The Preaching Humanist 01.23 – Loss of a Christian Friend

continue a paradigm shift shall I shall
we should say it so we’re gonna keep a nice short I just experienced the loss
of a dear friend of mind this past week she’s a very very strong Christian she
was a member of my father’s church for those of you that have listened to map
associate my teaching and preaching on humanism I’ve gone over there soon episode 1 my story and I told you
viewers how I want from a young preachers son into a full-time preacher
myself in the majors in a pasture but this woman was a very dear friend of
mine she was raised their kids in the same church friends my family my parents
loved her dearly she was one of the sweetest kindest people I’ve ever known
I’m not going to say her name she’s only couple years older than I am 58 so he
can do the math their way too young to die she died of cancer about a week ago horrible thing horrible
disease now but point today is I want you Christians to really put on your
thinking cap let’s begin to think a little bit let’s let’s remove the faith
let’s put on their reason cap and start thinking here we have a a sweet kind
human bean is very committed Christian in fact she used to travel with me
occasionally she was a part of the singing group when I preached in
churches and when I traveled its me vandalism she was with the group and
they saying I played the piano and I preached she was very committed woman to
the christian movement into servitude as civility to the Lord Jesus Christ received I was diagnosed with cancer lol
about a year to go she’s been fighting it for a while announced a free show my
point today is I’ve noticed on Facebook a lot of my previous cohorts years ago
back when I was in the ministry and and it pulled back when I was a Christian
that’s over twenty to twenty-five years ago I noticed many post on your YouTube
on Facebook about many of these Christians going to her hospital room
and prayed the prayer faith like the book of James says is there any sick
among you let him call for the elders of the church in the alleged church so
she’ll north is sick with oil and the prayer of faith shall save the sick
among you as a chapter 53 by His stripes we are healed promises in your precious
book written by your Lord and Savior Christians believe marks each team one
of my favorites jesus said these are the signs that she’ll follow you my dear
Christian friends you shall do what you shall lay hands upon the sick and what
is its a quarter for you if you don’t know it was motions you don’t know the
book I will tell you what says jesus said if you lay handle sick people what
will happen they will cover a given you three scriptures one in the old
testament to the New Testament that clearly tell you that by the magical
powers of this loving God you say exists there should be something positive
happening to those cheap price for well what happened was a group of Christians
went to her hospital room I’ve read about it on Facebook I heard about it
from others they did what I used to do they believe with all their heart that
God would do as his Bible his word his servant His Son Jesus Paul the Apostle the
Epistle of James the prophet Isaiah speaking as a Oracle and mouthpiece of
God the one of the many benefits of serving
this Christian God is you’ll be healed of all your diseases you’ll be happy you
had a wonderful life following geez well my dear Christian France I know you’re
going to try to justify I see no justification is already the
rationalizations the poor woman died a horrific death of cancer the
justifications the rationalizations already out posting on Facebook that the Lord wanted
her in heaven that she’s blessed now her suffering a ceased her suffering has
been eradicated and she is now with Jesus and having worshipping Him daily
journey singing worthy is the Lamb that was slain for eternity immortality Kristen immortality you say
exist my Christian friend where was God why didn’t he answer you my dear
christians when you laid hands on this sick person dying of cancer where was
God Jesus said they shall be healed if you have the face of a grain of mustard
seed tell you need and you say to that mountain over there a mountain be thou
removed be the outcast in the scene it the mountain she’ll obey you whatsoever
you ask in my name I will do it that’s what jesus said he didn’t say maybe you
can’t rationalize justify this runaway kristins exactly what your book The
Bible says Jesus line where you lie did you not have enough faith what happened
my dear Christian trance is it really is it true what you’re reading this book it
should make you think it should make you wonder ur it should bring you to the realm of
skepticism it should bring you into the realm of down for by doubting we come to
inquire by inquiring we perceive the truth think about my friends what was going on
there is as true can you test it can you verify it or are you just believe in in
a primitive mythology like all the other religions and I know you going to
justify I know gonna rationalizing this woman died even though the Bible clearly
says whatsoever you ask in my name I’ll do it if you like people if you’re a
believer in Jesus Jesus sign that will follow you lay hands on shake their
recover also new testament pistols all the magic that allegedly happened in the
bottle it doesn’t happen today I don’t see people jumping out of wheelchairs I
don’t see God healing amputees I don’t see legs growing and see people walking
on water I don’t see cancer patients popping out of bed verified through
science doesn’t happen I see the power of suggestion I see people feeling
better after a couple days of people tell them all you’ll feel better if you
pray Jesus will raise you format deathbed and then you give glory to God
couple days later you’re right you’re sick it happens all the time you gotta learn
how to not just count the hits northern misses you gotta be able to use reason
not to figure this stuff out think picture these ordeals think
through these unfortunate mishaps in life where people you love and care for
die people pray people believe that all the hard like I used to all the time
frame for people to get well to be healed promises what promises answers to the promises
come on people begin to think you know what I’m gonna stop right now thank you
for watching for preaching humanist with a lil know God is required for life of
love joy peace fulfillment meaning and purpose in life the good life is one
guided by reason motivated by human love empathy sympathy caring and sharing we
have an issue mins know God belief is required to live a wonderful life you
have a wonderful day we’ll see you next time

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  1. I don't think anybody prayed for me , and i certainly didn't pray myself , 18 yrs ago i was diagnosed with cancer of the Larynx , the cancer was described as secondary , very aggressive and advanced , the doctors didn't anticipate a bright future , i had a total Laryngectomy , and intensive radio therapy , i was very ill for most of the first year , relearned to speak , and slowly adjusted to my new physical condition . Things were fine for most of the time then in 2014 i was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus , this time i was told it was curtains , and given the very invasive treatment that i'd already undergone i'd find it very difficult to even find a surgeon willing to take me on . I did find that surgeon , and at Christmas that year i had my esophagus removed and rebuilt from a muscle removed from my leg . 2015 was a very tough year , in fact i had more problems with my leg than my neck . I remember when i was being admitted , one of the questions asked was 'Have you any religious needs ? ' , my response was ' No , just keep them away from me ' , which i can safely say they did . My question to Christians would be 'Why would your god save me twice ?, i don't believe in him and certainly didn't pray to him , and yet he lets his followers die all the time , sometimes months or weeks after being diagnosed , yet he saved an atheist twice , he's either really dumb , doesn't care or just doesn't exist !.

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