Todd White – Raising The Standard Of Christianity

I love it
I love being able to share my heart everywhere i just, I don’t feel, I don’t feel like some
people they feel God’s in the house He’s in my heart
listen I’ve just never been the person that feels the anointing is here or there, he’s
in me I was lost and then I became found
I was blind and then I see I was dead and then I live
If I feel him, then i also feel darkness If I’m in a place and i feel that it’s dark
there I might’ve forgotten that there’s light here
If i have to wait to see and feel the anointing come i might be very deceived
And I’m not preaching against anything I’m telling you from me
In my life I’ve always known that he’s in here
he likes to be in here He chose me I didn’t choose him
He chose to set this thing up He wanted me I didn’t know about him
He knew about me He knew about me before I ever knew about
him Listen I am overwhelmed
With the reality of the joy of my father My joy doesn’t come from my experience
My joy doesn’t come from life My joy doesn’t come from that
My joy comes from my salvation And sometimes we are waiting for a feeling
of joy We are waiting for a moment of joy
We are waiting for our big break Sometimes you look at my life
And people come up to me and say I’m called to do what you do
But what is it that you think I do I’m called to be like you, street evangelist
But what if I’m just full time Christian What if you’re called to be full time
What if you’re jobs your mission field And what if your waiting for your big break
So that you can be a minister Get a pulpit
So you can have people appreciate you Instead of knowing the one that has appreciated
you I’m just gonna preach some really intense
truths today I’m not against people getting in the ministry
It’s not about that But if you have to get there to be something
You already don’t know who you are And your in trouble
Cause when you get there You’ll need the praise and appreciation of
people In order to sustain you
And if you need that your done before you started man
Cause if I have to be here for you to appreciate me
I don’t understand who i am We can’t afford that
We come out of a world like that We come out of the world
And we receive honour from people And gain appreciation from people to the things
that we do The things that we say
And we look good in front of people And if you have to look good in front of people
You can’t have the love of God in you Its not in you
If you have to receive honour from people The love of Gods is not in you
Giving honour to people is different than receiving it
I don’t need you to honour me For me to feel okay
I’m okay because he says so It’s not about me
I love it when people jam pack a house And come I love it
But i know that’s its all about him That’s not just a statement that I say
It’s not even a song God is good all the time
And all the time It’s not even
It’s not even just a song, it’s a life� He lives in me�
He likes to be there� He lives in you and likes to be there
And if he doesn’t you should let him Because he wants to
I’m the house of God When I came to Jesus
Jesus came inside of me And he flipped every tip
Every every every money changer table inside of me
And he cleaned out the temple As it’s to be called the house of prayer
He cleaned out and he riddled the temple of idols
He tore up every alter He ripped it out
And he set up his home inside of me You cant afford to have any ice sticks or
you wont make it You cant have anything that
I don’t want to hurt y’all I’m ok I don’t know which way i cannot go
Back, people are like just go back Just go back dude
Ok you cant afford, you cant afford to have anything
Anything in your heart Anything in your heart that’s more important
than your relationship with him This isn’t just a Christian confession guys
This is not about just proclaiming the name of Jesus
And talking to people about your proclamation This is about your relationship with God
And saying that you have a relationship with God is different than having one
Saying that you know God is different Than being known by God
I’m known by my father and he likes me I look in the mirror and i see that he likes
me He doesn’t just love me he likes me
Do you know Christians make a statement They say well you know what
I have to love you but I don’t have to like you
You have to love them but you don’t have to like them
That’s the devil in your mouth you can say what you want man
That’s not gospel truth for you to say You can love them
You have to it’s commandment But you don’t have to like them
Do you think that God tolerates you Do you think that God just tolerates you
Your suppose to be like him How dare I let anything get inside of me that
prevents me from loving you and liking you The only reason i would love you and not like
you is because you hurt me And if you hurt its not about you hurting
me, its about me being hurt and that’s a problem I’ve lived for ten years in Jesus
Ten years free from me Which makes me free from you
I promise you i haven’t been hurt by anybody in ten years
I gave up my right to be hurt I realised that Gods not hurt by me
He hurts for me And created me in his image to hurt for people
Not be hurt by people That’s not just a statement man
Sometimes its so out there We’re like wow that’s weird
No that’s truth God doesn’t tolerate you he loves you
He actually sees you He actually sits in the theatre of your mind
And sees everything that rolls across your screen
He sees everything See we think he’s not seeing it
And because other people don’t know about our secret junk
That God doesn’t know about it either You’re wrong
You cant even make your bed in hell and hide from him
We don’t have to finish twisted We can actually run hard and finish well
We can actually establish such as intimacy And such a relationship with the king
That nothing can knock us off course The devil doesn’t have the ability to
People have told me for years you better be careful man less you fall
That’s fear People have told me hey man you better slow
down This is a marathon, not a sprint
You’re wrong This is not a sprint or a marathon its a race
People have told me that because they don’t want me to go off track
And i appreciate the fact that you don’t want me to go off track
But Gods ability to keep me, is greater than the devils ability to deceive me
Maybe it’s because i don’t know him Maybe the problem
The reason why people fall Is because they don’t know him
What if they don’t have to fall What if i don’t have to have a ministry and
then cheat on my wife What if i don’t have to have that
What if nobody has to have that What if we actually have intimacy with the
father And my wife wouldn’t be my problem
Cause I never get from my wife what I can get only from the king
And my wife can never get from me what she can only get from the king
And a husband finds out who he is Because of the father
The wife finds out who she is because of the father
And they just receive and give that to each other
But because its messed up I put stipulations and things upon my wife
that’s she’s never meant to answer Who is the gospel man
Its the one you say you believe in People aren’t your problem you are
I cant believe people even come to see me Cause don’t have another message man
I can tell you this The reason why i didn’t want anything to do
with the church Is cause I never saw Jesus in anybody
And if people cant see Christ in you They don’t want to hear your great confession
They don’t want to see you praise Jesus at church
They want to see you act like Jesus on your job
Cause they’ve never seen that, they’ve heard about it
The bible’s not a history lesson We cant afford to live less than what Jesus
says we are For a lot of times
We never getting into the word to learn for ourselves
So we get other people to teach us And we ride on everybody else’s theory
Everybody else’s revelation when the spirit of wisdom and revelation is available for
everyone to grow in their union with Christ But because we don’t press into that
Because we don’t really, ‘i don’t know I’ll just listen to you, you’re a good preacher’
Man stop it You know, when i first got saved I came out
of twenty-two years of addiction Y’all alot of you know my testimony
Atheism, anger, hatred Couldn’t read
Never read a book before I was lost man
Every time I’d read i forget what i read so why read
Then a scripture opened up to me when i went to teen challenge
After twenty-two years of addiction, hatred, anger
My whole life Didn’t have a mum that wanted me when i was
born That’d be sad if i allowed my value to be
determined by the soul of a women that was twisted
Wouldn’t that be sad for me to think that my value hangs
In the words that come out of a woman whose soul didn’t know Jesus
And was trying to scrape and strive through life
Trying to find her way, then I came and she wasn’t ready
Wouldn’t that be a shame for me to allow that to determine my value
Wouldn’t that be twisted Yet when i talk to people, that’s a lot of
people, In the church You don’t know how my dad treated me
No you don’t know who your father is No you don’t know what my mum did
Well you don’t know who your father is Why is that your answer cause that’s Adam’s
answer Christ said “i wont leave you as orphans”
When you find out that Gods your daddy everything changes
Everything changes Everything
Your life will change Are you ready
okay, when i was born My mum and dad came together
They weren’t expecting to have a child My mum looked good to my father
That’s how i came into the world Its almost freaky to talk about this stuff
in church So I’m gonna
There’s eighty million chances of me going up for birth canal
Eighty million plus or minus, a lot And there’s an egg in there and everybody
by natural instinct is heading for the egg Tools and jack hammers and saws
Trying to get in there man Trying to get in the egg
And i don’t have a tool i’m the last one I’m the last one and when i get there
They part like the red sea And i go right in, no tool
And everybody is freaking out Who let them by
How’d they get by no tool no saw what’s the deal
But from inside the egg you hear a voice, its mine “sorry guys I was predestined before
the foundation of the world” See, we don’t think that way
because we allow life to squeeze us and fashion us and mould us
And then we incorporate Jesus in, instead of surrender
We just incorporate him in and see what we can get from him
If he gives me this, then he’s a good God But if I don’t, then he’s a bad God
Well he’s a good and bad, but Praise the Lord How horrible would that be
My heart is very intense on establishing the reality of what it means to be a son and the
daughter of a king I love the fact that I get to pray for people,
I love to see people healed I love to see people delivered, I love to
see that Its amazing it happens everyday, everywhere
i go, everywhere Inside the church, outside the church, On
aeroplanes ,in elevators Every where i go
Why? Because he lives in me, he likes that
But my number one priority is intimacy in relationship with the father
My number one priority is reading and understanding what God says about me
So that i can study and show myself approved I don’t study to preach myself approved
I don’t study to put on a show I don’t study the word to try and impress
you I never read my bible to preach
I never do I open up that word I get on my knees
And ask God to reveal what he thinks about me
I say holy spirit this is what you say about me
I’m just asking you God make this real Make my life what this page says
God thank you You’re awesome king
Your amazing I come out of the secret place
And who cares He’s told me who i am in that place
And if i seek my father in secret He rewards me with what i saw In the secret
which was him so when i come out
happens happens
oh i promise you but what if i just go to Jesus for what i
can get from him see the devil thinks that everybody’s after
what they can get from him The devil thinks your just gonna go after
God for his gifts I’d be ashamed to go after God for his gifts
And not know him be a real shame if someone didn’t warn you
before you stood before the father And thought that your prophecy’s
And your healing And your miracles got you in
Cause that’s not how it works buddy that’d be a real shame if you thought that
grace was the license to continue in sin and be okay with it
it’d be a shame if somebody preached that the cross came
because you are such a horrible sinner yeah
The cross doesn’t reveal your sin the cross removes your sin
The cross doesn’t reveal that your such horrible sinner
The cross reveals that there’s a problem with sin that needs to be removed
But the cross reveals your value so we don’t see the crosses at
we see the cross as this place where we come cause we’re horrible
no no no yes the fact is that sin was the problem
i get it but sin separated us from the father
so Jesus came to bring us back to the father
eternal life isn’t just praying a prayer to get to heaven
eternal life is knowing the father The one and only true God
And Jesus Christ the one whom you’ve sent Eternal life is seeing the cross
seeing reality Cause all have sinned and fallen short of
the glory of God im not bypassing the cross
i carry it But i live in a place where
i see the cross i see my value i see what was killing me
what was killing me was The separation i had from God
And now Jesus didn’t just forgive my sin
but he removed my sin if he removed my sin
he cleansed my conscience he purified my heart
he cleanses my hands so i never wanna sin again or get away with
it why would i wanna dirty, something that has
been cleaned something underneath of that sin
had to be of such great value for heaven to pay such a high price to get
it back we were lost sons and lost daugthers�
God created us in his image� Jesus came to restore that which was lost�
sins and issue needs to be gotten out of there for not just a one time thing
you come to the alter its not that God just forgives you
He removes it But so many Christians look at a rear view
mirror And revisit stuff that God says is finished
And they live by feelings And we’ve catered to the body of Christ
taught her to live by feelings Or you don’t feel that God love you
Oh but there’s something else that needs to be removed
That’s really twisted man That we’d lower the blood of Jesus down to
psychology Its not psychological its supernatural
Its not psychology its supernaturalogy Maybe every feeling that you get isn’t God
Maybe we’ve been taught to live by feelings And the just shall live by faith
What if Jesus really sets you free But you don’t believe it
what if whom the son sets free is free indeed What if you’ve , what if you’ve achieved freedom
when he rescued you and he and he wraps his arms around you
And said he loves you What if he removed your sin forgot your sin,
and never brings it up again what if we haven’t understood the cross
What if we haven’t understood the finished work of Christ
Paul said i dare not talk about anything but Christ and him crucified
What if there’s such foundation inside of there
What if that’s the real truth of the gospel But we don’t understand it
What if we’re on the other side of the cross Looking at it still, instead of carrying it
What if we live towards the finished work instead of from it
What if the foundation of everything of everything is the finished work
What if you have been created in the image of God
Men fell centred into the equation And all of a sudden
since the fall of man we didn’t just
we weren’t just born into sin we were cultivated by the very enemy of God
What if we took on the very nature of the enemy of God
And what if we get born again And that nature gets crushed
But we’ve preached the flesh the carnal nature, the divine nature
and we have preached bi-polar Christianity I’m not being mean, I’m being real
I travel all over this world, I talk to people every day
I’m not a silent Christian, I’m very vocal But I’m a machine of truth
because God has put truth inside of me, not for me to hold it back from anybody
I had an encounter with the guy housekeeper today
An amazing encounter why? because I love people.
I have filled my heart with truth, I am possessed by the love of the father
I live in the love of God, I never ever ever woke up one day absent from the love of God
I have woke up in his love, I live in his love, I go to sleep in his love
and it’s never ever been up for sale I have been purchased
Jesus said my sheep will hear and obey my voice and a strangers they will not follow
He commanded you not to follow it So many people are listening to the wrong
voice Living by feelings, then you ask somebody,
they say ‘I have got that feeling” then they say “man, we’ve got to find out
what’s in you that keeps causing that” what are you doing? then we take people back
into something they have been freed of and we give a voice to a lie
when are we going to believe, when are we just going to believe?
Are you not tired of struggling with that junk?
Won’t it be so amazing to let go of that stuff that so easily ensnares us?
How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation as this?
I can’t help it if you don’t want to hear what I have to say
And if you’ve gotta go I love you bless you
I don’t have any I’m not holding back anything
It’s gonna get way more intense Cause i’m free and I see something
And i’m not projecting against anybody or anything
And if your ministry is violated by what i’m sharing
You might not ought to have one If you’re violated
If the ministry is violated By the finished work of Christ
You ought not be in it Cause maybe you’ve just got in it
To find your niche And maybe your in it to have people be co-labouring
and co-dependant upon you instead of him And i’m not preaching at anybody, I’m telling
you If the shoe fits, kick it off, its not your
shoe I love you, but I won’t compromise the truth,
ever cause I didn’t press to try to get into ministry
I loved my job, it was amazing. I got to see people healed and made whole
and come to Jesus everyday I was an ice delivery guy before I got into
ministry they let me go to the darkest
I got to go to that centre of city Harrisburg and just deliver ice to the mum and pop stores
i loved it I’d go to muslim stores, hindu stores, sihk
stores I’d bring Jesus, bullet proof glass, bars
on the windows muslim store, i’d walk in there and tell them
about my king oh men can I tell you one?
When I walked in, in the morning my boss told me this.
He said listen, he said there is a store here in Harrisburg where we deliver ice to
they have not paid bill, they owe us about so and so amount of money
But they have just called for delivery, an ice delivery
they want an ice box, no one wants to go there I said, dude send me
they are radical Muslim’s they have got a real problem with us
So let me go So I go to this shop
see if your identity is not secure I say identity, its if your son-ship is not
secure cause God wants you to understand that you
are his son So I go to this muslim store and as I walk
in and if you have got attitude with people you
won’t make it in the world if you think it is all about how they hurt
you how… you be guarded, protected and you will
be hurt cause if you can be touched, you will be touched
God wants us to be a button less people He wants us to be nobody can rattle our chain
and that’s not just a confession that’s a life
cause if you think that you are not going to be tested
and what I’m preaching if you think you can preach this and not go
through this the reason why I preach this is because I
live this don’t just preach something that you are not
willing to walk out and never ever preach something that you haven’t
walked out cause we only talk about something that we
have accomplished in word and deed God has accomplished in and through us
that the only thing that bears real witness of the king
so i’m not just popping off i’m not just sharing something and projecting
I am sharing what i believe I’m hearing from heaven
I need to, I walk into this store and this man’s behind
I’m an ice delivery guy hey men, how are you doing? the company is
called ‘Good Tom Ice’ i walk in there I say hey men, i got to collect
some money before we do this yes, how much do I owe you, I said so and
so he threw the cheque at me, walk to the floor
you think oh men If anybody had a right to have an attitude,
it would have been our King If anybody had a right to have an attitude
it would have been our Jesus imagine him hanging on a tree, gasping for
breath and the getting an attitude “i’m out of here forget it, they don’t care
about anybody but themselves” “I am not going to die for them, no way, no
how, find somebody else” ” I’m out”
yet we are quick to respond that way and then put on a face at church and act like
everything is okay And i’m not pointing a finger at anybody
It looks like this “Oh i’m gonna go to eat here”
“well i don’t wanna go there” “well why not”
“well why not” “well why not”
Then we get fighting with our husband and our wife and our kids about food
When we leave a building and praise the lord And then your kids see that
Your kids see that And you try talk them into coming to Jesus
Sorry man It isn’t going to happen
It’s the most dangerous thing that you can do to your children
Is model the devil and claim Christianity I’m not being mean, I’m real
Why because I, I I hang with people I’m really free from me
I don’t ever act up my kids would never see that
why? Because i sought my father in the secret place
And he shows me who he is And he tells me to be like him
He tells me to be an imitator of God It’s intense
It’s just raw truth It’s raw
It’s the only gospel that I know It’s the gospel that set me free from me
I was the problem selfishness, self seeking, Envy
Being led by feelings Cause the wisdom of the world is being led
by feelings why I feel like God loves me
That is a foolish thing because Christ has died
How can you take that away from me Jesus died he already did
He already raised That’s the love of God
So what does it mean I don’t feel like God loves me
Be very careful What are we looking for
A feeling The just shall live by faith not by feelings
I don’t feel like he loves me People who watch me
Say pray for me that i might feel the love God
and I say absolutely not I would never do you that injustice
What if I prayed for you And you felt it
Then walked out of here and didn’t You’d think he left you
You’d think you need me to pray for you again That’s twisted
You guys alright Some of you looking at me like “I did not
come to hear this” Well your here
I believe I believe
That we can raise the standard to normal And we can actually walk as a new breed
One that the world has never seen I believe we can take the spirit of ugly off
the church I believe she can be restored to her original
identity I believe the book of revelations says this
The bride has made herself ready There is the readying of the bride
The strengthening of the bride The understanding who there father is
Allowing him as the gardener To come in
And Prune and clip and trim things that need to go
And you willingly submit and obey It’s not a law
It’s relationship It’s intimacy
It’s love It’s where God comes, he chose you
You didn’t chose him Then the sooner we get to that the easier
this is We can all walk like Jesus
That’s not blasphemy That’s the bible
Your supposed to walk Your a christian
A little Christ like one One, one an anointed one
We need to establish relationship with the teacher
And then it says you need no one to teach you
But that doesn’t neglect our need for teachers Cause it’s one of the five fold
That would be The five fold ministry
That would be contraindicative No no no
It says you have the anointing that teaches you all things that are true
You need no one to teach you What does that mean
That means that the gardener The teacher
My father Has come to dwell inside of me
And he is my barometer of what truth is And so now inside of me he lives
And now as I read the word He determines truth
He gives me the spirit of wisdom and revelation And lets me know what is the truth
And if someone’s preaching and its not I know that i know that i know
That it’s not okay Inside he reveals to me
It’s not about ‘they came against my doctrine’ It’s about Jesus Christ
So this guy threw the check at me That floated through the air and hit the floor
People are like They get attitudes like that
Man What can i expect
Why would I expect him to do anything less He’s mad
But him being mad at me And him giving me harsh words
What do we do What do we do in the church when someone gives
us the harsh word If the reality is not in your life
Your in trouble It’s the attitude of being
When someone despite-fully used you They didn’t pay the company for a year and
a half So what did they do ?
They despite-fully used the company So what do you do ?
You pray for them But he’s a muslim
Do you wanna pray for him just to get saved Yes we do want to pray for him to be saved
But means alot more than just get to heaven The word sozo means
saved, healed, delivered, protected and made whole to be kept safe and sound
To be kept safe from harm It’s different
Do you know salvation is very similar to that It’s soteria
It actually means “very similar to that” Salvation isn’t just being me about hearing
it in heaven God wants the salvation of our soul
He wants our soul Our mind, will and emotions to be saved here
So we think like heaven If you get saved
And you go to church just to get to heaven what happens is
You position yourself to get out of here So all you do is you hide inside of the building
Not willing to do anything with your christianity Just trying to hang on looking at the world
and how bad it is You look though a eschatology eye
And what you do is you see the end And you see and read the bible through that
eye All of a sudden people are lovers of themselves
Lovers of money Not lovers of God
You read Timothy Your like freaked out by it
All of a sudden your boss is a jerk Your family’s mean
Everybody’s against you You can’t pay your bills
God get me out of here To heaven with me and to hell with the world
And then we miss everything And we think it’s about just getting to heaven
When really it’s about heaven getting into you
And destroying hell And representing heaven
So that people want to represent heaven here The kingdom
Then everywhere we go we get to destroy the works of darkness
And we know because our father lives in us Because our teacher lives in us
And where we see darkness The hand print that fell deaf lost destruction
We know it’s from hell And you have the right and the authority to
destroy that In the name of Jesus
But not to just come against it in power over the top
Because Phillipians 2 says “we consider each one as greater than ourselves”
It’s different It’s not kingdom
And when I say kingdom people think authority Dominion
I get it, it’s true But it’s not about authority dominion
lording over them Jesus said “here who’s last will be first
” “he who desires to this must be the least”
Then we’ve made apostles up here but apostles are the least
We’ve just got it backwards and mixed up All it takes is repentance man
Change the way you think And see things the reality of why we’re here
We’re here to represent the king Your here to represent Jesus to a lost and
dying world And when Jesus walked everybody wanted to
be around him But people aren’t banging down the doors to
get into the buildings Because we haven’t walked as the buildings
And we haven’t allowed Jesus to come in and go through our temple
Flipping tables So that we can be a house of prayer
walking everywhere we go We are the tabernacle of heaven
You are a mobile tabernacle You are hospital that moves
Just truth Why would you not wanna be a part of this
? You would
Nobody would not want to Everybody wants this
Everybody wanted to hang with Jesus Did they wanna hang with you ?
That’s not me that’s gospel Come on man
People get real quiet Well i don’t know
But watch its amazing Timothy says that
“all those that desire to live Godly will suffer persecution”
When the last time you were persecuted ? These are questions to ask yourself church
do people wanna hang with you do people come up to you
In peter In Peter 3 it says
“be ready to give an account for the hope that’s in you when people come and ask you
about it” How many people are coming up to you and asking
about the hope that you have That’s not mean that’s the bible
This isn’t This isn’t condemnation dude
This is not a condemnation scripture This is not a condemnation session
I haven’t had guilt same or condemnation in ten years
You can’t give it to me it’s not mine It would be a shame if you would be in this
service and tune me out right now and just sit there
It would be a shame It would be shame for you to hold onto you
and say that young whipper snapper Or say i have been a Christian for forty years
He just came into this who does he think he is
I believe that i am a son See the problem is
Is that i study the word Everyday as much as I possibly can
I have it in my ears When i train
Praying when i work out I have it in my eyes
I watch it on the On the
On my Ipad I read it
I read it I watch it
I listen to it I have the visual bible
The gospel of John The book of Matthew
The book of Acts I watch it played out all the time
Constant Why ?
I don’t time to fill my mind with football But it’s okay I’m not against your football
I’m not But to judge and to gage where your at
If it was the last down of your favourite game
And the holy spirit said he wanted to spend time with you
Would you make him wait ? When you get home from work
And your sad And your your like you had a hard day
And i’m not against having a strong day Because we work hard i get it
Dude we have to We work hard
We come home But your
Your little TV shows don’t give you rest And going home and watching TV for two and
a half hours Sitting there just drinking the ice tea and
and a bag of potato chips is not helping you Listen
I’m i’m I’m telling you
And i’m not these things right here God wants to rid the land of alters
And i’m not saying that football has to be your alter
Or your idol Doesn’t have to be
It doesn’t have to be If you would realise that Christianity is
a full contact sport You would get in the game
People hate when I talk about this Especially on sunday dude
Just like game day I love you
How could we expect to grow in the lord if we keep filling ourselves with stuff that’s
not him And why would I put stuff back in my eye
This isn’t legalism Why would I put stuff back in here that Jesus
paid a price to free me from And then wonder where God is
And then to someone else’s on the stage And say I wish I had your life
The word is truth And if you would dare to say holy spirit i
really need this If you would dare actually to put him first
First Blessed are those that are poor in spirit,
there is the kingdom Poor are those that don’t think that way
So good So we’re in this store and this guy threw
the cheque at me I said ” it’s the muslim guy”
These are the things I think constantly He’s not my problem
Your not my problem You can’t hurt me
Listen You don’t have the right to hurt me
Cause when I came into the kingdom I gave up my rights
Oh it’s different See people got attitude man
They get hurt by people in the church We’re like “you dont understand what they
did to me” ” you don’t understand what they said to me”
“you don’t” “you don’t get it”
They should have known better And we think that we’re justified in that
Man if they hurt you it’s because they didn’t know who they were when they did it
But if you got hurt by it it’s because you didn’t know who you were when it came
So which is better ? Come on get over yourself
What are we thinking ? Life is short man
Your here to leave a legacy Your here to burn with the fire of heaven
The passionate fire To be compelled by love
The love of Christ compels us We can do this because we’ve become this
But if you don’t realise who you’ve become You constantly be doing to get instead living
from being I’m just taking out the right to have a attitude
I’m just taking out all the stops man I still got one don’t touch it
Oh God’ll find it I ask an honest question
How many people would just like to be free from them self ?
I promise man this is where its at, this is where its at
Do you know how that happens surrender Do you know what that looks like? repent
It’s like Peter when he’s on the rooftop This guy that denied Jesus
This guy Now he’s got the holy spirit
Boom Preaches his first sermon
They were cut to the heart brethren brothers, what should we do ?
You think that Peter would’ve make it hard on em
Just wish you didn’t do it Just change the way you think
What ? It can’t be that easy
Look at what you’ve done I know you didn’t know what you were doing
Father forgive them they know not what they do
You know why they do that ? Because they know not who they are
That’s not hard that’s grace It’s not hard
It’s submission So we’ve tried to fight the devil and resist
the devil so much that we’ve forgot the submission to God
For submission to God is the resistance of the devil
It’s not two steps it’s one But when you submit
You submit to everything that God says And what he says goes
And your opinion apart from that doesn’t matter anymore
Yeah but you don’t understand No no no
God wants to give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation
In all your getting get understanding So good
I don’t how we get out of this You don’t want out your in
You wanna stay there You wanna maintain the reality of who God
says you are Your identity is not up for sale
Your son-ship is the priority It’s like scrambled eggs
The brain And when i’m sharing i’m looking into the
eyes of people Cause the eyes are the lamp for the body
It is And we have so much
We have so many visions Sometimes we’ve
We’ve laid hold of these visions at the cost of the one
But when your vision is seen through lens of righteousness and you live in that place
right with God Everything is easier
Says that broad is the road that leads to destruction
Narrow is the way that leads to life We think that’s just for muslims and hindus
and everybody outside of the christian walk But you’re wrong
Narrow is the way What if it’s that simple but we’ve made it
hard And that complex is the broad road
What if righteousness is heavens answer And what if heaven doesn’t have another answer
But what if Jesus is heavens final word What if he is the only
The only answer What if heavens answer is Jesus christ
And it will never ever have another one That heaven doesn’t have another answer
What if he says behold in that day I will do a new thing
But what if Jesus is the new thing And what if we have that new thing but don’t
understand that thing What if that’s the foundation of everything
What if we are the righteousness of God that’s in christ Jesus
What if Jesus is the chief cornerstone And what if righteousness isn’t understood
And what if we’ve built our foundation without righteousness and our buildings going up crooked
If a building starts going up crooked it can only get up so high before it collapses
And then you have to go back to the very first principles and oracles of God
And you come to eat milk instead of solid food
We don’t have to grow up that way Solid foundation of Christ still stands
Watch this Let anybody that names the name of Christ
depart from inequity That’s the solid foundation
that what Timothy says The solid foundation of Christ
Departing from inequity is surrendering to heaven
Is allowing God to be God Is allowing Jesus to be lord
Not just lord to get you there but lord over your life
Where he comes in cleanses your temple Rids your heart of idols
Rids your life of all that junk To where you have a clean conscience a pure
heart You can see God
Your conscience isn’t violated See this is my problem I have lived with a
clean conscience for ten years I have never violated it for anyone
Ever Ever
I can’t afford to do that It violates relationships
I value my relationship and the cleansed A cleansed conscience more than I do making
friends with somebody I’m Gods friend
I can’t afford to compromise truth I can’t afford to be in a relationship and
have friends Have someone come to me
Lets say a married couple Somebody comes to you the wife comes to you
and she’s so sad because her husband is in this this and this
And instead of telling her she’s victorious we treat her as a victim
And we nurture her victimless instead of living from victory
And we we We nurture that carnal nature
And make her the one that has the problem And instead of crying out for him
We treat her as a victim and give her the right to divorce
It’s demonic wisdom Strategy that’s set up against covenant So good
If you love somebody You’ll speak truth in love
Love in truth You won’t compromise it to make them feel
better You should never choose sides
You should always be from him You should always council from him
God wants to give to us the spirit of council The spirit of wisdom and revelation
The spirit of power come on man
It’s a seven fold spirit All of them
All of that same spirit is in you The same spirit that raised Jesus from the
dead dwells in you What are you doing with him
Have you made this about you or have you made this about him
Are you trying to impress people or are you living your life because God is impressed
with your belief People always ask me
“How can you pray for everybody?” Cause I live this way
I don’t try to pray for people to impress people
I’m just around people Jesus loves em
So I have to let them know how much God loves them
Yeah Gosh i gotta finish this testimony sorry
So I asked I said “hey man where’s your freezer at ?”
Cause I have to deliver ice I have a whole bunch of bags of ice
I gotta go to his freezer I go to this freezer
And I open the door He
Over there I opened the door to look at it and there’s
a big huge thing of ice right inside the step Now you have to step up about a foot to get
in and it’s very slippery So when you hit it
It’s a dangerous thing It’s got a drip right above the door
So it’s gotta be taken care of That’s not my job to take care of it
However, I do my job as onto the Lord This guys treating me horrible
What are you gonna do with that Is it all about you ?
He’s trying to get by where as everything you do under the Lord
Oh this is beautiful guys If you see this on your workplace it will
change your job And it wont be your Job it will be your love
You wont complain to get a new one You’ll be thankful for what you have
And you’ll live thankful and you’ll walk in grace and truth
And people will wanna be around you They’ll be freaked out by your very delivering
And it wont be because your pulpit They’ll see your life and know this is Jesus
So i walked in and I said “hey man, do you got a hammer, i don’t have one with me but
i need a hammer” He says “why”
“cause you’ve got all that ice inside your door dude”
He goes “what do you wan’t a hammer for” He has an attitude with me
I said “because your gonna hurt yourself” He says “what do you care”
I said “well listen” I said “it’ll make it easier to get the ice in there”
He’s like ” no I don’t have a hammer, just do your job”
okay I walked out back
I go out to the truck, i’m parked out back I’ve got all these bags
I’m like “God I really love this guy” Well the problem is we don’t love people cause
they don’t love us And we only love people from what we can get
from them That’s a problem
If I only love you because you love me back it’s selfish
I don’t love you I just love you for what I can get from you
If satan finds out that this is how you are with God you’re in trouble
It’s what happened with Job come on man
Satan can’t represent himself God said “from where do you come?”
Do you think God didn’t know where he came from ?
Don’t think so Father knew where
Because God put him here “From where do you come ?”
“Walking to and fro of the earth” God says ” have you considered my servant
Job” We think the devil went up and requested Job
That’s not how it worked God pointed out Job to the devil
None of us want that one I do
why? Cause God wants us all to be able to be pointed
out What was the point out
God said “He loves me, He fears me and shuns you ”
“There’s none like him on the planet” “Does he fear you for nothing” satan asked
“The only reason he fears you is because of what you give him” Satan said
“He doesn’t really love you, He’s like me selfish ” Satan said
“The only reason he loves you and says he loves you is cause you blessed him” Satan
said “Touch what he has He’ll curse you to your
face” Satan said God says ” all that he has is already in your
power ” What does that mean ?
Is satan the God of this world or not ? Is he the prince of power of the air or not
? Does he need permission to attack you ?
There’s where we get it wrong He is the thief that comes to steal kill and
destroy He doesn’t need God to say ” go ahead and
get em” There’s where we go bonkers
Because if you believe that God allowed it He could’ve stopped it, so your still blaming
him So now we can’t even know who God is
We walk around with our hands tied big confusion
That’s not my father God doesn’t say get em
Man that’s not a nice God that’s a mean God That’s a how can you know God
His ways are higher than my ways His thoughts are higher than my thoughts
Who can know that ? No but the new testament changes everything
see It gives us the mind of Christ so that we
can know You have the mind of Christ
First Corinthians two It’s amazing
The wisdom of man The wisdom of God
The depth of a man is known by the spirit that’s in a man
The depth of God is known by the spirit of God
And deep cries out to deep And God reveals it to our spirit man
But with our carnal mind we read the bible And we think we’ve got it all figured out
and then we blame God for something God never did
God doesn’t come to kill steal and destroy The devil does
But God allows it That’s the problem
If you get that thing out you get this thing clear
What if Gods not stamping every decision If Gods allowing it to happen
Then why would you pray you right mess up his plan
come on Why would you pray you cant pray in faith
cause you really don’t know what Gods will is
And how could we have people that don’t know what Gods will is
Jesus is the will of God We handle it like a hot potato cause we don’t
know what is and isn’t Are we ok ?
what ok I just needed to know time cause I see him
talking This is not the sermon
I see him talking during my message I didn’t know
I’m just kidding No I get it
Are you guys okay ? Listen if this thing hits your heart
What would it be like to wake up every morning and not walk on egg shells and know the father
What would it be like to know the father and trust him
See because you can never have peace God will keep in perfect peace he who’s mind
is fixed on him stayed on him because he trusts him
What if your minds not stayed on him and you have no peace
What if the only way peace comes is because you’ve been made right with God
And I have been justified by faith now having peace with God
I have peace with God because i have been justified by faith
But what is that faith Just faith to get there or faith that God
got in here Now I need to settle the issue and realise
that God’s not in control like we’ve preached There’s a thief that comes to steal, kill
and destroy I’m not taking away Gods sovereignty
He’s sovereign But the thief is still a thief
He’s still called a thief And he’s still here doing it
He comes to steal, kill and destroy And what he wants to do is sneak in like a
snake in the grass, bite you and get you to blame the father
And all good gifts All good gifts come father of lights
And if you don’t understand who the father is
you’re actually All good gifts come from the father of lights
He’s not talking about the stars He’s talking about you
The father of lights You are the light of the world
Lets not get it confused man He’s a good good God
And God is good all the time And death lost and destruction never comes
from God Comes from hell
But if you don’t see this you’ll live like the devil
Proclaiming the father You’re the light of the world
Why do I preach what I preach Do you know hypocrisy is the number one thing
that Jesus rebuked ? Cold or hot ?
Cold is amazing cause God can flip you like a light switch and make you burn
Lukewarm Dangerous place cause your a damage to everyone
around you But what if you know the father
And you know that you’re known by the father And what if your not validated by your miracles
What if Gods stamp of approval isn’t that you heal the sick ?
What if his stamp of approval is the blood stamp ?
What if that stamp of approval is then sealed with the holy spirit ?
What if the reality of the blood of Jesus is the approval of heaven upon your life ?
What if that’s the foundation of our life ?
What if it’s the blood of Jesus ? What if it’s walk and wash away my sin ?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus What can make me whole again ?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus Oh precious is the floor that makes me white
as snow No more fountain I know
Nothing but the blood of Jesus What if that’s heavens answer and we don’t
believe it ? What is it’s just not a song but a life lived
? Come on man
You look at Job and you look at this thing After this all of a sudden it was on man
The devils like boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
Then a servant comes in and says ” I saw the fire of God fall”
Was it Gods fire that fell ? No it was not
Was it the devil Yes cause he comes to steal, kill and destroy
And then he comes before God again God says have you considered my servant Job
Do you think ? First he says, from where do you come ?
Do you think God didn’t know where he came this time ?
Oh no See I believe it’s our father exhorting and
praising his own self He created us in his image and he found one
that wouldn’t bow And God wants us to be a people that wouldn’t
bow to hell That would know God
Know his ways Know his thoughts because they’ve submitted,
surrendered to the spirit of wisdom and revelation And they carry the mind of Christ everywhere
they go And they don’t just learn from everybody
Jesus said call no one on earth your teacher For you have one teacher
I remember they guy I met when I did team challenge
I said dude your my spiritual father And he’s a beautiful man totally full of righteousness
Totally that’s all he preaches Redemption
And I’m like” man your my spiritual father” He goes “Todd I know your saying that, I understand,
and it sounds right ” “Let me explain to you something, he’s to
clean to learn from me, the bible says call no one on earth your father”
“Cause if you don’t know who God is you will always be an orphan and you are not an orphan
Todd, you’re a son” And I says to him ” then your my mentor man”
It’s the next best thing It’s the way that seems right to a man, and
there’s truth in mentor ship And I’m not against it all
It’s always about iron sharpening iron Even as a man sharpens the countenance of
his friends I read my bible man
I’m all about iron That’s what this session is
It’s the gathering together of people of saints All the while seeing that day approaching
Were on our last lap that’s why were together I said your my mentor
He goes ” listen Todd, I know what your saying” I’m thinking “oh no here we go”
It’s the beginning of my life and I’m like “man your my mentor man”
” Hey Todd it’s right that you would look to me as a person that can help you”
“You can glean from me you can learn from me but if you don’t understand the holy spirit
as your mentor you’re in trouble” “Cause they’ll be a time you’ll call me and
I wont be there” “cause ill be busy at a time and you’ll wonder
where I’m at and all of a sudden you might have a moment of lost when you’ve been found”
See you know what he did He forced me into my bedroom to seek heaven
And I went into my room and i opened the word and I said God show me who I am
And it’s been that way for ten years And this is the product messed up
I’m in love with Jesus So I’m out back and I’m getting the ice out
of the truck I’m getting it on What do you do when you don’t know what do
? You just worship and thank Jesus
I know I’m bouncing around but I’m getting somewhere
And I’m out there and I’m worshipping Oh Jesus I love you
I love you I love you
And I’m just praising him you know And I look and there’s this Muslim guy standing
in the door Cap on and all that the gown
And his wife’s in there she has the burka on
And I said to him I said “dude” He goes “what”
I said “do you know what? I said sometimes I hear from God”
He says ” me too” I said “awesome man”
I said “well right now that I’m actually hearing that you have a problem in your right rotator
cuff and you have two herniated discs in your back sciatic nerve pain going down your leg”
“how did you hear this ?” That why I believe you can hear from God
Believe God speaks See all are silent
I said to him I said “man” I didn’t say anything about Jesus
“I say we pray, I’m not compromising anything, watch”
I say ” I say we pray, Muslims will pray” They actually pray more than Christians
I’m not rebuking us, I’m just telling you There
There consecrated to what they believe Radical
I said to him ” well lets pray” So he put his hands down
I put my hand on his shoulder I said “in the name of Jesus I command this”
He jumped away from me He didn’t go to hit me
He just backed away from me I said
He goes ” what did you do ?” Just prayed for you
I said ” we hear God, I heard God about your” He moves his shoulder and he goes “you are
blessed man” I said ” bend over just check your back”
And he goes ” it’s gone how did you do this ?”
“Jesus he lives in me, you call him you call him a prophet, but to me he’s my Messiah”
But he lives in my he’s eternal man I said ” do you know when I came in I saw
your boy” I said ” your boys eyes were facing out”
He had two eyes facing this way But his pupils were facing out
His pupils were facing his way He said “I will bring him to you”
I said “let me get your stuff down cause I got to get your ice in there and stuff”
You sure you don’t have a hammer He says ” I cant believe you wanted to do
that” He said “I’ve been thinking about that, that’s
why I came out here, why would you want to help me”
I said “cause I love you” He goes ” how do you love me you don’t know
me ?” I said ” but you don’t understand the definition
of love and I do” And I wasn’t putting him down
You could see it in my eyes see my eyes are single
I’m not preaching at you church I’m calling us up to normal
Why would people want what we have if we keep feuding and fighting
Arguing and bickering and being bitter and angry and putting each other down instead
of lifting each other up and exhorting each other
We cant afford to live surface Christianity and hypocrisy
You cant afford to have idols in your heart that are bigger than Jesus
We cant afford to have let downs be your God Hey guys thanks for watching the video
We came up with a website its called lifestyle Christianity
We have our newsletters list going to go out You can have to sign up for our email list
We also have testimonies on there Bed schedules all that stuff
It’ll be amazing we want to empower a generation to walk
Christianity as a lifestyle So we can all walk with the power of God on
a constant basis It’s going to be awesome
So come on over Bless you thanks for watching


  1. I'm feeling you brother. I've put all my chips on the table. I'm sold out. Praise God. God bless you.


  3. This summer i was telling God about how tired i am … i'm not sure what exactly i was tired of, …. i guess i was tired of running away from the person He created me to be . 
    Oh yea, i was tired of listening to sermon after sermon and everyone else' opinion about who Jesus is.This voice in my head kept repeating " who do you say i am ?, forget what you've heard about me , who am i to you ?" …  And so i asked Him for the real thing ….. i wasn't even praying, really… i was just talking to myself but i knew God was listening anyways … So then i was browsing through YouTube and low and Behold This guy right here…. If it weren't for his dreads i wouldn't have clicked on it. … I was like Okay, this one is different …. AND BOY IS HE DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHERS I'VE LISTENED TO…. well except for Dr. Charles Stanley ….But I'VE NEVER SEEN GOD'S LIGHT SHINE SO BRIGHT THROUGH ANY OTHER…. SO GENUINE AND TRANSPARENT .. O.o

  4. i love this guy so much. He's taught me a lot. god bless you Todd White and i hope to come to see you teach some day.

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    There are 183 languages that you can choose from. Blessings everyone!

  6. Thank you I saw you on Daystar CFNI you are something else I like the way to teach scripture. You make it so easy and clear, well done!

  7. He said to get free from other people's mess (their hurts, hang-ups and habits), your first have to get free from your own mess (hurts, hang-ups and habits)which is mostly selfishness and self-centeredness and getting relief from the bondage of self requires me knowing like Todd said that God is not just barely tolerating me with all that He can muster because 1 Corinthians 13 tells me that Charity is God's love for me but sadly we have read this and misinterpreted that this is how amazing we need to be loving  and that if we love any less than this then God  is sorely disappointed at us as He makes demands that we should walk in this perfect love for everyone but then we act and behave like He Himself doesn't abide by such perfect love to us??!!! I have to personalize 1 Corinthians 13 as God's love for me rather not my own personal love that I can muster and fabricate I personalize that perfect love that it says the charity which is God's love and not my love thinks no evil that means that God never has one negative and or critical thought about me. <He said that when he come out of the secret place and"RRRHHHH"(deep and acute grunt!!! and snarling!!!) at the 15:19; 15:33 and 15:34 mark, manifestations??!!! < He said that the cross doesn't reveal our sin and our unworthiness as we have so much misinterpreted but rather it's the revelation of our worth and worthiness that God was willing to pay such a great price. After all that only way you can really know the worth of something or someone is by the price that another is willing to pay for to redeem you when you weren't so lovely or desirable by human standards.< I Love it that if Christianity is not supernatural then you are superficial!!!

  8. I really wish someone like todd white would teach on what the bible says about masterbation. I have never been married had two boys out of wedlock and lost them due to alcohol and the devil wont let go of them. Gave my heart to God however never will turn back even if i dont have my two boys however struggling with this one issue someone teach on it what Gods word says

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