They were so nice…They called downstairs.. The engineer came and i got a new key… So this was my first… Bad thing that happened to me in L.A.. It wasn’t that bad… These things make some nice memories and i shall always remember my madness… So today is 29th October…The main event begins from today..All the creators are going to be here… And the breakfast call will be at 8 so i gotta get out of here pretty quickly… My head still hurts..And it is all about the smell..The smell in this room… It is playing with my mind..It is bad… My head hurt all night..I did not know how i slept… It’s not like the smell is bad…It is nice but i think it is the niceness that is messing with my mind… It is like you are not used to a new place… It does mess up with your mind… So now my plan is to explore the surrounding and let me show you guys some stuff… So this is one amazing morning here in Palm Springs… This is my hotel..By the way..Look how colorful.. There are a few mountains around here…Actually they are everywhere seriously.. So now it is breakfast time and we now are…. We are talking to him and having a little fun… After here we are going on a tramp ride which will be very cold atop the mountain.. The surrounding… I did not bring about many clothes…This is it…I am gonna wear this and hope for the best… This is the room where we are all having some food… Where did it go..? So now we are getting to the tramp ride and look who is with me…Actually… I am giving him tips on how to win “getting over it..” He will…He will be a pro pretty soon.. So we down now..We came through that bus… The cold has increased a little bit..Do not know anything about the top.. Shall know when we experience it… Here is the ride from which we will be going over the top.. Do you guys see…? I do have acrophobia but i am still excited to go up there… And let us see what kind of an experience it shall be…Hopefully no more motion sickness.. So we are inside now…Apparently it is going to go up and spin too so yeah motion sickness is a must.. But we shall get a good view…And everyone is enjoying.. Let me show you the view…We are going up at a high speed and we are going to go quiet some distance… SO we are going to go over there and we are going at quiet a speed.. The view is actually very nice and the one who is afraid of height…Oh god…He is done.. And this is spinning…Why does it need to spin..? This is spinning…See…I mean this is just… This is like the highest I have ever been…I went to Shimla too but nothing like this..We were at the cars.. Can you guys see..? The window is open here by the way..If your phone drops…It is gone forever.. And you won’t even find it…Because look at the height… The tower is over…This thing is going to move now… Everything is going to shift….Oh god there we go.. This is a window man…Hold tight… If the phone is gone than it is gone forever…This window here is open.. We are living a dangerous life.. So we are the top at 8,500 feet up…And now we are getting out and there is some champagne for us.. It does get a bit heavy for me but since it is there we are going to try it… Here is our champagne… (Is this apple juice..? I don’t know…I think they said this is champagne… So how about a cheers…And there we go.. Surprise…This is not champagne…This is apple juice… Because we were told that we would be getting some champagne once we are the top… I think we will get some later but for now apple juice is nice..It is better actually… It is better actually..Champagne is too heavy man… This is better at this altitude.. If i get dizzy, who shall take care of me..? I mean i do not trust them at all… So we are going to be taking an amazing view in as we are the rooftop..I mean the balcony… And i am making a movie..The VLog will be very long… So we are the top and looking at this from the balcony at this height… Is a bit scary..But also nice… So we just did a photo session with all the creators…We took some killer pictures… This is fun…We are going up..We are going more up… Carry likes height…So he wants to go as high as he can… We are going with him….That is how we will tackle this fear… We are here to go high right..? And just look at this view man…I mean the scenery is just amazing… Actually walking at a road at this height…At 8,000 feet up.. Is fun….So yeah…Look at this view.. So yeah i did see some of this view in Shimla…But in reality…The camera does not do justice… But in reality…You cannot feel what i am feeling…You can only that do if you are here… Yeah my hair is awesome… There are high winds as told…Cold winds… But thankfully i am completely clothed….But my hands… And all my open body…Is extremely frozen… The view up top was awesome…Extremely cold air.. The air was blowing cold…And now we are about to head down.. Actually you know what you could have choose if you wanted to come over here or not and.. I had made up my mind that i was going to try each and everything that i can… That is the best thing.. Because if i hand’t signed up and came over here i wouldn’t..Have gotten to experience that… Hence it is recommended to try each and everything… So we are back from the tramp ride and we are going to go eat some burgers… So after that burger break it is time for us to get some rest… So now is the time for a session now..This is the main session where we will be talking now… I seriously do not know what they are going to be talking about… But this is the main session about two hours long… So let me show you where i am sitting and my surrounding… And yesterday night… Was the main session where the CEO Susan… Was there… And Ryan Watt was there too…Who is the head of Youtube gaming and there was a whole talk on that… The session lasted two hours and then we partied a bit outside.. Poolside..And then i slept… So now is the next day in California… Today will be the last day of this trip…It will be full of activities and fun stuff and it is 7 in the morning… And i am heading down for some food… So yeah i am ready…In the top mood…Hot and sexy BeastBoy Shub..And we are out.. So yeah breakfast is done and we are gonna go drive some BMW’s.. I do have a license so yeah i might get a chance too.. To drive… So we are going to drive a Beast BMW in California and i think its an amazing opportunity… Let’s see what goes down..I am very excited to do this.. So we are here at the BMW Performance School in Palm Springs and over here… We will get a BMW and we shall be driving it… You guys can see…There are a lot of BMW’s behind me and there are some awesome Bentley’s too… So the time for driving the BMW is here…Just drove one in games till now.. Some very Beast type cars but now we are getting an opportunity to drive some in real life.. There are a couple of things which we will be able to do like a drag race and a… I don’t know..More stuff.. So we are going to drive this Mini Cooper first which will make J-reverse turn or something…And come back… (My second try was the best but could not record it..) So from the beginning i was thinking that this J-reverse turn will be a simple..>10 km/hr speed thingy but no.. It is a whole different story..Let me show you what i just did… See this car..? Now what is about to happen is what i did… That is what i did just now… See..Awesome… So this was the J-reverse turn and in the first time in my life… And we are going to be doing much more stuff…Like the drag race and much more with the BMW.. We are… Doing time laps now…Who can go the fastest and we have to… Put in a lap and we can see the time over there… So i cannot record it now but i am going very fast at the moment… I am almost at 60 to 80… So this is the track and that is our starting line… I have already done two laps and i would like to do one more please… So this is our track and we have to go around all that and go straight over there and then we can see the timer.. So i just did the time lap thing and my best time was 37… So the people over here at left sided cars and their best times are 27 and such… It was all right for my first try and now we are… So this place is called BMW driving school and i thought that these guys would teach me and stuff… These guys won’t allow us to go beyond 10 and 20 and we are going beyond 70 here… So now we are at the third activity over where we will be going at full speed… In this BMW and now you guys shall see the speed… It is not my turn now..I am in the passenger seat but… After this it is my turn… So we have won against that car…Let’s go..I gotta win too now… I swear to you if i had missed this i would be so sad…I am killing it..You guys saw right..? I mean we are above a 80 and 90 and you literally have to climb in on the break.. Actually there is no winner during my time as i was not on the box.. But this time…Oh baby… I seriously thought that they would allow us to go over like 10 to 20 miles per hour.. But these guys are like go as fast as you can and just wreck havoc… Yo so i have completed the racing thing and i got to do it over 5 to 6 times because… There were not too many drivers and this is the last sessions… And i was driving this white BMW and i have won atleast three times… Around 60 to 70 times speed.. I was so awesome at that…I am telling you… It was such an amazing experience, I did not even dream that i would do this in California… It was so much fun..And BMW and that too… 120…100…160 km/hr.. God that feels so… And that flip that we did with the mini cooper… It is called as the J-reverse turn… I mean it was awesome…You get scared during that but… It was fun…So much fun… It is lunch time now and we are going for that and after that we are going to the dessert… At a secret location for a party… I am so excited for that…So i am gonna go have a look at that location… And after that… We can talk and hang out with the other creators and that will conclude our day… And than i am getting back on a flight tomorrow as we have to play games too… This day is going awesome as it begun with an BMW so.. So i shall see you guys at the secret location in the dessert… Where i shall be taken.. So it is time for a jeep ride and we are going to that secret location at the dessert… These are the jeeps that will be taking us there.. These are given to us and we are going to be mafias now like this…This is gonna be fun… We have become mafias now and we are in the seat..And i have got the front seat.. And Mr Gattu has been sent back…By force… Because we are going to be at the front… We have some chips too which we can enjoy during the journey and this jeep is open so… My motion sickness issue will be not an issue… Which will be a good thing…So we do not know anything about the secret location.. So we are just going where they are taking us…And i think we are being kidnapped… So we are going in the middle of nowhere in the dessert… Do not know what there is going to be at the location…Everything is a surprise… It is nice..I am excited and we are mafias in a jeep.. The theme does suit us..It is evening now and the cold is increased.. The temperature seems to be dropping a lot…And so now we guys are… Were going to be driven by the regular route but the guy with us. He is so bad ass and dangerous like us… When everyone will be using the regular route…We are gamers so we do not do that… So just like in the GTA games we are going to go just like that.. We are going to be trying a different route and i feel amazing just now.. It is very cold now…And we are going at a 100 right now..The highway is completely free.. On both ends…And seriously it is very cold.. Don’t know the temperature but it might be at a 10 or an 11.. So did i tell you that this guy is a bad-ass..? Make it a double bad-ass because now we have left the road too.. And we are now into the mountains and i do not know why i am doing this…I am shaking..I think.. You get a once in a lifetime thing to do this… So that is what i am doing..And you guys can take it by the way i am shaking what kind of a road i am on… Let me show you…And one guy is following us..I think he likes to be on an adventure… And we are going up straight to the mountains and i am not kidding we are going to the mountains.. (So we were late due to the mountain route we took..) Okay guys i think we are about to reach and i feel like we are going to some haunted house… The rest of the jeeps are coming and i think we are the last of them cause we were being bad-ass back there… Okay guys we are here and i don’t know if you can see me or not, I will enhance this part digitally.. This is some kind of a fair… So we came in last as i told you…We were quite busy back there being bad-asses… The driver was amazing man.. He was literally a bad-ass you know…He was in the army for three years and he keeps adventuring around.. So i have to take the support of this light to make the log as it is pitch dark here and it is almost 9 now… By the way we are definitely organizing this thing that Youtube organized…By the way… There is a fire going on over there and this is like the first time i roasted a marshmallow… They made a sandwich and gave it to me…I am gonna try it for the first time.. This was so good man…This was delicious… So i am back in my room and the time is 12:30… Today was amazing… It was fun and today’s experience was awesome.. The BMW and the party… I had many experiences…And this was Youtube’s first… That was organized…And i am happy that i was invited.. Because if i wasn’t here i would have missed so much of stuff… Because after coming over here i have tried so much stuff that.. Which i did for the first time… Tried many stuff that for that to experience you have to get out.. Go places and explore… And that is when you can try those things..And those are the things that i tried during this event… I am happy… I met many people and i tried so many things… I will even say that i got to learn a whole lot and that was important… That you get to learn stuff…And it is that stuff that when you get out and experience the world.. The world is huge and you have a lot to learn.. So we have to take tiny steps and this was a tiny step… And i will definitely be waiting for future trips…Whenever i get the chance… Because if you are getting new experiences, Why miss it..? So it is time for me to sleep and i shall see you guys later.. One more awesome morning in California and.. I thought the blog should have ended yesterday because the feeling was going on nice… I still have some stuff that i need to show you…Like these stickers that were given to us after the event… They are very cute stickers and after that i went.. To the BMW Driving school we got… This is a cup..A very big cup..And…. And this cap…And as i told you yesterday this is my last day and i wanted to go shopping as this is my first time.. In the US..But did not get the time.. We were so busy for the shopping that i did not get the time for shopping… So i am going to try and buy some duty free stuff at the airport..I will.. So if i shop anything i shall show you guys otherwise.. This is the time to end the Vlog.. I hope you guys had fun..Experiencing this trip through my eyes… But i can show you my crazy life through my v-logging.. This is BeastBoy Shub during my California tour and i tried my best to show you my moments… I hope you guys had fun through this Vlog and if you feeling nice after watching this.. And if you haven’t subscribed till now…Do subscribe because i am a gamer.. And i make Vlogs too… I just mean to say that you will get to see a lot of variety over in my channel for videos… So you will be having a lot of fun over in my channel and if you don’t want to loose the channel… Subscribe now with the notification bell because many amazing videos are coming… And i shall see you in the upcoming videos soon, Till than..


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