The Preaching Humanist 01.27 – Thou Shalt Not Kill

Welcome back viewers to the Preaching Humanist with David Oliverio that is I. today we’re going to discuss it very
very important topic gonna take it right out of Exodus chapter 20 vs 13 from the
wonderful as you called a wonderful 10 can manage down shalt not kill let’s
discuss that today as I speak upon this my main objective for the show as you’ve
heard me say many times before my dear Chris to France for my little tiny tube
seal here is to get you to think to get you to allow that critical thinking to
begin to increase in your mind to even go back and explore in this book you
call the Bible that you say is God’s Word and look at it with a little more
critical scrutiny than you normally would and those are the questions that
are having some of these doubts already about the book you call the bible about
the religion of Christianity I’m here to help you as the preaching humanist that
it’s okay to leave this religion it’s ok to enter the world of reality like many
of us had who were once caught up into a lot of Jesus Christ and those of us that
were once preachers and evangelist we have found love and life in the
progressive philosophy of life called humanism without any god believe doing
good works for philanthropy remember the good life has gotten by reaching
motivated by la bande oh god is required for a life of love joy peace fulfillment
meaning in life actions chapter 20 vs 13 one of the ten
commandments written with the very finger of God you believe by decreasing
friends travel to stone now hilt not kill let me use the Bible today let me
quote and paraphrase from your holy book and why allow the Bible to do the work today to allow you to
listen to their said rethink this is this book is this a book you really want
to fall down shalt not kill let me begin in Genesis
chapter 6 I do not have time to read it you heard this story mentioned many
times before it sunday school as a child from the pulpit Sunday mornings and your
own private devotional Bible reading Genesis chapter 6 God told Noah know
that there are very few people that I’m pleased with I am disgusted in mankind
I’m upset at myself for making these little tiny he would be because they’re
evil their simple they do evil in my site I the LORD have found favor with
you and your wife three sons Sheringham and make it sound like they’re from the
back hills of the wood she managed a bit and their three white eight human beings
were to be spared no complimented him to build an ark find a male and female
every species of planet Earth having board the arc you should be saved I will destroy with flood water every
man every child every baby even grab Paul johnnie grandma sue even johnnie
and all the babies every man woman and child will be killed the human beings
but the other species and other animals other than humans the Bible clearly says
that God commanded this got himself killed again thou shalt not kill Genesis
chapter 38 one of the more ridiculous stories in the Bible NIV
humanist an atheist would say the least that is ridiculous because there’s no
evidence for any case these are stories only as a young man the son of junior
one of the twelve tribes of Israel God commanded Judah that they promised each
go through his son the oldest son the oldest son named I forgot displeased the
Lord the Bible clearly says God killed it now shalt not kill guard told you I want you
to tell your second child to have sex impregnate procreate proliferate where
his sister-in-law the recent widowed woman in pain and agony after God he
killed her husband the command was given to only to have sex with his sister all
let me paraphrase goes in for the act he was unable to do it why what do you
think moved with compassion possibly for
sister-in-law who had just who is grieving for her husband who God killed
by the way now shalt not kill it was commanded to show his seed into her the
bottle clearly says that only couldn’t do it don’t blame the guy his human this
overtook it overcame the commandment of the Lord remember my dearest friends
morality is doing what is right regardless what you are told where
Christian religious dogma is doing what you are told no matter what is right
it’s about obedience God commanded only in to have sex with his sister-in-law
poor woman who is grieving for owners brother her husband or later on he
couldn’t do it turning back in the Bible says he spilled his seed
upon the ground I think we all know what that means right something that 99.9999%
of human beings do especially we guys right what did the God of the Bible do
when he saw that only did not obey his commandments and the law was moved with
compassion and instructed all in with moral philosophy in education and
kindness love with love in humans do know God kill him to killing now shalt
not kill let’s move along sections chipped well one of the most horrific
stories I’ve ever read in recorded history of mankind don’t know how long
that been five six seven eight thousand years of human history of Britain
language actually chapter 12 God harms the heart of a row we all know the story
is hard to ease unable to be moved with human compassion he hardened his heart
he said to play he said we’ll send financial to kill every firstborn of the
Egyptians now keep in mind my dearest friends lead our fellow human beings
egyptians the only difference is they have different gods then the God of the
Old Testament but this lovin dat sent a that Angel allegedly tied it in the
bubble that mean to strip don’t question the Lord your God Bible that’s not
happen to me he said to Death Angel the Israelites were commanded to kill an
animal there’s always blood and guts involved in this religion what is it
about Christianity with all the human sacrifice in the blood and guts well
take the blood the Bulls in the go to the Lambs put it over the doorpost and when they
definitely do comes he will pass over the world passover come from jews use
passover christians the Holy Communion the death they do what Passover and will
not kill the first board of that household crime went out that night in
Egypt and three first-born of every family was slain kill thou shalt not kill contradiction to her my dear friends I
want you to hear the message of your Bible the message that you don’t hear
Sunday mornings you don’t hear to Sunday school class north of your pictures is
this is this something we humans enjoy doing let’s move along he kills every
man every one that was a first for another early humans but livestock and
innocent animals as well I would say that is God of the Bible this guide you
called love is stalled in like joseph stalin like joseph stalin one of those
evil diabolical humans on Earth never had him up with king of Kong Google com
hitler because saint and so forth does a stolen said there’s a problem
it’s a human this human this problem eradicated eliminating eradicate killing
problem solve human gone problem solved thank the God of the Bible the flood
humid weather problem turned the etch-a-sketch over eliminate the problem this is the God of
the Bible chapter 20 should I continue giving you what your Bible really says
lovingly kiss chapter 20 if Amanda Styleline with another man he should be
slain now shalt not kill the conquest of Canaan Joshua Caleb enter the promised
land noticed couldn’t do it cuz he disobeyed
me you should go kill the Japanese I highlights the Hittites the Philistines
but all the other nations and tried to people human beings biracial human my
country in the world by religious to do good killing a lot of them don’t just
love them notice be apathetic to them because they are humans but no kill the
slaughter them keep the young virgins for yourself so israelites say it below
or keep them for sex slaves my dear Christian friends are you beginning to
see and hear what i’m saying to you today the book you hold in your hand and
you read two-week humanist we who do not believe in a god or eighties we shudder
in disgust when we read of these blood and guts stories and I don’t know why in
the world the writers screenplay writers of plays of hollywood movies and action
movies do not use the stories from the Bible borrow I don’t even watch these movies usually
I don’t have a TV all the violence on this picture you see on their human
you’re not near as violent as portrayed on TV and movies but people are drawn by
this why dontchu screenplay writers in writers of movies and producers of these
movies 5 your stories in the Bible there there but no you can’t use these
horrific stories because it might have been about seventy percent of Americans
numbers chapter 31 and I’m almost finished hang with me here another book
the 31st chapter numbers God tells the Israelites to go kill too many children
place to pregnant women open with a sword take the feeds help child in a bit
/ the heads of the little ones against the stones because they’re not they’re
not children of the try to listen to God is this little morality is doing what is
right regardless what you’re told Christian religious dogma doing what
you’re told no matter what is right I think of the movie back about ten or
fifteen years ago by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ the most popular
Jesus movie of all time more people thought that than any other Jesus movie
do you know why the board blood and guts and murder and killing and violence the
more appealing it is to Christians when talking of this film too many you my
dear Christian friends of people I debate and educate and preach to about
an alternative to Christianity which is humanism their move with emotion they
told me when they watch that movie we humanist watching I couldn’t even watch
it was just gross pathetic the torture the blood but
Christians all look when Jesus did for me look what he did for me look at the
suffering he bore his body for my sense is that moral shalt not kill conservatives social
conservatives and right-wing Christians are normally the first to go to war war
what is it good for absolutely nothing usually the first to go and bear arms the questions on the Conservatives are
using the first to take the guns to take their weapons and the quarterback we
humanists we secular as we speak for myself and most others that I know that
share my philosophy where antiwar or anti killing what about capital
punishment might do your friends thou shalt not kill but you’re the first ones
to encourage capital punishment we shudder at the very thought of cruelty
killing others wore teaching young men to be killing machines sending them off
to fight someone else’s war what is it good for the most important thing we
should understand is reason diplomacy and rationality talking things out the
last resort would be wore my message to you today by decreasing friends is
actually step 2 2013 would you take as God message to you now shalt not kill
your Bible is filled with murder genocide fantasized all ordered by God and
performed by your God if your rational person and you’re thinker like those of
us who have come out of Christianity we started thinking that’s what happened
like Christians tell me all the time David David you think you much made you need
to just believe that the way to the people are rational person foremost
concern with facts and what what is we want to know the truth and we also don’t
want to kill we don’t want to torture or not moved with excitement and wanting to
go ahead I perceive what the Bible tells us to do to obey to attack to kill a dog
that tells us to do that now we’re lovers not fighters keep that in mind
that your Christian friends when you read your book keep that in mind that
there is an alternative there’s a peaceful loving way to live getting along with others of different
ethnicities different races different colors of skin different cultures
different religions or no religions all one species called the human race doing away with war doing away with
capital punishment and killing just like your book says but hate to tell you this
like your Christian friends your book is full of killing and thank God even
killed his son Jesus seeing him on a suicide mission as Bill Moore says
killed himself on crossfire the since the book is filled with murder and
killing this is not the way I want to live this is not the way most of us are
learning to live a life of compassion love all without God it is called
humanism it is time for those of you to make that change to make that move you
can do it you can leave this book belief in this book of killing a blood
sacrifice of human sacrifice of judges and torturing those who do not believe I
Q at a place called hell you can enter reality of love and happiness and joy
philanthropy doing good deeds for each other it’s called humanism it’s called being human and Ida preteen
humanists will continue to preach the message of humanism being good without
God no need for a book of murder called the Bible no need to appease this
guy about kindness and love thank you for watching the preaching humanist with
David Oliverio have a wonderful day and we will see you next time have a good

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