The Preaching Humanist 01.13.1 – Baffling Christian Statements

viewers welcome back to the preaching
humanist with David Oliverio that is I glad you could join me today for this
interesting topic today will be episode number thirteen I shall entitle it to a
filing statement from Christians were gonna have to break it down part 1 and
part 2 through the twenty to twenty-five years of my journey from Christianity in
the ministry being a young preacher years ago I’d encountered many e
dialogue with individual Christians are small groups of Christians for years now
and I’ve had so many statements that had been very battling and almost darn right
ridiculous so I want you Christians are watching this my dear Christian friends
to understand and listen to these statements and I’m gonna give you the
other side of the coin I’m going to allow you to listen to a very overt
free-thinking secular humanist atheist right here the preaching humanists
explain to you what we thinkers think about when you make these statements and
how we usually have a natural explanation for most of these
supernatural claims so let’s start out let’s get going here and I’ma try to
keep it short we got two parts here these are statements made from
individuals I’m leavin family out may say made possible family member it’s all
gonna say no names and many different various people I’ve known friends
acquaintances strangers on me cause I’m still an evangelist I used to be an
evangelist I still preach preach reality and humanism that progressive philosophy
of life without supernatural -ism that affirms our building responsibility as
humans to lead ethical lights are personal fulfillment for the good of
humanity without a God first one god is good David looking right now and tell me that
he helped me crawl the entire length of my home to reach my telephone in my
bedroom in only 12 hours after falling and breaking my hip this
is a horrible thing that happens to what happened anybody this woman who knows
I’m an atheist is a very strong fundamentalist Christian she fell down
she’s in her seventies she fell down and broke her hip so she tell me the story
of how god is so good and how God helped her so she had to crawl the entire
length of her home is horrible deal 12 hours to get to her telephone to call
911 for her daughter her 50 something year old daughter to come and help her
and to get help get her to the hospital under human care so my thinking would
have been had I did not want to spend this sweet lady where was your god this
is how we think God is good god help to crawl so we use reason and not faith
think to ourselves and we would like to ask you my dear friends where was God
Psalm 91 I will quote from your book he that dwelleth in the secret place of the
most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will save the Lord he
is my refuge my fortress my God in Him will I trust really sharp 46 thirst want
the Lord is a very present help in time of trouble where was he did he help you
now if you want to say this is a claim of something supernatural I don’t see it
where was God when you fell why won’t you just picked up and gently drop down
to the floor without impacting break your hip bones where was God you know
that where was the guardian angel he shall take his angels and give his
angels charge over the world once this angel guardian angel viewers was yet
Starbucks drinking some coffee who was he with the local police officers
meeting some donuts at the coffee shop I don’t know what you’re thinking where is
this God so no this is not evidence of anything supernatural a horrible thing
that happened to her I felt terrible for her and then she
went on to say when I asked her how her dog was she had a female dog for about
15 years now so how’s your dog by the way well David she died but I begin
immediately pray for her to pray for the dog and again I asked had asked for this
one wow that work well the dog died but she
died in peace of course of course alright so let me move along he God
brings me clients I don’t have to pay for marketing this was this word this
statement was given to me from a very strong fundamentalist Christian who
knows I’m a very overt atheist so her assertion was she doesn’t have to use
marketing for her business because he God brings clients to her so how I we
think about that is first of all what God while decreasing order 999 other
gods to choose from its environmental its cultural if you were born in India
my Christian friends you would say he would be Vishnu Shiva Krishna can ask
for many of the other polytheistic deities in Hinduism you’re born in a
Christian culture course he’s a Christian got so how can you prove that
your God it here’s another one David I love the way they always say
David God woke me up this morning I just wanted you know that so god woke you up
this morning so I said you think maybe could have been that your body was told
he recovered after eight hours of sleep the cells in your body had time to
recuperate and remanufacture muscle tissue and all the other things that the
body does what the state of homeostasis God woke me up and said he must be a
pretty busy guy if 33 percent of the world population believes increasing god
that’s over to have two three billion people got gonna wake up in the morning
so these are assertions that I get all the time these are funny this one here is one of my favorite so I
was drinking coffee with a close friend of mine here in Austin and they invited
one of their friends so we are sitting there with my friend who’s a guy my age
of 58 years old his wife and their friend they attend a baptist church here
in North Austin so the train came along we have talked once before he knows I’m
an atheist so all the shut the friend begin to talk about how his son is going
to go on a mission trip from their Baptist Church and how they’re gonna go
into our friendly neighbors to the north canada and plant churches their
objective was to be missionaries Paul the Apostle like the book and that the
New Testament and plant churches in a country to the north of us are friendly
neighbors Canada the reason the causation for the US yet this we’re
going to go play in churches in Canada because they’re too secular because
they’re not as Christians there that’s why we’re going so of course my big
mouth I said well you mean their secular humanist like me and of course my
friends were like oh boy here we go get David round up so I said with friendly
dialogue I said so let me get this straight you’re gonna go into country
whose crime rate is five times lower than the USFA whose murder rate
homicides by the way the crime of choice to determine the violence of the
community a city or an area or country is the
homicide rate that determines the violence of a society the determining
factor is there are five homicides in the united states per every 100,000
people and you may say well that’s not bad it’s actually got the lot better the
last twenty to thirty years it’s dropped dramatically 415 homicides per 100,000
25 you think will praise the Lord we live in a Christian country the more Jesus and the more churches and
the more Christianity the less than murder and homicide sorry my dear
Christian friends brought staffs dad up scientific evidence Canada Western
Europe France England Norway Sweden Denmark Japan Australia Germany our
friends in Western Europe and Canada homicide rate are you ready for this my
gear Christian France homicide rate one murder for every 100,000 people and I
believe was germany was a 0.5% of murders per 100,000 people so let me get
this straight my dear missionary friend you’re gonna go into Canada and try to
change them because they’re too secular maybe they should come to us and preach
to us as a country to let go of primitive superstitious beliefs why because knowledge and education
promote right living crime is the offspring of ignorance and superstition
New York state prison system that done a study from thousands of thousands of
criminals in the prison system violent criminals were talkin rape and
murder only six people either ten to fifteen thousand inmates had a college
education the rest were uneducated people without
much knowledge without much education and a lot of superstition my dear
Christian friend you going into Canada in trying to convert to Christianity let
him go there ahead of us as far as ethics and morality the crime rate is
lower the murder rate is lower divorce rate is lower rate is lower child
molestation is lower one day I will teach on how crime is on the decline in
the entire world we’re getting more civilized as the more we begin to think
elector super stations alright let me move along let me give you another one here’s one
from an individual very strong conservative fundamentalist Christian
David I don’t know why you talking about sides I do not believe in science ok you
don’t believe in signs the greatest arbiter of truth and he went on this
individual look me in the eye and said at least I don’t worship signs like some
people I know do days so what do I have to do to explain to you my dear
Christian friends my magical believers out there we who are a we who are
secularists WeHo or humaneness call it what you want we don’t believe in
supernatural you don’t need to we’ve got every tool available to live a life of
loving kindness to fulfil any media life without any supernatural beliefs we got
the tools available to human intrinsic within us why and what do you site for
Wii U signs as a tool for deserting truth or falsity it’s a new method we
don’t worship we don’t need to signs we don’t worship Richard Dawkins he’s not
our preacher or later we are a group of free-thinking formed opinions based on
reason independently of authority or religion or individual thinkers who just
do not believe in the supernatural we do not worship signs it’s just a method of
distinguishing a truth from a falsity here’s another one I got a few more
minutes this one was this statement was given me this passing statement only
couple of months ago so this is hot off the press public schools in America David are in
ready caving American history from the classrooms because you secularists are
trying to roll us trying to ruin this great country of the United States of
America by eliminating you’re ready caton uprooting American history because don’t want patriotism while I tried to
probe using the Socratic method where did you get this information so I said
let’s find out what sure if this fact if this statement you’re making is factual
or fiction so let’s find out so I got myself oh i thought i text messaged a
professional educator a human chain my daughter my 30 year old daughter who has
a degree in child development and education she’s a fourth grade school teacher up
in the Dallas area with her husband my settle on my two beautiful little
grandkids and i text messaged her I said sweetie pie I still cause sweetie
sweeties 30 years old sweetie has American history been
eradicated from public schools in America she text me back and said no
whoever said that is wrong don’t listen to them she had some of her
best friends or schoolteachers know that there’s still so again you you make
statements and assertions without any evidence here from Fox News Fairmount
year for me preachers I don’t know where you get this information but some of us
actually think that some of us like to look at facts I love it when I meet with
my fellow atheists friends every Sunday for brunch we meet at a restaurant cuz I
have dialogue with Christians throughout the week so often it’s good to be around
people who are really do believe in reality it’s so funny when I’m around
the latest it’s totally different than Christians because everybody’s we have
our own opinions about things and if you make a statement of fact that others
disagree about immediately get all the iPad sell the iPhones out and you
looking for facts and data that’s how we are wired we are incredulous not
credulous we don’t give we’re not giving infantile credulity believing things
with little evidence alright I’ve got time for one or two more negative stuff
and we’ll do the rest on part two when talking about President Obama
whether you’re a democrat or republican or libertarian or anarchist or
progressive or liberal doesn’t matter here’s a statement made by very
conservative Republican Reverend George W Bush Christian fundamental Christian
Right I hate that son of a bitch we’re talking about President Obama know this
man made a statement about a year ago to me I mean literally I said dude you hate
that’s a strong now i can say about George Reverend George W Bush that I
didn’t agree with his methodology his politics attacking a country you did not
attack us starting a war that was still in debt for I could go on and on and on of all the hundreds of thousands people
that were killed looking for them never found any all gone and I’ll try to
stand for politics and but I don’t hate I’m not going to say I hate george bush
probably a good ol boy in fact that train the guy who’s your fellow was a
former politician here in Texas and he was like the assistant attorney general
deal here in Austin Texas he knew George W they used to go out drink beer back in
the sixties he was a good ol boy I don’t hate the guy I just don’t agree with his
Christian fundamentalist ways here’s another one Michelle Obama hates
white people I know she does she hates white people now could that be true could it be plausible is it highly
probable or improbable I don’t know I’ll believe anything my dear Christian
friends but you gotta bring me some edits the statement was made by very
conservative Christian right-wing Republican obviously like Fox News fair balanced
hallelujah jesus walks and statements made over Michelle Obama hate white
people ok this was said to me around 450 people
they’re all Christians course the more people the better for me
drawing crowds because I’m a former evangelist preachers and I said now I
believe anything you say to be true but you gotta prove it where did you get the information where
did it come from when did it happen and giving to true facts empirical evidence
and everything else I found out after much proving that it was a statement
made by Michelle Obama when she was a freshman or sophomore in college now
those of you that are at least in your fifties icon pushing sixty you look back
on your nineteen twenty years old we’ve all made stupid statements we’ve
all seen things that we know that make any sense and covered berries in that
when we look back we were kids are prefrontal cortex is not fully developed
in our brain were young right now just because she said it back in nineteen
doesn’t necessarily mean she hates white people now so again I found out that the
facts he thought were fax the information he received was either I
think from Sean or Fox News their balance one more and I’ll stop and will
go on with part two you ATS David don’t believe in God why
so that you can see in and live however you like that’s why you don’t believe in God you
want the freedom to go out and just be evil really now if you go back and
listen to I don’t remember the episode on my channel the preaching humanist
with David I go over very basic rudimentary morality 1010 discuss very
cleanly comprehensible for those of you that do not understand science and
philosophy how ethical behavior and morality are built into the very nature
of the human animal you Christians ask me all the time why be more if you don’t
have the Laurel guidebook the Bible God’s great compared to ten commandments
which are harmful for 230 exit chapter 20 how could you be more
why would you be moral it’s called group cohesion and survival people go crack a
book going to the library and read philosophy read the natural sciences it
explained all this to you if you really want to know faction truth alright so I’m gonna stop
now we’re going to continue this with part to thank you for watching the
preaching humanist with adolf aerial remember the good life is guided by
reason and motivated by love and know God is required for life of love joy
peace fulfillment meaning and purpose of life and yes my dear Christian France
there is an alternative to mythological concepts it’s called humanism its love
each other helping people being kind cannot believe in in a generation or any
building it’s being free from all magical thinking and living a wonderful
life that we have thank you for watching have a wonderful day

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