Top 5 Sorcerers In Comics!

one shot the comic book universe is a very large and diverse place and we've covered a serious chunk of it over the past four years the one area in the world of comics that we haven't spent much time on thus far is the long list of mystics sorcerers Wizards and even supernatural characters that played big roles in the comics over the years and with Marvel's Doctor Strange movie rapidly approaching it seems to me that there's no better time to start so today my comic Conrad's let's talk about five of the top mystics and all of comics now there are some incredibly powerful mystical characters such as Phantom Stranger brother voodoo yet Rogan and the list goes on but I decided to base this list on the popularity of the character and their overall impact on their respective universe but obviously this list is still subjective kicking off the list at number five is Zatanna Zatanna is a homo magi which in the DC universe basically means that she is a human born with the ability to perform a control magic she made her first appearance in 1964 and has since played a role in numerous titles and major DC events including Detective Comics the JLA and the blackest night storyline the mistress of magic has also been affiliated with several teams over the years like the Sentinels of magic the Justice League and most recently in the new 52 where she was a founding member of Justice League dark Satana is well-known for casting her spells by speaking backwards and although the limits of her magical abilities have never been fully defined some of Zatanna's more impressive talents are Reality manipulation telekinesis telepathy healing teleportation mystical energy blast control of natural elements that mention will travel and the list goes on a little fun fact about Satana is that she is a direct descendant of Leonardo da Vinci and also was somehow related to the Prophet Nostradamus I also have to mention that she has made appearances in several DC animated series including Batman the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice and all three of those series are absolutely fantastic all in all Zatanna is one of the most powerful and popular mystics in DC Comics coming in at number four is Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch this magic wielding mutant has become much more of a household name in recent years thanks to her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but she has been playing a massive role in the Marvel Comics universe for a really long time in fact we posted a history of Scarlet Witch episode last year where we get in some much more detail about her so you can check that out right here but to sum it up she was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for the x-men title however she quickly evolved into a force for good becoming a longtime member of the Avengers and was even married to vision for a while while the source of her powers have changed over the years from mutation to magic those two things together have given her some crazy abilities starting with her use of hexes to change probabilities thus manipulating reality itself the greatest example of this came during Marvel's house of M crossover event where she erased mutant kind from existing by saying the words no more mutants that junk was bananas some of her other abilities include flight illusion casting astral projection and a magic energy blast just to name a few bottom line The Scarlet Witch is no joke number three is none other than dr. fate the helm of Naboo the god of order has granted the mantle of dr. fate to nine different characters since his creation in 1940 but regardless of whether it's Kent Nelson Jared Stephens Kalidas or or another wearing the helmet of fate the power granted to the wearer is immense and allows dr. fate to do some pretty insane stuff just a few of his magical abilities include invulnerability dimensional and reality manipulation super-strength telekinesis telepathy forcefield astral projection energy manipulation and on and on dr. fate is so powerful that some have argued that he could even go head-to-head with beans as powerful as a dark side so that should tell you something over the years fate was a longtime member of the JSA and even joined the Justice League although that was short-lived he's also made appearances in several TV shows like Smallville Superman the animated series Batman The Brave and the bold and Young Justice altogether landing him in a nice spot on this list Landing at number two is the sorcerer supreme himself Doctor Strange this master of the Dark Arts was created by Steve Ditko and first appeared in strange tales issue 110 in 1963 I won't really get into his history as we're gonna cover that in a history of dr. strange episode coming up in just a few weeks but what I will tell you is that he's been a member of such teams as the defenders the Illuminati and the New Avengers I'll also tell you that the sorcerer supreme draws his power from a group of mystical god-like entities known as the vishanti the amulet he wears known as the eye of agamotto harnesses their magical energy to give him some awesome abilities like the ability to negate evil magic I actually give a detailed origin of his amulet in this episode if you choose to watch it but anyway just a few of his other powers and abilities include dark force manipulation energy based constructs force field projection invisibility invulnerability telepathy dimensional manipulation psionic control and time manipulation we got a glimpse at just how fearsome the doctor can be in the New Avengers vol 2 in 2012 when he took on and nearly defeated the New Avengers team of vision Captain America Iron Man Red Hulk Hawkeye Thor Captain Marvel spider-man thing Black Widow daredevil iron fist and Mockingbird do you understand how ridiculous that is in short he's a beast rounding out our list at number one is Thor's brother and archenemy Loki the Asgardian god of mischief now I'm sure some of you are wondering why Loki instead of Doctor Strange or maybe some other characters took the top spot well as I mentioned this list is based on the popularity of the character and the impact they've had on their universe with that in mind the modern version of Loki was introduced by Stanley in 1962 and quickly grew to become a major nemesis to not only Thor but the entire Marvel Universe in fact it was Loki's assault on Asgard and earth that led to the creation of the first Avengers in order to defeat him that fact alone is good enough a reason for the number one spot but he doesn't stop there Loki has played a major role in multiple Marvel events and storylines that have redefined Marvel characters and its universe including Ragnarok siege and Secret Wars as if that wasn't enough Loki is easily one of the most popular and well-known villains in the Marvel comic universe and his popularity has only been put on steroids since Tom Hiddleston brought the character to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing a primary villain for Thor in 2011 and the first Avengers movie in 2012 his long list of powers and abilities include the ability to wield magic super-strength and mortality energy shield darkness manipulation shape-shifting invisibility energy manipulation stealth power mimicry astral projection and the list goes on did I mention he's kind of a god so yeah there's that ultimately Loki earns the number one spot in my opinion but that's just my list so let me know what your list would be in the comments section below but before I bring this episode to a close I just want to thank the people who made this episode possible and you by domain name from you get the power to influence and control while people find when they search for you online no domain extension will help you tell your story like domain name domain com is affordable reliable and easy to use the guys remain calm gave Aryans an awesome offer get 15% off domain coms already affordable 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