The Word of Faith Part 1

(Music) JERRY: Hello, everyone. I’m
Jerry Savelle, and thank you for watching the broadcast today. I
appreciate you tuning in, and I believe, praise God, if you’ll
just stick with me for a few moments, you’re going to receive
some great insight into the word of God that is going to make
a winner out of you. I know because that’s exactly what it
did in my life, and God’s no respecter of persons. If you’ll
do what I show you from the word of God to do today, you’re going
to be the winner that God wants you to be. Now, today we’re
going to be talking about the word of faith. I love
this subject. In fact, I am celebrating this year 50 years
of preaching the word of faith around the world. This all began
for me back in 1969. Let me give you just a little brief
testimony before we get into the word. In 1969, I owned an
automotive paint and body shop. I repaired wrecked cars. I
restored classic automobiles. My dad and I were building hot rods
and race cars and hauling them all over the southern part of
the United States. I was running from God at that time. I knew I
had the call of God on my life. In fact, I heard God call me
into the ministry in 1957 when I was about 11 years old. I
was in Oklahoma City at my grandmother’s home at a family
reunion. Someone turned on her old black and white Philco
television set, and the first image that appeared was Oral
Roberts. He was preaching under the big tent, and he was
preaching one of his most famous tent sermons called The Fourth
Man. Now, I was captivated as I stood there and watched him
preach this message, and then suddenly I heard down on the
inside of me, “Someday, you’ll preach like that. Someday,
you’ll pray for people like that.” Really, it caught me
off guard. In fact, at first, I thought it might have been
one of my cousins talking to me because I had two cousins, one
on the left hand side and one on the right. They were standing
there with me watching the same broadcast, but when I turned to
look at them to see and about to ask them, “What did you
say?” both of them were gone. I thought, “Who said that?” Then
I realized it was the voice of God. Now, at that time, that is
not what I wanted to do. I had no plans to preach. I had no
plans to pray for the sick. That had not even been a
consideration. My plans were I was going to open my own
business. I was going to take all the expertise of my dad that
he would pass onto me, and I was going to go in business for
myself, and I was going to eventually race automobiles.
That was my future. That was my plans. I had made those plans
at nine years old, and I was not about to change. I was sticking
with them. I thought, “I am not going to tell anybody about this
experience, not my mother, not my dad. If I don’t tell
anybody,” I thought, “then I won’t have to do that.” I never
told a soul. Every time I’d go to church as a young boy, we
went to a little Baptist church down at the end of our street.
Every time I’d get in church, if the preacher preached something
a little bit strong and I’d get under conviction, I’d get up and
walk out. I’d tell my mother, “I got to go to the bathroom. I got
to do this. I got to do that,” because I knew if I ever yielded
to that conviction, then I would have to preach, and I didn’t
want to do that. I ran from it all those years. In 1969,
of course, by this time, I’m married, I have two children,
I own my business, I’m doing exactly what I had dreamed
of doing at nine years old. I should have been the happiest
man on the planet. I’m doing exactly what I dreamed I would
do. As far as I was concerned, I was going to do it for the rest
of my life, but my wife, she was born again, filled with the Holy
Spirit, and went to church every time the doors were open. In
fact, I think she had her own key to the place. She
practically lived there. I came home from the shop one day, and
she said, “I want you to go to church with me tonight.” I said,
“Carolyn, I don’t want to go to church.” She said, “If you will
go tonight and listen to this preacher, I’m telling you,
Jerry, I’ve been in this all my life. I’ve never heard anybody
preach like this before.” She said, “If you will go tonight,
and if you don’t like this preacher, then I’ll never ask
you to go again.” I thought, “Now, that’s the deal I’ve been
waiting on. I’m going.” I said, “Now, if you promise I don’t
like him, I’ll never have to go again?” She said, “I promise.” I
went and cleaned up, put on some nicer clothes, and we started
over to the church. On the way over there, I’m thinking, “What
is this preacher’s name?” She told me again, “Kenneth
Copeland.” I said, “Kenneth Copeland. I know who that is.”
She said, “How would you know who Kenneth Copeland is? You
don’t go to church.” I said, “Well, back in 1957, there was
a man who had a record on the radio, and his name was Kenneth
Copeland, and the song was called The Pledge of Love.” She
said, “It’s not the same man.” I said, “How do you know? Has he
ever said anything about it?” She said, “No.” I said,
“Well, I’m going for two reasons tonight. Number one, if I don’t
like him, I’ll never have to go again. Number two, when he gets
through preaching, I’m going to go up and ask him, ‘Are you the
same man who had the hit record in 1957?'” She said, “I don’t
think it’s the same man.” I said, “Well, I’m going, and I’m
going to find out. I’d like to be right one time,” and so we
went to the service that night. I sat right on the back row. I
told her on the way over there, “The moment I don’t like him,
I’m going to get up and leave, and you get home the best way
you can.” She said, “If that’s what it takes to get you there,
then fine.” We sat right on the back row, closest to the door
as I could get, and then they finally turned the service over
to Kenneth Copeland. He began preaching. About 15 minutes into
his sermon, I mean, I wasn’t really captivated. I
wasn’t really paying that much attention, but when he got into
about 15 minutes of his sermon, he just stopped. He said, “I
don’t know why I’m saying this. I guess somebody in here needs
to hear it. Back in 1957, I had a hit record on the radio called
The Pledge of Love. I was headed for rock and roll stardom, and
my mother was praying that I wouldn’t make it big in the
music industry. She knew I had the call of God on my life, and
I was to preach the gospel.” He said, “I don’t know why I’m
saying this. I guess somebody needed to hear it. Let’s get
back to the message.” Well, when he said that, I didn’t know
at the time that he said that strictly for my benefit, but
when he said that, I began to pay attention. Once I began
to pay attention, Carolyn was right. I had never heard
anything like this in my life. The sermon that he preached was
simply called The Word of Faith. That’s the first message that
got my attention, and I’ve been sticking with that message now
for 50 years. I have preached the word of faith all over the
world. You know, I have decided I am not changing. I don’t care
what everybody else preaches. I don’t care what the latest fad
is. I don’t care what everybody gets excited about. The word of
faith has worked for me for 50 years, and I’m sticking with it,
praise God. That’s the subject I want to talk to you about today,
the word of faith. Now, I want to share with you five reasons
why, after 50 years, I’m still preaching the word of faith. If
you’ve got a notebook handy or you’ve got your iPad or your
iPhone and you can take notes, then I want you to write down
these Biblical reasons why I’m still preaching the word of
faith after 50 years. Now, let me begin with the scripture that
Kenneth Copeland used that night 50 years ago, Mark the 11th
chapter verse 22 down through verse 24. If you have your
Bibles with me, I invite you to turn there. Mark chapter 11
verse 22 says, “And Jesus answering saith unto them, ‘Have
faith in God.'” Say that with me, “Have faith in God.” Now,
notice here Jesus makes this very plain that you and I need
to have faith in God, not faith in religion, not faith in
religious tradition, but faith in God. To have faith in God
also implies to have faith in his word because God and his
word are one and the same. God will never say something in his
word and then will the opposite. He and his word are one. In
fact, John says that in his gospel. He talks about that in
chapter one, that the word and God are one and the same. Notice
it says, “Have faith in God,” or you could say have faith in the
word of God. Now, what is faith? Faith is just simply a deep
conviction of the reality that it is impossible for God to lie.
Let me say that again. Faith is simply a deep conviction of the
reality that is impossible for God to lie. You know, I remember
that night when Kenneth Copeland was preaching this message
called The Word of Faith, he made this statement right at the
close of his message. He said, “When you get to the place
where you believe God’s word as quickly as you would the word of
a doctor, a lawyer, or your very best friend, you’ll never
struggle with your faith again.” I remembered writing that down
as soon as I got home because I had never had anybody to explain
to me what faith was. I heard sermons growing up, “You need
to have faith. You ought to have faith. Here’s what faith can
do,” but nobody ever told me how to get it. Nobody ever told me
how that you could actually live by this thing called faith.
That night, Brother Copeland explained it. He’s talked about
how the faith of God, he says here, “Have faith in God.”
Another translation says, “Have the faith of God.” Still another
translation says, “Have the God kind of faith.” Brother Copeland
explained that night that when you make Jesus the Lord of your
life, the Bible says in Romans chapter 10 that if you believe
in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead, then
you will be saved. He explained that night that once you do
that, then God imparts into your life his faith, his kind of
faith. Romans chapter 12 says that God has dealt to every man
the measure of faith. The moment you make Jesus the Lord of your
life, God imparts into your life faith, the measure of faith.
That is a measure taken from his faith. Now, the Bible says
that in Romans 10:17 that faith commeth by hearing and hearing
by the word of God. That means that if you keep feeding your
spirit man on the word of God, that’s where faith resides, in
your spirit, if you keep feeding your spirit man the word of God,
then your faith will grow. Your faith will increase. It will
get stronger. Brother Copeland explained that that night, and
when I got home, I wrote those things down. Now, I didn’t make
Jesus the Lord of my life in that service, but when I got
home that night, I could not go to sleep just thinking about the
message that he preached. I knew that I was getting under
conviction. I knew that if I ever yielded to that, I would
have to preach, but this was the first time in my life that I
wanted to yield to it, that I wasn’t fighting preaching. In
fact, I laid in my bed until 3:00 in the morning. I got up,
and I went into the living room. I lifted both hands, and I said,
“God, I don’t know why you still want me. I’ve been running from
you all my life, but if you do, if you still want me, then here
I am. I surrender my life to you.” I lifted my hands,
and immediately I received a glorious salvation. Not only
that, but immediately, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I
began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance as
the book of Acts says. I prayed in the Spirit for almost three
hours. I couldn’t stop. Man, I’m telling you it was exciting. I
felt that the sun was shining on nobody else but Jerry Savelle.
It just felt so good. It felt great to finally quit running
from God and surrender my life to him. Immediately, after I
quit praying in the Spirit, I turned and looked, and I saw my
wife, my mother-in-law sitting on the sofa. I turned to them,
and I said, “Guess what happened to me,” because they’d been
praying for me for the last three years. Carolyn and I had
been married three years when this happened. They’d been
praying for me. I said, “Guess what happened to me.” My wife
said, “We know. We’ve been here sitting here watching this
experience that’s taken place in your life ever since about
3:30 this morning.” She said, “I noticed you were not in bed. I
heard this noise in the living room, and I walked in there and
saw what had happened to you.” She said, “I called Mama and
said, ‘Mama, you got to come see what’s happened to Jerry.'”
Mother-in-law came over, and they both experienced this
glorious thing that took place in my life. Now, immediately,
it didn’t take another five minutes, it didn’t take all
day, immediately, I developed a hunger for God. I developed a
hunger for his word. I wanted to know God. I wanted to know his
word more than anything else in my life. Now I’m beginning to
make plans. When I went to my shop that day, I’m beginning to
make plans on, “How can I shut this business down and how can I
begin to prepare for full-time ministry?” It didn’t take long
to do that. In a matter of just a few months, I shut the
business down, and the Lord told me, and I’m not suggesting
anybody else do what I did, but I’m just telling you my
experience. The Lord told me, “I want you to give me the same
dedication that you gave to that business, and I want you to do
so for the next three months in studying my word no less than
eight hours a day.” I went into my guest bedroom 6:00 every
morning, and I began to study the word of God, and I didn’t
come out of there until 5:00 in the afternoon, had dinner with
my family, fellowship with my family. As soon as they went
to bed, I went back to that bedroom, began to study the
word. I did that faithfully for three months. At the end of
three months, I came out of that bedroom with the fire of God in
my eyes, the power of God in my hands, the word of God in my
heart, and only one problem. There wasn’t a soul wanted to
hear a word I had to say. Nobody was inviting me to come give my
testimony. Nobody was asking me to come and preach, but I didn’t
wait until somebody asked me to come. I hit the streets of my
city, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1969, and I began to preach in
the streets. I began to preach to drug addicts, alcoholics,
prostitutes, anybody that would listen to me. I was having
such phenomenal results in the streets that the police
department asked me to start coming to the jails and preach.
Then the sheriff’s department asked me to come to the prisons
and preach. I was having great success. God was healing. God
was delivering. God was setting people free. Finally, the word
began to spread around my city. Finally, some preachers decided,
“I believe that young boy has something to say,” so they
finally started inviting me to some of the churches, and I
began to do youth rallies and speak into the body of Christ as
the Spirit of God opened doors for me. I’m preaching exactly
what I learned from Kenneth Copeland about the word of
faith. That’s the message that changed my life. I figured if
God’s no respecter of persons, then the same message would
change other people’s lives as well. Now, Brother Copeland came
back. He came back for another visit. This is maybe six
months after I got saved and surrendered my life to the
ministry. Brother Copeland came back. I could hardly wait
because this is the man that preached the word that changed
my life. I could hardly wait to hear what he had to say. He came
back and was going to do another week’s meeting. During that
week, I had an opportunity to get acquainted with him. One
night in the service, he just stopped in the middle of his
sermon, maybe 15 minutes into the sermon, and he pointed in my
direction, said, “Jerry, stand up.” I stood up, having no clue
what he was going to do or say. He said, “I was in prayer today,
and God showed me that you and I will be a team, and we’re going
to spend the rest of our lives together preaching the word of
God all over the world. It will be your responsibility to
believe God for the perfect timing for the team to begin.”
Then he said, “Sit down.” He went back to his sermon. I
leaned over to my wife, and I said, “What did all that mean?”
She said, “I think we’re moving to Fort Worth, Texas.” I said,
“Why?” She said, “You’re going to spend the rest of your
life preaching with Kenneth Copeland.” I thought, “Wow.
What an exciting thing. What a privilege that would be.”
Shortly after that, maybe nine months after my conversion, we
moved to Fort Worth, and I went to work with Brother Copeland.
Now, please understand that Brother Copeland had been in
the ministry two years himself before I joined him. He was
young in ministry, but he was certainly a whole lot more
advanced in the word and in the word of faith than I was.
Traveling with him, that became like my Bible school. It became
my seminary. I was with him everywhere he went. Kenneth
Copeland went nowhere without Jerry Savelle back in those
early days. Usually, he preached three services a day. I’m in
every service taking notes, studying the word, and not only
that, but applying it. I’d come home and share with my wife what
Brother Copeland preached about. We would apply it. We had, as a
great example, he and Gloria. We watched them live by faith. We
watched what it produced and, praise God, we had their example
to follow. In fact, the Bible says, “Follow those who, through
faith and patience, inherit the promises.” We followed their
example. We kept studying the word of faith. Praise God, it
began to work in our lives just like it was working in their
lives. Now, it’s 50 years since that took place in my life, and
I’m still preaching that same message. Why do I preach the
same message? Very simply, because it works. Hallelujah,
because it works. Everything I have in this ministry,
everything I have personally, everything about this ministry,
everything about our personal lives, it’s all because of the
word of faith, hallelujah. You know, it’s a great way to live
because when we first began to hear the word of faith, we were
in debt up to our eyeballs, our marriage was just hanging
together by a thread, we were sick all the time, we were broke
half the time, and that all changed, didn’t change
overnight, but it all changed as we continued in the word of
faith. Today, praise God, this ministry owes nobody. It’s
debt-free, been that way for years, praise God. Everything
we have in this ministry is paid for. Everything we do we believe
God and pay cash for it. Same way personally, praise the Lord.
Somebody says, “Oh, that word of faith, it’s over with. Oh,
you’ve come too late for Jerry Savelle.” No, it’s not over with
in our household. In fact, we’ve decided we’re going to live this
way for the rest of our lives, and I plan to be here when
Jesus comes. Right up until his appearing, Jerry Savelle will
not only be living the word of faith, but Jerry Savelle will be
preaching the word of faith. I am not changing. I like to say
my mama didn’t raise a fool. This stuff still works, and I’m
still going to preach it, and I’m still going to live it.
Now, here’s the reasons why I keep preaching the word of
faith. I’m going to give them to you, and then on future
broadcasts, we’re going to expound upon them because I
don’t have a whole lot of time left on the broadcast here, but
I felt it was important that I give you that background. Now,
five reasons why I still preach the word of faith. Number
one, it’s what the apostle Paul preached, and he said that I am
to be a follower of him. Now, I’ll give you all the scripture
references later, but, number one, it’s what the apostle Paul
preached. I believe he’s a great example, praise God. If Paul
preached the word of faith, then Jerry Savelle’s going to preach
the word of faith. In fact, when I get to heaven and I have an
opportunity to sit down with the apostle Paul, the first thing
I’m going to tell him is, “I preached all your sermons.”
Hallelujah. I mean, the apostle Paul was a man of faith, he
preached the word of faith, and I have been following his
example all these years. I look forward to telling him, “Thank
you, Paul, for not compromising. Thank you, Paul, for continuing
to preach the word of faith. I’ve been following that example
ever since I surrendered my life to the Lord.” Now, the second
reason why I preach the word of faith, it says in the Bible,
“The just shall live by faith.” Notice that is not a suggestion.
It is a command of Almighty God. The just shall live by faith.
Who are the just? Well, if you’re born again, you’re one of
the just, hallelujah. The Bible says, “The just shall live by
faith.” Now, once again, I’ll give you all the scripture
references on next week’s broadcast, and we’ll expound
upon each one of these points, but right now I just want you to
write them down. I want you to keep them handy and be sure to
join me next week as we expound upon them. Now, number three
reason why I still preach the word of faith after 50 years.
Number three, it’s impossible to please God without faith.
Hebrews tells us that. Once again, we’ll expound upon it
on next week’s broadcast. Then, number four, it’s our method of
victory over the world. Praise God. Without faith, you’re
not going to live a victorious Christian life. Write that down.
It’s our method of victory over the world. Then, number five,
everything God has for us must be received by faith. Do you
want everything God has for you? I certainly do. Well, if you’re
going to receive it, then it’s going to be by faith. Write
those down, keep them handy, and then next week I’m going to
give you all the scripture references, I’m going to expound
upon each one of them, and, praise God, I believe it’s a
program that you do not want to miss. Now, I want to take you
into this announcement. Then, in a few moments, I’ll be right
back with some closing remarks. ANNOUNCER: Your faith is the
title deed to God’s promises. It doesn’t matter what mountain you
might be facing. By faith, you can overcome. In his timely
book, Life of Faith, Jerry Savelle shares insights from the
Bible and over five decades of his own faith journey. In
its pages, you’ll learn how to release your faith and
see beyond your present circumstances, discover that
your faith has the ability to grow, to sustain not just
yourself but you can be a blessing to others. It is
impossible to please God without faith. In the powerful three-CD
teaching Life of Faith, Jerry teaches spiritual truths every
believer needs to learn. Living a life of faith will produce
your greatest adventures. Nothing is impossible with God.
Don’t wait any longer. Call or go online to
and request the Life of Faith package, including the book
and three-CD teaching. Living by faith is a Biblical
command. You can live by faith, overcome the world
by faith, and be the winner that God has
called you to be today. JERRY: You know, I love
receiving reports from people that are watching our
broadcast and learning how to live by faith. I want to share
some of the testimonies with you because I believe it’s inspiring
and possibly you may be going through some of the same things
that these people were going through, and it will help you to
stay in faith and trust God and refuse to give up. Here’s one
from a lady named Sinda. She says, “I was watching your
broadcast on livestream from your church, Heritage of
Faith. You prayed for people experiencing pain in their head
and in their necks. I was having such pain in my neck when you
prayed. Immediately, the pain left. Brother Jerry, thank you
for being obedient to the Lord.” Here’s another one from
Marianne. She said, “We recently asked your prayer department to
pray for our daughter, for her heart. We just received an
excellent report. Not only that, but my husband and my grandson
received a positive report on their blood test as well.”
Here’s one from Patsy, “I was about to let go of my car
because I could no longer make the payments, but, praise God,
someone was impressed of the Lord. A friend asked me to go to
lunch, and while I was at lunch with her, she gave me a check
for $1,500 that would cover three month’s payments and for
the insurance. I’m positive and I’m sticking with God’s word
that he will work out the rest in my behalf. Thank you, Brother
Jerry, for helping me to stay focused on the word of God.” I
love those reports, praise God. If God would do it for them, he
will do the same for you. He’s no respecter of persons. Thank
you for joining me today. Once again, I want to encourage you,
make sure you make your plans to join with me next week as we
continue talking about the five reasons why I’m still preaching
the word of faith. Let me remind you before we leave here that
our special resource package today, three CDs entitled The
Life of Faith, everything God has for you, and it’s much.
There are blessings in store for you that I’m telling you will
make your life so much better. If you’re going to receive them,
you’re going to have to do it with faith. It’s impossible to
please God without faith. Three CDs on the life of faith. Right
along with it, my book on the same title The Life of Faith.
This is a great book. It’s not really thick. You can probably
read it in one sitting. It’s full of revelation about the
life of faith. I know the moment you receive it, you’re not going
to be able to put it down, so make your plans to order
those resources today. All the ordering information’s on your
screen right now. Thanks once again for joining us, and I just
want to remind you as we close your faith will
overcome the world.


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