Todd White – Healing on the Streets of Jerusalem ( ISRAEL Part 9 )

Hey out of all the people here do you know anybody that has any kind of pain in their knees or their ankles from sports from sports? any problems with the ankles or knees playing football? I have it here. You do? Watch. You’ll see. Come here. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. Check, and see. It’s gone? Yes, thank you! Bless you. It’s God. In the mighty name of Yeshua, I command it be gone now. Let go now. What do you think? Father I thank you, right now, in the mighty name of Yeshua In the mighty name of Yeshua In the name of Jesus I command you to go. Right now. It’s so cool. It’s him. It’s him. Actually, my back hurts. Do you wanna use this chair. Do you wanna use this chair. You see his leg? One is longer. Look, come look. You see? You see? You see? You see? one is longer. Yes. You see? Watch. Yes, one leg’s shorter. This one’s shorter. In the name of Yeshua, Right leg grow, right now. Right leg grow, right now. Stand up and check. See. Wow! Let me try. He’s back hurts. He’s back hurts. What is the name of your challenge? Lifestyle of Christianity Sit back on the chair. See? Sit back on the chair. See? Now sit back. See? This You see? This is shorter. Which one’s shorter. This one. Right, right. You see it’s heels? Right here? You see? You see? Yes. You see it’s short. It’s hurting his back. You can see, his back is hurting because of this short leg. Watch. Ready? Ok, so I want you all saying with me. Ok, so I want you all saying with me. Okay? Say this. In the name of Jesus. We command this right leg to grow. You see this? It’s this one. In the name of Jesus. Right leg grow. What is this? Did you feel? Yeah, I felt it. Stand up. Check. Still hurts. It’s okay. Now, put your hands It’s okay. Down here is better, but up here hurts. Put your hands on his back. All you guys. Okay, are you ready? Now, say this. Are you ready? yeah. In the name of Jesus. Back be healed. Pain get out. Right now. In Jesus’ name. Let’s check. It still hurts. Is it better a little? Yeah. It’s okay, it’s okay. Better a little. better a little? It’s better a little. It’s okay. So if it’s one to ten; one being the best, ten being the worst, one being the best, ten being the worst, Where is it right now? Six. So right in the middle? Let’s pray again. Say, spirit of infirmity, In the name of Jesus. We command you, Get out right now. In Jesus’ name. Check again. Ah, like a little.. Little better? Yeah. One more time. Do it again. Now it’s 4 or 3. Now it’s at 3. It’s better! I need everybody to pray with me. Ready? In the name of Jesus. Right now. I command this pain to get out. You feel that? Yeh, Check. Now it’s good! Thank you! Amen. In the name of Jesus. We command this pain to go. Hey remember! If you pray in the name of Jesus, people will be healed through you. So listen, they don’t understand. he asked me if this was magic. So, God the Father. I have encountered Jesus as Yeshua. Yeshua has come. I was a drug addict for 22 years. 13 years ago, I got shot from 3 meters away. Yes. And I met I met Yeshua. None of them hit me. from 10 feet away. And I met Yeshua, face to face. Ah, you saw the Yeshua! Face to face. Exactly, Yeshua and you? Exactly. Exactly. Oh! And he changed my whole life, in a blink of an eye. And I asked Him to come, and live inside of me. He changed my heart. And now, Get to travel and love the people everywhere I go. Those kids were praying several times. And what will happen is, Next time someone’s hurting, they’re gonna pray. God will honor it, because of His name. That was awesome. It’s so powerful.


  1. Hello beloved, I used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety but God gave me a song that immediately brought that peace that passes all understanding. The song is called β€œYou Undo Me (I Love You) ,and it’s on my channel. My hope for you is that God will free you from panic and anxiety through this song. Be blessed, beloved.

  2. Todd is so good with the youth. They like him so much πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ». Faith truly works through love, and Todd obviously loves them.

  3. In Jesus/YeYeshua's name I agree forever and carry this anointing exchange to serve God and magnify Jesus name amen!

  4. Please read my amazing healing story
    I was a person who never thought I'd be healed
    At some point I gave up
    But I still prayed and prayed
    Something inside me never gave up
    After months and months of postponing surgery
    Finally Jesus answered my prayer
    I kept on praying to God to heal me not realizing that Jesus already paid the price and as I was about to give up I said 'Jesus if you've already paid the price then I receive your healing Jesus I receive it Thank you Jesus'
    And that's when the swelling on my jaw started to reduce day by day. I could literally feel the fluid come out from my mouth and my jaw bone is healing each day.
    Praise God
    I'm so happy
    Jesus is same yesterday today and forever
    To God be the glory
    Bless you all

  5. im so happy for them and others who get healed. Please pray for me to be healed too,many health problems and disabilities going on for most of my 52 years. maybe one day GOD will heal me totally in JESUS mighty name

  6. God protect this man/child of yours at all cost. He never takes your Praise from what I've witness… Blessings To you oh Lord. Amen


    Hello, to whoever is reading this. A really dear friend of mine has been very verbal about taking his life very very soon (actually, he has a planned date). He's been looked down upon, spat at by everyone for years…by his so called "friends", family, everyone he meets basically. But recently, he told me that he believes that he has found peace knowing that he has "no purpose in life" and that if there is any, that his purpose is to be ridiculed and laughed at. He's been having a extremely hard time battling depression and anxiety, hence he thinks it will be better for EVERYONE if he goes sooner. He's only a kid, and he has so much to live for. He doesnt quite believe in God, but he acknowledges his existence. My never-ending prayer is that he will have this amazing God-encounter, and that he will know how loved he is, not only by his friends and family, but by his Heavenly Creator, our Heavenly Creator. And that the Holy Spirit will just manifest in him and enkindle the fire of hope that was set in his heart the moment he took his first breathe. Please, may i ask you to help me pray for this as well? I really do believe in the power of united prayer. It's the only thing that i can think of rn so it would mean so much if you can spread this to help intercede. It will only take a few seconds. Thank you so much.

  8. Amazing to see this ! Jesus is so good !
    Would it be possible for someone to pray for healing in my knees? I have been having pain in them for many years and doctors can't figure out what's wrong…. I would greatly appreciate it! God bless you !

  9. I really want him to be True .. it's just SOOO hard to believe without ANY PREACHING OF REPENTANCE OR THE FULL GOSPEL

  10. Thanks for opening comment πŸ‘.. I'm a child of God I want to heal in Jesus name amen.. please pray for me

  11. I also asked God to heal me of my very tight and sore back and I felt so much relief in my shoulders, neck and lower back!

  12. This video makes me happy😭😊❀❀ God bless all of those kids and I pray that they might continue like that❀❀

  13. Sir please pray for me because my eyes cannot see properly right from my childhood please me too I believe in powerful Jesus Christ.. Amen

  14. Jesus yeshua hamasiah Name above all name … Amen ….praise the Lord…. Thk u Abba Father… Holy spirit.. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ change my hole live

  15. It's a question from my friend. I have no idea how to answer….
    He had a seizure more than 25 years and until today still never heal even always bring to pray. Is that mean God never care about him?

  16. It teared me when that son of Abraham asked,"u saw Yesua,like u n I".I pray that their eyes will be opened someday,in fact some eyes have now seen.What a previledge as gentiles that we have come to know him,n that HE IS the Savior of both Jew n Gentile.Love watching ur videos Todd.God bless u ever more.

  17. Is dis a joke or reality, πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™, glory be to God the father through his son forever and ever Amen. No any other name given Dat we might be saved but da name of yashua Jesus christ.

  18. I love Dat Todd white persisted on Dat little boy until he became better, some wud say just go n believe u will be fine but he prayed until he recovered though it was kind of funny πŸ‘πŸ‘. God bless u.

  19. Pastor I have back pain 1year ago please pray for me pastor. Financial problems also please pray for me pastor…. Please

  20. Can Somone please pray for me affaid i will not go to heaven i do not feel worthy to go i just got baptized but i do not feel different help please

  21. I have seen God moving in mirraclas ways. I have been healed of hip problems and my husband also healed after prayer for a stone in his saliva gland. The stone fell out

  22. I have restless leg syndrome. I toss for hours before I can sleep most every night. I pray consistently but often feel unheard. I know Jesus can heal me. I don't understand. Will somebody please pray for me??

  23. Didn’t Jesus say your faith has healed you? Your faith has made you whole? Now go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you?

  24. Brother please pray for my family the name of JesusπŸ’– Christ . We all will change our life and love Jesus Christ. Please pray for usπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

  25. Please brother tood pray for me my right leg is shorter than the left n i can't walk properly because last year i met an accident and my right leg is broken n until now i still feel alots of pain n they put a plate inside that support my leg n i have to operate again and do a bone graft,so first of all i believe in the name of Jesus Christ I'll be heal. And there no doctor like Jesus Christ and there nothing that God can't do, everything God can do… I have faith and i believe please do pray for me in the name of Jesus Christ Amen (God is good all the time and all the the time God is good)

  26. Blessings.. Blessings. Please pray for my sister shaila. She is suffering from rheumotoid arthritis since 12yrs. Please pray for her healing. INDIA

  27. I think these group of boys have beaten up many preachers from America ! You see them in other videos! One went to grabbed a tree & kick an America preacher from the back!

  28. Please I need you to pray for me..I'm 35 years old and till now in everything I do I never success..and my situation get worst now myy body from waist down got numb because of herniated disc L4 and L5, I can't pass urine properly and need to spend hours in the toilet…Also I here voices all the time. I tried to ignore it, but the voice got worst sometimes., Oh God theres so many thing happen to me, Please please Todd pray for me.. And God please help me ✝️✝️

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