Understanding CHRIST: What about Concepts from other RELIGIONS?🤔

Okay hey disciples! It’s just another
wonderful day here in the world, and yeah, I’m really excited to be able to go over
some of these teachings with you and you know we’ve talked about so many
different subjects and if you look through the videos you know there’s
we’re talking about baptizing people praying for people going out and doing
the work of Christ we’re talking about meditation we’re talking about you know
different understandings and different pieces of scripture where we can pull
the the spirit out of the scriptures and be able to understand what God is saying
and be able to apply to our inner life so I’m just thankful that you’re on this
journey and that you really want to understand more about what God is doing
and what he’s not doing okay we want to make sure that we’re on a straight path
and we want to understand that yes there are a lot of principles in the
scriptures that are in other cultures okay remember Paul says that
to a Greek I become a Greek and to a Jew I become a Jew. So you know we
understand Greek thinking is like worldly wisdom philosophy. You know, this
type of thinking that we see today in our culture. Yes, we also see that Jewish
thinking is more of that spiritual thinking or it can be also considered
religious thinking and what does it say that Paul says I could become all things
to all men that I might win some to Christ okay so when we start to talk
about some of these different concepts what I want to do is lay a foundation and that
yes we’re going to talk about things in Buddhism. Yes, we’re going to think about
talk about things in Islam. Yes we’re going to talk about things in Hinduism
and these different concepts but the point
is is that we need to be able to venture over into these areas with Christ okay
we don’t need to venture over into these areas and adopt these different concepts
to ourselves but what we need to do is understand that there are principles
within each of these cultures in each of these religions that apply to principles
in the Bible and we need to be able to show in our scriptures where these
principles are and how they apply to Christ because Christ is the highest.
Okay so we can kind of go over and be a Jew to a Jew and a Greek to a Greek and
you know, we can step it to the realm of all men and be among tax collectors and
prostitutes and things like this and not be able to be tainted by this type
of thinking because the Bible says that we should eat what they feed us. Yes? So
when we’re talking about these types of teachings, I want us to understand that
we are with Christ we can go “greater he who is in you than He who is in the world”
“if you drink anything poisonous it will not hurt you” Okay? So any thoughts any
type of concepts or any type of thinking we get in our mind
Christ is powerful enough to show us the truth and to lead us into all truth if
our mind is submitted to the will of God. So I just want to say that, yeah, we’re
going to talk about meditation it’s part of the Christian life it’s part of the
walk with God okay there’s a lot of people out there that talk about
meditation and they apply to Jesus but they don’t actually believe in the
submission to God and they apply to other cultures and things like that’s
what we’re going on the straight way so we need to look at these concepts on
this side and say okay there are some things in Hinduism there are some things
in Buddhism there things in Islam there are some things
and you know other different religions that are good principles and we need to
see where they fit inside the scriptures and apply them to Christ to be able to
not only understand the truth behind some of these teachings but also be able
to show other people where Christ is in our scriptures and show them Christ I
need to reveal to them Christ and Christ is that highest spiritual nature that we
can be able to reveal to other people and God wants to reveal himself to other
people but we need to be a Greek to agree in a Jew to a Jew we need to
become the slave to all men that we might win some to Christ on the outer
level now only in word level we need to understand that we’re going to have
different thoughts come in our mind about these different things and some of
us have been seeking for meditation some of us have been seeking for more
in-depth prayers some people have been seeking for healing some people have
been seeking for freedom and deliverance from the demonic which convene you know
there are evil spirits out there but also that their lies and false teachings
okay so and and you’ve may have you may have gone off the pack a little bit
because of what you’ve seen in in in religion today and and I want to tell
you that God is still working okay God is still empowering his servants who
have the truth who want to be able to go further into revelation the
understanding of these things and it’s up to you to understand it even though
somebody may have hurt you within the church
I may have heard you within some religious setting that you know you have
to forgive you if you’re lovely those who love you what credit is that to you
okay so we want to understand that yes we don’t want to be a part of that that
system that religious mindset that stone being in front of a stone needing to be
rolled away you know the law written on the tablets of stone the natural man the
religious traditions the religious thinking that keeps us from walking and
going inwardly in a pride applying these principles to Christ and understanding
who Christ is in what Christ actually means okay some people haven’t learned
Christ now how is that written in the Bible in Ephesians 4 where it says you
haven’t learned in Christ but the truth is in Jesus okay I understand that
there’s a lot of different denominations that are out there in a lot of different
ways in Christianity that have seemed right to it okay there’s there’s been
outward worship within different movements okay of Christianity there’s
been interior worship in other forms of Christianity there’s been a lot of
mixture of different things in different streams and it’s become a little bit
polluted but that’s but that doesn’t mean that God still can’t take his
servants that truly are seeking the truth and pull you out be able to
cleanse your heart be able to cleanse your mind be able to give you a heart of
love a heart of service and a heart of zeal for the inner work of God for the
outer work of God by manifesting the life of Jesus and being able to use you to go
into places to change people’s lives and that’s ultimately what we’re talking
about here. God is interested in changing you so that He can change other people.
If you allow them to change you, if you allow Him to take you through the steps
of the inner work, if you allow and you sacrifice yourself to give your body as
a sacrifice out into these types of
teachings and these understandings of the inner work that God wants to do and
you let God give you a heart for service He can use you. So what I’m saying is
this quit looking out there. If you’ve been hurt in some way if you’ve been if
somebody has you know not not given you the right teaching of the right
understanding or the right thing FORGIVE. Okay? Forgive that person alright? You know forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Okay? You can’t have the blind leading the blind. You can’t have people that are
ignorant about the Scriptures and ignorant in their thinking in the carnal
man leading you and expect them to be able to…. I mean God’s going to hold them
accountable, okay? bBut your job is to love. Our job is to seek. Our job is to find.
Our job is to walk in the truth and be able to transform ourselves because
ultimately we can do it with Jesus, okay? We can do it with Christ, okay? We need to
move from Jesus to Jesus Christ to Christ. We need to understand about Jesus, we
need to accept His message and move into Jesus Christ; understand these principles
of how they apply to us and then move into Christ, which is that highest form
of love! It’s the highest form of the manifestation of the joy of God because
you’re inwardly feasting with Him all day! But we can become a Jew and a Greek to a Greek, okay? So we’re gonna understand it we don’t want to
accept these teachings. We don’t want to accept them into our life. We need to
look at them and glean off of them, if you will. We need to glean the field,
okay? and then be able to understand that some of the things we’re going to talk
about will be similar to some of those concepts. However what do we have we have
Christ. We have someone who died for our sins but ultimately we have the
understanding of the Christ nature. The nature of Christ. The
name of Christ that lives within us if we’ve submitted to God, if we’ve come
into the baptism, if we’ve received the Holy Spirit and then we understand the
authority and the power we have to manifest that power into the world and
and we can be saved. Because it says, you know, “eat what they give you.” You know if
you take up snakes, you won’t be hurt okay? So anything that we’re doing,
we want to understand that it’s our job to be all things to all men and to speak
the language of all men but we need to be able to step over into these concepts
some of these understanding some of these spiritual ideas that that have
some merit in them and be able to apply it to the principles of Christ make sure
we stay within Scripture in the Bible understand where we can place these
things and then be able to teach them from the heart of the Spirit and from
the mind of the Spirit and not from the mind of carnal man and not of the mind
of our flesh,which is that natural thinking, it’s that religious thinking. So
yes, there are some issues in us that we need to change. There are issues within
you that you need to change. There are things that God wants to do in you. He’s
not looking to make you feel good. He’s not looking to make everything okay in
your life. He’s looking for you to go through, to pick up your cross and suffer
with Him through the power of walking through these teachings and walking
through the understanding that God wants. You gave your life to God! If you’ve
submitted to the will of God, that means that your vessel is completely owned by
God. Now let him take control! Let him take control of you. Submit
to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you. Submit to God. Submit to
your higher nature. Submit to Christ, the highest nature, the one who died for you
so that you can live. Submit your ego to God and the devil, your ego, will flee
from you, so that we can be able to reach that state of inner peace, that state of
inner understanding. And it’s not going to be easy, okay? This is not going to be
easy! This is going to be very difficult! There’s going to be sufferings! You’re
going to have to change! You’re going to go through different periods of things
that you’re being delivered, from old thinking, things that you’ve done in your
life. God wants to renew you and cleanse you but you have to be willing to take
up your cross and follow Him and you’ve got to be willing to walk in this
journey with Him because ultimately He’s here to lead you through to the
promised land, okay? You need to take up and become a Hebrew. You need to become
an Israelite, which means that you become a person on the spiritual journey
leaving Egypt to go into the Promised Land but we don’t need to complain! We
don’t need to! We don’t need to go through that wilderness period with complaining!
We don’t need to try and just fix ourselves to something outwardly and say
that you know, “It’s all those other people that need Jesus!” “You know, I’ve got
God, I’ve been baptized I received the Holy Spirit so you know
now all those other people need Jesus!” and become self righteous, okay?
This is a very key thing when we’re going on this journey because just
because you had the baptism, just because you’ve received the Holy Spirit,
just because you’ve understood the nature and the understanding of
Scriptures, doesn’t mean you’re walking in the Spirit, that doesn’t mean you’re spiritually
interpreting the Bible and it doesn’t mean that you’ve moved on to the perfection
that we see in Hebrew 6. It doesn’t mean you’ve become a minister of the New
Covenant, which means you’re walking in the Spirit and understanding the things
of the Spirit, ok? You don’t want to be a false prophet. You don’t want to be
someone who doesn’t understand or hasn’t witnessed these things themselves and
then go propose and try to teach others So, you’ve got to go through the journey
yourself and this is what we’re talking about. And again I don’t have all the
answers, ok? He’s the one with all the answers. But
I’m saying we have got to pull away from the crowd. We’ve got to go outside the city. We’ve got to go and seek for that truth, and then once we go there, we’ll find
that living water that’s actually flowing through us and all these things that
we’re talking about in the Bible, all these stories in the Bible, are SYMBOLIC
stories to show us, after we’ve come into Christ where we need to apply them in
our spiritual life. And I challenge you! This is going to be great but it’s going to be
difficult. There’s going to be pain! There’s going to be hurt. There’s going to be suffering
when the nails are going in the hands, when you’re being crucified, when you’re
putting on that crown of thorns, when you’re going through up to Golgotha and
letting your mind be cleansed, when you’re going through the churches of Revelation, when
you’re going through the meditation, when you’re going from Earth to the baptism
the inner baptism of water, to the inner baptism of Spirit, to be raised up in
your mind, the inner baptism of fire when God is purifying you, and yes it’s going to
be difficult but we can do this journey together. We can walk in the power of the
Spirit, and ultimately we can have that New Jerusalem come down. So there’s going to
be some things we are going to talk about that are going to be challenging, don’t
worry put on your seatbelt.
God’s got this! He’s going to keep us safe. He’s going to keep us guarded and he’s
going to lead us in that straight path as we’re continuing to climb the mountain
and move through the journey called life. We’re going to do it together. We’re
going to do it with Christ and we’re going go with Him because He’s the WAY the
TRUTH and the LIFE so I challenge you! We’re going to talk about some things that
are going to provoke. We’re going to talk about some things that are going to be
challenging but that’s okay God is strong enough God is in you, if you’ve
submitted to Him and now we’ve got to take that inner journey together and as we
do that we’re going to talk about some things in Hinduism, we’re
going to talk about some things in Buddhism, we’re going to talk about some
things in Islam, we’re going to talk about some things in some other religions and
we’re going to see where the truth is and we’re going to be able to take this
book, these scriptures and be able to pull out the CHRIST, so that we can be
able to go preach the right gospel to people bring them into Christ and bring
them into that, bring them to the King the highest one out of them all! So I
hope this helps a little bit. I love you guys so much and as we go on this
journey together just be patient, be strong and we’re
going to get through it. So love you guys so the is the LIFE OF A DISCIPLE and keep
going in the teaching!

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