This Meditation Will Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY (Life-Changing)

this video I’m gonna share with you a
guided meditation for raising your level of vibration this is gonna help you to
feel in a much better place and at the same time let go of a whole bunch of
emotions that no longer serve you welcome back to another video
my name is Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video
I’m gonna be sharing with you a guided meditation that will help you that will
facilitate for you and help you guide you along the way of raising your
vibrational state of consciousness and this has to do with a couple key things
now first off let me say that in these types of videos what I’m gonna be doing
from this point going forward is making videos that have the first section of it
learning some type of ideas and then the last section is a meditation that wires
in everything that we learn I really believe that with education learning
awareness we can mix it with meditation in a powerful way to make learning more
of an experience so that’s something that you’re gonna see in the videos
going forward now this has to do with raising vibration and what I’m gonna be
doing is recapping on the different states of consciousness so that we can
understand what we are really letting go of and the visualization that we’re
gonna do in the guided meditation will help us to in a way raise our vibration
and let go of all those things that no longer serve so this has to do with that
let me show you that chart by dr. David Hawkins this is the chart of
consciousness or emotional map of consciousness and what you see is you
see on the bottom emotions you’ll see emotions such as shame fear guilt anger
you eventually move up to wiliness neutrality then you’ll see love peace
enlightenment towards the top now these different states of consciousness have
with it a vibration now what quantum physics shows us is that everything in
our life is vibration and that things that look separate are just vibrating at
different frequencies emotions that we feel are
just vibrational interpretations of meaning vibrational interpretations of
perspectives vibrational interpretations of where we consistently are now as you
see on the scale they’re at a certain level you get to neutrality and when you
get to neutrality which means you’re able to observe thoughts rather than
react a very interesting thing happens you’re able to let go of all the
negative emotions they no longer have power over you because you relate to
them in a new way when those thoughts come up in the mind you’re able to
observe them from a neutral place instead of thinking that they have power
over you and that’s when you start to exist and you start to exude more power
which this chart of consciousness is from the book called power versus force
all the lower emotions are force all the higher emotions are emotions of power
anything in general over 200-250 is going to be more of a power emotion than
that of the lower emotions now a lot of us what happens is something happens in
the past and what we do is a meaning we give to a certain event to a certain
level of identity of how we view ourselves we mean entrained we have
thoughts that are on autopilot that are on thought loops that continue to play
themselves out so for example we feel fear and anger for something that
happened into our past and because of that we think about it now in the
present moment and it constantly keeps us tethered to that level of vibration
into that level of consciousness but what we can learn to do is just by
simply observing our own thoughts and observing the thoughts that come up when
we feel a certain way we automatically start to take our power back and this is
when we begin to transform our life from the inside out so that’s what we’re
going to be doing today is letting go of all those negative emotions what we’re
gonna do is a visualization that will help us to literally raise the dial of
vibration in our body that’s part of the visualization we’re going to be doing
and the next thing I want to say before we do the meditation is that your
natural state of being is high vibration so normally what we think of is that we
start down here and we work our way up towards the upper vibrate
now this is what happens in actuality we think and we’ve heard many if you’ve
studied people that are enlightened or listeners what they say a lot of them
will tell you that enlightenment is not something you can attain because when
you look for it you’re looking outside of yourself and it’s not really
something to attain anyways because when we are born we are actually born in that
high vibe awareness state but then we get socially conditioned so we’re born
and more of an unconditional loving state you’ve never seen a baby that was
racist you’ve never seen a baby that actually cared one way or the other
we’re out a lot of the different stuff that adults might care about and that’s
because they are in a way like a blank slate they’re very pure they’re very
innocent now what happens is as we grow up we go through different experiences
in life and then we start to develop beliefs because then our parents tell us
something or something happens with someone in our life that treats us a
certain way we make a meaning to that and it might be a negative emotion that
continues to propel itself out over and over again and then we identify with it
so it keeps us in the lower ingrained emotions now here’s the thing when
you’re following your passion in life when you’re doing what you love you
automatically start to raise yourself back up to that natural setpoint what
your heart is feeling when you feel like you’re doing what you’re passionate
about that’s when you’re connected most to your soul this is more so about
alignment than it is raising our vibration it’s more about letting go of
what no longer serves maybe we have some type of belief that I have to go do this
in my life even though you don’t really want to do it but you’re told that
you’re told that you have to go to school and do this and this and this
so you believe you have to but now maybe that is what you want to do maybe you do
when your passion is learning going to college going to school getting a
certain job but if it is not what I encourage you to do is to follow your
heart that’s cliche as it sounds when you’re
following what you love you automatically start to vibrate more in
the vibrational frequency that you want to experience in your life and when you
do that the lower emotions start to go away I had something that happened to me
years ago this happened in 2012 I learned meditation I learned how to
observe my thoughts I learned how to pay attention to the beliefs I had about Who
I am I realized that my beliefs were creating
my reality for a while I believed that I had ADHD therefore I had to take
adderall I was aware of that belief because I was observing it and I decided
you know what I don’t prefer to experience this so I changed it and I
reframed that belief instead of that I said you know what I have a lot of
energy therefore I just have to balance it so I just meditated every day and
then I let go of that and something interesting happened when I learned
meditation my vibrational set point raised what I mean by this is how I felt
on a scale of one to ten let’s say on a well on the scale of one to ten I felt
in a majority of the time like I was at a 4 or a 3 or a 5 what happened is is
that 10 feeling the best one feeling not great at all what happened was is I went
from that to about a 7 or an 8 consistently and honestly I didn’t know
what to think because I was like this feels so good I don’t want this to go
away I thought it was gonna go away but it
never did it just became my natural setpoint now I’m not saying that I’m
enlightened but what I am saying is that I learned how to observe my thoughts and
that as I did that I started to raise my vibrational set point of how I felt and
ever since then I don’t need to drink I don’t need to do anything I don’t smoke
I don’t do anything because I feel so good a majority of the time now of
course there’s still spikes it’s not like I always am at 8 out of 10 and
there’s been times where I’ve been in meditation where I realize that there’s
actually much more to go than just a 10 there’s actually much more beyond that
with different states of consciousness that’s just what I’ve learned and once
again I’m not saying I’m perfect what I am saying is that I believe that you can
have a very similar experience and that’s what this meditation here is
going to do it’s gonna allow us to do that now I have created a free guided
meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point which is
similar but a little bit different that’s gonna be in the top of the
description box below so if you want to learn how to do that you’ll see that
there and I recommend you listen to that for 21 days and it will help you to do
that so with that being said what I want to encourage you to do right now is what
we’re going to do is we are going to go through this vibration meditation now
the first thing we’re going to do just to give you a little bit of a foreground
for what’s going to happen is we are going to feel it to our heart our our
heart emits the most powerful vibration we can imagine now our head is has an
electromagnetic energy that goes around it but the heart is much more powerful
this is something the heart math Institute has shown the electromagnetic
energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than out of the head
so just by listening to this meditation and getting into your heart in the very
first portion of it you’re already going to be raising the vibrational state of
your body now what I’m going to do is I’m going to ask you throughout the
meditation for you to guide yourself towards certain perspectives and what
we’re going to do is we’re going to look at our past from a neutral point of view
we’re going to shift into an observer point of view we’re gonna see things
that have happened and we’re gonna let go of the charge that it has over our
life and as we do this we will then move into a section to where we will raise
our vibration of our body and that will help wire in this new part of ourselves
so what you are about to go through is a shift in consciousness it’s a shift in
awareness and it’s a shift in vibrational frequency so like I said
with the other meditation that you can download in the description box this
meditation as well is something that you can commit to for the next 21 days and
if you listen to it consistently it will start to impact your consciousness in a
very powerful way so with that being said let’s go ahead and get started
let’s take a deep breath in a deep breath out and we’re gonna start to feel
our body relax we’re gonna feel present to the moments we’re gonna feel more
authentic to who we are as we go through this so let’s set the intention right
now that we raise our vibrational set point by the end of this meditation
because – intention is powerful a lot of times it’s overlooked but when we set
intentions that’s when things really magical begin to happen so let’s set
that intention now let’s take a deep breath in deep breath out as you breathe out feel your body
relaxed more and more what you can begin to do now is to put your hands
over your heart center and understand that as you put your hands over your
heart center what you are doing is you are bringing awareness into your heart
wherever your attention goes it’s where your energy goes so as you put your
attention on your heart right now you are expanding the electromagnetic around
it and what you’ll notice is that the more attention you put there the more
you feel from that place the more you feel that this is who you really are
let’s take another deep breath in and deep breath out what I want to ask you
to do is to close your eyes as you breathe out feel your body relax
more and feel the warmth in your hands go
inside of your heart you can feel an electromagnetic energy around your heart
now imagine a ball of energy inside of your heart any color that you like and
that it is spinning fast and faster you can feel this ball of energy and the
faster it spins the more you can feel inside of your heart or you can feel
this energy and know that the more attention you put
in the space the more you connect to who you now what we’re going to do
feel each part of our body relaxed and as we get to this relaxed state our
vibration naturally so start off
on the top of the head with the awareness inside the forehand feel the forehead relax feel behind the eyelids have you put
your awareness there you can notice the sensation you feel like it heavy behind your eyelids feeling more relaxed fill your jaw your jaw relax feeling loose bring the awareness out of your tongue
it gets the top of your mouth maybe you feel your tongue starts relaxed bring the awareness down for neck your neck feeling more like jello you
feel so relaxed the awareness now you feel it tense up and in relax your right arm
feel it put the awareness there feel it loosen up now feel inside your heart space again
imagine that balls been faster and faster and the more it spins the more
you feel now feel inside your solar plexus area
a little bit below your hearts know that
energy you feel it relax you feel outside your solar plexus move it down
now into your sacral chakra you can feel yourself relaxed all down
your spine now bring the awareness into your left
leg and foot feel it relax loosen up
spread your toes your right leg your right foot feel it
loosen up your toes from something now bring the awareness back to your
heart space and understand that your heart has an
intelligence there are neurons in your heart
that you communicate and your heart is always sending you a
message begin by asking your heart
if there’s any message if there’s anything that you can know
about your vibration about your consciousness about room
are and then listen for the response now imagine yourself right now feeling like you’re going to and want to
go to a very relaxing place this place can be something that
represents to you your highest vibrational self this place can
represent to you place that you forgot about but you
really enjoy maybe it’s at the beach maybe it’s the forest
wherever it is imagine an environment that you feel very comfortable in one
that you’ve either been in before you want to be in then you can imagine
and imagine yourself there right now pay attention to how it feels to be there look around
what do you see imagine those colors becoming a brighter
and brighter kind of sounds do you hear imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder as you look around
notice how relaxing peaceful notice how present at the moment you
feel now understand that in this place what you can do is let go of anything
that no longer serves you this is a place you can go any time you want to
become aware of unconscious patterns in your life
this is a place you can go anytime you want to shed the layers that no
longer serve want to become
the natural high vibration person now notice that there’s a chair close by and that when you look at this chair you
notice that there’s words on it the words say the neutrality chair
this is a chair that allows you to become more aware of patterns in your
life this is a chair that allows you
to see things from a neutral point of view and this is a chair that allows you
to let go of what no longer serves let’s walk over to the chair and take
five steps towards the chair every step that we take we feel more relaxed
we feel more aware and we feel like we’re in a neutral state they receive
things in their life in a completely different way as we get closer to this
chair we have five more steps so take a step
five with every number that I count we feel more neutral more present to the
moment more relaxed for feeling present to the
body feel the energy of our heart three as we get closer to the chair we know it
can feel like our energy of shifting two we know now that we have shifted our
consciousness to his neutral place in a being and one now we are at the chair we
can sit in the chair pay attention to how this champions is it cushiony what is it made out of this chair something you can always come
back to to neutralize things in your life that
no longer serve you notice now that as you look back at perspectives that you
had before you started this meditation maybe perspectives about your story of
what’s happened in your past you can see it from a more neutral point of view
you just see it like it happened but any interpretation of it is a perspective
you realize now that anything you feel can be a choice pay attention
to the different neutral perspectives you have about your past knowing that
they were neutral situations that we gave meaning to maybe it was a way you
were treated maybe it’s limiting beliefs maybe it’s forgiving someone that’s done
something to you understand that everything in our life
can have a positive meaning if we choose to see it from there a
positive meaning could be something we learned
set the intention now that in this neutral chair you’re able to let go of
any negative emotion and you’re able to forgive anyone that’s done something
wrong to you treated you a certain way you’re able to forgive yourself for
anything that you feel like you need to forgive yourself for
set the intention right now and forgive neutralized and refrain and as you feel more neutral or present
to the moment and you look back at your old life you can see the way you started
before this meditation you could see there were certain patterns that were
unconscious and make a choice from that this moment going on
you will shift into the neutral perspective anytime you find these
negative emotions coming back you can neutralize it you can allow those
feelings to be there you can observe them and as you observe them you
neutralize them now notice how different you feel notice how optimistic you feel about
your future how optimistic you feel the present moment now as we’re sitting here in this chair look to your right and notice that there’s another chair and on it
it says your true vibrational set point curious and intrigued let’s stand up
let’s take five steps towards that chair with every step that we take we can feel
ourselves relaxing we can feel this energy in our heart increasing feeling
more and more loved more and more awareness inside of your
heart so let’s stand up now with every number I count we’re gonna feel more of
that energy inside of our heart with every number I count you’re going to
feel that vibration in your heart double so five take another step feel how
relaxed you feel feel that energy inside of your heart
four feel it double now three feeling this energy spin in your heart
clockwise to almost to the chair now feeling that double inside of our hearts
one now we are at the chair we can feel as high vibration
and we know that this is who we are take a signature notice how this chair
feels what does this chair look like and put the awareness in your heart
again and notice how different your heart feels now
feels full of emotion full of passion as you look at this chair look to the
right side on the arm of the chair and notice that there is a dial and on this
dial it says your vibrational set point and it’s on a scale of 1 to 10 notice what number it’s on right now on the scale of one to ten it’s ten
feeling amazing not so great pay attention to where it
currently is where is your natural setpoint right now now what we’re going to do is we’re
going to raise our vibrational set point by raising
the dial by spinning the dial until it’s on our natural set point as
so imagine yourself right now touching the dial spinning it and now
it’s increasing the vibration in your body it’s increasing your vibrational
set point and as you turn it you can feel yourself fill up with more and more
of this vibrational energy in your heart you can feel light and fuse into your
heart you can feel your energy field expand feel more expansive than ever before and
pay attention to how you feel now understand that you can make a
choice right now at anytime you put the energy into your
heart you feel this energy you feel like you do right now and you can always
choose to come back to this now notice how different you feel notice
how your life has transformed and how you know going into your life experience
your life is forever changed feel grateful look around and know that
this is who you are so now what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna bring this energy back into our life in a very powerful way we know that
anytime we want to when we think of our heart space and we put the energy in our
heart we connect to the feeling we have right now know that you are forever changed
you have raised your vibrational state of consciousness and moving forward you
would always see things in your life with this new perspective from this
energy now let’s come back to our awake natural states what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna count down from five and with every number that I count you’re gonna
feel yourself more present to the moment more alert knowing that your vibration
has changed you’re gonna feel that increased vibration in your heart and
your field ready to go for the day so five feel yourself now becoming more
present for feel yourself more alert three wiggle your toes vielen sides of
your body – now you feel yourself you can open up your eyes one now we are
awake present to the moment and ready to go for our lives so
this meditation is something that will help you to raise your vibrational set
point this is something that will help you to become the best version of
yourself and to note that this is who I recommend you listen to this
meditation for at least 21 days to get the full benefit out of it that if you
do it will transform the way you see yourself the emotions in your life and
also how you feel there’s a general basis so with that being said I hope you
enjoyed this video feel free to like this but if you liked it subscribe if
you haven’t already and as always I’ll see you on the next video peace much
love and namaste


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