Tina Turner – Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu (Peace Mantra)

Om Om Om Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu


  1. 🙏🙏 фантастика! Использую ее загадывая желания по технике метод тайной комнаты и они сбываются! За неделю уже два сбылось!! Это невероятно мощная мантра!! Благодарю за неё!🙏🙏🙏

  2. Beautiful song…just wondering how come I did not come across this divine masterpiece earlier! Just can't stop listening to this one over and over again…thank you Tina Turner 🙏

  3. got really emotional watching/hearing this.. like really emotional..

    thank you for doing this Tina. people gotta know the real truth of human history, the spectrum of humanity (not just the euro-christian version of things)

  4. For me India' s only and biggest star is and remains Mahatma Gandhi. He is – next to my hungarian family, next to my hungarian poets, next to my hungarian literature teachers, next to almost clearvoyant – guru american poet Charles Bukowski, next to my hungarian táltos ('shaman'), next to the austrian prophet Hundertwasser, next to Jesu, the fairy tale about the ideal human being, next to my own "Muse" and next to that little image in me about "Winnetou", the last indian mohican – Mahatma Gandhi is and remains one of my greatest example. Vorbild, who teached me to fight in a positively way for Justice and Reunion and Decompensation for Trianon, for my humiliated, to death condamned magyar nation. Tina Turner both as singer and as personallity was in my youth, she is now and remains for me forever an icon. Unless than the "made by marketing in a few months" icons, like Greta Thunberg etc., Tina Turner IS an unique, super talented, strong, cool woman, she is worth, to consider her to an evergreen icon. Her whole career is just about to give us believe, power and energie in our straggeling, dark times.

  5. Octubre 2019..desde Argentina.como no vi esto antes!!!tina idola desde siempre..los mantras mis guías mi fuerza.!!!!.🌺🌺🌺🌺🙏namaste

  6. Это так круто, что слова просто исчезают напрочь!
    Как-будто все дети цветов собрались и врезали по всему нашему безумию да так,
    что мало не кажется.

  7. Pero lo que no entiendo, es como una energía de tan buena vibra, no ha logrado desplazar las situaciones negativas de la India, de los países "tan" (Afganistán, Tumerkistan, tan tan tan, todos los tan), de Bangladesh, la opresión en el Tíbet, y vecinos circundantes. ¿Es que falta algo? ¿Cómo superar a la oscuridad? ¿Falta algo?

  8. May there be happiness in all

    Om Om Om

    May there be happiness in all

    May there be peace in all

    May there be completeness in all

    May there be success in all

    Om, Peace, Peace, Peace❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  10. Highly inspirational. Highly powerful, manthira. I salute and bow the Hindu Rishis who have given this great manthira to the mankind. It brings tears when you chant manthira and makes you feeling that Lord Shiva is with me.

  11. thanks tina great with these children. don´t know how to make heart symbol. maybe <3 love everybody from pänti

  12. Whenever you Utter these words ,you must really mean it, feel it and wish with full devotion to all….Our soul is Universe. 🕉️🙏❤️

  13. senora tinita la felicito por sus mantras tengo la imprecion de queda mucha paz gracias y que lavida la vendiga yo senti mucha paz al escuchar su mantra gracias

  14. "From the music, only more beautiful is the silence "

    and I do not need nothing, only of this silence!

    This beautiful composition is like a balm for the soul…

    Excellent video…hope to see you again soon…have a great day.

    >> is subscribing with great pleasure …^_~. Sonia_from Canada .. SuB+🔔🌹😘

  15. TIna Turner is without a shadow of a doubt devinly loved and favored dearly by the Gods.Timeless, souldeep nestled in the arms of tranquility, cozy in the fertile crescent of an amazingly beautiful peaceful spiritual journey. How awesome that she such a leader, a trailblazer for those who need to mend the soul.

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