Three Priorities for Passing Faith to the Next Generation

– [Ligon Duncan] Mr. William Still,
a longtime pastor in Aberdeen, Scotland, a single man, gave some of the best advice
I’ve ever heard given to parents. If we want to pass on the faith to the
next generation, these are your three priorities: prayer, example,
and teaching, in that order. Prayer, example, and teaching,
in that order. I’m going to spend all the rest of my time
focusing on teaching, but before we get there,
I want to say prayer, example, and teaching, in that order,
is how we pass on the faith to the next generation.
Pray for your children. You pray for what you care about. I cannot tell you how many testimonies I
have heard of the impact of children realizing that their parents
pray for them.


  1. Your efforts to indoctrinate kids is unlikely to work when they can google biblical contradictions and logical fallacies. Influence and tradition is no match for sound epistemology and education.

    Stop being scared! The Holy Spirit is more than able to do the work in the hearts of those coming after!
    " Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…." Hebrews 12:2✝️

    Single believers usually have the best advice for marriages and parenting! Oh the power of the Holy Spirit!😇

  3. Passing on your faith to the Next Gen
    1. Pray "Meaningful to children, "
    2. Example. "Action speak louder!"
    3. Teaching "Systematic Theology, Psychology, Sociology, Ecological."

    Is how parents pass on their faith to the next generation.

  4. Thanks Dr. Duncan. Really great insights and and thank you for all you do to carry on the gospel of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria

  5. Your faith is measured by your works. If your works have sin your faith is dead. If your works are Perfect your faith is perfect and pleasing to God. Repent of all your works—all man’s good works are sin to God. Believe the Good News God has provided Perfect Works as a Gift. Believe Jesus is your Perfect Works. Every man will be judged by their WORKS in the last day and all with sin will perish. Only those with Perfect works will inherit Eternal Life. Believe Jesus is your Perfect Works. Faith without Perfect Works is dead.

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