UN Poised to Destroy Liberty Based On Religion Be Bold Talk Out Loud About Religion

you you okay it takes a few minutes for you guys catch up with me all right okay so I got the right thing up now you have rights that come from God but if you can't explain them you will lose them and I'm gonna try and help people to explain and keep their rights that come from God see just one moment I'm gonna get this set up right I'm just gonna read something there I'm thirst a title un poised to destroy liberty and how are they gonna destroy this Liberty how is the Facebook how is uh Google how are all these people destroying your censorship Liberty through censorship they're basically basing it on religion it's not your religion but is a religion all the laws in the UK they're doing it all based on religion so we as a group have to unify and be on the same page and it's right there in the decoration defendants in the Constitution on what our religion is and why somebody can't come along and force their religion on us or make laws based on their religion but their laws are antithetical that is opposite opposing the Constitution declaration pendants then they cannot stand for their religion they have to decide whether to be Americans and like when you become a citizen in America you have to pledge allegiance and you have to pass the citizenship test to become an American and say you will uphold our laws to uphold our laws you basically cannot uphold the laws of your religion if you're coming from another country and your religion is antithetical opposite of our laws so um I'll just read this you impose destroy the Liberty based on religion we need to be bold and talk out loud about religion I threw that 1900 on talk religion you're just gonna fight it don't talk where there's and get in a fight you better talk religion because you're gonna lose your head UN poised outline speech that might offend others next it's everything that offends others it's the biggest voting bloc in the UN two billion voices and they are talking about religion and they disagree but they're still talking about it and they're talking about loudly so we need to talk about religion loudly the squeaky wheel is gonna get oil we need to be bold we need to confess God before others people are going to have to start talking about religion because the UN and others are you there talking about religion your Parliament your judges they're all talking about religion you know you better start talking about religion I know what you believe and why you believe it and where it comes from because they know why they believe what they believe and where it comes from and you're just going to be bolder and you have to know that God is with you because they always say gods with them I'm just saying you can when you know you're right it gives you power in the strengths you don't have to fear you don't argue when you know that you know that you know you're right because you're right then don't fight about it no one can keep their religions private and personal and keep their religion I said again no one can keep their religion private and personal and keep their religion the founding fathers were bold about their religion they were so bold their religion is the decoration independence and constitution and they told the King of England this is what we believe and we'll fight you for it we'll stand our ground that's how much they talked about their religion and believed in their religion and it's the founding fathers were bold about their Christianity God and Jesus Christ but so were the Pirates the Pirates were round when the founding of this country came about we called them pirates they won the same thing today that they did that and you can still calm pirates they rape Rob pillage murder they force themselves in people they steal so just think of a pirate what the pirate does if he comes into your harbor you know he's gonna be blowing your ships up he's gonna for he's gonna bring war because that's what Pirates do they bring Wars the Christians better start take making a lot of noise or lose everything even their life and I put on head live head she's meanwhile getting set up I got it all set up I just want to get to the right page I've got a page written out so we just flow through this I'm gonna give you reason why you would be interested in studying religion not because you have to defend yourself against this horde of invaders but you're gonna want to know religion cuz it makes sense and it gives you an eternal strength that you only have when you know you're right and when you know you're right did you have this internal strength inside you're not guessing anymore you know that you know this is the truth and so I'm going to start with some scriptures to help help us here I'm gonna wait a minute see if it get catches up I'm watching you to see what you see because last time I always click on things and you guys weren't seeing the same time okay you see what I see Luke 1418 it's what our decoration pendants is based on it's what our Constitution is based on it's what the brexit is based on the pen viva Libya Liberty this is what the pen is based on all the people standing up for freedom your stand for liberty it's all based on this one scripture now we can tell it to tell you right now the Bible is the truth but the problem is how to do it nobody could do it it takes the power of God's Holy Spirit to do it and that's what Jesus died he rescued us he you know you hear about soldiers dying warm to save you they gave it a life for you no one ever gave their life left Jesus Christ Jesus Christ gave His life to set men free from Satan's power this is a spiritual warfare sin is spiritual it's a power and you got to recognize that power you can see it you know I just heard somebody say they got like 150 Sharia law courts in Europe what are we supposed to do about this well it's a power they're using satanic power and you're gonna have to have the power of God and it's so easy just ask for it but the more truth you have the more power you're gonna have a God because you're telling the truth you know the Holy Spirit can't lie so if you're speaking the Word of God it just comes out of you the power does it's also the love of God you just know God loves you and you know He gave His life Jesus Christ gave His life and died so you could receive this power God can forgive your sin and you've been ready to see this power but let's let's see what Liberty is the Spirit is Lord upon me because he has anointed me I'm sorry I'm right here on Luke 4:18 the Spirit of Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel was just good news to the poor he sent me to heal the brokenhearted to treat Pete preach deliverance to the captives the recovery covering of sight to the blind and to set at liberty then that are bruised now this captivity of the year is the deliverance is also Liberty this is what I wanted to see this is Eisen it's from the prophet Isaiah I talked about this last time we spoke how Jesus went away he came back be tempted by the spirit to go out into the wilderness was tent by devil 40 40 days then they came back and he took the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and he found the place where it was written the Spirit of the Lord is upon me imagine this man you don't really know me you might know him as carpenter's son so he's very strong healthy man um but he has a light about him a goodness about him very very good good man the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor he has sent me to proclaim deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to release the oppressed and I'm honest is that my point here is to set the oppressed free and the founding fathers of the United States America in other countries y'all a lot of people in Europe are saying whoa-oh-oh-oh our countries based on Christianity our laws our morals and stuff and that means we're set free from oppression now there's a lot of scriptures that use the word Liberty but that's what it's all about Liberty proclaim Liberty to the captives and discovery of sight to the blind to release the oppressed that's what Jesus came to earth so that we don't have tyrants anymore if we may his word and get his power of a spirit and his love and he fills us with his life see Adam fell the life of God was taken from Adam Eve and they thought they were naked they felt naked then Jesus comes he gives it back to life that Adam and Eve lost and they also lost the Holy Spirit and they lost the love that God had given him when God breathed life into Adam it was God's very own life that keeps God alive and it keeps us a lot it's a life of God it's the love of God it's a power of God then when we ask God for the Holy Spirit that's what he fills us with himself and so we're not demon-possessed we're are possessed by God but God's everywhere we're evil isn't if somebody's evil no God's not there but in the beginning I started doing these teachings the Spirit Lord hovered over the whole earth so ever look God is everywhere God is life we're filled with his life and his love because we're human beings we can think like God talk like God I believe like God animals don't have this perception or abilities that we have to communicate with one another through written words they don't have the authority to build it and to think they're set in a certain pattern of ways of doing things that's why God said we're above the animals but well below the angels anyways the whole point is Liberty now the founding fathers knew this it's like nothing nothing happening today is new Bible says there's nothing new Under the Sun the founding fathers dealt with the same things we dealt with I'm gonna go here to the Ohio Constitution this is a bill light writes about how a constitution 1853 I think section 3 now they just know God they've read the Bible they've studied the Bible the entire life and when you're a child and you come to know God you know that you know you're a saint you've been changed as we get older this adult and pride and arrogance and brainwashing twist our mind all up we gotta go back to you said unless you become like a child you can't enter the kingdom of God you can't be innocent and pure and and think about God and the way a child does but we have to do that these people wrote this didn't have this perversion and sin all around them they around the wilderness they're out nature they didn't have radios or TVs or other voices distracting them lots of times I'm thinking about the pioneers I said heard settled United States America they're here there were no noises except for the animals you know then they were quiet people of peace because they had God yes sir they weren't loud and boisterous and obnoxious everybody lived quiet very quiet peaceful lives and they had the law kindness which is the Lord Jesus Christ they're very kind and very gentle towards one another so we have to fight against all that we were raised with but God is with us it's not hard it's not difficult I just have to remind it of it so I'm gonna read section three here it's very important that all men have a natural and indivisible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates other conscience that no human authority can in any case whatsoever control or interfere with the rights of conscience that no man shall be compelled to attend erect or support any place of worship or to maintain any ministry against the can kids against his consent and that no preference shall be given by law to any religious Society or motor worship and no religious test shall be required as a qualification to the of any office of trust or profit but religion this is very very important because it's so true but I'm going to show you why you're gonna want to learn the by on studying religion morality and knowledge being essentially essentially necessary to a good good not corrupt and the happiness of mankind now this is not public schools people can choose to send their children to school they hire pastors to teach the children most cases in America parents educate their children schools and the means of instruction shall forever be encouraged the government can only encourage education by legislative provision not in consensus consistent with the rights of conscience like right now you can't have a public school because I know what they're doing is brainwashing children that's that's against my conscience it's just they can't hurt children like they are they hurt me growing up they're hurt you run up the her parents grown-up it's against my conscience and that they make me pay property taxes but we can stand with God and they can't make you pay for them to abuse children once we prove in court the public school has been purposely cherian children and witchcraft and purposely through use of ringing bells fear domination lies and all the books have lies in them all your books you go to school it's all for lies to control mass population of the United States America it's totally unconstitutional totally against the law so Ohio Constitution has that in it now we have what's called the Northwest Ordinance which is Ohio Indiana and Michigan Illinois's and parts of Wisconsin it was the first region to be settled outside the thirteen colonies and they made a contract same religion and morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind schools and means of education shall be ever to be encouraged says religion and morality are to be encouraged by our government but if you go back to Ohio you can't give special treatment to one region over another religion like right now Google is a religion you know they they are practicing a set of beliefs with a hierarchy and there's practicing a set of laws and it's like they kill people just wiping them off and they steal everything that that person has created on their pages in the internet based on their religion their religious beliefs and that's why we got to talk about our religious beliefs loudly and boldly because Facebook Twitter oh you too they all have a religion a set of beliefs a hierarchy that they are basing everything on and they do it in unison with China you the European governments our government can't give them preference based on their beliefs and their religion even though it's a huge religion and there's a lot of people who um join their religion we're here we want to say it's Democrats no this isn't Democrats you know they all gave money to Hillary Clinton no this is a religion if you watch Michelle show yesterday unleash Friday night show Michelle will show you this is a religion this they have a hierarchy where they have priests and kings and everything like that and their people pass down their laws and the rules and it's any of like any other religion when you have laws a set of laws that doesn't come from a representative government that just comes from a few people who at the top who were not elected who weren't voted for then you have a religion so woman that's in all here in Ohio Constitution no man can be compelled we just heard of a Baphomet in Alabama or I forget they raised up a statue of Satan in a government you can't do that you can't do that you can't do that it's there you just can't put Satan because he's antithetical to the Constitution everything about Satan is controlling people mind control which is against the law in the United States America control people's minds that's why public school is against the law because they control children's minds and brainwash people people have the right to the free conscience to live according to worship God according to dictates of their own free conscience and when somebody starts lying and putting spells on people's minds then the conscience no longer free so anyways um let's go on so why we just want to put that religion and morality it's a basis of the United States America that religion and morality and knowledge are important to good government and the happiness of man mankind the education our religion and morality is to be encouraged by the government for parents to make sure they teach their children about Jesus Christ and about God I will get to that hold on you hold your questions I know you have questions now I I don't think I'm live I don't have one person no six people watch it but nobody's talking to chat okay hi everybody I was looking at chat there's nobody say anything but I know you there it's got six people watching sometimes I mess things up and nobody be there okay I just wanted this is something I got this week evil man brought evil on our country because they had turned their backs on the founding of our country they loved to sin they love to worship Satan they were bound by the devil the devil had power of their minds we're through Jesus Christ the founding of our country they turned to back in the foundry countries the family of our country is men are free to love and worship God and reverence the Word of God and then he's living by and having men in government that do what the Bible says you're gonna see you find out why it's so important to do it the Bible says it's not a religion it's just it's self-evident that this is the right thing to do Jesus comes in to give us the power to do the right thing see we can't do the right thing because sin controls us how many Jesus set us free but we do and can't agree I want the right thing is it's self-evident because we have a conscience and our conscience tells us what's right and wrong once you go back to your childhood you're no longer brainwashed by public school and other men through their products and selling things and you just have to have this new car you just have to have this red new song I mean you just have they make you feel like you did this taught in sales classes to make you feel like you just have to have it you need it salesmen are taught to make you feel those feelings and then this used to be a saying is playing and toying with so many feelings emotion was actually illegal and it found in his country and that's what salesmen do they play and towards your emotions what man would do to get a woman just leave with him and play enjoyed their emotions and no intention of marrying her and then she's left with a child or whatever and he's just abandoned her and that's just wrong you know okay but evil men do this no matter what okay okay now I want to prove that America was founded this way let me get here wall builders you want a real encouragement you want to really build yourself up on the truth just go to wall builders and start reading your founding fathers your fathers fathers who love you and if you're in I know your fathers who love you have America is great because they're great men in in England who searched the Bible and America is great because they're great men in in Germany Martin Luther was a great man he turned on the Catholic Church and said what you're doing is wrong and see the great godly men in Europe brought forth America because we weren't gonna live with kings and evil people anymore they brought the Bible to life and that's what I'm trying to do today hopefully so wall builders I'm just gonna quote some of the founding fathers so you know that this is founded on a godly country and these people were bold about the religion that's how they got set free of the king and they got the country free to themselves and pilgrims did the same thing they were bold about what the religion because everybody has a religion Google Facebook Twitter they have a religion it's a set of belief with laws okay everybody has a set of beliefs with laws and so founding fathers had to be bold and then they wrote the deckers and penance I'm gonna tell you everything they got was from the Bible this is John Quincy Adams six president United States America he was a diplomat Secretary of State u.s. senator u.s. representative his nickname old man eloquent and hellhound of abolition he really worked with abolitionists to get America set free from slavery and sorry dog wants to go stairs stay down here dig sailors stay my hopes of a future life are all founded upon the gospel of Christ and I cannot Co veil or quibble away evade or object to the whole tenor of his conduct by which he sometimes positively asserted and at others contingencies countenances permits his disciples in asserting that he was God the hope of a Christian is inseparable from his faith whoever believes in the divine inspiration the holy scripture must hope that the religion of Jesus Christ shall prevail throughout the earth oh yes oh yes the hope of all Christians is that the religion of Jesus Christ shall prevail throughout the earth that means everybody's walking in Liberty the Liberty you all yearn for and you can see your government isn't supplying never since the foundation of the world had the prospects of mankind been more encouraging to that hope than they appear to be at the present time I'm not sure what year he wrote this but I'm sinking doesn't give me a year well he died before the civil war was over so it's like 90 1830s and may the Association the Associated distribution and may the Associated distribution of the Bible first Congress distributed the Bible proceeded and proper is prosper to the Lord shall made bear his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations and all the ends of Earth shall see the salvation of our God and the chains of human events the birthday of the nation is in disable you can't separate it it's like water lit mixed together with something actually mixes with water you can't separate it in dissolve ibly linked with the birthday of the Savior you can't separate the birthday United States of America the birth of decoration penance from the birthday of Jesus Christ the decoration pendants laid the cornerstone of human God the human government on the first precepts of Christianity and you're gonna see what those are I'll just tell you rights and freedom of speech right to freedom oppress the Bill of Rights okay those are the precepts of Christianity without Christiana you don't have those rights and then you can have a government and all the Democrats say I will take their guns from them because they have a different religion and their poor fourth their religion although as communism socialism that's what they believe with a set of rules a set of laws and set of beliefs that's what's good for mankind and that's right Samuel Adams signer decoration and penance Father American Revolution we call Samuel Adams the father of the American Revolution right a fire of the United States Constitution government governor of Massachusetts I rely upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins the name of Lord says the Scriptures is a strong tower thither we're Isis fleeing are safe that means they run to it it's child you go back and just start thinking about Jesus and that's how you run to the name of Jesus you is you must come like a child to enter the kingdom you need to talk to Jesus and speak to Jesus you have to be that two three four year five year old child you're not man anybody you're not angry anybody you don't really know what sin is you just love children's just love unless you're a wicked child you went through here through the terrible twos and threes and you come out okay you're gonna be a very loving child you go through two and three terrible twos and terrible threes and your parents spoil you you throw temper tantrums you say no and they let you get away with it then you become spoiled you have to go back to the terrible twos and fix that before you're going to see the name of Jesus and the power of his name um okay I'm here in proverbs 18:10 let us secure his favour and he will lead us through the journey of this life and at length receive us to a better place and it's just Jesus said he'll lead you and guide you lead you guide you with this word and I'm here see how important the word is and how easy it isn't simple it is just loving people and treating people how you would want to be treated and understanding human relationships is very simple but Jesus leads us I can see we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly suffocating the supreme ruler of the world and it's just pray before God know that he exists today is real and he's gonna answer your prayers and you do it in respect to how powerful is you go to child you're gonna know how powerful God is you're gonna see and you just know gospel everybody needs know God God punish the people just know these things as a child you better do the right thing or gonna punish you just know these things that the confusion that are and have been among the nation's may be over ruled by the promoting and speedily bringing in the holy and happy period when the kingdoms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be everywhere established and the people willingly bow to the scepter of him who is the Prince of Peace it's only through Christ you're gonna have peace anywhere in the world and then it says here that Samuel Adams also called State Massachusetts to pray that the peaceful and glorious reign of our divine Redeemer this is a governor this is a secretary of state this is the government doing this the peaceful and glorious reign of our divine Redeemer may be known and enjoyed throughout the whole family kind we maybe with one heart and voice humbly employ his gracious and free pardon through Jesus Christ supplicating His divine a God help me Jesus help me and you got to know him as a child you just reach out to like a child will reach out to their parents save me and computing forever said deliver us from evil a father our Father has a line in it says thine is the kingdom our and the glory deliver us from evil thy will be done which is deliver you from evil cuz we just read in Luke that God Jesus died to set us all free from evil from the oppressor from the tyrant above all to cause the religion of Jesus Christ in its true spirit to spread far and wide to the whole earth shall be filled with his glory love kindness gentleness goodness am earring is happiness it's mother's loving their children children loving their mothers and fathers men loving their wives not in perversion and lust but real true honest love and care for one another the true contrition of heart to investor sins to God and poor forgiveness through the merits and mediation of Jesus our Savior oh I've got an old dog one up step hold on I'll play this so this is what's really important here go ahead and listen to this image guys can see this amazing taking awhile we take this walk um often but we haven't been by this little part in our little neighborhood and Melford Michelle walked over to this memorial and there used to be a house here and there was an older gentleman and he's taken care of this river behind this little my mirror and they tore down the house and we didn't think anything of it and then something could have been more moral and they didn't think anything of it they came to read it you're telling about it yeah so it's dedicated is called the Charles Norman Jones Memorial Park obviously it says all gave some some gave all and so we went around to the back of we can take you guys there and reading like okay so what is this memorial here in the middle of suburban downtown old Milford I think we should talk munch line before you read about okay I think we should too so this guy right here and let me give you a close-up of his handsome face right there and his purple heart is the older brother to this guy over here Francis Neal Jones we would see you see him working in his yard and everything right he just died in 2017 at the end of the year and so we'll read about who they both were but we shall they both were just moved to tears because this guy was a younger brother of 10 years younger of the guy he put in memorial up for he when he died on his death he wanted his house torn down anyone in Memorial put up for his brother and go ahead come on though it said that his brother was born on Leah's birthday March 11th 1923 and in Kentucky it says that he was baptized march 25th a couple of weeks later in Matt Washington which is close to us st. Anthony Church which is really important I think for whoever put this together his brother or whatever to say listen he was baptized is Christian and it says that he was a repairman with the Cincinnati Gas and Electric until he was drafted in the Army in DubLi rams 1943 so he was drafted when he was 20 years old back to just less than 20 he already had a job he's kind of on his way to a career nearly switch me sides so that we can get you in this says we can't rotate the device that's very difficult we went to basic training at Fort Bragg North Carolina and he became a sergeant he was sent to Camp Stewart Georgia as an assistant platoon leader and anti-aircraft artillery anti-aircraft artillery sounds dangerous assigned to the Citadel Military Academy in Charleston South Carolina and expect selected for training in the a STP program the program was later abandoned as the war in Europe worsened in October 1944 Charles was sent to Europe to fight and was reportedly killed just a two months later he was killed number 11 1944 he Charles was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart Medal and the Bronze Star proximately his final resting place is in Lorraine American military cemetery saint john boyd france and there's a spot in the violin berg number so what was really really moving is that's the part that we read first and then we came here and we read I was a network artist with ten years older the world Charles the one of the mortals for yeah this was a little brother who did this it was ten years ago when he was said to war this little boy was 11 years old when his brother was at war he was sent to war in October and two months later they get a notification right that your big brother is it's God not coming home right so let's talk about so it says he was born in September 17th 1933 he was the youngest of seven children he was 11 years old his brother was killed in France he graduated from central vocational high school since many public schools in August of 1952 and shortly thereafter enlisted in the u.s. Navy so he lost his brother and then he enlisted into the the Navy in November of 1953 he completed Air Mann School class P followed by the aviation structural mechanics school Class A in March of 1954 working as an airplane mechanic he transferred out of active service and into the Navy Reserves in June of 1957 in June of 1961 he was honorably discharged from the US Navy as a civilian Neal worked his entire career as a lineman for C G and E which is the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company that his brother worked for and focused on rebuilding and maintaining and preserving the riverbanks and that's all behind us here ok his house was here this was his property of the Little Miami River in Milford earning him much respect and the nickname River dog said on MSNBC what I hope it goes down in history because he just said Muslims lives matter people lives matter 150 lives not worth a robot yeah no we don't go to war Rivera Thank You President Trump the president Trump's speech got speech on MSNBC what I hope of those down in history because he just said Muslims lives matter people lives matter 150 lives not worth a robot you're not worth the drone we don't want it we don't want endless wars we don't want conflict if we're gonna give our lives let it be for something now it's really important because this affects people for the rest of the month their life exactly so thank you president Trump for making the right call and thank you to charles Norman Jonas Jonas and his brother Neil Francis Neil died we gather to celebrate a life of relentless evil sick twisted existence that grew through the cracks and spread to my very soul you thought you'd have a long life okay sorry about the commercials um we watch the two dogs and one dogs older and I was scared he'd fall and hurt himself going up the steps by himself he needs kind of help up the steps so I'm gonna make sure I'm along with what I have written down here like I said every life is very very very important and the Word of God can aid to help men think correctly again um one thing about that I put in here I would sense two things to the White House okay I just put comments on the White House web page I don't go to places and write them but the White House does have a youtube so I left two comments there let me find them here and it has to do with that what we just saw let me get it up here who it is to the White House think Twin Towers President Trump said they went in there and they cut the pillars those pillars just didn't fall they had to cut them manly cut them Christianity studying the Bible is our the pillars of the foundation of America men have tried to cut those pillars and blow them up but these pillars are from God and cannot be destroyed the UN is poised to out life out loss speech that might offend others next is everything that fends others it's the biggest voting bloc in the UN two billion voices talking about religion I'm telling everybody talk about religion loudly the squeaky wheel gets oil be bold confess God before others before it's too late people are gonna have to start talking about religion because the UN and all your governments and all the nations are that they're not talking about good car religion it's their faith in their religion and they're gonna force it on everybody it's called a new one world religion and you can see it all over when you see the policies that your block from Twitter from of the policies of Facebook or YouTube those policies that you've broken are the new one government religion it is a religion it's against the law and America everybody has the right to live by the conscience and practice their religion freely so no I'm gonna find out where was here no one can keep their religion private and personal and keep the religion no one can keep their religion private and personal now you got to wear it on your sleeves you got everybody see it you can't keep religion private and personal and still keep your religion the founding fathers were bold about their Christianity God and Jesus Christ and so were the Pirates other day who raped robbed murdered pillage Christians better start making a lot of noise or lose everything even your life your head there is an article that explains all this I'm not going to get into it it's in the Washington standard is the Lama phobic and it's a an apologist for that and it says that Christianity is the most oppressive religion there is and it puts down Christianity right and left and left and right but what he is attacking is the decoration independence and the constitution that's who he's talking about is oppressive Constitution decoration and penance he's saying they are oppressive Liberty saying Liberty is oppressors I see that's an oxymoron you can't have Liberty which is freedom and be oppressed and say they Satan twist things around both documents there our political system a political systems the doctors dependence and the Constitution our political systems they're based on the Bible Islam is now this is whom judge Jeanine Perry she said this I'm just quoting her antithetical I'm sorry if I don't pronounce it right to freedom it doesn't roll off my tongue it's antithetical to liberty it means it's opposite it is against freedom it is against Liberty they are their mortal enemies they cannot dwell together because there's opposite sides of a number line once positive ones negative ones freedom ones oppression they could never meet in the middle there's no impossible there's no middle ground either you are a Christian or you're not okay I have here so and so is an oppressive ruler with oppressive laws he says I sin he tells men you go sin and love to sin kill anyone gets in your way that's what they do this is what the new one-world religion is all about kill anybody gets in your way Christianity liberates people from these people if you're a Christian you're gonna be out there liberating people from this type of people and we throw those type of people in jail if they're through raping stealing robbing looting opressing dominating people making people live by their ways and their laws like a slave we throw people like that you know we we threw off slavery slavery started with the Pirates a civilized government of people who protect each other from insane barbaric hordes and the barbaric hordes are usually following a dictator see if I can make this anything wrong I'm in a little bit maybe you can read it it better trying to get better about being this host here I'm learning you see still a little small sorry I've made too big I can't pick all ten bills Bill of Rights comes from the teachings of the Bible Jesus fulfills the Bible prophecy of liberty freedom from sin we all say everybody sins we ask God to forgive us our sins see Jesus doesn't sin so he has the power to give us his power so we don't sin that way you've loved one another you love God you love your spouse's you love your children that's why we have the William Penn started and built the city of Philadelphia it's called the City of Brotherly Love it's about based on Jesus Christ setting us free from sin and the men can love one another not a gooey kind of love I mean not like I love caring understanding like a man has a wife and his children it used to be a man wasn't asked to work too much at work because he has a wife and children and eat him at home okay that's loving your brother loving your neighbor sinners are run by their lust pride arrogance greed sin it drives them sinning them dries them and they harm others because they're driven by the sin it's Satan's power over them they were born that way and need Jesus to forgive them through Adam they were born that way and then Jesus comes dies and gives us a power of the Holy Spirit after our sins are forgiven and then we have power not to sin okay so sin that drives them to harm others then they lie they steal they murder they dominate the control others as humans lives it's easy it's easy easy easy easy to see the results of the followers of this particular dictator that the UN is poised to it's destroyed Liberty with UN is going to destroy our Liberty using a religion and based on religion that's what we got a bold about our religion talk about where our religion comes from how we knew our religion is right and all rights come on Oh God Almighty God Jesus Christ wasn't a dictator he was free from sin he loves people and has the power of God to forgive sins Jesus Christ has the power takes power to forgive sins that's why people would say in the in the Bible he says he can forgive sins the Pharisees scribes come she thinks he could forgive sins only God gave her as him since cuz it takes power to forgive sins Jesus had that power in him and when we were see that power we also have the power to forgive sins it takes power the Holy Spirit and love and life of God you get when you come the child again you just see it you just knew it okay then God cleanses our mind of the lust and perversion and he heals our souls and our physical bodies and somebody told Michelle to grow up because she was speaking bad about Alex uns yesterday because Alex Jones was so perverted let's see Michelle has gone to Jesus Christ her King and her mind is clean she is more grown-up than Alex Jones and more grown-up than this other person who said you have to live with less than perversion oh Jesus Christ died he gave His life to save us from lust and perversion so we can live a clean pure healed holy life I have to feel sorry for that kids that man's children if he lust around his children like that it's horrible okay authentic so that's how the word God can be used um brotherly love and these are all scriptures well I'm gonna quote here I wrote this to the white house to wear envy and strife is there is confusion every evil work wherever somebody's envious or they want to fight there's every kind of confusion and evil work and you can see that watch the Democratic debates there is so much confusion but there's a lot of envy and strife the bad guys want to shut people up who say hey what you're done is wrong an example forced marriage we just all know it's wrong you can't force some of the marry the person has right to choose who they want to marry when they're 18 and their minds fully developed multiple marriage we all know that's wrong too you know marrying a child is wrong we all know that's better feel it's wrong you're molesting that child you're you're just hurting harming and tearing a child's soul and body apart it's wrong these people don't want you to tell them what they're doing is wrong through Christ we expose the darkness Bible says don't go along with it expose it there's so many wrongs back and you know who did you you should go to the police and say hey I know who did it as robbing a bank is wrong when the people get their money back the guy goes to jail it's the same with pedophilia there are no ifs ands or buts about it they call it hate speech in their religion the world one world religion hate speech or violent speech they say that speech offends me they're saying they're offending that let me see you saying that telling somebody that they are offending another person you're harming somebody you know we're saying you're offending somebody you're hurting somebody and then they get old man about it they say that's a violent act against them I'm trying to explain to you there that when somebody hurts somebody forces on Miriam marries a child has multi marriage they are actually the one harming others and it's a violent act and they are offending other what crime is an offense and it be told you're doing what you're doing is wrong hurts the here the accused it means they should go to jail you know they're gonna do everything get out of it and say I'm gonna turn around choose you or what they're you know you're guilty you know that's what they do and so it means they should go to jail this is violence and hate speech to a criminal so when you get the new one-world government in and they're saying that they're protecting the criminals because the hate speech is saying what you're doing is wrong and that that's the criminals don't want to hear what you're doing is wrong and so it is hate speech to a criminal but not to the good person now the Bible says the world loves their own but they hate Jesus Christ so the world's gonna love their own they love each other the new world or they're all for the lust in the and they want to be pirates they're all pirates that's why they brought up priors Caribbean so everybody like pirates guys they're all pirates in rub rape steal pillage murder and they want to do that without going to jail or being caught or punished for it and that's what the world says the Bible says the world loves their own but they hate good person they're gonna hate you because you're gonna go up and say hey you're going to jail what you're doing strong their case you for that if somebody who comes to Christ will go you're right and they'll love you for it and their turn to God and yet separate listen they crucified Jesus Christ to shut him up they took off the head of John the Baptist this isn't new for Persians or pirates to take people's heads off they took off the head of John the Baptist because he told the King hey what you're doing is wrong and I'm just saying pretty Trump you as a leader you have to make these definitions clear to end the confusion and strife and shut the mouth of the accused somebody's accused of something they go off you know you send two and you're guilty of this and I asked him whose country is this people who want to crucify or behead the body of Christ does it belong to them Christians we need to shut them up and say what you're doing is wrong get that Christianity out there and say that's wrong that's one thing Bialik students does do if you just say pedophilia is wrong for since I marry somebody's wrong the criminals called hate speech cuz they don't want to hear you say hey what your own is wrong it isn't the criminals country it is the Christians country to live in America you have to be honest you accept what you're doing is wrong you'll humble yourself before God you myth what you're doing wrong go fess whether it's multiple marriage marrying a child forced marriage a rape is wrong and we can't let people deny it you just can't let them deny it no no no you know stop denying the truth we need this this is the highest standard to help the mental health of American citizens all this stuff is confusion people they're going insane you see it on the TV see what the Democrats they are literally going insane we have to have this highest standard of justice and right and wrong for the mental health of American citizen the envy and strife leading to confusion must stop and the only way is to preach your gospel be bold about it and be loud about it but know what you know is the right thing people have the right to see what is right and what is wrong Christian's have the right to speak boldly about God's will and God's standards based on the Onis of the bible an example this is where the little film comes in that you probably never heard before in your life but this is in the Bible and this is love God's love men want armies and they go after the young men the innocent men have never been married and that's wrong based on the soundness of the Bible an example the Bible says a young man should not be in the army a young man should not be in the army he searched first get married have children on his land build his house his barn built up his herds plow his field so when he does go to war even far away at war his family is provided for he's taken care of it all he's got cows at home giving a milk he's got chickens they're getting eggs every day they got some pigs they have ham and bacon they have fields of corn fields a week they have a well so the water in their house the roof of their head doesn't leak the animals lots of hot stray Jimmy hay and straw so he can go to war not worry about his family and there is the scripture let me find it I got it here it is due to my new deuteronomy twenty five twenty four or five in Biloxi dyslexia coming up um you must not bring sin upon the land the Lord your God is giving you as in the herons land his gift you see the beginning of the picture I had up you see if I got it here over here well not there after bringing up over here no one okay I know what that I want that okay that's what you guys are gonna be watching I don't want that one excuse me okay Deuteronomy ah lost my place I'm still learning but I'm getting better at it hmm I'll just go here real quick I read that it said the lens and inheritance it's free so when um George Washington founding fathers came United States America oh shoot I can't bring that up what if you look at the beginning picture if you get a chance go back this is Monticello all you see is with George Washington saw his little farm is in here Monticello being but this is his at the bottom picture is his childhood boy home it's just a very modest home his parents weren't wealthy George Washington married into wealth and also he didn't marry until he could provide for his wife and children he didn't want to inherit all this stuff from his wife he wanted to provide for him that's what men do at that time so they said it's all lands it's all in no houses no it's just it's there's so much land there are so much land we don't leave the neat we don't need to live in cities and be so crowded we should all be spread out jesus said go into all the world we should be spread out everywhere and you see the beautiful horses here and so um all right even it what's next okay so this is about the story I just read you a young man shouldn't join the army at least for one year if a man is newly married he must not be sent to war or be pressed into any duty for one year he is too free to stay at home and bring joy to his wife he is married the idea of an 18 year old going off the war like that young man after three months being there he was dead he never married he never build his house he never had a barn can you feel for what he missed out on where other men had married had built their house built our homes and they could go to war but one thing is it's easy send a young man if a man has a wife his kids you're gonna have a hard time getting him to leave so will we have to be really really really really really a good cause to leave his wife and children and go to war he is gonna have to have to and won't be drafted or anything like that it's just so unfair they the draft is very ungodly unfair it's not right but see this is all in the Bible we can feel for each other we love one another so I'm just showing it's in the Bible that man should get married those house and his wife of children always be provided for the land I bought built up for vice for his family while he's away at war or if he does die he knows his wife and children will be provided for it's the only humane way to respect men it's loving your brother it's brotherly love it's fair and it's just see the young man has the right to life and to have children who will remember him and carry on his name if perhaps he dies that is the Bible that's god that's a goodness and greatness of God intelligence and smart wisdom of God it's the right way to live full of life provision provision God provided for all of us all we need some land you build your house you build your barn you get some animals the Bible says is you you put your wheat in wheat usually goes in and fall you put your wheat in every fall you'll never go hungry we takes care of cells you basically just kind of rake the soil a little bit throw it down on the ground the next thing you know you have a harvest a week comes the first of July wheat is so easy to grow it grows like weeds but you have to throw down the seeds and that's very easy and the Bible there's a scripture I'm not gonna bring up I got so many scriptures in my head I can't bring them all up maybe so your wheat each year you'll never go hungry your family never go hungry douwe said I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor the seed bag and bread because they listen to God's God said put the seed down once a year and a fall it doesn't take but a couple days you've got a lot of land to feed your family I mean the other stuff is I'm you don't have to have it's nice to have but you have to have bread every day that is a Bible God life it's happiness love when you were loved and your wife loves you your children love you respect each other kinda one another though you don't have any fear you're not jealous yeah full of strife you don't want to kill everybody you don't wanna hurt people I'd over tell my mom didn't you just love to hurt your brother sisters and my moms like my mother wouldn't let me my brother enjoys hurting his younger brothers and sisters if you don't live without when everybody comes to God and everybody comes to Jesus Christ love leads to happiness and I just showed you the video of the young man in our town he wasn't given this opportunity to have a life but his life was precious he never house her wife or children that's how evil our government is and FDR I blame mostly FDR Wilson was insane he started the Federal Reserve and these men basically made all the decisions choices for him his wife and his doctor forged his signature on everything Wilson wasn't even there so it was Rockefeller and Morgan in the rock child that started Federal Reserve but then FDR knew exactly what he was doing with Taft from Milford from Cincinnati Ohio you know it's not one of the bad guys from Cincinnati Ohio who joined with this little conglomerate the creatures of jacquard Isle to enforce its own to slavery when World War one was orchestrated by them the depression was orchestrated the stock market was border street they did it all they had lots and lots of lots of gold gold from from oil and they spent it to hurt America they started public school where everybody started being brainwashed instead of being at home and learning religion and Elleni and how important God is I mean you're gonna want to study the Bible you see oh wow that's in there oh wow that's in there here's a scripture in here the Bible do not eat the fat and the blood is for in it the Lord said to Moses say the Newser lights do not eat any of the fat of the cattle sheeps are goat the fat of the animal found dead or torn by wild animals may be used for any other purpose but you must not eat it anyone who eats the fat of an animal from which a food offering may be presented to the Lord must be cut off from their people and wherever you live you must not eat the blood of any birds or animals anyone needs to blood must be cut off on the people now this is just practical first of all when you really get into it you can make so limp oil you can wash your clothes there's so many uses for fat it says use for other purposes you need it the Bible also promises that your your baths for oil will be overflowing you need to keep and take the fat right away you melt it down put it in bats they put a bath shower clay jars it solidifies and lasts forever as you know you keep it airtight and it's really good for everything lamp oil cooking oil I they you know we've got it all this week coming in because you planted your seeds in due season you need you need cooking oil so the whole idea is that you have lots it's not that fast so bad and all this other stuff it's so that you have a lots and lots of oil for all kinds of things and back then they didn't have refrigeration or freezers so you cook the meat all the way and God is saying there's germs in the blood he said life is in the blood and anybody eats blood from an inn or whatever they're gonna get some kind of sickness disease that's why they're cut off from the people it's not a God hates the person who did that but there's gonna be sickness as diseases in the blood so back then all your me had to be burnt to a crisp we're very very dry me dry bread I'm dry meat because you could keep it forever you know once it's been dried out and so it's just good for you see the Bible gives you sense it just makes sense I mean and you can learn all this good information from the Bible they say huh okay now let's get to some other good stuff okay I'm telling my book here this I know that I know that I know that I know that I know the decoration is the gospel Jesus Christ as gospel liberty oops let me see you gotta pull it up here when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and just sit among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature nature's God entitle them a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to separate we this is we believe this is the truth is self-evident everybody we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights a gift you can't take it away ándale rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness now if you were paying attention I just explained to you it's a life that God breathes into us it's a life to have his only a young man have his own land the Liberty to build his house with his own two hands Builders barn zoning is ridiculous build is born with his own two hands and it's a love to love God to love Jesus Christ he says his from sin and it's the love of our wife or wife our mothers for our fathers for our grandparents for extended family for our neighbors love is the pursuit of happiness it's love that brings happiness and these all come through Jesus Christ to secure to secure these rights governments are instituted governments aren't instituted to secure the rights that come from Jesus Christ let me say it again governments are instituted among men just secure the rights that come from Jesus come from God from Jesus Christ life liberty pursuit of happiness driving their just powers from the consent of the government from the governed Jesus has a power God in us and we can use that power and then we share our power with the government's okay you can go Meg laws and bla bla bla that whenever a form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people to opt alter or abolish and to institute new government laying the foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in form that they seem effective for their safety and happiness I know I script a lot i new realize getting along here I can be very long-winded when songs god oh yes I can't amen um you don't dude you just don't throw off government for like transit causes but it comes down here when it puts you into absolute despotism when there's a long train of abuses and usurpations the object of the pirate to dominate and control what you do what you say communism socialism it's totally legal corny constitutes decoration penance it's there right it's a duty to throw off such government and disposition is oppression and we learned here in Luke Jesus Christ came to set the oppressed free to set at liberty those who are oppressed it's our right to live by our conscience and live free and not be under a tyrant he's a right it's our duty Jesus crying Jesus said God the Father Almighty sent him to pray and kill him Liberty to the captives and you know everybody's open eyes they've come to walk they're waking up the cover his sight to the blind people are starting to see what's really going on and they've been forced to be in slaves of her life and they didn't know it was slavery and it's the Holy Spirit of God that is anointed and Jesus Christ is setting us all free and good news to the poor is you don't have to be poor if you got the will work you get piece of land you have the right to land John Locke the Second Treatise of government every human being has the right to land doesn't matter if they have gold or silver buy it or not they have a right to have piece of land to have a wife and have children to build a house on it and to build a barn on it and to grow their own food and have their own animals and provide for themselves on their land that's the right of everyone and that's another part because at least a happiness life liberty and happiness and we've got that the Constitution United States is a transcript We the People and the decoration pendants is a foundation of life lumen happiness based on the gospel Jesus Christ this is the Constitution built 18 1787 I forget what year 1873 ah not 1873 of course not 1883 get my numbers mixed up numbers aren't my strong suit when it comes to this right now I do I just wrote it down like five minutes ago well before I started I wrote down the year it was written mining on here okay I gotta find out what you I don't I know I'm sorry 1776 is all I know I tell you I just wrote this down okay okay I said right in the first place 1787 okay I had the I would look to Ohio Constitution it was 1853 and then I got 1776 and forty lines coming up on Thursday and I was just talking to my friend about I think all those dates running around my head but that's not what's important what is God done for us what did Jesus Christ do for us why should we so thankful Jesus death on the cross that he said is free from oppression in and set this country free free set us free from tyranny we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union establish justice ensure domestic tranquility quietness and peacefulness I have it every night no cars are going by today and I talked to God speak to God quietly at nighttime I should have that journey today I can I have the right to have 2002 during the day peace and quiet no cars during the day to provide for our common defense promote the general welfare to secure the blessings of liberty what are the blessings of liberty life liberty happiness have own land build a house have married have children that's the blessings of liberty that comes through Jesus Christ when we don't send anymore we love one another we're no longer criminals no longer sinners we're no longer criminals we don't lie don't cheat when don't steal we don't murder we don't rape we're not pirates anymore we're civilized people we're not barbarians we're not whores going in and conquering lands anymore this there was so government is there to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our grandchildren or prosperity we ordained okay this is all religion this is all religion it's ordain ordained as a religious word they ordained it before Almighty God they prayed before mighty God they talked to mighty God not a church not a building Google can't come in and say this is how you're gonna do things okay this is individual men practicing their religion in their government freely with no one stopping them but there's no gov there's no church telling them like the Church of England or the Catholic Church or Google or Facebook or their new one-world religion none of them we're going to tell us how to worship and love God we do by according to our conscience before God and so you can see that right there screwed blessing Liberty well let's say ask what is the blessings of liberty what's the blessings of God done done oh my gosh it shall come to pass if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice to thy god let me just see what he says if I don't eat the blood you know don't eat the fat save it for something else to observe and do all his commandments love the Lord thy God with all their heart soul mind spirit honor the same take a day off once a week and just meditate on God's love and its power love your wife love your children you know talk about God to one another because then you won't have pirates coming in and trying to tell you you're wrong when you'll be strong enough spend time on Sunday alone with God with your family your fill up with love and your fill up with new and why you do what you do and why you're free and you're thankful and grateful God for all these things okay so honor the Sabbath don't have affairs you know don't have idols that means don't put something about God like right now we have the dollar feel bill that's an idol it's man-made it doesn't exist it's worthless you can you could I don't know burn burn your fireplace put it in your fireplace it's only good for nothing except for to be lied to and deceived and always be a slave to somebody who had a pretty impressive printed it up when a man has to have gold and silver they're going to be a lot more honest and and if they're bad guy they're not gonna be able to borrow money so easy with burning money bad guys can borrow billions millions and they can put it on every all they do sit there in a printing press and keep printed off so gold and silver has to be money so anyways don't murder don't kill don't steal don't falsely accuse somebody right now what these bad people are doing they're falsely accusing other people of offenses that they weren't offensive our offense is when you harm somebody else if you are brave a child every rape a woman that is a no offense they are offending people they are breaking the law they need to go to jail those are offenses but to say to somebody hey you just you that's wrong it's not an offense these people have to face the fact that what they're doing is wrong that's all there is to it so nice don't falsely accuse somebody else don't lie don't want what other people have we see something what happened was some greedy person so all this land in the United States America like the king of England and he wanted it all for himself so he had to connive it with other evil men to put all the people into cities and urban areas off their farms so they could have all the land and this morning they don't want to do with it sometimes resources on it but most of the time they just want to dominate and they won't make people their slaves so that's why the 10 commandments don't do that don't take God's name in vain you have a lot of people say I'm Christian this is Christian whatever they're taking God's name in vain and that's what Rockefeller and Taft and a lot of people were fooled in 1913 because they're almost over Christian you Obama came along Christian of course he's not Hillary own person they're not Christian but they fooled they take God's name in vain which is a sin so I'm just saying do all the commandments of God which I command you this day so the Lord and that God will set the iron high above the nations of the earth and all the these blessings see what I was talking about decir these rights life liberty happiness and just secure these rights and governments are formed to secure these blessings of liberty the Constitution is totally right out of the Bible to secure these blessings well all these blessings will shall come upon thee overtake thee if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of LORD thy God his Bible says dig your own well drink water young well don't try and steal your neighbor's water you know throw your own wheat down grow your own wheat do things for yourself build your own house don't try and steal somebody else's house from them you know all of a sudden you do this every day 40 think it is 40 hours a week for a 365 week and made 52 weeks could you imagine how much work you could do on your land if you had all that time to yourself and after let's say five years could you imagine what you have to prophet yourself and not another man or not some stockholder or not some businessman you would have all that and Bible says all of a sudden it overtakes you because you've consistently got up every day did a little bit here a little bit there a little bit there like would I didn't know this you have to cut trees down and let them sit for a whole year before you can use them and so you know cut your you down one year clear the land or clear a field well then the next year you can um you can make that into the wars you need and stuff but you do a little bit here a little bit there you clear a pile you clear a field here you clear a field there before you know you are overtaking all these blessings shall come upon you and you know Bible says do not despise the day of small beginnings you start out it's just you and you work hard on your land and then you have enough that you can provide for yourself and a wife and so then you have somebody who's giving you companionship and therefore you and then the babies come along and make sure you knew you got all this help the wife is helping the children helping and they just love it because the more you get over a day before you knew it you start off just having bread every day this thing you have a cow your bread and butter and then your sour cream next thing got some chickens you got bread butter and a and means just keeps adding and then you go to the spices then you go to herbs and you just keep adding to yourself blessed I would be in the city blessed I'll be in the field bless go through to the body through to the ground cattle everything is just a blessing bless Shelby the basket nice store and when they come us in and when they go without even your enemies that my rise up against T will be smitten before their face they shall come against you in one way and they'll flee before seven ways the Lord shall command the blessings on those storehouse your barns and in all that thou settest I Hannon's – and he shall bless e in the land which the Lord gives his Lord gives you the land and the Lord shall establish he a holy people unto himself that means just good person you're not a pirate and when you have the holy spirit it's not that big of a deal and it's foreign to you if you keep the commandments of God and so important just to love God just love God I mean God is were look at how great he is all you have to do is love him you receive his power and you pray for him to deliver you and he will deliver you from these evil P hard to come against you and the people there shall see that thou art called by his name the Lord and they'll be afraid of you I heard people say that about me before I'm like why are you afraid of me it's not me it's gone it's Jesus Christ but they don't want to hear what you're doing is wrong and they I've had a lot of people hurt me by saying what you're doing wrong they don't like to hear that so anyways the security governments are formed to secure these blessings of liberty and and prosperity okay secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity so I think I'm finished I'm going to check out through all these little tabs well if you read go back to some of our earlier films for Friday I made it into small that we cut they'll be starting at 7:00 7:30 9:00 and 9:30 I made small and one at 8:00 on resistant chicks massif a3 there's small little ones and it talks about Michels is like this is a religion it's like yeah it is a religion the tech companies and that's what this is all about you'll see that and the first the first amendment Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion so Google Facebook Twitter they've become an establishment of religion UN EU they have become an establishment of religion when they back in support one religion against all other religions they have become an establishment of religion and you you can't do they can't respect warm religion Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion and once that illusions is an establish you can't say this I'm gonna make laws to go along with the Catholic Church Moses understand the Catholic Church okay we don't have to go all go to Mass on Sunday worship God the same and you don't get up and you don't get up don't get up okay we don't have to go to the English church okay Church of England okay we don't have to live by their set of laws we live it according to a conscious we have representatives who a good man good man who are honest men who love and worship God and are honest so first Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof we just saw the free exercise of religion is what the Founding Fathers did they all said the gospel our country is founded on precepts of Christianity on gospel Jesus Christ who liberates all men and sets all men free and men are free to live either conscience so basically tech companies you Andy you others participating in the religious beliefs like global warming is a religious belief or climate change they have become an establishment a religious establishment with a set of beliefs laws a hierarchy Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion they can't do global warming or climate change because it's part of their religion now meaning Congress cannot be led by their leaders for laws you know we know scoops of people CA ir gets in there and they want Congress passed laws respecting their religion you can't you just can't do it all laws must come from the individual people they cannot censor kick people off platforms etc according to big text religious belief which is one religion one world religion they can't do it it's what a question here on this I won't read his questions or show you who it is no but the question is yeah we already have laws in place but nobody's doing it yes so do we I put P G here do they have the right to do what they are doing the guy's gonna come back say no who has the right to stop them well if you're not doing they don't know and then you have the right to stop them it's all gone the man who wrote the deck chairs penance the First Amendment they were fighting evil people who told him not to say this they were told not to do the First Amendment and they said forget you I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna stand against you you know you're a tyrant I serve God and God alone and I will live by the precepts of Jesus Christ to set me free from tyranny from oppression but it's all God the men who wrote the First Amendment we're fighting evil people just like us they are a forefathers found God they followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and defeated their enemies they put this law into law when it wasn't long but it was the right thing to do God was with them study these men not the evil men study these good men and then I said I'm doing lawyers dream you better have faith in God or you'll lose in your head behead it isn't hard it's what comes out of your mouth I try to give people don't swear don't swear it on swear please don't swear it comes what comes out of your mouth and goes into your ears hurt you you might hurt a lot of people by swearing but you're hurting yourself the most because then you say I'm a bad person with terrible words I'm an awful person instead of saying come forgive my sin I'm full of the power god I'm full of the love of God I hold the life of God I'm I've been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ as long as you're doing this other stuff you can't say that you can say wait a minute God forgave my sin I'm no longer sinner I'm a saint I'm a good person I'm a decent person I don't run with the Pirates anymore Pirates do that stuff pirates get drunk pirates are drunk or Irish rape rob steal pillage you're no longer a pirate you don't have to believe the lies if you had asked God to help you get set you free of all lives and you have to believe justice that justice is good but you have to believe and see and know what justice is and if justice exists you can bring justice just because these people are bringing injustice you can't bring justice and you have to believe that justice is good and it's good to have justice and you're willing to fight for justice and these people will be punished and justice will happen you something I live wall builders great great close to the founding fathers Kansas State I calm countries the states are countries Ohio is my country Kansas from Kansas Kansas is his country they all have it on constitutions that religion immorality are necessary for good government and you taught through school okay here's a Ohio Constitution this is eighteen or three actually one in 1853 but that worked in 1852 okay that's why I got the wrong one and three would zero okay so I'm going to go back to not you I'll get rid of it okay well I need that don't I okay the title un poised to destroy Liberty well they've been doing this in a hundred years it's nothing brand-new it's just you more obvious they're gonna sit bring all this hate speech on and tell your can't offend this purging Hannifin this person we're gonna tell them hey I'm religious I'm loud about my religious just as loud they are and my brides come from Almighty God and I had the right to live according to my conscience dictated by law of Allah so that's what it's all about love God he will help you just you have to become a little child again remember it's like being 2 or 3 years old and you're thinking about God anything about Jesus Christ and what he's done for you and you will see this power and you start healing from childhood up the Bible says work out your salvation with fear and trembling this is um resistance Chiefs man's face and this is God's little was it I'm not thinking right god's little acre um this is one of our first attempts of guarding and God just took off it just was blessed everywhere so let me see here they were live tomorrow at one o'clock and I'm trying to break these down into smaller ones so there's one at 7:00 and 7:30 8:00 9:00 and 9:30 most of them are massive a three but one is on resistant chips I have made a mistake earlier and tomorrow Sunday calm down just calm down that's what God's love dies he gives us peace and he calms our soul and we don't think we have to do to ourselves and we don't have to fight this evil ourselves and Jesus help me Jesus save me those who call upon the lame and Lord shall be saved Michelle it's a good night love y'all you you

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