The Truth About Islam

when what are we doing here when know
where we gonna go this like we just woke up one morning
and and then as well them to show we don’t
ask any questions just go with the flow old make as much money as you can try you meant not to get rolled happy
everything the on the TV from the new has 1000
clones then don’t think to of just do exactly as
you’d hold and if you have to get confused and just
turned to what the alcohol you still he had brought then just turn
up the radio with you loan to live a lifestyle love drug Dec
then rock-and-roll on but in all honesty I just need to know the motorcycle then role in getting home living and dying just that leave behind
a happy home in a whole lotta property that somebody else is going to Old I just
really need to know before that caskets polls because I’m not willing to
gamble with math all know Roma ready to take any chances these just
simple life questions and I’m just surgeon with them and is like what are
we doing here when what is now part with how did we
get here and who made us so pardon know what happens once we go or is this
world are really worried living room questions we don’t and the because the
apparently we don’t really have to there’s no pope with the flight now
existence is merely natural then in that case please let me ask you
did you create just double what the somebody else Wed fashioned you could
you are being a impeccable bowl left in on parallel old you’re a product the supreme
intelligence and I’m merely being irrational money than a camera on this are they can
come close to human I N or a computer that can compete
alongside the human mind if the whole world was the come together we would be
able to create a single ply then so many signs yet we still deny and science tries to justify that all
this could come from now on when it to them both Tom 0 blocks 0
blocks 0 cannot possibly ever give you one the from where did all it is water
column that everything has its our region’s and makeup a creator of its own I mean
the only reason you’re watching his video with because somebody hacked the press double old so
we can believe in the Big Bang but I’d rather believe in he will cause the to withhold a law the creative everything along with
every single song o the ever living there Mathur the only
one with in control unlike his creation beyond our
imagination in Nome he’s not a man or the app any bought as
a result be a human designs OMW no he did not have early
birth alone the marine just like every
manufacturer he left this with an instruction manual
wall the Qur’an in the flare man I’m sorry to
jump to conclusions but if the only one possible who the only
definition of God is the one in only needs to bring being at logic all a book with 0 contradictions
with me recalled that are both fine think
again historic home or a view audiobook fourteen hundred years ago like a
detailed description of the human embryo descriptions only human
embryo in the Grand cannot be based on scientific knowledge
in the seventh sent to the mountains pegs holdem firm the earth below and the toothy that
don’t make been a complete Deborah lolll to the planet in orbit alternating night and day if they stay
in blow the expansion of the universe the
creation and everything from page to alone did a story that the past
and the preservation of payroll to identifying the lowest point in a
land where persian defeated Rome the gushing know
what that created man in a glance between the ribs
them a backbone and not a word is change the
thinnest name so please explain how all this was no home over 1400 years ago on to a man who couldn’t read or
write and he would recite whatever that
changes bomb and he’s still don’t believe please try
to come up with something that even close but you can so we took
guarded the mockery anything messenger the joke comic book yeah I’m family tonight 31 dismiss the scriptures and legend then
tales that the engine bald guys we live life accordance well
wins the Heisman hopes saying this like me the only home we
will have ever know we lived and died in simply turned the
bones Joe lomb correction the grass dies the rain arrived in it really grow old analog promised booth to
do with the same the media berries doll and bring you
back from your very fingertips theater homes as the
all-seeing the bream being watches the thaw gold now we are surely being them you know
well thou Health announced South Bend everything now we’ve been
blessed with so believable we will surely be resurrected and be brought
back to outlawed in account book everything good deed at the heads
without box tin cup of water of to relieve the move from the bad to
good and everything in between you we have
dealt with the bishop for you own accountability tho don’t be mad at
me you’re the one who thought he wouldn’t
come back to me I gave you a whole live longer 30 Jack the me but you would be the in all now
which with contempory tho reading the glad tidings
to all those who believe that if you disbelief re and Holyhead that day be the first day
you find out what job life really means re ok him the more the mail

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