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Announcer: The following is apresentationofTomorrow’s World. If you don’t believe that we are entering one of the most chaotic times in modern history, then you aren’t paying attention. National and global alliances seem to be shifting, the prospects for war seem more serious than ever, antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” are on the rise, the social fabric of our societies is being ripped to pieces. Now is the time to pay attention to Bible prophecy! Yet, many don’t. Do you? Almighty God has filled His word with prophecy, and it is time to understand why! On this episode ofTomorrow’s World, we are going to teach you the reasons why God uses prophecy and we’re going to enable you to understand it for yourself. Join us today, as we help you unleash the power of prophecy! Stay tuned! ♪ Greetings, and welcome toTomorrow’s World! My name is Wallace Smith, and I’m delighted that you’re here. Today, our focus is going to be on Bible prophecy, and we’re going to be offering you one of our most popular resources: A free DVD titled “The Power of Prophecy.” It isn’t some dry, academic video. Rather, it will lay out for you–in the pages of your own Bible–specific prophetic events that God’s word tells you to expect in the years just ahead of us, today. It will also teach you how to understand prophecy foryourself,and –as always onTomorrow’s World— we’ll be sending the DVD free to anyone who asks today, with no obligation. Be sure to watch your screen for details on how to request your copy. Now, if you have watched the Tomorrow’s World program for any length of time at all, you already know that we don’t shy away from prophecy. In fact, we spend quite a bit of time with it. And in today’s world, it’s a moral imperative. Mikhail Gorbachev, the formerpresident of the Soviet Union,wrote recently for the websiteof Time Magazine, saying,The world around usis destabilizing.The United States isunsettled in a way it hasnot experienced for decades.Brexit has rattled the veryfoundation of the EuropeanUnion,old alliances are beingreshuffled,the fate of the Middle Eaststillseems to be up in the air,and the nations of theworld can’t seem to stabilizetheir economies,even as they ramp uptheir military ambitions.God has long prophesied the state of the world before Jesus Christ’s return to set up His government and the Kingdom of God, and we are seeing that prophetic stage set before our very eyes! And yet, so many professing Christians–so many professing Christian churches, so many professing Christianministers–don’t spend any time on prophecy at all. If they evenconsiderprophecy at all, it’s often seen as a curiosity, or a distraction-something that’s not really part of the “important stuff” in the Bible-not related to your salvation in any way. Or, it might be considered somewhat important,but it seems too confusingto spend time on,with all of its symbols andimagery–seven-headed beastsand strange creaturesand statues.Some worry that they justcan’t make sense of itand that there just isn’t any spiritual profit to them personally if they spend any time on it. And yet no follower of Jesus Christ who claims to be a Christian, can completely ignore prophecy! For instance, in the prophetic book of Revelationat the end of theNew Testament,we’re told in chapter19 and verse 10,Chapter 1 and verse 1 of thatsame book tells us that it isDoes Jesus want His followers toignoreprophecy when He Himself is the one inspiring it? When He Himself desires to reveal to His followers the things to come? The Apostle Paul, writing to believers in Thessalonica, blatantly commanded them–and us: Here onTomorrow’s World, we want to help you unleash the power of prophecy in your life. We want you to be able to understand it and to see all that God longs to show you in the pages of your own Bible. And there is so much. In particular today, we want to explain to you what the purpose of prophecy is. When you begin to see its purpose, you begin to appreciate why God gives us prophecy, what He’s trying to accomplish with it, and what its impact in your own life can be. For the rest of our program, we’re going to show you four vital purposes of prophecy. In doing so, we hope to encourage you to begin making a growing understanding of prophecy part of your own personal Bible study. To help you do this, we’re sending to everyone who requests it today a free, nearly two-hour long DVD, titled “The Power of Prophecy.” This DVD will not only lay out for you multiple prophetic truths about what is happening in the world right now from the pages of your own Bible, it will also take the time to explain howyoucan personally understand Bible prophecy in the first place. For those who have ever been confused, be prepared to understand more clearly than you ever have before. And if you’ve ever told anyone that you just don’t know what’s going on in the world, after watching this free DVD-you will never be able to say that again. It’s only one call, click, or tap away. Get your free copy today. ♪Announcer: To receive
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Faster than postal mail!Visit us online, now!Welcome back! Before the break, we noted that Jesus Christ wants us to study prophecy! In fact, in the prophetic book of Revelation, Jesus promises to those who take His prophecies seriously: Prophecyisrelevant to your life, and there are blessings that God wants to unleash in your life through prophetic understanding. Don’t believe us –God’s word says so! The free DVD that we are making available today will help you begin to unleash the power of prophecy and open yourself up to the promised blessings of Jesus Christ! But why is it so important to Him? Why does Almighty God put such a priority on prophecy in His word? Why does it take up a quarter of your Bible? Just what is the purpose of prophecy? Let’s examine four purposes of Bible prophecy. The first we’ll discuss today is this; Punishmentiscoming on the world for sin. Eventually, it will culminate in the greatest time of trial and suffering that the world has ever known –a time called the Great Tribulation –and the burden of that time will rest more heavily on some nations than others.Picture in your mind thehorrors of Adolph Hitler’s“Final Solution,” or thebarbaric atrocities ofJoseph Stalin, who killed tensof millions of his own people.Even in our own day, we stillhave the imagesof the inhuman cruelty of theIslamic State freshin many of our minds.Jesus Christ prophesies in Matthew 24 that the time to come is far worse thananyof those times ever were. Read His words for yourself: Matthew 24:21… God’s word makes plain the fact that these days are coming, but they are coming for a reason: because of this world’s sins. In particular, those days will begin with the punishment on the United States and the United Kingdom before engulfing the rest of the world –as we have explained from Scripture many times on this program and which our DVD will help you to see. But God takes no pleasure in any of this, and He tells us ahead of time so that we will change! So that we can avoid punishment!That is His desire!Consider His loving warning in the prophetic book of Ezekiel in chapter 18 and beginning in verse 30. In the DVD that you’ll receive, you’ll be taught that one of the keys to understanding prophecy is identifying modern nations in the Bible, and when you learn to do so you learn that this warning to Israel applies to modern nations today. God does not want them to go into punishment for their sins, but He warns them passionately: “Why should you die? Turn and live!” And while our nations may not turn, you and I can. We don’t have to wait for our country. You and I, personally, can turn to God–cease from breaking His laws, cease fromignoringHis commands, and seek the God of the Bible! As the Apostle Peterpassionatelywarned his listeners in Jerusalem in Acts 2:40…Though Jerusalem and itspeople paid a terrible pricein 70AD, some heeded thewords of Peter and were savedfrom the slaughter thatfollowed in their day.Jesus Christ died for you so that you too can escape the snare of sin, turn, and be free. But you must choose to repent! May God give you the strength to follow Him and to commit your life to Him. The first purpose of Bible prophecy is to… Prophecy isn’t just an academic matter –it is a matter oflife and death. The free DVD that we’re making available today, “The Power of Prophecy,” can help you to know what lies ahead and what actions you should take. Today’s special free DVD will answer some of the most-asked questions about Bible prophecy and what lies ahead. Including these: The answers to these questionswillaffect you personally. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Request your own free copy today. There’s no cost, no obligation, and no strings. We make this information available as a public service. Don’t fail to get your copy today.Announcer: Today’s offer
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no cost, no obligation.Visit us online at
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and follow us on Twitter.Welcome back! In our last segment, we demonstrated that a primary purpose of prophecy is to warn people and nations of what is to come so they can repent and change. But, not everyone will repent. Not everyone responds. Even some of you watching today may choose not to respond to God’s call and repent. But prophecy has a purpose even then. Purpose #2, today, is that. .. God had this purpose in mind when He made a proclamation to ancient Israel in Deuteronomy 4 –and, as we explain in our free DVD, He makes the same proclamation to certain modern nations today. It begins in verse 27. Those being punished in captivity will remember the words and the warning that they had heard, and they will begin to seek God in a way they did not before their punishment. Now, for those of our viewers today who will find themselves under the punishment of the Great Tribulation, it is our prayer thatyouwill remember these things, and remember to seek God with all of your heart, with all of your strength, and all of your soul. Cry out to Him when that time comes–with a sincere and willing heart–and Hewillhear you! A third purpose for Bible prophecy is to If you are a regular viewer ofTomorrow’s World, then you know that preaching the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to the world is our greatest motivation! And that gospel is a prophetic gospel! Vast amounts of Bible prophecy–in the Old Testament and the New–teach us about the coming of that Kingdom and what it will be like.Isaiah 11 talks of themiraculous change in thenature of animals.Zechariah 14 gives us aprophecy of the nations ofthe world coming to Jerusalemto keep the Feast ofTabernaclesduring the Millennium.Revelation 20 speaks of the1,000-year removal of Satanthe devil and the reign ofJesusChrist and His glorifiedsaints!Zechariah 8 speaks ofpeaceful streets,where the elderly and thevery young are safely ableto enjoy each other’scompany without fear!Isaiah 35 speaks of thetransformation of the landinto a place of beauty andthe sick and the lame beingcompletely healed!Time fails me to speak of all of the amazing truths concerning that coming Kingdom of God that are laid out for us in detail in Bible prophecy. There is a reason that in Acts 3:21 the Apostle Peter calls these prophesied times Shame on churches that consider themselves Christian but ignore these prophecies! The prophetic message of the coming Kingdom of God is the main message of the Bible and the primary thrust of Jesus Christ’s own message to that world! The message of that kingdom was the gospel–the good news He brought to humanity! And His true ministers will continue to preach that prophetic message to the world until He returns to establish that Kingdom as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Before we conclude with the very inspiring fourth purpose of prophecy, I want to make sure you have one more opportunity to request today’s free video collection: “The Power of Prophecy.” If you have ever felt that Bible prophecy was somehow “beyond” you or inaccessible, this free DVD will show you that youcanunderstand it–both what it says about the days in which we are living and what it says about the days just ahead of us. This DVD includes the vital message, “Five Keys to Understanding Prophecy. ” These keys will help you unlock one quarter of your Bible and unleash the power of prophecy for you. Don’t regret allowing this free DVD to pass you by. Get your own free copy today. ♪Announcer: To receivethis program’s offerabsolutely free,or if you would likemore information,call the number shown or visitour website onlineat tomorrowsworld.org.Or you can write usat the address shown.Announcer: With this offer,you will also receiveyour free subscription toTomorrow’s Worldmagazinefull of timely articlesand unique insightson today’s important issues.And be sure to go toTomorrowsWorld.org/digital.Have a digital subscriptionsent right to your email inbox.Faster than postal mail!Visit us online, now!So far we’ve reviewed three of four purposes of Bible prophecy. It warns people and nations so they can repent before being punished, it encourages those in captivity to repent, and it announces the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. The fourth purpose is simple but awesome in its impact… In chapter 46 of the book of Isaiah, God comments on this purpose of prophecy, beginning in verse 9… Our predecessor in this work, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong said many decades ago that the single most important fact in all the universe can be stated in three words. My friend and colleague on this program, Richard Ames, frequently reminds others of this inspiring truth, and I have personally benefited from his passion and clarity about that truth. Another friend of mine made a related point once that has also impacted me. He was contrasting himself to God and noted that while God rules over the entire universe, he himself can’t even guarantee that he can make it to his son’s soccer game on time. My friends, you and I arenotGod. But, thankfully, GodisGod, and God Reigns Supreme! Prophecy teaches us that! It is meant to remind us thatall of history–both history past and the rest of human history that is yet to unfold–isallunder the care and providential guidance of a loving and all-powerful Creator! What does that mean? That meansHispurposes will be fulfilled! It means that when God says Jesus Christ is returning soon to set up His Kingdom,that kingdom is coming!It means that when God says the Devil will be removed from humanity,He will be!It means that when God says that the dead in Christ will be resurrected and made glorious like the sun it its brightness,it will happen!Our Creator is not only the God who “announces” prophecy–rather, He is the God who has the power to make His prophecies come to pass. But this lesson goes beyond the grand picture and should touch us in the smaller picture, as well. A God of prophecy who has the power to declare the end from the beginningis also a Godin whom we can place our trust.He’s a God we can shareour hopes, our dreams,and our concerns with.He’s a God who knows ourpurpose and has it in sighteven when we don’t.He’s a God we can obey andplace ourselves 100% in Hishands, even under the threatof persecution or harm,because we know that in Hishands is the best possibleplace we can be.Yes, Bible prophecydoes, indeed, declare God’s sovereignty and power. And it reminds us that the one who lovingly demands our loyalty and obedience is trulyworthyof that loyalty and obedience, forHe isGod, andHe reigns supreme. There truly is so much that can be unleashed in your life when you begin to open yourself up to prophecy. I pray that every one of you watching today will begin to explore the quarter of your Bible that has been neglected for too long. Our free DVD is designed to help you do just that. Don’t regret that you didn’t get it! And don’t forget to come back here next week. Richard Ames, Gerald Weston, and I will be waiting and ready to share with you more of the teachings of Jesus Christ, the good news of His coming Kingdom, and the exciting end-time prophecies and their meaning. Until then, take care, and we’ll see you next time. ♪Announcer: To take advantage
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