Trump’s Idiocy: Judaism Isn’t a Nationality

Donald Trump is signing an executive order
to label Judaism a nationality. And we actually, we talked about this on yesterday’s bonus
show. I wasn’t planning on talking about it on the broadcast show, but the amount of disinformation,
misunderstanding, and just plain old idiocy around this makes me feel like it probably
warrants a little bit more discussion today. So Trump’s idea is that in order, or at least
what he’s claiming is that it could be somebody else’s idea in order to fight antisemitism
on college campuses, you labeled Judaism and nationality that will trigger a clause in
the 1964 civil rights act, which blocks federal funding from any schools that allow discrimination
on the basis of nationality. That’s the idea. But there are many, many issues here to talk
about. One issue of course, and it’s not even the subject for today, but I find that it’s
important to get on the record, some of what’s called antisemitism. On college campuses is antisemitism. Some
of it is anti Israeli organizing by people who are against Israeli foreign policy. To
be clear, there’s both, and there is also stuff that’s a combination of the two. That’s
not the real issue for me here. The real issue for me here is that Judaism simply is not
a nationality. And when you label it as such, not only is it inaccurate, you’re actually
perpetuating some antisemitic tropes about dual loyalty that is already the source of
so much discrimination and, and attacks on Jews in the United States. So let’s go through
this very carefully because it’s really important that everybody understand the completely misguided
nature of this. Judaism is three things. Judaism is a religion. It’s an ethnicity to the extent
that ethnicity exists, meaning I, if you go back far enough, we’re all just homo sapiens.
But as ethnicity and race go, Judaism is an ethnicity and Judaism is also a cultural,
uh, group. In fact, it’s more than one. You have Eastern
European jewelry, which has sort of a different culture in many ways. Then Yemeni jewelry,
uh, just as as one example. So I am Jewish. Ethnically. We actually did DNA tests on the
show. We had a DNA DNA expert come on and analyze them. My results came back. I am 100%
Ashkenazi Jew. Uh, this is a sort of sub ethnic group of Judaism more broadly. I can’t convert
into that. I can’t convert out of that. That’s an ethnicity. Culturally, I’m Jewish in that
I was raised in a Jewish family eating traditional Jewish foods, gathering with family around
Jewish holidays, and I am not religious. One can choose to be religious or not. You can
convert into the religion of Judaism that won’t make you ethnically Jewish. Of course,
now there’s nothing in there about nationality. If someone discriminates against me for being
Jewish, they are maybe discriminating against my ethnicity. They may be discriminating against my cultural
group. They might be discriminating against my perceived religion, even though I’m not
religious, but there’s nothing in there about country of origin. In fact, I was born in
Argentina. I’m now a citizen of the United States. So when you look at my us passport,
it’s an American passport. I’m an American citizen and it says, I think, I don’t remember
if it’s called nationality or country of birth. It actually might be nationality on the U
S passport. Argentina. I went to Israel one time for nine days. Okay. Period. So at its
core, nothing about this is about nationality. Now there are people who are defending this
decision by Donald Trump in a mildly antisemitic way, saying Judaism is inextricably tied into
Israel because that’s where the religion originates. That’s where Christianity also originated.
You don’t see the same argument being made and as nationality is defined in the United
States, it does not fit, but it’s more than just inaccurate. When you label Judaism and nationality, it
perpetuates the antisemitic trope of dual loyalty. Jews around the world and in the
United States have been dealing with this for a very long time. The idea is you’re American,
but you’re Jewish. So there’s some hidden loyalty to Israel or to Jews over country
or whatever, such that you’re not really loyal to what’s in the best interests of the United
States in the way that an American Christian would be loyal to the United States. And this
is the source of some really, really ugly stuff. So even if we take Trump, but he’s
at his word, he doing this to fight antisemitism. This is still a terrible idea because aside
from being factually inaccurate, it perpetuates this idea that an American born Jew who’s
never been to Israel is not even religious. If discriminated against is being targeted
for their nationality. Think about how boneheaded and simply incorrect that presumption would
be. It’s wrong. It’s shortsighted, it’s problematic,
and hopefully Donald Trump is going to be talked out of this. Now, as with all of these
executive order things that Donald Trump does, this was unlikely to really be Trump’s idea.
Uh, this is something that in all likelihood, somebody came to him with and said, Hey, how
about this? What do you think about doing something like this? Here’s a good idea. Here’s
why it would be good. This is the group that would be placated by it, or that group would
be placated by it. Let’s do it. I don’t even imagine for a second that Donald Trump has
any kind of deeper, serious understanding of what is implicit or, or explicit in doing
something like this. But regardless, it’s a bad idea. It shouldn’t be done and it doesn’t
make any sense. I do want to hear from you about this. If you disagree, if you think
this is logical, let me know and try to do it without perpetuating antisemitic tropes
if possible. Right? I mean, just with peace
and love, I’m suggesting that to you.


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  2. HE IS trying to TO BE. King of the Jews. HE IS the choosin one. HE IS the only one who can. HE IS SMARTER THAN ALL THE GENERAL AND HAS THE BIGGEST A BRAIN IN THE WORLD TOO his CLAN HE IS A GOD TO HIS CLAN THEY WILL KILL again.thay pray TOO Trump for salvation THEY ARE CRAZY JUST FOR TRUMP.

  3. I believe ethnicity isn't a gene thing, but more of an identity thing, could be wrong though. Like if a black baby is adopted by white Dutch people and he's given a normal Dutch upbringing, that black baby will later identify as ethnically Dutch, because his culture is Dutch and his care giving parents and family are Dutch.

  4. Judaism is not an ethnicity. That is a lie. Ashkenazi is an ethnicity but not Judaism. European Jews are the children of Jewish converts. The original and only true Hebrews are and were Afrikan people. Again, European Jews are simply descendant of Europeans that converted.

  5. So does this mean all Jewish American's will no longer be American? Will they need to disavow their religion in order to become an American?

  6. Well, Israel declared itself as the nation state of the Jewish people.
    That's the problem with jewishy matters. It is an odd (and disturbing) combination/commingle of a religion, a race, and a nation.

  7. David no he doesn't LMAO. David this is just so typical of you spreading dis information you are 100% a bad faith actor

  8. Well, if we're going to call it a nationality then none of the churches better be getting special tax breaks anymore. I find the suggestion that Judaism is a nationality laughable

  9. Ah, that is why American politics is filled with dogs. Loyalty is more important, than truth and honour as we see in these Trump times.
    Never have I witnessed a time where the focus lays mainly on loyalty. Loyalty towards the Godfather/mob criminal Trump. Not the country or the land, otherwise climate change would have been higher on the focuslist, neither on human life and humanity. Maybe that is also why domestic terrorism seldom has been labelled as such. It would address loyalty of American born and raised hate crimes. Laying the focus on NRA and the global position of America in weapon-trade. Loyalty is were the $$$ are.

  10. NO Mr. Pakman YOU nor anyone alive can be 100% jew. Why ? Well before there were Jews around Homo Sapiens was allready out there… Since Jews arose from people that where not you can not be 100% If you claim you are you must proof that the very first people were Jewish and that nowhere along a millions of years long line that was dilited to even the smallest extend. And that is without even considderen that we arose from critters that were not humans down to the very first living thing.

  11. I don't even buy his reasoning. We know he's petty, I wouldn't put it past him that he did this cause he got made fun of cause his gaff about "your guys prime minister". Or at least as a secondary goal.

  12. You nailed it dude.
    I liked the post earlier.
    Your response to derp Shapiro was a great primer for tonight.
    There is hidden loyalty.
    Face it dude.
    It is factually accurate.
    You have a unconscious bias.
    Face it as a man.

  13. Well said, agreed on all points. Thank you for taking the time to specify the ethnicity distinctions also as a lot of false outrage against moves like this stems from that area of the discussion.

  14. Judaism is not an ethnicity. When citing ethnicity, one would reference Jew or Jewish person, while Judaism refers to the religion established by Jews.

  15. This coming from a man who said to jewish leaders that their loyalty resides in Isreal…I just find the whole thing as stupid and decisions made with misinformation or no information at all is bad. I hope it'll be blocked and/or overruled but the scotus.

  16. I can't believe that we have come to this. This must have something to do with Kushner because Trump couldn't possibly know anything that's not on Fox News. There are actually American Jews who side with the Palestinians.

  17. Love the way you explain what being Jewish can and does mean. It is a logical fallacy to say Jews are by definition Israeli nationalists. Hope I correctly expressed that. That would also mean Christians are as well since it is the physical origin of us as well. It may be Stephen Miller trying to set it a precedent for the future to deport all Jews he can back to Israel.

  18. What would happen if everyone in this country would be "smart" like trump and either avoid paying any taxes or pay the very minimum by lying and cheating the the system? Shouldn't we all be "smart"?

  19. Trump unfortunately is not stupid. He is using the divide and conquer method to make all of the groups who he feels threatened by smaller and easier to attack. Whether he is doing it intentionally or is being directed by others with that agenda in his administration, the outcome will be the same!

  20. I always thought Nationality meant the country where you were born and/or citizenship either born or a naturalized citizen. Thank you David for your clear explanation.

  21. Even calling Judaism an ethnicity is a long shot. As an ethnicity maybe be from a region or genetic similarity you cannot elect to be an ethnicity. However you can elect to be Jewish. In the same vein there are large Jewish communities in various countries that have existed for a long time and their ethnic identity is different. My two gripes with his action is one, curbing political dissent against any government is wrong. That alone is frightening, the second is like I said before you cannot elect to be a different ethnicity and challenger the legitimacy of many practicing Jews that aren’t the complexion of the accepted “ethnic” group.

  22. Thank you for the clarification. I love learning proper concepts. It keeps one from being foolish and ignorant. This idea of his sounds like someone else's personal agenda, and is definitely not in the nation's best interest.

  23. David, Take a minute. Close your eyes, tip your head back, remember Trumps son in law is Jewish, then say out loud, GREED,GREED,GREED. Then the real reason may come to you. I have no idea personally. Respectfully, Kevin

  24. Real News:….. PEDO Connie Trump just signed an order to make the KKK a nationality!
    He says it was his idea…….Stephen Miller says it was his…..hmmm…..Catfight!

  25. This has less to do with protecting jews than punishing liberal colleges with pro-palestinian factions on campus, i surmise.

  26. Why is he singling out Judiasm??? Where will that lead?? What "nationality " will be next? It's more division.

  27. Well, that would not be the first time with that idiot and Israel. He moved the embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and claims that he chamged the capital of the country. All that bull shit with anti-semitism and Israel is just a mere smoke screen to excuse anti-Islamism (except for the Saudies, of course ).

  28. If Judaism is a nationality, are Judaism adherents not American? Could they be deported? Or are they dual nationals? People with dual citizenship often are suspected by both countries of favoring one nationality over the other. My kids face this because they were born overseas, so can have two passports. This executive action is yet another FUBAR.

  29. I love how u broke this down, I have a question about one thing and maybe u can help. You are 100% ashkenazi Jewish from Argentina, is there a difference between that description of self identity versus Argentine Jewish? I hope that isn’t culturally insensitive. I live in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn and have heard both descriptions and I was wondering if it maybe had to do with when the immigrants arrived in the country. One person described it as, Argentine Jewish refers to Jews who arrived around the time of the first European settlers and Ashkenazi Jewish born in Argentina refers to pre/post ww2 immigrants who fled persecution.

  30. If we were to accept "Jewish" as a nationality it would also validate the idea of white nationalism. It all goes together. Trump may not be smart and devious enough to figure that out but some of the people putting words in his mouth are.

  31. Trump knows that the Jews are a hated people because they want a ‘New World Order’ 🌎🌎 Where they are in charge of the world 🌎—!! Trump is distancing himself from the Jews inorder to make people think that he has. nothing to do with them—!!! Judaism is a religion not a race, Trump’s attempt to distance himself from the Jews won’t work for him because Trump’s crimes are not related to how close he is with the Jews, but to what he has done to America and the American people—!!!

  32. I'm a Jew…raised in a Catholic house.. Grandfather switched and changed his a child escaped nazi Germany…but my father is native American… Will I have to fear being tattooed…and caged now? So ridiculous

  33. I'm seeing 44 dislikes at the moment. What's the betting that they didn't listen to David's explanation, didn't learn anything and just disliked 'Trump's Idiocy'??? Poor uneducated souls.

  34. When will people start ignoring Trump’s tweets? Its like giving a bully what he wants since all he wants his attention. I remember a high official from the navy saying something to the effect that tweets are not official orders so just ignore him!

  35. Does this mean that American Jewish folk are no longer Americans and will need green cards, get naturalized and possibly deported? He is a fool

  36. So,..what gives this dude authority to make such designations? That's like saying all people with tattoos are a nationality!! Kim Jong Un was right,..he's a dotard!

  37. I agree with David, but doesn't it also conflate Judeism and the State of Israel and thus allow anyone who opposes Israeli national policy to be accused of antisemitism? To me this seems much less subtle an more in line with the way Trump thinks.
    Once they make Judeism and Israel the same thing, If Bernie or Ilan Omar or OAC say anything bad about Israel, we can accuse them of a 'hate crime'.

  38. David, I do feel like it’s really harder on those of mixed cultures. Mixed can’t always take just one bloodline or nationality. Gifts come from both sides.
    North American Indians have been dealing with these issues for centuries.
    It’s just drumpf and Putin trying to break us all down even further. They like to stir the pot, or rather throw a salad in the air.
    We must stay focused. He has committed Human Rights Violations. He is divisive and dangerous. He loves chaos.
    We must save democracy, now.

  39. I actually didnt know a president could make decisions like this. To just define a religion or a race as something else. This is seriously fucked up.

  40. What the fuck, I am Italian-American and in no way has anyone ever considered me a hidden agent of Italy. You reach way to far and act as though you're in good faith. You are phony and coward.

  41. This executive order is such garbage! Anyone can be born into, married into, or converted into Judaism (like any other religion). It’s not a nationality by any stretch of the imagination.

  42. The first few times I heard the word "jewery" I thought the person I was talking to couldn't say the word jewelry and was super confused the whole time.

  43. Sad fact david: Germany amended its legal definition of antisemitism in september 2017 to equally punish antisemitic and antizionistic speech as hatecrimes. If i publically say i support BDS or that i think both sides using violence is wrong (or if i classify the bulldozing of homes for settlements as violence) i can be prosecuted and jailed. I have to be loyal to the state(religion) of israel(zionism), as they are now legally one and the same and i quote "we germans owe them a historic debt and our allegiance"

    You have no idea how sad i am to be called an antisemite but i will always condemn violence on all sides. It's ludicrous that legally makes me an antisemite under the updated September 17th 2017 legal definition 🙁

  44. This order will increase hatred of Jews. That is the real reason Trump did it. He is appeasing the White Evangelicals. They want Armageddon not world peace. We have to stop identifying ourselves by race or religion etc. We are all the same. We are all One.

  45. Of course he does he is an ignorant. Judaism, geniuses, is a religion. The country is Israel, the persons are israelites.

  46. As a Jew I have to say having a white nationalist Mr Dump declare I am a separate nationality from my fellow Americans as a part of federal law makes me just a little nervous. I truly hope this is not a first step to segregate the Jewish community of the United states. If the nationalist in this administration think we will allow this to happen again you should all remember a saying the Israeli's have NEVER AGAIN. The Jews of THIS generation will not quietly get on the trains or walk into camps. Be very careful Mr. Dump. You and your followers do not want a war with us. We remember our history if forced to we will destroy all of you utterly. Not because we want to because we know from our past your type of evil can not be allowed to exist no matter the cost. BE VERY CAREFUL MR DUMP TOTAL EXTERMINATION OF YOUR KIND CAN HAPPEN.

  47. Why was this posted? Trump is not turning Judaism into a nationality. This was debunked by the ADL, Slate and Forbes. You’re pushing legit fake news Pakman

  48. When will Trump legalize the murder of millions of liberals?

    We got bullets and bombs waiting for them when they gather to vote. Just give the order, Trump!

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