This Week in Adventist History (August 30, 2019)

There are no boundaries to the good news of
the Sabbath and Advent message. On August 29, 1946, 12 adults and young people were
baptized by Fred Wagner. But the location is what interests us–they were at Gambell,
Alaska, and island to the far north. Sharing the good news to the Inuit people north of
the Arctic Circle began formally soon after, in 1949. The efforts of Marvin Troutman, Merle
Smith and his wife, received some interest. Others soon helped them–in 1955 Glenn Murphy
and his wife began seven years of work at the town of Selawik. Murphy found a variety
of labor alongside the Inuits, including building a church, the physical way. By logging with
dog teams in the winter, and floating the lumber down river over 100 miles by summer,
they were able to build a church at Selawik. Later, in 1962, John Topkok and his wife,
Naomi, became the first Unuit workers, traveling among their own people for hundreds of miles
around the Selawik area in their own small airplane. Back on Gambell, on St. Lawrence
island, it is also important to note the efforts of Frank Daugherty and his wife, who stayed
there as lay members from 1938-1945–their personal witnessing led to a couple baptisms. Like father, like son. William Clarence White
(W. C.), the third son of James and Ellen White, was born in the month of August like
his father, specifically August 29, 1854. Best known for his contributions to managing
the publishing of his mother’s writings, as well as his father’s material. After
some years in the publishing work, and his marriage to Mary Kelsey, he finally went to
Europe in 1885, where he labored for some years, before returning to help care for his
mother and assist in various ministries on the Pacific coast of the US. Also, this week, on August 30, 1904, the first
missionary arrived in Ecuador. Along with his family in Ecuador, Thomas H. Davis soon
began a colporteuring ministry. That’s this week in Adventist history!

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