The Roots of the Baha’i Faith: Part 1

– Just as all the world’s
major religions have dawned in the east, the Baha’i
faith had its roots in Iran which once was known as Persia. It was the middle of the 19th century. An air of religious fervor
permeated Christian, Jewish and Islamic countries around the world. Predictions by bible scholars sparked a new wave of evangelism and the birth of Adventist denominations. Thousands flocked to
the middle east to await the appearance of the messiah. Meanwhile in Shiraz Iran,
a young merchant quietly proclaimed that he was
the bearer of a revelation from God referring to himself as the Bab, meaning the gate. He explained that he was
the forerunner of a divine teacher greater than himself
who would soon appear and bring about a new
age of unity and peace. The Bab’s spiritual and moral
teachings spread rapidly throughout Persian society. He promoted the upliftment
of women and the poor, and encouraged universal
education and the study of science, themes considered
radical in a society still steeped in centuries old traditions. Perceiving the progressive
new faith as a threat, religious and civil authorities imprisoned and killed thousands
of the Bab’s followers. In 1850, the Bab himself
was executed by firing squad in this public square in
Tabriz and his remains were hidden away by his followers. In 1852 in Tehran, one of the
most courageous supporters of the Bab, a nobleman named
Mirza Hossein Ali was arrested, tortured and cast into
a subterranean dungeon known as the Black Pit. While in prison through
the foul air, filth and pitch black darkness
came the first intimations of a divine revelation within him. He later described, “The
breezes of the all glorious “were wafted over me and
taught me the knowledge “of all that hath been. “This thing is not from
me, but from one who is “almighty and all knowing
and he bade me lift up my “voice between Earth and Heaven.” When finally released
and banished to Baghdad, he began to revive the
dispirited followers of the Bab. In 1863, he publicly declared
that he was the promised one of whom the Bab had spoken. He took the name Baha’u’llah,
meaning glory of God and his followers became known as Baha’is.


  1. I attended my first service last week and truly grateful that I could have a visual understanding of the faith along with my book guides. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for making this video.
    he great disappointment (cited @0:23) was based on Daniel 8:14 which claimed that "two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed". William Miller was the one to suggest that day=year and and the starting year be 457 BC which was when another Persian decreed Jerusalem be rebuilt. A lot of speculation there.

    Is there a suggested tie between this prophesy and the Bab's claim of being a prophet? Was that the purpose of the reference?

  3. Thanks for making this video.
    he great disappointment (cited @0:23) was based on Daniel 8:14 which claimed that "two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed". William Miller was the one to suggest that day=year and and the starting year be 457 BC which was when another Persian decreed Jerusalem be rebuilt. A lot of speculation there.

    Is there a suggested tie between this prophesy and the Bab's claim of being a prophet? Was that the purpose of the reference?

  4. Yes, 'Abdu'l-Baha mentions the prophecies in Daniel as clear proofs of the mission of the Bab. You will find more details in Some Answered Questions by 'Abdu'l-Baha, which is available online, and Thief in the Night by Bill Sears, which can be purchased through Amazon and other book distributors.

  5. 1844 AD also equals 1260 AH, of the Muslim calendar. Several references in Daniel and Revelation also refer to the number 1260, as 42 months: 42 X 30 (days) = 1260. Also, Time (360) + Times (720) and a half (180) add up to 1260. What is also interesting is the place prophecy of Jeremiah 49:36… "The Lord shall set His Throne in Elam" (SW Iran, which is where Daniel had his visions) Numerous other time/date prophecies are recorded from many religions.

  6. Im not of the Baha'i faith, but I really respect their belief systems and I have read some parts of their holy books. I think if more people listened to the Baha'i message (especially in the middle east) there would be a lot more peace. I am however still a Christian, but I have no objection or disagreement with the message that Baha'i teaches.

  7. No worries, we believe all major religions are from God. Whichever message is best for you works just fine for us 🙂

  8. Friend, God sends Prophets, sometimes reiterating what He had them say before, and adding something relevant for the age. Moses brought more than Abraham, and Jesus more than Moses. Yet Jesus said, "These Words are not mine, but Him that sent Me." Did Jesus plagiarize Moses? Did Moses plagiarize Abraham? Rather, the Source reveals what He will through whom He will, from age to age. Baha'is believe He has done so again…

  9. There is reference where Jesus said "The Father will come and tell you plainly of Himself." Many other references, such as "Christ shall return in the Glory of God." In English, Baha'u'llah means "Glory of God". There are also mentioned the Two Witnesses, the Two Olive Trees, etc. A profound and comprehensive study can be found in the book: I Shall Come Again, by H Motlagh The expected Return is of His spiritual essence, or reality, not bounded by physical characteristics or identity.

  10. To say someone is in error about what Jesus said, based on a book that was written 2,000 years ago, after he was already dead, and written in Greek, a language in which he was not speaking, is a bold statement indeed and would require a specific expertise that you don't have. Correct me if I'm wrong (which I'm sure you will) but Jesus was both man and God, not half and half. What evidence do you have that Jesus was God? Or That I am not both man and God? Faith? Then let people have theirs.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I read that you have read the Kitab'i 'Aqdas.
    May I humbly suggest that a more appropriate book might be the Kitab'i'Iqan?
    In this book Baha'u'llah quotes from the Bible and Quran.
    I will not bore readers, but be assured there are great truths to be found.

  12. I will be the first to admit I do not understand the Quran. I have tried to read it often. A more accessable work is 'Six lessons on Islam' by Marzih Gail. I found this work very moving. It is probably about 30 pages or so, it is free on-line.
    I read some of the comments you made to Muslims. Is it not also true that if we were to take some passages of the Old Testament Bible out of the context of love they would be very similar to the language of the Quran???

  13. We cannot Judge God He says such a thing and it IS.
    Religion is progressive or why else would Jesus the Christ have brought new Laws and teachings?
    The central message of God's will for mankind has never changed nor ever will.
    You did not answer the question i asked yesterday Re. If we were to take some passages out of the Old Testament Bible, would they be similar in language to the Quran?
    I was referring to the language to which you objected!
    If you tried Numbers 31:17
    Fanatics will !

  14. Off the top of my head 'There shall be no divorce' The Sabbath day Changed beyond their understanding,
    Punishments……….. cutting off Etc , Death by stoning etc, Changed beyond their understanding,
    'Children of Abraham' can make from these stones!!! And you say nothing changed.????

  15. Jesus said 'no man having drunk old wine straightaway desireth new for he sayeth the old is better.
    And believe please, this wine is still warm.

  16. 'Jesus was born sinless,' you said!
    Does he say in response to, 'Good Master', there is none good but God?
    'a mere man that satan used to fool gullible people'. you said!
    Did not the Jews say the same about Jesus?
    Every thing you say so far has been said before!

  17. I've honestly tried to answer, but there is a contact lock that prevents my answers reaching you.
    Every Manifestation of God shows the same fundamental features, a historical patern repeated in every age.
    If you remove this contact lock I will honestly write all I can.
    I know you believe what you say, but into what society were you born?
    Do you not understand that a person born into a Faith will see that as the norm?
    And will then exclude other explations.
    Warmest Love and regards.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I've been away in Chicago, skokie.
    But I'm back home at my keyboard now, been to the House of Worship in Wilmette, most wonderful experience
    My email is, [email protected] Anyone is wecome to tell me how wrong I am. I don't know why we talk through websites I am only afraid of God!
    Regards, Eric

  19. LOL!
    That is just precious.
    Hows about you do something educated and provide some proof?
    Your ignorance is absolutely reflected in the statement "religion is for the uneducated"
    Science is not for the ignorant, I suppose it's a great thing the baha'i faith
    claims society cannot live without it and if science contradicts religion then obviously science is right. How very ignorant that is.
    Seems to me you have not spent a moment investigating the faith and blindly followed someone else's opinion

  20. Religious discussions on YouTube in a nutshell: unconvertable religious people fighting over the truth while only giving arguments originating from their own holy book. To be honest, I think people should stop that, and just at least start trying to be more tolerant towards other beliefs.

  21. The Bahai faith is all about the independent search for the truth. Weather that is science for some people. Christianity for others. Or maybe even the bahai faith itself. We bahais strive for peace by universal spiritual acceptance. Or not spituality at all. Its about tolerance for other peoples beliefs or lack their of. Respect for every human being.

  22. The end of time really so much near then we thought. so many false prophet has emerged and claimed the divine revelation. 

    A Fake religion that degrades all others. This faith is an insult to the religions of India (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism), Middle Eastern Religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism). 

    You insult Hinduism when you claim that Lord Krishna is a "prophet" but when he is clearly recognized among ALL Hindus as God. 

    You insult Hinduism when you state that your founder was an incarnation of Kalki Avatar thereby performing heresy (a simple man declares himself the Great God- Supreme Lord is worse than the most fiendish of creatures). 

    You insult Islam, when you base your traditions off of Islam but reject the foundations of that faith (Islam said Muhammad was the last Prophet). 

    You insult Christianity when you claim Jesus isn't God. 

    All the religions in the world are different, there are some common points but they should remain separate. 

  24. When asked on one occasion: “What is a Bahá’í?” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá replied: “To be a Bahá’í simply means to love all the world; to love humanity and try to serve it; to work for universal peace and universal brotherhood.”  I have found this to be true everywhere I have met Baha'is.  They are committed to loving and serving all people, of all faiths, of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.  

  25. Humanity need to update their old religions such as Hindu, Judaism, Christianity & Islam.
    My phone needs firmware updates too, so does my laptop needs security and fix updates.
    My compressor needs cleaning and when it dead, i need new power save inverter air conditioner.

    So, why some government officials deny new religions?
    IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER , Mohammad had proved that

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