Trump vs. Zuckerberg: Who Has Contributed More to Fake News? | Bernard-Henri Lévy

Anti-intellectualism means two things, hate
of debate and hate of truth as a goal, which can be achieved approximately in a long intellectual
process. This is what is hated by anti-intellectualism. The two things together. The debate, the discussion, the opposition
of points of view with the consideration of a remote truth. This is the couple. Debate now, truth tomorrow. And this couple is what the anti-intellectualism
of today hates most. So you have people today who defend fanatically
some fake news instead of before you had people fighting democratically for a remote truth. Again, we change completely the compass, which
ends completely the pattern and we are changing of the world. And for me this anti-intellectualism is something
which is coming for a long time and it really paved the road in Europe and in America for
the neo-populism. And Trump is not the author of that, he’s
the result of that. He’s the result of this long anti-intellectualism. And in that the social networks have, as you
know, a big responsibility. And when Mark Zuckerberg is addressed on that,
when he’s questioned on that, when he says I’m not a historian, I’m not here to make
the police of the fake, it’s a joke and it’s not correct. And he does not take the huge responsibility,
which life gave him. Without being a historian. Facebook has, Twitter has a huge responsibility
in not putting the fake and the news at the same level. Today if you are 20 years old, if you take
your information in this little box there is very little who can allow you to make the
difference between the fake and the news, between the truth and lies. Wery little helping to make the difference. No subtitles. Fakes should be subtitled, like in bad movies
you need subtitles.


  1. I don't think it is really a sided thing if you are objective about your biases. When I read news, I usually look at coverings from many different sides of news coverage and try my best to come into some form of overall understanding. Even as Left leaning myself, it is most definitely true that both the Right and the Left are biased and majority of the news coverage is more like stories and journalists are glorified story tellers.

  2. It is so easy according to this guy. Everything on face book should just be censored. That is not think big that is think lazy. This guy must work for buzz feed.

  3. he is essentially saying we should choose censorship instead of promoting investigation and sourcing of your news.

  4. "Hate of debate and hate of truth"
    Oh the irony. This man doesn't seem to realize that the left aren't the good guys anymore.

  5. ohhhh suuuure, anti-intellectualism is the reason for people seeking officials with national sovereignty in mind. bugger off

  6. Trump sympathizers don't seem to care about what is and isn't true. Its about being told what they want to hear, which is that Trump is a competent, truthful, moral, and not at all a bitchy whiny twitter brat.

    Is the mainstream media bias? Duh, its been like this for decades, and ever since there has been a mainstream media. But a lot of those same people I see saying that, go on to get their news from Infowars, Breitbart, or the morons at the Rebel Media who are just as bias and unfactual, in fact more so, than the mainstream media.

    Also, most of the rage against the MSM that comes from Trump supporters, seems to be because they criticize Trump. Apparently any article criticizing Trump is just bullying or fake news.

    Sorry but if Trump is going to claim Climate Change is a Chinese hoax, or that unemployment may be 42%, or that there are 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.(provides no evidence), or that vaccines are linked to Autism, or any of his other ridiculous stunts or comments, then you should expect him to be heavily chastised and humiliated for them, because they are extremely stupid statements.

  7. Dude has a point. But you cant wield censorship powers of that magnitude without casualties,so best to just focus on keeping the schools from teaching it

  8. I thought he was talking about SJW. They really hate debates. They tend to go apeshit when they have to deal with facts/logic.

  9. "Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?"

    I find censorship and lies are at the heart of many "intellectual debates" Far to often i read marginaling deflecting even projection promoted as "facts"  meemes on facebook created just to polarize people over something that distracts from not being said and patrolled by ignorant bot programs.  Words like "need, have , must" being disclusive to other possbilities.  Words of tollerance dripping with hypocrisy.  Propaganda with lessons well learned from psychology noes high in the air as it doesnt even care to look down on those it crushes.  Is it any wonder people look for an alternative.  That most of which is also controlled opposition one way or another discrediting themselves.  Covering themselves in mud hoping some of it will stick to whatever grain of truth they have been forced to acknowledge by someone who has likely already paid the price for going against the grain

  10. haha, this guy is nuts. "fake news" are mainstream media. alternative media are the only place of real debate and discussion now

  11. Censorship isn't debate, you can't decry a lack of debate in the world and demand the largest source of information in the world to directly regulate and censor information.

  12. An "intellectual" advocating that Facebook has the responsibility to censor what people share. He also appears to think that the conservatives are the ones trying to stop or shut down debates with people they don't like. What a fucking joke of a video.

  13. In the old days before the Internet, newspaper and other media outlets are often given the credibility as they have internal management that scrutinize the reporting of news process. With the proliferation of the Internet and information, accurate news reporting and digestion becomes a more than one step process. Oh yeah, who can tell me what was that one step process before the days of the Internet? I can tell you that my one step process before Internet involves "getting the news(paper, radio, television)" from the provider. If anyone is STILL using this one step process – keyword here is "provider", I would say that is where the anti-intellectualism comes in because it can imply there was just one source in this day and age of information explosion.

  14. On the matter of Trump and fake news. What exactly is his role in spreading fake news except for lying himself? Hillary is as much of a liar as Trump is. I know the this vid says that he is the effect of this. But I often see the claim that he is perpetuating fake news

     I disagree about Facebooks responsibility to make sure people get "real news". Their responsibility is to give me content I like, my responsibility is to understand that it's what FB does and not take it as my main source of news and of course always be critical of any reporting of news.

  15. I feel no one understands how much work it'd be to constantly monitor where there's fake news, and let users on Facebook know whether a story is untrue. Recently there were some college kids who created an algorithm to verify news, but once people know how it works, they'll just find a way around. To place this on Zuckerberg seems pretty stupid, as he can't 100% control what is shared.

    But fake news isn't the problem biased news is. News seems to be reported to fit a narrative that people want to push rather than reality, and some people can see this. When I started to notice this it made me want to fight against it just because I don't like it when people try to lead or bully me into an answer. Just stop trying to control what people think.

  16. The guy sounds like Milenia Trump's speech therapist. I don't know what he said, but I'll just say that the difference is that the fake news of the left becomes a meme that becomes more important than the truth itself . Just think "hands up don't shoot"


  18. This is sooo dumb. You won't achieve more truth with this, only decision makers will change. All people have ideological biases and algorithms have flaws. It will end up with some kind of distopian censorship.

  19. I don't think that Social Media organization are to be blamed for the spread of Fake News. As he says, it was a phenomenon already underway with all these people avoiding debates, coupled with the idea that everyone's opinion are of the same worth and different versions of the fight against "bullying" (I believe that gave rise to the PC culture).

  20. He has a point. But I'm disappointed he didn't address the crap news coming out of the mainstream media. He implied that main stream news is the answer (correct?), yet clearly there is something wrong with the main stream.

  21. AI bots could easily used to match news (accounts with > thousands of followers) with trusted references (which with very low probability could be wrong (e.g. wikipedia )) and notify reader with difference.

  22. A lot of angry trump fans. Funny how we don't see it to this extent in other countries. Guess majority of American's are gullible enough to take Alex Jones seriously. It's sad really. As soon as supporters use lines such as "libtard" or "trump won, deal with it." the argument is already lost – tells me you have no good reasons to back up what you so desperately defend. Even their ad-hominem insults are lame. What a joke you lot are

  23. Quick question. Had Hillary been elected president. Would this video be titled "Hillary vs. Zuckerberg"? No? I didn't think so.

    All political parties and people that don't want their money piles damaged produce "Fake News". And then there are mainstream media who just look for a story that will get them the best ratings. Most of this is from giving out one-sided representation on a story to spin it in such a way that makes one side look bad instead of listing out all the involved facts before drawing a conclusion.

    Also, I voted trump. And I can admit that he is not perfect. But had Hilary been elected. "Fake News" would be a much larger issue in America's next few years. I just hope that Trump can manage.

  24. What the actual hell?????????

    By bringing this up as a point of discussion, you are ONLY legitimizing these morons.

    I'm disappointed in this channel for that alone.

    That being said, yes, anti-intellectualism has a strong, incredibly sad history and this seems to be a huge comeback…. not seen since the dark ages.

  25. I don't care if you love Trump or hate Trump. Just try to see both sides of the issue and recognize the facts and truths of the world around you. Whether you're Muslim, Mexican, black, female, gay, Christian, atheist, whatever, you are no better than your neighbor. Your beliefs do not make you better than your neighbor. There are incredible people of every ethnicity, every racial group, every nationality. Don't be ignorant. Be proud of who you are. And let's all spread a single, universal message together – LOVE. Have a great day and thanks for reading. Peace.

  26. Facebook is in my opinion, a blight to humanity. Facebook has started the trend of distracting social media becoming the social norm, coming from an Engineering student. Now look, fake news and conspiracies piss me off. But I've vigilantly observed what Obama's America has said and done for me in my own life. Blatant racism against me because I'm white, severe instability for my father's working conditions from start to finish, lie after lie about legitimate statistics about gun control (constant false news reports, ask the Daily News) and economic and health policy (33,000 deaths per year by guns, except that number includes people killed by police, gangs with already illegally obtained firearms, etc, effectively reducing the real homicide number to around 2,000 for anything relevant to gun control policies, > 90% off). I live in NY, and I see this reality every day. So when I see people blaming "racists", "sexists", "xenophobes", etc for Trump becoming president, the real people to blame are the snakes that we've had running this country for the last 8 years. My father was out of work for the last 7 months, with 2 kids in college and 1 in private school, and only when Trump won did he start getting job offers again. It's been nothing but instability for the last 8 years, without exaggeration, with my dad experiencing constant layoffs from outsourcing (yes, people actually lose their jobs due to foreigners). My life has legitimately been living hell due to Obama and Democrat rule. MAGA.

  27. Has Facebook or Trump contributed more to fake news? I don't know but looking forward it's definitely Trump. Two major pieces of bullshit from his press secretary in the first week, and the week's not over.

  28. "The Jerusalem Post named Lévy 45th on a list of the world's 50 most influential Jews."
    /pol/ was right again.

  29. When it comes to physical laws of the world. fake things are easily identifiable. Some video of Chris Angle walking on water may look real, but we know it's a trick. But when brand integrity, money, and personal eithics get in the way of professionals only telling the truth. it gets exponentially harder to determine truth from lie to begin with. So when even the MSM lies, the government lies, and the people in power who want to hold onto the truth to remain in power lie. How can you really determine who is telling the truth. So people profiting in other ways( IE social media, alternative news websites, YouTube) leeching or grasping for clicks and attention, just exacerbate the issue. they are the effect, not the cause.

  30. The sheer amount of dislikes on this video is proof enough that people can't accept another persons point of view that isn't their own or look at a situation from a different perspective

  31. why do people cock like all mainstream media somehow has the same opinion from putting down mainstream media because he was the only thing that they were uniformly against. But the fact of the matter is there is the first city within the mainstream media. There are social liberals economically conservative points of view expressed throughout the me. The Wall Street Journal the New York Times And The Washington Post all have their own biases but they don't have the same box. Donald Trump's attack on mainstream media has more to do with the fact that all three sources seem to agree that his policies are I'm sense. call anti intellectual movements based on the scientific realization that the economic social and scientific policies of this friends group of right-wingers is not based in reality

  32. People trying to understand BREXIT or TRUMP should read this first quote by Asimov which was published in 1980 by Newsweek (but now also applies to Britain)

    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States (or Britain), and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

  33. I'm 20 and wonder how much fake news I've actually believed. How are we supposed to tell? I'd say rely on experiential knowledge but that is often neither preferable nor possible. Especially for me on things like US politics; I live the UK…

  34. people should look up about this guy and how he is a scumbag, he is very well known in france, he call himself a "french philosopher" he forced france to go to war against khadafi, wanted france to go to war in Ukraine and Syria, he is the French jew version of soros, also big think is big sh"t for allowing this guy talking into their channel

  35. Nobody has contributed more to fake news than most major news outlets. There is a reason why there is a growing distrust among citizens for the news sources they once trusted. Hell, CNN is owned by Time Warner and Time Warner was one of the biggest contributors to Clinton during the campaign . . . think about that for a moment. But, if people want to play their little party politics, continue believing that only the Right produces "fake news" if it makes you feel good.

  36. i really don't get this us vs them mentality that a lot of americans seem to have… when essentially a 2 party system has both partys doing very dishonest things, lying and creating drama where there's supposed to be debate, balance, growth and simply doing and discovering whats best for their country it seems that there's sooooo much more going on than democrats v republicans that needs serious attention, but people, more republicans i believe seem to think "the DNC has failed us all, let's throw all our support to whoever is their opposition because the DNC is evil" instead of supporting others who are trying their best to actually be what a good party should be. it now even bleeds into news outlets, yes CNN posted a lot of garbage but guess what there are other mainstream news sources that don't, and i would wager just about all i have that alt news sources are far worse at having a bias and spreading their fears and beliefs instead of facts. it isn't mainstream vs alt news source and it isn't about dnc v republicans, things are more complicated than that and these days i don't see why it's so hard to understand that and take things for exactly what they are not just one aspect of them.

    theres my rant.

  37. No no no (non non non), subtitles is road to content monitoring which requires an authority, and is a road to censorship which is a road to authoritarianism. Hmm clip has 50 50 up/down vote, i see. If you're pro-intellectualism then you should be pro-education; ie if the people can't tell what is true, then that is the problem that needs to be fixed. Learn/teach scepticism, critical thinking, scientific method, reason and logical fallacies. Think for yourself! Question everything!

  38. Trump favors anti-science, anti-intellectualism, and pro-conspiracy. His supporters refuse logic and any criticism. You can't reason with them.

  39. This concept is amazing. A lot of people think what he is proposing is censorship, but that is false, what he is saying is that the leaders of social networking have a responsibility and need to find a solution to brand opinion and false information and deliberate lies for what they are and provide true facts for their users.

  40. both trump and mainstream media are detestable. We're not lucky enough to get anything besides scum and villainy nowadays

  41. Journalism stopped being the source of truth and now it's the source of sales, lies and biased-data. It's real we need to be skeptical and question these bunch of news. Exercise critical thinking because we're numbing it thanks to massive trashy content.

  42. Just like we attacked intelligent level headed intellectuals in the Muslim in sitting by, the ones in the us got to step the fuck up from letting regressive ignorant ass mothers from taking over.

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