Unspoken: How pastors are helping their congregations

NO DOUBT HURRICANE MICHAEL TOOK BOTH A PHYSICAL AND MENTAL TOLL ON MOST PEOPLE IN ITS PATH. MANY ARE STILL TRYING TO COPE WITH THE MENTAL EFFECTS. AS NEWS 13’S KAYLA TUCKER TELLS US, LOCAL PASTORS SEE HOW THE STORM IS HITTING THEIR CONGREGATION, AS SHE CONMTINUES HERE PANHANDLE STRONG MENTAL HEALTH SERIES UNSPOKEN. HURRICANE MICHAEL RIPPED APART SANCTUARIES ACROSS THE PANHANDLE. ROY MANSFIELD, NORTH STAR CHURCH, CALLAWAY CAMPUS PASTOR: “October 10th was a really really bad day but as bad as it was, the majority of the people I’ve talked to, the 11th of October through now has been the most traumatic.” AND EVEN THOUGH THE CHURCHES MAY BE A PLACE OF PEACE — THE STRESS OF EVERY DAY LIFE DOESN’T STAY OUTSIDE THE DOORS. JESSE NELSON, MACEDONIA MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH PASTOR: “Part of the stressors that I’ve experienced in the congregation, some of them have been related to grief and so losing your possessions, losing your home, just losing a sense of life can cause grief.” CHURCH LEADERS ARE FINDING WAYS TO HELP MEMBERS OF THEIR CONGREGATIONS HEAL — BRINGING IN MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS TO SPEAK — BUT ALSO USING THE WORD OF GOD ROY MANSFIELD, NORTHSTAR CHURCH, CALLAWAY CAMPUS PASTOR: “How to turn a set back into a comeback cause most of us at some level got the setback part and so just helping people to see in a practical day to day way how the peace that you can have through Jesus can affect your life.” OFFERING A PLACE TO TEAR DOWN WALLS. JESSE NELSON, MACEDONIA MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH PASTOR: “Take the mask off. I know sometimes as Christians we believe we’re always supposed to be happy, always supposed to be cheerful and i’ll ask people how they are. Don’t give me the hey, I’m blessed and highly favored if that’s not what you’re really feeling.” AND ALWAYS HAVING A GOAL TO KEEP THEIR MEMBERS UPLIFTED. ROY MANSFIELD, NORTHSTAR CHURCH, CALLAWAY CAMPUS PASTOR: “It’s hard to have hope but there is hope. There’s hope that God is in your life and he’ll help you through it.” KAYLA TUCKER NEWS 13 PANHANDLE STRONG.>GERMAN BEER, BRATWURST AND BOUNCE HOUSES FOR THE KIDS… THOSE DETAILS SUM UP AN EVENT THIS WEEKEND WITH A GERMAN THEME…. OKTOBERFEST IN

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