True Teachings of Jesus: Talk To God And Manifest Miracles

It is terribly, terribly, important that you
talk to God. Every one of you should talk to God. So it’s not enough you just go and listen
to an Evangelist, you should have a personal relationship with God. That’s what God wants. But then it’s very difficult to conceive of
God in the first place, and then to talk to him the second place. Now, what do you do? Now, let me give you a shortcut. God is within you, the Kingdom is within. He is the power that gives us life. The life energy is God. The life breath is God. The life breath is God, and without the life
breath we cannot breathe, we will die. Now, how to contact this God who is hidden
within us? Again, as I mentioned, we have to get beyond
the mind. There is a great technology, I have discovered
only in the Pentecostal Religion as it is practiced today. It originates in the Pentecostal Event where
Jesus said: “I am just leaving because I am just tired that I have not been able to
help you, so I must do something that is going to be valuable for you. And what is that? I have to leave. I have to die on the cross, and if I die on
the cross, and then leave the body here. And then I will go to my Father, and I will
send you the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, and then the Holy Ghost will give you Miraculous
Power. The only message of Christianity that is relevant
for every religion across the world, and practical too, is that Miracles are possible, and they
are the ultimate means through which we can solve our problems. We need money miracles, we need health
miracles, we need relationships miracles. We need all kinds of things because it’s
only through Miracles that we can sustain our life. We need Miracles to turn the body to light
because, you know, that my main teaching is turning the body into light. The Bible also talks about: “In the wink
of an eye the body will turn into light.” Yeah. So we need these Miracles. How can we do Miracles? You can do Miracles only when you go into
the domain of God, beyond the mind. What is the mind? The mind is a bunch of words who reveal…
which reveal to us about the world, the sound, language, is mind. So we have to… in order to get rid of the
mind, we have to get rid of the language. And what we do in in the Pentecostal churches,
they ‘speak in tongue.’ And why do you do that? To confuse the mind, to make you to go beyond
the mind by speaking gibberish. When you speak gibberish, which has no sense,
no content, there is no consistency, you go on
speaking gibberish, ——– whatever comes to you, then the mind gets completely, completely,
confused and unable to process anything. It’s no logic, and nothing. Following that gibberish speaking for a few
minutes, – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, then there… the mind is completely out. And during that gibberish what is happening
is you are really talking to God. Those gibberish are meaningful too, but you
do not know what I was talking to God through this unknown language of gibberish. Then there will come to you
the communication that you were establishing with God, or the conversations that you have
had with God through this gibberish. And that will be revealed to you by the Holy
Spirit: “This is the meaning.” Then you will have a great understanding,
and the voice comes to you, although in English, or in your own language, “And this you have
done, this is what was communicated, this is the message from God.” And I strongly encourage that you might want
to do this ‘speaking in tongue.’ It is the only way through which you can get
beyond the mind, and re-establish yourself in the domain of God.

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