This Meditation Will Shift You to a Parallel Reality (WARNING THERE’S NO GOING BACK)

This video, I’m going to be sharing with you
a meditation that will shift you to a parallel reality. I’m going to share with you some ideas in
the beginning that can help wire this in so that when you go into this meditation that
I guide you through in a couple minutes, everything in your life begins to change and you start
to experience a new parallel reality because of it. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now on this video I’m going to be giving you
a guided meditation that will literally shift you to a parallel reality, and the thing with
this is understanding the degree of change we create when we’re shifting from parallel
reality to parallel reality. Because here’s the truth of the matter. We are constantly shifting through different
parallel realities, whether we’re aware of it or not. The idea behind this is understanding, and
this is what physics is showing us, is that there are an infinite number of parallel realities
that exist and they all exists right now in the present moment. We think in linear terms because we use the
linear experience that we have, but in actuality we have never experienced the past because
when it was the past, it was this moment right now, we will never experience the future because
by the time the future gets here, it’ll be this moment right now. So the power in this is understanding. First off, that the parallel reality that
you want to experience exists right now in the present moment, it’s simply vibrating
at a different frequency. So this means that there’s a version of you
that is really successful. There’s a version of you that’s on the exact
opposite side, and there’s all the different versions of you all the way in between. Now, the one that you shifts to will depend
upon your vibrational resonance and your vibrational residence has to do with how you think, how
you feel, and how you act. Those three things make up the vibration that
you partake in and a lot of it has to do with your feeling. How do you feel? That’s why when we do the meditation here
in a couple minutes, what we’re going to do is put the awareness in our heart so that
we increase the feeling that we have so that then we shift to the parallel reality that
we want. Now, this is something I’ve experienced in
my own life and sometimes it was even by accident. There was this one time that I was driving. This is probably back in 2011. I was driving and I was getting into a different
lane. Now remember I was on a street here in Las
Vegas and I was getting into a different lane and when I got into that lane I was getting
ready to make a left and there was a median in the middle, so there wasn’t a way for me
to shift. You know, if a car was to come and hit me,
what happened was there was this big truck that was getting into this other lane that
was getting into the lane right in front of me, but it was almost like it was. It was not necessarily in front of me. It was rural. It was gonna run me into the median if I were
to veer to the side because it didn’t realize that I was there. I was in the blind spot and it was a huge
u haul truck. So what happened is it was about to. I literally thought it was going to hit me. All the sudden I felt a jolt and then I was
completely behind the car. Now, intuitively, what I think happened is
in one parallel reality, I actually got hit into the medium who knows if I even made it
and I even lived, but what wasn’t relevant for so from a higher level I shifted myself
to a parallel reality where that car was just in front of me and it was a really odd experience
because I literally felt this big jolt and it wasn’t a jolt like the car hit me, but
it was gonna hit me and literally it was coming into me and then all of a sudden it was like
this and I was just back. I was just behind it about 20 feet. So it was very interesting to me and I will
never forget that, and that was something that kind of planted the seed for me. And then years later I learned about parallel
realities. I learned about quantum physics and it’s something
that since then I’ve realized it can be even more powerful than what we call the law of
attraction. So the law of attraction for creating what
we want in our life, when in actuality we’re constantly shifting through different parallel
realities based on our vibration, based on our intention, and based on our resonance. So here’s the key and here’s what we’re going
to do. We’re going to set an intention right now
that we shift to the parallel reality that we want. Now the question is not whether we are shifting
will will shift or not because the idea is that even as I go like this right now, what
we think of as movement is actually the shifting between different parallel realities. Because there’s an infinite number of parallel
realities. This is a parallel reality. This is. This is another one. This is another one. This is another one. This is another one. So it’s not, the question is not can I shifted
to a parallel reality? It’s will I create a greater degree of change
between this parallel reality and the one that I want? So maybe the parallel reality that you want
to experience is that right now you are single and you want to be in a relationship. The idea is that what you can do is shift
to the parallel reality where you are in a relationship, but understand this doesn’t
have to be a huge jolt. Like as if that jolt that I was talking about
in that analogy earlier of what that experience that I had on the street, it’s not like I
was driving and then all the sudden there was a jolt and I was in some palace and I
was some, you know, very, uh, rich guy in some foreign country and just living this
life as a king. That is a great degree of change. But the idea is to make it small spurts of
change at first because at first making a great degree of change like that. Like going from one reality to a completely
nother one that’s just totally unrelatable isn’t relevant, so it’s always important to
ask this question to what is relevant in my life for me to shift to a parallel reality
too, because we could say, I want to shift the parallel reality where I win the lottery
that might not be relevant for our life experience. Now it can be done. I’m not saying it can’t, but I realized that
from a soul perspective, if I were to win the lottery, it would take me off my path
of helping people to understand more of who they are. It would take me off the path of be doing
what I’m doing, so I just kind of want to throw that out there because some people go
into this meditation may say it won’t work if I was, unless I set the intention to be
a multimillionaire. By the time I come out of this meditation
and it hasn’t happened, set the intention for something small to happen because this
will prove to you that it works. And then when you go into your life experience
and you start to do this meditation more and more, you can create a greater degree of change. So I’d say make it something that’s a little
bit smaller at first. Maybe make it an intention that you experience
a more. Have you meet the right person, maybe you
want to be in a relationship. You’re not like, I’m going to wake up out
of this meditation and be in the House with like the civic other. Make it more so I’m going to get out of this
meditation and when I’m done, I will be in the parallel reality where I meet the person
I am supposed to meet in my life, the person I’m going to resonate with at a deep level. Make it for finances. If you want to manifest a whole bunch of money,
make the intention that you start to see the opportunity that will reflect that abundance
to you, that you will shift to a reality where that is your preferred path that you are going
down. So create that degree of change based on your
focus. Now let’s begin this meditation here. In a second, let’s set the intention right
now that we create and that by the time we come out of this meditation, we will be in
a totally new parallel reality. Now, this is going to be true regardless because
we’re always shifting through different parallel realities, but make the intention that you
create a greater degree of change and that when you come out of this meditation and as
you’re going throughout your day, you simply know that you are now in a parallel reality
version that you prefer, that you create that much change to where it’s undeniable that
you are now in the parallel reality that you want to be a. now, here’s the thing, when you set this intention,
this is something that will come to fruition, so it’s not like there’s no going back, but
in a way you will shift yourself and that will now be the life path that you are on. So I just want to make that clear to you and
this isn’t something that scary. This is something that’s very empowering. You will be a completely new version of yourself
by the time you come out of this meditation, so when I’m going to ask you to do now is
take a deep breath in and out with me. We’re going to bring the awareness from it
being in our head to it, be in our body, and as we do this and as we bring the awareness
inside of our heart, it’s going to increase the electromagnetic energy around our heart. It’s going to increase the feeling that we
have and that feeling is going to be something that as we tap into, we start to create what
we want in our life. We start to shift ourselves to the parallel
reality that we. Because what really influences the parallel
reality we shift to is our heart center is what we feel. Feeling is vibration and vibration is what
will determine which parallel reality we shift to. So what I’d like to ask you to do right now
is I’m going to cue the music and what we’re going to do is take a deep breath in and a
deep breaths out, and you can just follow my voice and just know right now, set the
intention that you are going to shift to the parallel reality that you prefer, mm, and that you will get reflection of this throughout
your day that shows that you for sure have done so. Let’s take a deep breath in and out right
now. As you breathe out, feel your body relaxing
more and more. Feel the energy inside of your heart center,
and if you’d like, you can put the hands over your heart and you can feel the warmth in
your heart more and more. Let’s take another deep breath in, another
deep breath as you breathe out the awareness once again inside of your heart center and
just know that the more awareness, the more attention you put in your heart center, the
more you are growing the electromagnetic energy more you are becoming connected to the most
authentic version of you. Now, what I’d like to ask you to do is to
close your eyes to focus once again on the heart center to focus on the feeling in your
heart because as you focus on this feeling, you are able to direct yourself in to the
parallel reality that you prefer. First off, understand that there are a number
of parallel realities that exists and that’s through your feeling. You can put yourself in the vibration of any
reality that you want by simply choosing to focus through the eyes of that version of so right now, imagine the best version of
you that you can imagine the parallel reality version of you doing and having exactly what
maybe it’s something specific for a living. Whatever it is, imagined this as if you are
looking through your own. What do you see? How are people treating me? What is your body language like? Now, whenever you are perceiving of imagined
those colors becoming brighter and brighter, much more vivid, put your awareness on what
you can hear in these parallel reality which exists right now, which now you are perceiving
through what kinds of sounds can you hear me badging those sounds becoming louder and
louder. What temperature is in the air? Are you outside or anything? Now put your awareness on a specific scenario
of you in this parallel reality that you are connected to right now through your vibration,
through your feeling. What is that specific scenario? Maybe with another person. Maybe it’s you winning an award. Whatever situation is. Imagine that scenario right now. I’ll put your awareness on what it feels like
to be this version of you. What emotions you consistently feel? How does it feel to walk around with the body
language that you have? How does it feel when you’re connecting to
other people? How do other people view you? Pay attention to how all of this fields inside
of your heart center. Now imagine that right now. What you were going to do is you are going
to merge with the vibration of this parallel reality version of yourself. Imagine that that version of you is behind
you right now where you are. Wherever you’re doing this meditation, that
version of you is right behind you and imagine that now this version of you walks in and
merges with the you. Now you are now merged with this parallel
reality version. Pay attention to how this feels. Your thought process has now shifted forever
because this new parallel reality version of you is who you are. You will notice that you now carry yourself
in a different way. From this point going forward, people will
respond to you in a completely new way because you have shifted your vibration. This is who you are. Anytime that you want going forward, you can
connect to your heart center by just remembering this meditation, by just remembering this
and as you remember it, it will shift you in creating a greater degree of change between
where you are and the parallel reality that you prefer. Your vibration has changed for ever because
now you are embodying her little reality version of you that you prefer. Set the intention that going forward throughout
this day, you see a reflection, something that happens that just reaffirms that you
know that this is your new reality, that you have shifted to a parallel reality that you
prefer. Now, take another deep breath in, another
deep breath out and feel relaxed. Feel the sensation in your heart and know
that you have changed. I want to congratulate you because you are
in a completely new parallel reality than you were before you started this meditation. This is the new version of you. You will feel linked up to the best version
of you. You will feel new emotions. You will notice that your thoughts structure
has changed. You’ll find it easier to feel positive, to
connect to other people at a deep level and people will begin to see a reflection in the
EU as well. This is who you are. Now, I told you at the beginning of this meditation
that going into it, you wouldn’t be in a completely different reality that it is absolutely 100
percent true. Set the intention that all right, now you experience a reflection in your life
as you go throughout your day to day, that you have shifted and you will experience it. So I want to thank you for being here today. I want to say I’m also going to be doing a
lot more live q and a’s on instagram, so if you want to interact with me, they’re asking
me questions. There are going to put my instagram right
here as well. And other than that, I hope you guys enjoyed
this video. Feel free to like this video if you liked
it, subscribe if you haven’t already hit the little notification gear so that you can see
the daily videos that I do. And other than that, as always, peace, much
love and knowledge day.


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