Truly Loving Others – 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12

this is such a time as we petition Your
throne and ask You for Your grace Your mercy Your strength Your healing touch
on those who are on a bed of suffering Lord we do pray for Sandy and ask Lord
that You would just miraculously heal her and for John as well Lord I pray
reluctantly for myself that You would also heal me of this asthma and cough and
sickness and don’t let it in any way be a hindrance or a distraction to the
teaching of Your Word today Lord bless the teaching of Your Word we pray in
Jesus’ name Amen all right let’s uhh I’ll have you turn
in your Bibles to first Thessalonians chapter 2 our text will be verses 7
through 12 however I want to begin in verse 6 and once you are there I’ll ask
you to stand if you’re able if not that’s all right but you can follow
along as I read but for the sake of context I want to begin in verse 6 the
Apostle Paul is writing he’s actually defending himself and he continues in
that defense in verse 6 saying pardon me we were not looking for praise from
people not from you or anyone else even though as apostles of Christ we could
have asserted our authority instead verse 7 we were like young
children among you just as a nursing mother cares for her children
so we cared for you because we loved you so much we were delighted to
share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well surely verse 9
you remember brothers and sisters our toil and hardship we were day and night
in order not to be a burden to anyone while we preached the gospel of God to
you verse 10 you are witnesses and so is God of how holy righteous and blameless
we were among you who believed for you know that we dealt with each of you as a
father deals with his own children encouraging comforting and urging you to
live lives worthy of God who calls you into his kingdom and glory Lord bless
and anoint the teaching of Your word today bless it to our hearts the
application and understanding of it to our lives we pray in Jesus name amen you
can be seated thank you I want to talk with you today about truly loving others
specifically what it means to love one another what it looks like to love one
another and what that loved one for another will actually be like here in
our text the Apostle Paul is opening up and pouring out his heart to these
believers and he’s very I guess for lack of a better word honestly expressing to
them how much he truly loves them it’s almost like he’s
grasping for the right words to adequately express this deep love that
he has for them and in so doing I see three ways as he expresses this that
love can be both known and shown when we truly love one another as we’re
commanded to do the first way is in verses 7 and 8 and it’s that of just
caring here Paul says that he loves them and he cares for them and he likens it
to get this a nursing mother who loves and cares for her infant once again I
have to confess that as the pastor of this amazing church this is as searching
of my heart as it is convicting to my heart and the reason is because I have
to ask myself do I love you that much I love you and God knows that I do and God
knows my heart and I hope you know how much I love you but I don’t know that my
love for you is that of a nursing mother who loves and cares for her infant I’m
sure you’ve heard that saying people really don’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care have you heard that before would you
agree that that is so true what Paul is saying
here is I love you so much it’s as much as a mother cares and loves her infant
that she nurses and gives of her very life the life giving nourishment from
that mother to that infant that’s the love that I have for you and it
manifests in this care it could be said of the Apostle Paul would to God that it
could be said of every single one of us they really care I mean they really care
they really care about me it’s not this you know how we do it right it’s real
surfacy and you know how you doing do you really care how I’m doing or are you
just asking me how am I doing because when we ask somebody hey how you doing
we don’t expect them to respond with something like this right oh I’m so glad
you asked do you have a minute wait oh oh I was just you know saying how you
doing and expecting you to say hey I’m great how are you
and even when we greet each other in church right and it just this morning
you know everybody he pastored how you do it
and I just give them the give them give you the same answer every time I blessed
because I am but how about this question how you really doing oh do you really
want to know do you really care how I’m doing that’s what the Apostle Paul is
saying here if you really love people you really care for them about them
this brings us to the second way and it’s in verses 9 and 10 it’s very
interesting because it’s sacrificing listen to what Paul says to them he says
remember he’s saying to the Thessalonians that he only spent some
believe about three weeks there with before he was ran out of town
some believe but he tells them to remember what he did when he was there
with them for that short period of time he says surely you guys remember our
toil and hardship as we worked night and day to preach the gospel to you so as to
not be a financial burden on you you remember right in other words we work
during the day and minister during the night we worked all day and ministered
all day we worked all night and ministered all night because we didn’t want to be a
burden on you we wanted to preach the gospel to you what’s interesting is that
Paul had the right to receive their financial support but chose not to
from this Thessalonian church not all the churches he did receive in fact
financial support from other churches in his first letter of the church in
Corinth chapter 9 verse 14 he writes in the same way the Lord has commanded that
those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel
don’t muzzle the ox in using another metaphor to the churches in Galatia
chapter 6 verse 6 he writes let him who has taught the word share in all good
things with him who teaches what’s he saying well he’s
saying that the laborer those who labor in the word are worthy of being
supported financially so at this time we’re gonna receive an offering and I’m
just kidding we don’t even receive an offering here we have agape boxes art
for the benefit of our online church we have two boxes on the back walls but I
think that the takeaway from this is that Paul was willing to make this
sacrifice for them because of how much he loved them and think about it in the
context of what Paul is writing to them he’s talking to them about the love that
a mother has for an infant and as we’re gonna see next the love that a father
has for his children so it’s this parental type of love that is willing to
sacrifice everything for the benefit of their children for those of us that are
parents or grandparents I mean how much will we sacrifice for our children why
because we love them so much and that’s why we do it and that’s what Paul is
saying here well this brings us to the third way in verses 11 and 12 and it’s
that of encouraging notice with me that Paul goes from the love of a mother in
verse 7 to the encouraging from a father in verse 12 I don’t know if it’s
possible to overstate the importance of the role that both the father and the
mother have in the life of their children you know the the family is a
microcosm of the family of God you ever think about it like this you
and I are siblings in Christ if I can say it that way which might explain in
some ways why it is that we have sibling rivalry within the body of Christ the
family of God were sons and daughters of God brothers and sisters in Christ our
God is our Heavenly Father and so it’s a microcosm really a picture of what is
awaiting us in Heaven for all eternity there’s something I want to point out
here and I want to spend the rest of our time on it and it’s concerning Paul’s
love for these brothers and sisters they’re in Thessalonica he uses this
word for love in the original language of the greek new testament agape and
agape love is the highest form of love it is God’s love it’s not that God has
love it’s that God is love that’s who God is He is love and this agape love
is the love that God has for us it’s an unconditional love that is not
predicated upon anything and it’s also reciprocated in our love for God as well
agape love the highest form of love and that’s the love that Paul is talking
about here you know it’s unfortunate because in the English language we only
have one word for love and it just changes the whole complexion of it in
the Greek language because there are four words for love
so in English I’ll say God loves me I love my wife I love spicy ahi pokebowls
I love you I love this church I love my children I love my wife and it’s the
same word so you got to kind of distinguish and delineate in the English
language between those different kinds of love not so in the Greek in the Greek
you have storge philia eros and agape and they all have a very different
meaning agape again the love that God has for us
philia it’s a brotherly love it’s Philadelphia the city of brotherly love
that’s where it gets its name from philia a love that we have one for
another as brothers and sisters in Christ
eros this is a sensual love it’s where we get our English word for erotic it’s
a physical sensual even dare I say sexual love and then there’s storge
translated in our Bibles as natural affection this is a parental love this
is a love that a mother and father has for their children and in turn the kind
of love that children have for their mother and father very interesting
prophetically we’re told when Paul writes to timothy that in the last days
it will be marked by this lack of love’s natural affection that in the last days
one of the things that will mark the last days is that they will not have
natural affection that love that children have for parents and that
parents have for children John’s Gospel chapter 13 actually may I trouble you to
turn there in your Bibles I just want to talk about this for a moment before we
close Jesus is basically summing up the law
he’s condensing it I guess you could even say in some way simplifying it and
saying that you can basically sum up the entirety of the law with this one new
commandment and he says this verse 34 a new commandment I give to you that you
love one another listen as I loved you that you also love one another by this
all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another in
other words Jesus is saying that the way people are going to know believer or
non-believer alike that you are my disciple that you are following me is by
the way that you love one another that will be the litmus test as to which your
discipleship is measured this is how they’re going to know and isn’t it
interesting Satan knows this too let me explain why I say that if it’s by our
love one for another that were known as disciples of Jesus then wouldn’t it also
stand the reason that it’s our backbiting one another gossiping about
one another the way we treat one another that would bring into question whether
or not we are truly his disciples I think we need look no further than to
the condition of the church today and just
how Christians treat one another where’s the love as we say you know I often say
that it is such a privilege and a joy to be the pastor of this church and the
reason I say that is because this is a loving church and I’ll have you know
that there are very few pastors and this is not hyperbole I mean this literally
there are very few pastors that can stand behind the pulpit in their church
and say to their congregation that it’s a joy to be the pastor of this church
the latest statistic I heard and it’s it’s gone up higher is that one thousand
seven hundred pastors leave the pastorate at every single month
that’s over fifty a day if my math is correct now granted some for different
reasons but I would venture to say that often times it’s because there’s no love
there’s no love within that body of believers you know what blesses my heart
more than anything and I can’t even I can’t even begin to describe to you how
much of a blessing it is when we have somebody visit from the mainland from
our online church wherever they’re from and they’ll comment or they’ll send an
email in or sometimes a letter in and they’ll say man I I got to tell you
Pastor JD I when I step foot in your church I was blown away by the genuine
sincere authentic love that your people have I tell you
that that just I again I almost really can’t put it to words and I guess this
is probably as good of a time as any to thank you for being such a loving church
we have never had in our I hope I’m give me a second here it’s the antihistamine
that’s my story and I’m sticking with it 15 years yeah
2004 pardon me I was doing pretty good there for a second
15 years ago 2004 actually started the Bible study it wasn’t until 2005 that we
started our first official Sunday morning service and so 15 years we’ve
never had a church split in this church ever and I praise God for that and again
I you’ll forgive me if I’m repeating myself but there are so few pastors that
can say what I just said I tell you I’ve been in a church not as the pastor of
the church but in a church as an elder and a lay pastor and then subsequently
as the pastor of the church I have been through I am sad to say I’ve been
through several vicious and I mean I’ll even say demonic and satanic church
splits and I’ve seen the devastation that it’s caused in the lives of those
people I mean marriages just I mean blown up
just I mean families just decimated I mean that the children not wanting
anything to do with the church or the Lord for that matter ever again and
their lives because they witnessed what had happened
I mean just this bickering and fighting and backbiting again I mean it’ll
destroy it’ll destroy a church and destroy a family a house divided cannot
stand Jesus said you cannot we we have to be united in love and this is the
kind of love that can only come from God that’s the only way I mean if you’re
sitting here asking yourself how is it even possible to love in that way well
Jesus answers that question for us when he says you can love one another in this
way because it’s the same way that I have loved you I’ve shared this before
and I I guess this is again as good of a time as any to share it again but many
years ago my wife and I were first married I in a rare moment of just I
mean godly humility and love you know as a godly husband I I said to my wife
these words I said honey I love you with a love that can only come from God I’m
expecting her to just you know start crying and leap into my arms and give me
a velcro hug it’s just oh honey I love you aw thank you love you too and that
didn’t happen not even close she looked at me you know how like when
a dog and if I probably should get a better illustration but you know how
like when a dog you know kind of looks at you like this like what well she was
kind of looking at me like you mean I am so unlovable
you can’t muster up enough love in and of yourself the feel of the way it
love me is if God gives you a love for me
am i that unlovable I’m like how did you just do that it’s true I mean maybe I
could have said it a different way surely she could have taken it a
different way but what I was trying to say is that the only way we can love one
another is by the love that God gives us for one another are not the first five
commandments summed up in loving God with all of our heart soul mind and
strength and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves doesn’t that sum up the
second five of the command Commandments that sums up the law if you love God
that way that much and you love others that way that much then done deal real
deal love that’s the new commandment it sums up the law it fulfills the law
because see if I love you that way I’m not going to covet I’m not going to
commit murder in my heart I’m not going to do anything against you that would be
hurtful to you because of my love for it that’s why and that’s how and it only
comes by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the way the fruit of the Holy
Spirit what’s the fruit of the Holy Spirit love love I want to close with a
quote I think it just wraps it up and puts a ball around it goes like this at no other time in the
history of Christianity pardon me did love so characterize the entire church
as it did in the first three centuries and Roman society took note Tertullian
an early church leader reported that the Romans would say see how they love one
another this is though the Roman Empire the Romans the non-believer the world
observing the church and the world is observing the church the unbeliever is
asking two very good and very important questions that deserve an answer the
first question is does it work does the Christian life work and the second is
is real is it real and they want it to work and they want
it to be real because they need it to work and they need it to be real in
their life so when the world is looking in on the church and they’re watching us
and they’re reading the letter of our lives as Paul says what are they reading
are they reading a love letter would to God when the world looks at us and
observes us that they would say of us they really love each other mine I mean
you can say all you want about it but you’ve got to admit they really do love
one another there’s an interesting proverb and we’re in the book of
Proverbs on Thursday night in our study through the Bible I love the book of
Proverbs but there’s a very interesting proverb can be easily missed at first
read and it says this that the the desire of every man woman and child ever
born from the beginning of time is for unfailing love love covers a multitude
of sins love one another as I have loved You let’s pray Father thank You Lord I was just thinking that love is
not something that’s taught it’s really a fruit that needs to grow in our lives
as we grow in grace Lord I thank You that I have the
privilege of being the pastor of such a loving church Lord would you protect the
love that’s in this church one for another Lord we want it said of us my
how they love one another Lord thank You in Jesus’ name Amen


  1. You were made for such a time. You were personally hand picked. Don't give up! Do NOT give up! We have already won so keep holding on and DON'T GIVE UP! The Devil is working on you because YOU are not his property! Don't listen to the Devil's lies. None of us deserve what we have been given. We all fall short. Not one is good no not even one. Our sins were paid for on the cross. The world hates us hallelujah! Amen! Grace. Grace. GRACE! Hallelujah!

    John 15:18-27

    18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

    19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

  2. I don't know anyone who really, truly cares… 😔
    But, I'm not giving up not caring for others, I need prayer to LOVE them as I should.

  3. I try to love everyone. But those who only think of evil always, who are truly wicked, who hurt myself, my family or innocent strangers, I can't bring myself to love them. I could love them IF they would repent and stop doing evil, vile things. I find it nearly impossible to separate the person from their actions, their speech and how they treat others. Proverbs 6:16-19 lists things God hates. So tell me, how can I love someone who is bent on evil all the time? The flood, Sodom and Gamora shows how God reacts to pure evil, why should we not follow His lead? I'm serious: where's the line? I mourn for their souls, but I can't honestly say I love them.

  4. I love your teachings. Please keep us aware of the prophecies that are coming. We all need to love more than we do. It would surely be a wonderful place to live.. Thank you Pastor, and May God Bless You

  5. We are having problems in our church because a group of people left. I’m not exactly sure why. Now I must resist the temptation to be angry with them if we at the old church can’t survive financially because so many left. Could I contact any of them to ask why they left? It won’t do any good now I guess. Pray for us not to be annoyed with the ones who left.

  6. Thank you God for blessing us with this beautiful church, our beloved pastors and the ability to gather together. Lord you keep adding to the body of believers here, thank you, thank you, in Jesus name, thank you

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  8. My father who would be 95 today, he died just before Christmas 2016. He was sexually and physically abused by his father. He did not come out and said it but indicated to me two months before his death that he sexually abused me when I was to young to remember. Thank God for my mother and her wisdom to send me to an all Dutch Christian school even though I am not Dutch. I observed loving families were suppose to be. Being an only child and a father of two I tried my best to be a good father. I did my best but looking back, my children are grown I can see what burdens put on me have passed down to them just by being around me and my poisoned attitude towards life. I don’t feel normal unless I am angry as compared to being happy. Please pray for me and my attitude.

  9. Pastor, when you and your church host another prayer meeting would I be able to make a prayer request? You see, I am currently 8 months pregnant and have a 2 year old daughter who has been the greatest gift second to salvation. We have been abandoned by my husband whom I love dearly, with all my heart and soul. My heart is in such a deep debilitating pain, thoughts of countless images and memories haunt me. I've prayed and loved this man as was my honor to do. I've believed in him and Christ's work in his heart. So much is lost. Im left all alone to figure out where my babies and I will live. So much is falling apart and I just pray that God brings the love of my life back a truly saved man. My daughters deserve the world, im so depressed, lonely and heartbroken that what I once received in sermons, in worship, in one on one devotion to the Lord seems utterly empty and I'm groping the tunnel believing that His light is still here though I cannot see it yet. Please pray for the Lord to restore my husband, for his salvation and the restoration of our family. Please pray I may use this horrific trial to grow more into Christ rather than running away from Him. My husband battles with all forms of substance abuse, pornography, he is abusive in every arena, and was unfaithful to me. I forgive a d allow Christ to display His mercy through my vessel. My husband deep down is crying for life, to break free from this wicked state he is in, but he had become bitter with God a few years ago and his past addictions, abusive behavior abd absolute change in personality followed. His eyes and heart need to be descaled and reborn. Please please I am begging you please pray fervently for Jesus to restore him, and our family that He would use our family to be such a testimony of the power of His salvation and raise our girls to be God fearing womem and to draw in a multitude til the day we go up. Thank you so much.

  10. Pastor JD
    GOD BLESS you and your humble self for I love every sermon and feel so blessed hearing your messages every week AMEN

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  14. Dear Father God in Heaven I pray from afar in the name of Jesus for Your healing hand to be on Pastor JD as he battles his asthma. I know that we are many that are petioning for Pastor JD and we also believe you hear us. Amen

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  17. I am a product of a church split in a Independent Baptist church as a new believer. It was devastating and took me years to go to another church. It was the nastiest experience I have ever been through and thoroughly tested my faith. Then after years of not being in church I attended a non-denominational church I loved and was a devoted member but became all about the rich attendees. It left a mark for sure but I'm alive and kickin' and looking up. I love you JD. God Bless your ministry. God Bless your church. We all have a bitter taste but must know our bad experiences are not from God.

  18. Jesus told us to love one another because we are made in the image of God and God is love. For this reason human beings are drawn to love and this is how souls are won for Christ

  19. Jesus (God) commanded to the Jews circumcision that they be separate from the rest so all would by this know God's people. In like manner Jesus to us commanded that we love one another so in an evil unloving hateful world the rest of the world would know we are his.

  20. Hi pastor, love the prophesy update each week. I was wondering if you have any pocket cards of the ABC’s of salvation? I am putting together some backpacks for the homeless and would love to include them in it. Let me know, GBY

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