The Secret Of Manifestation: Ah Meditation explained by Dr. Pillai

I want to talk about the Ah meditation. that I gave to Wayne Dyer many years ago. The first part will carry just the introduction
and the dynamics of how it works. The meditation came from heaven. I was in California. And a divine being called Nandhi with a bullhead
and a human body gave this to me while I was on my way to a workshop on manifestation. He said, “Human beings are ignorant. They don’t know how to manifest. The easy way to manifest is to use the creative
energy that God has given to them. The creative energy that God has given to
them is nothing but the creative juices, this, the seminal fluid that’s localized at the
sex chakra. And that is being used to create a baby and
most of the time wasted. And if you make that creative energy that
you use to create a baby, you can also create whatever you want to create: the business,
home, boat, car. whatever it is. All that you need to do is to know how to
do it. And that is by making the energy to move from
the lowest chakra, the sex chakra and the one chakra below, and then make it move to
the third eye chakra, which is in between the two eyes. The chakras are wheels of energy and there
you visualize whatever you want to create. And you use the sound “AH” while you are doing
this practice. Why “AH”? because AH is the primordial sound. It is the sound of creation. Whether you procreate or God creates the world,
the sound, “AH” — it is invariably used. The sound “AH” creates. So along with the moment of this creative
energy at the bottom of the spine, you use the sound “AH.” And it goes to the Third Eye and at the Third
Eye, you visualize what you want to manifest along with the sound ‘AH.’ And then you are able to manifest. And the siddha who gave me this technique
said, “This is how people manifest in heaven. They get into an ecstasy; and in this ecstasy
or joy, they are able to manifest. It is a matter of managing your energy. It’s not just about the theory. It is what is happening in your own biology
and in your own psychology. You are able to create at two centers: one
is at the sex chakra and one is at the third eye chakra. If you understand this secret, then manifestation
becomes easy.


  1. dear dr.Pillay. there are so many mantas. Whats te Best to manifest perfect emocional and psicologie health??? Please, help me??? gratitude

  2. Thank You So Much Sir.Most of your teachings have worked for me.I didnt beleive them at first but here in Nigeria my circumstances have changed GREATLY after applying your teachings! Namaste Guru Siva Baba

  3. Thanks Dr.Pillai. I have an question. when you ask us to visualize within the third eye, where and how should we visualize? should we visualize in the imaginary screen on front of us like a movie theater ? please clarify! thanks.

  4. Thank you for your wisdom .
    where can i buy the necklace that you are wearing? I also saw Dr Wayne Dyer wearing these crystalls.
    Thank you . God Bless you.
    Much Gratitude.

  5. How can I learn how to visualize? is there a mantra that would open up this ability for me? all I see is a black canvas.

  6. By meditation do you mean to chant it? Can I use my lotus mala beads and chant ahh 108 times while visualizing? How do I know if I am visualizing with my third eye and not just visualizing with my mind ? Please help I want to do this but I want to make sure I am doing it correctly for the best results 🙂 thank you again for sharing all of your wisdom <3

  7. Is it better to do Ah or Shreem or Shreem Brzee? For me it get confusing and I really just don't know what technic utilize for manifestation. Saw your millionaire mantra yoga talk show and really love it, but haven't been able to change my financial situation… What should I do? Blessings.

  8. Kindly suggest time duration for the AAAH meditation and extended one minute AAAH meditation for manifestating …one thing it is completely in my mind and knowledge as i see things around me is just like an atom..its been long..during my study i figured since then i m in a perpetual quest how to create….as i know once i m vibrating at higher frequency even i willl not be visible and the present reality is just seems vague..but still we have to stay …please suggest appropriately as it is not a bit clear about …the manifestation comes either way or directly infront of the eyes while practising… Dr pillai please answer…

  9. Can you say this mantra silently or does it have to be out loud.I have roomates and I do not want to disturb them.

  10. Thanks Mr Pillai. Your teachings are invaluable sir – Much respect to you. Keep spreading the positive message!

  11. Do you make the ah sound while visualizing your desire too, or just when raising the energy up the chakras? I can do this process in seconds, should I be dragging it out a little longer?

  12. If you had any idea who the entity was that you were talking to you will run. It is Baal it's an ancient Canaanite deity one of the most evil children were sacrificed to this ancient ''god''

  13. Gratitude! I always wonder how many times I should practice. Was it only 1 time? Every day? Is it like I'm asking for the same thing every day? Thank you for your wonderful work, sir. (sorry if it was not clear .. I'm from Brazil and I used the google translator)

  14. By Using this technique, I always manifest within 24 hrs!! Thank you Babaji…I accepted u as my Guru…and I follow all your techniques as a student who wants to learn more and more…My life is changing for good…
    Guru brahma guru Vishnu guru Devo Maheshwara,
    guru sakshat param brahma tasmay Shree guruve namaha!!

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