TMC MP Nusrat Jahan Speaks To Rahul Kanwal On Religion And Politics| India Today Exclusive

now newly elected TMC Emperor Shah Jahan also spoke out on the West Bank or politics listening to what she had to say in an exclusive conversation with India today and Archduke's news director Rahul cover religion you know the BJP will say when you stop a procession from going and round of me that is bringing you know you're giving religion over the other it's an unending discussion and it can go on for long long just the way you think and just the way you want to put your ideas across the people that's all religion can never be a part of politics you will not believe on the day of Eid if I had about 1000 people wishing me eat Mubarak I've had like about 10,000 messages and continuous phone calls in my phone were with him full time just saying Jai Shri Rama so I totally understand when you take God's name when we say y'all when we say Allah but when we say Jai Shri Rama actually because your trolling you need to understand this entire thing that a slogan for God Jai Shri Rama enjoy him there's not the same if I'm political and if I am going to speak for the betterment of my country for my people we always say Jane we always say when they were through me never say Allah Holborn so taking God's name is not what our party is against our party of opinion is we do not get religion in between politics you take Bhagwan khan omluke apple economy low of real stress phenomenal just gonna win I know but it's got politics hey wish me luck me both of you a quistococha honey receptive that's the only basic rule so now and I'm not even you know talking about on that higher level japa you know we are getting our p.m. in between we are getting a cm in between trust me it's not about the high-level heads it's about people doing all this they're gaining popularity beginning nuisance because of which they're sending some 10 lakh messages postcard saying get shocked I'm scared to touch my phone why is that because I am getting innumerable calls and messages that only says yes freedom okay so what is the problem here is I'm missing not on important calls which will come from my constituency or which can come from people who will need me that time coach worn a tie but yayo rocky comes the ghetto Jarrah or bazaar here other than this nothing is happening it's just creating nuisance and nothing else which is not helping anybody thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India to be also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to


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  2. Please Nusrat also speak about how the CM abused persons who were saying jai shri ram and the violence across Bengal


  4. Couple of interviews and she already sounds more logical than the crown jewels of the parliament namely Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Pragya and Giriraj. Wonder why that is?

  5. Well ur leader has an issue with jai Sri Ram…. Why else explains her becoming hyperbolic the moment she hears the phrase…..

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