1. I love how they think Dawkins is arrogant…all he does is ask them questions. How is that arrogance? If they had good answers…this would all be a fruitless effort…shit, even the title, 'the root of all evil?' has a question mark…

  2. lets all just call religion what it really is…..brainwashing! it closes peoples minds. doing that to children is simply child abuse!

  3. wait a minute. god made man in his image? doesn't that mean that god was at one point a tiny little embryo and fetus? then why don't we all look like little tiny embryos? and whose womb was god in? hmmmmm……

  4. I think to be an atheist is brave, I find it frightening to think you die and that's it. I am not religious but more a desperate agnostic hoping one day science will prove there's some sort of life after death.

  5. I can't help but notice the Enormous Irony in an Evolution/Big Bang theory believer minimizing the complexity and Value of A Human embryo by arguing it is just; "A Tiny little things without knowledge, without memory and without fear or any of the things a grown Adult possesses". A man who believes ENTIRE UNIVERSE slowly EVOLVED from the Very first SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM. Is going to use SIZE & COMPLEXITY to agrue an unborn & undeveloped Embryo is Not as important and shouldn't be valued as much as a Human being after birth. I guess it's lucky for us all that No one was around to ABORT that first Single celled organism before it had a chance to Magically change itself into a multicellular organisms.

  6. I feel like there's no evidence to support the idea that there is, or that there is not a God. It's just like his illustration of a teapot floating in space. We don't know that it doesn't exist, but there's no proof it does either. And I don't think there's anything wrong with having a belief that a greater power is behind the universe. But when people start doing horrible things to other humans in the name of their God, that's when the problems begin. Once you start claiming God's support for your choice to hurt your fellow man, then you're putting yourself in the place of God, basically saying that your thoughts are equal to his. To presume to know what someone you've never had any contact with wants you to do is insane. To summarize, I don't think belief in God is wrong, but I think attributing any thoughts or actions of your own to God's will is presumptuous and wrong.

  7. If a god does not exist (and it doesn't), then there is no law giver is a fallacy. If a god does not exist means that man is the law giver. Man is also the creator of religion. There is no greater advertiser for atheism than religious doctrine, especially on the internet.

  8. When critical thinkers really insist on starting at the very beginning…and questioning "EVERYTHING" and requiring actual proof before accepting any idea, belief or concept, here is what you will find… It is actually the false belief in "Authority" which is the root of all evil in this world. The false belief in "Authority" is what empowers virtually every form of mass manipulation and mass corruption. It is this false belief in "Authority" which transforms good people and bad people alike into servile slaves of oppression.

     But don't take my word for this, all you have to do is watch a short video titled: "The Most Dangerous Superstition", by Larken Rose, and you will never be gullible or fooled by the age old lies of the myth of so called authority ever again.

     After you finally discovered that Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the "Sky Fairy" etc… were all just  silly children's story's, could you ever again be fooled into believing that nonsense…? Well, it is the same with "The Most Dangerous Superstition". Once it is laid out and explained to you for what it really is, with all of the proof provided, the actual truth is very easy to see. Of course if your life is built around using this myth of authority to your benefit, then it will probably be very hard for you to accept the truth, as it will force you to re-evaluate how you think and act. But this does not alter the facts one iota. As the real truth is that I own me, and you own you. And no man has a right to rule over or control another man. Period.

  9. John Lennon had it figured out. That's why he is dead. I believe the human race hasn't evolved enough in time to prevent them from causing their own extinction. Religion is just another form of control. The world is run by control and greed. We won't fix it in time. I'm not a doomer, just an observer and realist. Do the best you can and have fun. Life is short and there is nothing afterward.

  10. after 20 min of watching I will end this. I can not stand to listen to all this stupid religious people anymore. How a super intelligent man like Dawkins can discuss with these stupids so calm, is a mystery to me:-)

  11. I find it really annoying, Richard, and disingenuous, that ALL of the childrens' faces are blurred out.  Frankly this is plain wrong.  [Aussie in BC]  I have tuned out.

  12. I don't believe the Rabbi when he says "they're taught about evolution," what this means is "we give them a deliberately twisted, factually incorrect, misinformed, deceitfully crafted idea of evolution that makes no sense" that's what they ALL do, they lie…they deliberately lie. Shameful

  13. 13:05
    Dawkins: It doesn't make sense to me because I do care about the answer.
    Christian Fundamentalist: WHY??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dawkins: Because I care about whats true.

  14. I went through Catholicism classes at 13 years old and reading the bible and other religions cured me of this sick mental illness! The more I read and learned the more I woke up to reality! NO PROOF THEREFORE NO GOD! THERE ARE GODS THOUGH =Gross Obvious Deceptions! LOL

  15. In a lawless society only atheists will steal, rape and murder; because other god believing people won't do these things even in the absence of law and order. Seems pretty logical!

  16. I was brought up as a Catholic – I was even an altar boy for a spell. The Catholics have, in addition to the "10 commandments", the "six commandments of the church" and violating any one of them will send you to hell forever. One of the commandments is "Contribute to the support of the church." In sixth grade, when taught this, I was sufficiently aware of the world around me and I immediately labelled it as extortion. It was the end of my connection with the church and their god.

  17. I tend to think that Parents that raise their children in Atheism is a form of child abuse, as they tend to be liberal in their thinking, morals and values are twisted and warped.

  18. A deluded guy lectured a Rabbi about distorted education and miseducation.  How funny!Try this trick in Saudi with a imam.

  19. the government wants "faith" schools because they pay for themselves. It makes sense economically, unfortunately that is more important than furthering the human race. Go Dawkins!!

  20. Keep the good work!!!! In québec religion is dead. The change started in the 60's the state separate itself from the religion. Religion purposely keep people out of school so they can feed people anything without being challenge. Education is the key. School got mandatory went they kick religion out of the government. Nobody believed in this non sense after that. Almost every Church are recycled in Condo. They're sold for a fraction of the price even how expensive they really worth. Build by people using people money. The best scam ever. The end-up owning building considered work of art with gold everywhere. Preaching the suppose "word of god" while abusing their power to do abuse people in every way possible.

  21. You must make the first move towards God and then He will reveal Himself to you.
    For what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts.…

  22. After watching this there are almost no words or superlatives to describe the absurdity, ghastliness, child abusing beliefs that modern man can lower himself to…even in the 21st century !! Its absolutely gobsmacking and totally beyond all rationale and human thinking.

  23. 1. I submit to the only creator, who begets not, nor is begotten.
    2. I agree religions indeed are opium and do cause evil through uneducated masses.
    3. Belief systems damage the cognition, therefore, kids must be completely kept out of religion.
    4. Any person, who brainwash children with religious contend, must be legally responsible.

  24. Christianity is a very good religion. Life would be meaningless without its soothing presence. Dawkins is a false teacher sent by Satan to deceive the gullible

  25. This is what frightens me about religion. This guy said that if he didn't have religion to stop him (i.e. fear of hell) that we would all rape, steal and murder. That is horrific. Maybe religion is the bastion of people who have no conscience and therefore need to have one installed for them.

  26. Only Jesus Christ has the power to save from sin and death. No religion attached with good works can do anything but destroy. We were designed for and by God with purpose and value. God doesn't force his grace on anyone who doesn't want it.

  27. "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." Daniel 12:4 the bible already predicated men like richard would exist with lots of knowledge. The bible actually predicts many other things, so it is real even if you don't like it.

  28. This is exactly why I want to kill myself. How are so many people so incredibly and stupidly ignorant? And how is anyone with any sense of reason okay with living in the same universe as these illogical, brainwashed clones?

  29. 13:40 (If there is no god and there is no law giver. Why does it matter what I do? Why is rape wrong, why is pedophilia wrong, why are any of these things wrong if there is no law giver?) I was brought up in a somewhat free thinking family. We were Christians and I was baptized, we rarely went to church. We did about once every second month and more around Christmas. My dad never expressed his opinion on Christianity or atheism, I think he did so to let me choose myself. I later found out he is not really christian. He celebrates Christmas but not because of Jesus more because it's tradition and good family time. My mother on the other hand is a christian and was the only reason we actually went to church. I choose that I didn't really believe in god or at least was very skeptical of it, this made my mother quite angry. So started yelling and blaming me for mess or other minor things that should not cause such a reaction. I was only 6 so I thought it was my fault and didn't at the time understand that it was because I had mentioned that I wasn't quite sure about there being a god. I had thought of this as nothing major and quickly forgotten about it. The anger kept on and my parents started to argue and fight on a daily basis. They then got divorced and I lived a week with my dad and next with my mother going back and forth. I remember feeling very anxious whenever the day came where I had to go to my mother. Whenever I lived with her I always felt as if the air was heavy with tension and I was always afraid of asking if I could go outside and play. Of course she was not violent and I was always allowed but for some reason I was always afraid of talking to her. At night I would hold the urge to use the toilet if fear of waking my mother. I know it was irrational to be afraid of that as she most most likely just go to sleep again. I could literally feel the air getting lighter when my dad came to pick me up. Later when I was about 12 years old, I was not as afraid of her as then and got into an argument about politics. That then led to her letting out the anger of me being a non believer. She then told me that if there was no god the world would be in chaos because it wouldn't be wrong to commit murder and other crimes. I could not speak. The only thing that held her back from committing murder or stealing etc. was not her own morals but the fear of burning in hell. She did not understand why I questioned her of this and I left. I was mind blown. I later told her that I didn't want to come there and no longer see her, I moved in with my dad completely. I have an older brother and 3 younger brothers. Not even one of us live with her anymore.

    tl;dr: Found out my mother has these exact views of morals and god. Finally got the courage to tell her I didn't want to see her anymore and moved in with my dad.

  30. Scaring people to be good is believing that people are stupid. I think you wouldn’t even need to scare children on dental cavities to force them to brush their teeth and floss.

  31. You can't "Believe or not believe" in evolution. It is not a belief system. It a process of life and being a participant willing or not is what you are. Belief has nothing to do with it.

  32. This is what a scientific explanation of the word "Theory" means

    "A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported theories are not "guesses" but reliable accounts of the real world"

  33. That hell house actually brought back horrible memories from my childhood, so many night terrors caused by complete BS fed to me from birth

  34. RELIGION IS CRINGE… Ugghh… See 25:34 Religion's evil and contradictory teachings exposed. The universe is only 5000 or 2000 years old?? You've got to be kidding me! XD I'm not usually hateful towards religion but this is utterly ridiculous! What's worse is people (stuck in medieval thinking and torture) keep spreading these lies and they're growing in numbers.. scary… ughh..

  35. I do not always agree with Professor Dawkins. I an a man who firmly believes in God. Fire the sake of space here, I will leave those two statements stand as they are. What I do agree with Professor Dawkins over is his passion to seek out an truth, though his truth is somewhat narrow. Fully unlike the truth of God. Once again for economy of space in the comment section, I will leave that statement stand as well. I will say that science is indeed a very good thing. Without it we would be in a vastly different euros and life. I personally believe there is room for both science and belief in God to exist together. I've also always had this fantasy of being able to sit with Professor Dawkins and simply converse with him. That would be a conversation very much worth happening.

  36. You guys don't get it. Read NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION by BEN KLASSON and you will get the MAIN idea of religion.

  37. A child I most vulnerable to virus of religion. That line cracks me up every time. I think Richard is a lil nuts about religion.

  38. Why is rape wrong if there is no lawgiver? Well, would YOU like to be raped? No? Surprise, neither do we, so if you rape someone, you should expect either them or their friends to decorate the nearest tree with your stripped out entrails. You don't do things to people that you wouldn't like them to do to you. It's not fucking rocket science!

  39. my faith is war and oil and I worship rich crooks and golden cows:)-dawkins is weak minded and a pussy that worships israel :)-

  40. If someone doesn't value logic, there is no logical argument you can present to them that will make them value it.

  41. I highly acknowledge Richard's accusations of wrongful religions. However, I worry greatly about seeing only the physical world as a whole, neglecting the real God, and all humanity falling into materialism. God certainly exists. However, humanity has been mistakenly defined the God as a center of specific race, human, or earth. If humanity realizes the whole real-truth, we will know the real god. At this time, we will no longer have to worship God and need religion for mankind. I already realized such a complete real-truth. OnCharm Lee (Author of the book “Humans & Truth – human life is the awakening process”)

  42. My favorite part about all of this is that there are people making comments on this video talking about how atheist are going to hell and Richard Dawkins in the devil. Thanks for proving his point.

  43. religion is inferior to ancient mythology, and they are two totally different things. religion is mythology for dummies.

  44. religious people SHOULD be ridiculed and humiliated in public.. there's no other way for them to understand how deluded they are..


  46. He was taught that the moon comes frome the ocean either he looks very good for being couple of thousand years old or his teacher was tripping on LSD

  47. Brilliant documentary. But it shows that the problem is not religion,but segregation – of any kind. Why are scientists not inspired by these modern Evangelical schools and open their own ones? Why do scientists not open their own mega churches to celebrate reason every Sunday morning?

  48. Religion is the root of all Evil, just check the daily Headlines in the papers. We should remind these people that horses wear blinkers.

  49. Oddly, as a young Catholic boy preparing for my First Holy Communion, I sat in the rear of the beautiful church and it came to me that all of this was a big pack of lying folly! I deduced that a wafer was not the body of any deity, that wine was not blood, that prayers fell not on deaf ears, but on no ears at all. But, I decided to go through with the Communion because I would get a new suit and presents, and I would make the adults who were important to me happy. I have never forgotten that moment of clarity in the church and I have never believed in God or religion since.

  50. As much as I believe in some whatever forces out there that make everything happened as it is that force is so powerful to demand anything from us apart from being good for our own existence. Telling me I was born with sins and someone sacrifice himself to wash my sins which I haven't done is very absurd.
    Telling me God has ordered me to go on killing rampage for those who belief contrary to me is that god is evil and doesn't deserve my attention one bit.
    God Created everything based on His love not otherwise.
    Why should God Creates billions of stars and cosmic, trillions of living things and only chose me as his subject??? Put me in test and if I failed I will be punished hereafter life!? Naturally if you want to control the masses instill fear in them, especially fear of unknown, spread the rumours like wild fire and they will give you all attention in the hope that you are their only hope.

  51. Religion is encouraged supported by governments indirectly in order to deceive you. They play double standard o one hand they say state and religion shall be separate, yet they favours them against each other. On one hand "they gives you freedom of worship’' on the hand they incite you against each other.

  52. teaching religion to children should be made illegal, let religious teachings become legal only to adults, within 200 years religion will be finished.

  53. It's unbelievably unsatisfying to wtach all these unbelievably irrational excuses for believing myths that didn't really make sense 1000 years ago and make even less sence in modern days.

  54. Virgin birth.
    What is a virgin other than a woman in this context as not having sexual intercourse with a man.
    So what if Mary was artificially inseminated?
    Would this technically meet the criteria for a virgin birth?
    Just asking.

  55. Poor little Dicky Dickless Dawkins, he must be peeing his pants whenever he thinks of London getting a Muslim mayor. See, the problem is, when you think you've eradicated us pesky viruses, we tend to come back stronger than ever! It's not evolution tho, it's just G*d playing with your heads!

  56. Unity, education, and life centered on sectarianism (and racism and nationalism) disregard rational reason and cultivate exclusiveness, threatening mutual harmony and world peace. I strongly agree with Dawkins on this issue.

  57. [Development of Science and God]

    It is a tremendous achievement in human civilization that the science has uncovered the physical world and corrected the superstitions of religion (especially Christianity centering on the Bible and Jesus) and false thinking about God. However, it is too dangerous for mankind to deny the existence of God and go to atheism or materialism.

    God certainly exists. The point of the problem is that mankind is not seeing God correctly. Until now, human beings, including all religions, have mistakenly established God in the race, humanity, the earth, and the universe-centered we live in because of their ignorance, greed, wishes, and purpose.

    I know the true god exactly. When human beings know God correctly, they will live truly peaceful and free without any fear, anxiety, doubt or selfishness even without any religion.

    OnCharm Lee (Author of the book “Humans & Truth – human life is the awakening process”)

  58. The reason were afraide of scianxe and technology is becouse there are a is to much temptation of the human race to use it to gain power over people.but today in 2019 what is power militry welth. population. Or are to afrade thay we cant live without religion. Seems like sciance is indeed the cause of what our planet is currently going through. But religion is the motive for the cause 2e as human strive to know were we come from. The ultamte question for the ultmate solution to preserve life pf the human race.

  59. dawkins is a mk ultra pseudo scientific atheist who believes in his own lies of evolution, global warming, abortion, gender fluidity, etc. he is as bias in his worldview as religious people r in theirs. except for richard he wants to limit freedom of speech or even thought because he is afraid that independent religions will eliminate his nwo. our public education system is already dumbing down and brainwashing our children with lies and immorality. he says religion says give me 7 years and i will have control of a generation but it was karl marx that said that. the countries with the most corrupt leaders and human rights abuses r atheistic with socialistic and communistic philosophies. the most free and no abuse countries r christian so he doesnt know what he is talking about. he better stick to his field. each day the more research accumulated proves a god created universe and human than his theories. go back to the drawing board richard and do more research.

  60. I went to a private Christian School in South Carolina. We were taught evolution and we did not have religious classes. The only religious thing we did was have a morning prayer. And YES it was a Christian school. Hell, our football coach was a Jew.

  61. There is God. Not the god of jews, not the god of christian's, not the god of islam or buddhist's. God is the ruler of the universe and it doesn't care if you are catholic, protestant, jew, muslim, aztec, Navahoe, mayan, mesquakie, whatever. The regular occurrence of miracle's proves this. Atheist's are the world's biggest dumb fucks. They can not understand that one God is supreme whether you are jew, christian, buddhist's, seventh day adventists, the list is endless.

  62. Before you read the comment below, I want you to know that Jesus is the way. He was the disciple of the actual God that people still don't understand.

  63. Here's my spin on the New Testament; god took human form so he could atone for, and finally face justice for the crimes he committed in the Old Testament.

  64. I highly acknowledge Richard's accusations of wrongful religions, specially focusing on Christianity, Islam and Judaism. His constant efforts will surely make a great contribution to the elimination of the problems of many superstitions and in religions in the world.

    However, I worry greatly about seeing only the physical world as a whole, neglecting the real God, and all humanity falling into materialism. Not all problems are solved by science, and man is never just a physical being.

    God certainly exists. However, humanity has been mistakenly defined the God as a center of specific race, human, or earth. If humanity realizes the whole real-truth, we will know the real god. At this time, we will no longer have to worship God and need religion for mankind.

    I already realized such a complete real-truth. Invite and listen to me. OnCharm Lee (Author of the book “Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process”)

  65. [Two Types of Evidence]

    There are two types of evidence, physical evidence and non-physical evidence by pure thought, such as mathematics or philosophical logic. It should not be said that there is only the physical evidence, while being trapped in the physical world. Rather, the physical world is a secondary world that is finite, imperfect, ever-changing, temporary.

    Christian Bible contains a lot of non-scientific things about God and Jesus, And there are a lot of problems occurred in the running of Christianity. All these must be certainly corrected.

    But obviously God exists. So far, religions and people are good at feeling God, but it is a problem that they have established wrong gods. I call the truth God.

    OnCharm Lee (Author of the book “Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process”)

  66. [God Certainly Exists. But the Gods that Mankind Has Established so Far are False Gods.]

    The physical world, as we always feel and understand, is passive except for rules that are created by physical properties or conditions, and is finite, imperfect, always changing and sometimes nonexisting. Therefore, it is certain that the physical world is a secondary world existed temporarily by something.

    There is a world of truth that does not change forever even if there is no physical world. Truths exist even though you and me, human, earth, or universe does not exist. Secondary beings always think the prerequisite world for their existence as right and permanent. This world corresponds to the world of God.

    According to the above, God is primarily existing without death and always appears right in the physical world. And if God is the most primordial being that existed without physical world, he must not be constrained by physical space and time, and does not need to think or act. He must exist completely by himself and absolutely self-sufficiently, without requiring or relying on anything.

    He must be absolutely free freedom without any responsibility or obligation, and he has no reason to create a physical world, to be constrained by physical space and time. Really he cannot be a personal being to hear payers, to monitor or judge any secondaries. The physical world comes from God but it is not a world that God must deliberately create.

    Life is the intermediate existence. The body in human beings and life is also temporary things that come from the physical world and sometime disappear, and the spirit in them becomes a world of communicating with God by realizing the truth corresponding to the content of God. Therefore, in life, spirit is the master.

    If the spirit (or soul) is big (or great), the life becomes widely and long lived. When life realize the full of truth through life, he loses agony and suffering as well as death, he goes closer to God and becomes to live in paradise or heaven.

    If he enlightens the whole of the physical world, the God-world of truth, and the world of life with body and spirit, all together without any contradiction, I call this person as a person who transcends the physical world and death, and was liberated from everything.

    Do not privatize God. Do not rationalize the mysterious things that happen in the physical world to God's careful attention. Never be trapped in the darkness of an extremely temporary and uncertain physical world.

    Most religions have superstitious elements and produce actually many side-effects. But materialism that believe that the physical world is all is more dangerous. Scientific material civilization will drive humankind into a closed world. Human is a spiritual being to develop his soul.

    OnCharm Lee (Author of the Book "Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process")

  67. God certainly exists. But mankind, including all religions, has never known God correctly. Materialism and scientific material civilization will lead to destruction of mankind. If mankind knows all truths correctly, it will be able to know God rightly and religion will not be necessary. Don’t privatize God. God doesn’t want any prayer and faith from you. I tell people to know truth and God correctly.

    Invite me. Listen to my complete enlightenment. I can explain everything they do not know. I understand everything without any inconsistencies and explain everything together.

    OnCharm Lee (Author of the book “Humans, God, and Truth – Human Life is the Awakening Process”)

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